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  President Trump Remarks at National Republican Congressional Committee...  CSPAN  April 4, 2019 7:13am-9:01am EDT

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freedom of any job i want. i am still working, teaching students and they allow me to do that. i can teach american history, i have a choice and freedom to affect students lives in these areas. >> to me it is the fight for social, economic and environmental justice. our planet is in dire peril, our country is in unprecedented turmoil and we need to fight every day for those who are vulnerable and our environment and to ensure the world we have today is at least as good for our kids and grandkids as it is for us today. >> voices from the road on c-span. >> donald trump delivers remarks at the national republican congressional committee's annual spring dinner. a few headlines from the dinner.
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abc news writes donald trump tease up 2020 fight with swipes at biden. cbs news has trump vows to take back the house is on the hill, trump marks green new deal is done by, quote, young bartender ocasio cortez. here his speech with a couple brief introductions. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the national republican congressional committee, ladies and gentlemen, chairman tom amer. ♪ >> that's what i'm talking about. good evening fellow republicans. are you ready?
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are you ready? thank you for joining us tonight and supporting the national republican congressional committee and our mission to take back the majority in 2020. you can get excited. there is nothing wrong with being excited. a special thank you to the 45th president of the united states, donald j trump for headlining the event tonight. [applause] >> donald trump is an cripple partner. he led the way to lower taxes, reduction of excessive and unnecessary regulation and the best economy in a generation. much to the disappointment of the socialist democrats. he has been fully vindicated by robert mueller, no collusion, no obstruction. we are honored to have him at the top of the ticket. i would like to thank our spring dinner chair for taking the lead
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on making tonight a success. as well as leader mccarthy, and the rest of our leadership team, we truly could not do this without you. next year voters are going to have a very clear choice in front of them, freedom or socialism. it is that simple. three months into their new majority the new socialist democrats of shown america where they really stand. take hr one, their first major piece of legislation. what did nancy and her caucus decide was the top priority? jobs, veterans, national security, not even close. the socialist democrats top priority was funding their own reelection campaigns with $5 million of american taxpayers hard-earned money. that is just the beginning. led by the socialist mob of it is their freshman class house democrats haven't been shy about letting america know just how
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radical they are. they proposed the insane green new deal, a socialist program to send us back into the dark ages, banning everything from gasoline powered cars to airplanes to frequent cows, fragrant flatulent fragrant. to guaranteeing an income, believe it or not, for those who choose not to work. the green new deal or green dream as the socialist democrat leader calls it would make even karel marks blush. and we can't forget about their other genius idea. a government takeover of the us healthcare system. the socialist call it medicare for all. they should be calling it medicare for none. the socialist democrats have become so detached from reality they think it is a good idea to promise to eliminate private and employer-based health insurance. we will see how that goes over with the voters. don't get me started on the clown car that is the 2020
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democrat presidential primary. so our path to the majority is simple, they provide a clear alternative to the democrat socialist agenda. where the socialist democrats dream of a government takeover of the economy, we will show voters record low unemployment, the socialist democrats dream of a government takeover of healthcare we will defend the right of americans to make their own healthcare decisions. where the socialist democrats want to restrict free speech, we will defend it. in short we will protect the constitutional right of freedom for every american. donald trump said it best in his state of the union. america was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination and control. we are born free and we will stay free and america will never be a socialist country. thank you very much for your support, have a great evening, god bless you and may god
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continue to bless the united states of america. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the house minority leader, ladies and gentlemen, leader kevin mccarthy. ♪ ♪ >> every morning i wake up to two questions on my mind. what can i do today to win the majority, what can we do today to help reelect donald trump? tonight we answer the 23 million times. i will make one prediction tonight. my speech is the one speech you will remember in all the leadership because i'm not going to give you one.
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i am going to introduce the reason you are here. i want to introduce our president who has defied all odds, who has been a president that has been unusual in a manner because he kept his promise. he said we will rebuild the military and he has. he will get gdp up to 3%. president obama said what does he have? a magic wand? know. he just understands business and he has made it happen. he could go toe to toe with china. a president who said he would put conservatives who understood the constitution on the supreme court and no one else in that job would have stood behind brett kavanaugh than donald trump.
