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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Senator Schumer On Disaster relief funds  CSPAN  March 27, 2019 6:54pm-7:02pm EDT

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nebraska as we speak waiting for the waters of a truly catastrophic flood to reseed. with conducting urgent repairs to help america's farmers and ranchers to help get local schools and health care facilities a majoror infrastructure back more quickly but quite proud of the work by the members to ask a swiftly and thoroughly and with the chairman of chairman shelby and purdue, albertson, scott , rubio and others who made this ever possible to support
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fellow citizens. >> republicans and the white house are refusing to makes several minor interchanges with a disaster bill under consideration today changes that would help puerto rico in the virgin islands and the northern mariana islands.. and to be devastated by a hurricane maria a year and half ago but $90 billion of damage was done by the hurricane these are medical - - american citizens don't forget that. and then to be publicly reported the president has told his staff within the federal dollars from going to puerto rico. te
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that with yesterday's lunch the president complained that puerto rico has been getting too much aid and said "and then to hold up the dollars democrats propose and to hold up americans and there is a disaster or to vote at all because we don't like the elected officials so what the president is doing is actually disgraceful. and to pick winners and losers. but what the president is doing is unacceptable and un-american. i urge my republican colleagues to come to the table to accept common sense changes we propose to help the territories we cove
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cover, the same proposals that pass the house and help past the disaster package and to address the needs of all americans who are affected that is not what any president before us is done
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. . . . >> very unique rules ofconfusin. >> live, sunday morning at 830 eastern on american history tv and see spain's "washington journal", the 40th anniversary of the 3-mile island nuclear power plant accident near harrisburg, pennsylvania considered the most serious
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nuclear power accident in the united states. joining us on the program is historian and author, samuel walker, acting director, edwin lyman and cofounder of concerned mothers and women in middletown, pennsylvania. >> at 4:00 p.m. on real america, wash the 1979 cbs report, fallout from 3-mile island. >> please stay indoors with your windows closed to make for almost a week last month, the people of middletown, pennsylvania lived in fear of an enemy they couldn't see, hear, or feel. >> watch american history tv this weekend on c-span three. >> president trump met today with the wife of juan guido, the venezuelan opposition leader. they both talked about the political situation in venezuela. afterwards, president trump answered a few questions from