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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Hirono Barrasso debate health care  CSPAN  March 12, 2019 7:08pm-7:22pm EDT

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and voting to advance naomi rose nomination for the washington dc circuit. in other senate news majority leader mitch mcconnell confirmed the senate would vote thursday on hj rose 46 terminating the president's emergency defamation of the southern border. when the seven votes on that house passed resolution for republican senators obligated they will vote in favor of it susan collins of maine, thom tillis of north carolina lisa murkowski of north carolina and senator rand paul of kentucky. the majority made commitment to a thursday boat vote when he met with ãearlier today
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following caucus meetings >> madam president, today the entire senate democratic caucus and i are introducing simply ask the department of justice to do what it's supposed to do defend the duly enacted laws of the country. this resolution shouldn't be necessary but last year as 19 states joined texas and challenging the constitutionality of the affordable care act attorney general jeff sessions refused to defend the aca in court. and in fact, filed a brief arguing that several vital protections of the law should be ruled unconstitutional including protections for americans living with pre-existing conditions. in making his decision not to defend the duly enacted law jeff sessions himself acknowledged he was going against a "long-standing tradition of defending the
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constitutionality ãbif reasonable arguments can be made in their defense". guess what, there are many reasonable arguments for the aca. even conservative lawyers who previously argued against the aca agree. one attorney filed an amicus brief in opposition to the department of justice position calling it dangerous, beyond the pale and effectively serving legislative power. the justice department lawyer who offers the breeze opposing the aca was just awarded with confirmation to a lifetime position to the six circuit. in fact, mr. regular circuit court nomination came on the exact same day that he filed a brief on behalf of the department of justice. the justice department actions
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were blatantly political and had a specific outcome in mind accomplishing to the courts when republicans have tried and failed to achieve through the legislative process and that is repealing the affordable care act. three career attorneys at the department of justice withdrew from the case and protest of their department filing this ã ãfailing to defend the aca. in december a federal court in texas sided with the trump administration texas in 19 other states in the clearing clthe entirety of the aca unconstitutional. of course this will be appealed. the fifth fcircuit one of the most conservative appellate courts in the country will hear the case next.the case is distant for consideration by the supreme court where trump appointed justices gorsuch and kavanaugh will cast to deciding votes on whether to uphold the
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aca or cast oit aside. i shudder to think which way they are likely to go. the outcome of this case will have a profound impact on virtually every american. especially the 133 million people living with pre-existing conditions. this is not a game. lives are at stake. without the aca protection millions of americans living with conditions as common as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or cancer could be charged exorbitant premiums or denied, denied insurance coverage altogether. the stakes in this ongoing court battle are incredibly high. our resolution simply asks the department of justice to do its job, defend the aca and the duly enacted act of congress. and stand up to protect americans living with pre-existing conditions.
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although many of my republican colleagues profess to support protections for those with pre-existing conditions not a single one of them has signed on to support this resolution. under new leadership the department of justice can do the right thing, during his confirmation hearing newly confirmed attorney general bill barr indicated he was open to reassessing the position to oppose the aca in court. we shall see. with this resolution my democratic colleagues and i urge him to re-examine the department's position, consider the monumental impact this case would have on millions of americans and stand up for the 133 americans living with pre-existing conditions. madam chairman, madam president, i ask unanimous
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consent that the judiciary committee be discharged from further consideration of rows 94 and the senate proceed toward immediate consideration. further that the resolution be agreed to, the preamble be agreed to, and the motion to reconsider the considered made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. >> is their objection? >> no madam president. >> the senator from wyoming. >> i object. >> objection is heard. >> madam president. thi would like to see when peop reveal himself with his objection today my colleagues on wyoming sent a clear message to americans living with pre-existing conditions that the republican party doesn't care about them. i'm disappointed with his objection but i can't say that i'm's action is very consistent with the republican party hostility toward the aca and their belief that healthcare is a privilege, reserved only for those who can
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afford it. to recap, republicans voted dozens of times over the past nine years to repeal the aca in its entirety. the senate came within one vote july 2017 ãbproposed and came close to passing a bill that would have gutted the aca and cut hundreds of billions of dollars from medicaid. as part of their huge tax cut for the rich and the cacorporations, donald trump an congressional republicans eliminated the individuals coverage rarequirement of the a driving up premiums across the country. the assault on healthcare continues. the american people are paying attention. and republicans will be held accountable. madam president, i yield the
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floor. president. >> the senator from wyoming. >> i come to the floor today to ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to consideration of a senate resolution which is at the desk expressing the sense of the senate that efforts to create a one-size-fits-all government run healthcare system referred to as medicare for all, should be madam president, i ask unanimous consent the resolution be agreed to, the preamble be agreed to and at the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. >> is there objection? >> madam president. >> senator from hawaii. >> reserving the right to object, this resolution is a cynical attempt to divide democrats where nova division n exists. the democratic parties united behind the paintable that healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all.