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[applause] >> he said he would put you first and he has. he is making the next century the american century. no president has done more in their first two years than donald trump. now backstage, in front of the scenes, exactly the same way. he's working 24 hours a day, he is focused and i can't wait to see him compete against whoever they put forward, whatever socialist on the democrat side wins the nomination he is going to win. because he understands what needs to happen in this country. i want you to get on your feet, understand why we are here and what this country needs. it needs four more years of donald trump. ♪
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♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up notes to you ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ ♪ from the lakes of minnesota ♪ to the hills of tennessee ♪ across the plains ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ from detroit down to houston ♪ new york to la
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♪ the pride in every american heart ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that life to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ i gladly stand up next you and defend her till today ♪ but there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i am free ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that life to me ♪ and i gladly stand up next to
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you and defend her till today ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ >> thank you very much. what a job. thank you, kevin, very much. where is kevin sitting? thank you. 23 million, that is bad. you are the minority. that is not going to last long i don't think. that is not going to last long. just a brief little spell. you wanted to take a little break, shouldn't have done it, i
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told you that. they blame me. i say what did i have to do with it? trump wasn't running. we are going to do great. we are going to take the house back, we are. i feel totally confident. we are going to watch those vote tallies. i keep hearing about the election, the various counting measures they have. a lot of close elections, every single one of them went democrat. the democrat, something going on, you got to -- you got to be a little bit more paranoid than you are. all these beautiful people, these beautiful republican congressmen and women but we have to be a little bit careful because i don't like the way the votes are being tallied in and you don't like it either. you don't want to say it because you are afraid of the press.
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you are afraid of the press but we have to be careful. i have to tell you that this is my third one of these. this is really something. it is thrilling to be here tonight with my great friends and fellow patriots, support incredible republican members of congress and you are incredible. you are tougher and stronger. i have never been more unified with you than i am right now for some reason. i don't know what it is. it is true. you helped us on the border which turned out you are right on that front. a little less en vogue than it is today. everybody saying i told you there was an emergency but you were there from the beginning. and the folks here more than i was a year ago.
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you are fighting every day for citizens, safety, rights and god-given freedom. i especially want to thank the rest of this terrific house, republican leadership team including republican whip the bravest man in this room, a man who played second base in a game where a shot was hit to him, he had 0 rage. the yankees had a guy, bobby richardson, the widest range could get a ball anywhere, go back to shortstop, second baseman. he had the greatest range of everybody. steve scalise had the least range of anybody in the history of second base. i watched that game and said look, a shot was hit to second, hit hard.
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really hard round ball, he got down and blocked that sucker and picked it up and threw it to first and i said is this a movie we are watching? the first pitch and steve scalise has courage. i was with him that night, his incredible family, his wife. wasn't looking so good. in a short while the doctors said he wasn't looking so good, not such a great prognosis and he fights better than anybody and he is my friend and your friend, steve scalise. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. great guy. i am glad you are on our side.
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congratulations, amazing what happened with you. a person who is tough and smart and somebody that fought very hard. i did something for a man named scooter libby who was not treated fairly in the eyes of many. i heard this for many years, was not treated fairly. and liz and her father came out early, actually her father came out immediately and it was interesting because i didn't know him. i like to make respected him but didn't know him really but he came out very early. who was supporting me? everyone thought i was playing games. he said he doesn't -- just having fun. you call this fun? you get phony witchhunts and all the -- a lot of fun. have a good time, have a good
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time, donald, as i waved goodbye to fifth avenue. great time. but i am having a great time because we are doing a lot, we are doing more than anyone has ever done in a short period of time. we are doing it together and i am having a good time because we are producing for people. liz cheney was so dedicated and the loyalty, it was an honor for me to do it. we want to take care of people that got hurt and wounded. wounded just like steve got wounded. this was a kind of wound. we took care of them. and she was so happy and her father was so happy. thank you very much. where is liz? thank you, liz. i mean that too.