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as far as i'm concerned healthcare is a right not a privilege, reserved for those who can afford it. medicare for all is one way to get to universal healthcare that is affordable and accessible for everyone. but it's not the only way. the democrats are working to build on the success of the affordable care act to cover even more americans, senate republicans have tried time and time again to eliminate coverage for tens of millions of americans. this is particularly evident in the president's budget, a budget that would take over 2 trillion in cuts to medicare and medicaid. programs that provide healthcare to one out of every three people in our country. i call on my republican colleagues to join us to improve the aca and expand coverage to more americans rather than trying to repeal the affordable care act time after time. it is unfortunate that my
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colleagues would rather offer this ddestruction then acknowledged that millions of americans rely on medicare, medicaid, and the aca healthcare. in offering this resolution per republicans continue to do nothing except promote cuts to all three critical programs. madam president, i object. >> objection is heard.>> madam president. >> senator from wyoming. >> i just point out that what my friend and colleague from hawaii described as a distraction is one of the key points of the democrat party. medicare for all foods they call it is heard of the so-called green new deal which would bankrupt the country. which is unaffordable, unworkable. and the fact is that this medicare for all proposal, which so many of the democrats have signed onto, would cause a minimum of $33 trillion and may be a lot higher after what we hear from presidential
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candidate bernie sanders has things he wants to do going beyond just medicare for all. we know that taxes would increase significantly. under their proposal. we know that for americans who have health insurance right now do their work, which is over 150 million americans, they would lose that. we know that for people on medicare it would make their ability to use medicare much harder and of course then you would get into the issue of the rationing of care, the lines and lines and times to wait there was an article in the new york times on opinion piece by david brooks on friday talking about why the so-called medicare for all will work that he made reference to healthcare in canada. as a senator who was also a surgeon actually operated on people from canada in my practice prior to being a u.s. senator practicing in wyoming people from canada where the
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healthcare is paid to back taxes but free world taking care of people who couldn't afford to wait the amount of time it would take to get their free operation. in the article in the new york times on friday made reference ato the fact that the waiting times is so much that after he were actually seen, the primary care provider in canada, the wait time to get to see an orthopedic surgeon is nine months. nine months, madam president. that's what the democrats are proposing. something that has given the people of canada awaiting time of nine months. so what we see under this medicare for all proposal, and i just introduced today this senate resolution saying that medicare for all should be rejected and it should also be a rejection of the tax increases, the loss of choice, and along lines that will come from this democrat sponsored
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proposal of medicare for all. thank you madam president i yield the floor. >> madam president.>> senator from hawaii. >>. [audio lost] i want to ask my republican colleagues whether they believe that healthcare should be accessible and affordable for all.because apparently they do not, because they have offered absolutely nothing to make sure healthcare is accessible and affordable for all. in fact, they would rather have a system in their continuing efforts to sabotage the affordable care act and in fact eliminate the affordable care act they would rather have a healthcare system where millions and millions of americans are without healthcare at all. i yield the floor. >> there are many reasons to care about


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