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we like loyal people. in our cc chair, great job. i watch them speaking from the back, this guy is like central casting. you couldn't pick a better guy in hollywood, there is no actor that could do it better. thank you for the great job. special thanks to the chair of this evening's dinner, go to the caterpillar place where they make those beautiful depends. do they make the be 12 yet? they make that in a different location. i want to go there and see what the 12 looks like but we are going, we are going to caterpillar, we will be there soon. that is a great company and darren lahood does a fantastic
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job. they love him. thank you. i will be there. finally to all of the wonderful supporters here tonight. and defending our great nation. it is never more important, we are all together putting america first. something you haven't heard for many decades. america first. we are putting america first, that is what we are doing. you see that in a deal with china and a lot of different things, all coming online right now. you see that in a lot of ways. we ran on a theme, make america great again. and a lot of people are saying
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that may have been the greatest team ever in politics. i think it is. ronald reagan had a small thing called let's make america great. that is good. i don't like it as much. he sure as hell didn't use it as much. and everybody has the red hat, make america great again. maybe i can have help from you. and the stock market is up 50%. kevin and everybody, the great tax cuts with the legendary kevin brady and his group. where is kevin? i was going to introduce him later but i introduce him right now. where is kevin? what a job it has been. what a job he has done. you really have. the theme for the next campaign.
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we have been here 31/2 years, going into the war with some socialists. it looks like the only non-sort of heavy socialist being taken care of pretty well by the socialist. our former vice president. i was going to call him, don't know him well, i was going to say welcome to the world, joe. you having a good time, joe? are you having a good time? we are going to be running against somebody who is going to go as far left as possible. let me know. keep america great. my theme was going to be keep america great. we have made it great. we really have. china is down 38%.
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kevin, because of tariffs, okay? kevin. you are not unhappy about that. and we are up 50% and the world is not doing well. asia is not doing well but we are doing well, we are setting records. we should have another record shortly. 22 records where the stock market hit new highs, 100% hours. now another one, looks bleaker. that was artificial, it was artificially caused and we will have a lot more. do we make a change in the theme, you will clap. we have the greatest theme of all time, make america great again.
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mega country, right? [applause] >> how about the guy from chicago? the actor nobody ever heard of. he said he got taken out by m aga country. what was that? i guess that is a hate crime, right? he got taken out by am aga country. we have am aga and we do have m aga country, people still in love with us, we have the greatest base i believe in the history of politics. or i wouldn't be here. with all the things i have done they never wavered. can you believe that? anybody else had me down to 2% and we had 51, and 54 and they say you can add ten because 10% of the people love us but they are ashamed to say that i am voting for the president.
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and i said am i supposed to like that? i do. we will take it anyway we can get it, right, fellows? anyway we can. actually in the one pulse we have some great pollsters unless they work for cnn. that is fake news. polls can be fake news too. we have one pole where the pollster said anybody that says i don't want to talk to you. i don't want to tell you. i don't want to even discuss it. they also added another two words when they say these two horrible words. anybody in that category is 100% vote for trump. what they have done is they don't count that. now this one counts that. it is 100%. we are going to have a great election. do i go with make america great again or do i go with keep
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america great? because we made it great in theory. are you ready? let's go. let me hear it. and it is hard. they were saying it is probably the greatest theme in the history of politics, i think it is. make america great again. how do you give that up for a new one? cag. keep america great. maybe it catches. you never know. i never thought m aga would catch on. now am aga, everything is am aga. i even say when i do a tweet that kept us in business. it is my only form of defense because the press is 94% against us. 94%. who likes -- make america great again. you people are pro-plaps, most of you.
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a couple people have not done well in this business. they are sitting outside those doors. who likes keep america great? okay. make america great again. or keep america great. it is honestly i love the idea of keep america great because what it says is we are going to keep it great, the socialists will destroy it. we are doing great but they can destroy what we have done with the steel industry, look what is going on with the steel industry, and renovation and a lot of new ones. we decided to put the tariffs on
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steel from china. beyond one of the hot things. there are certain things you don't have to have like making the suit. you have to have steel, you have to have aluminum and it is incredible what happened to those industries. we will make the determination and honestly i get a good vibe on both. i hate the concept of throwing away the most successful theme in the history of politics. something a little stupid about that. let's take am aga and throw it out. i have a feeling maybe we will try both. how about that? you know? hillary had a thing like stay together or something like that.
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$1.9 million for the genius that came to the line. i can honestly tell you, that was made up by me. they paid a lot of money and the first night we set it is all about her and changed the theme the next morning. after two years of republican leadership i have to tell you we are truly winning again. our country is winning again and respected again. i say respected like rarely before and we are hearing a new market. i status respected like rarely before. we are restoring the bonds of loyalty and trust between our citizens and their government. we are returning power to where it belongs with the american people. to liberate our citizens from bureaucracy.
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we have slashed almost 30,000 pages of job killing regulations from the federal register. and all-time record no matter how long a president was in office. let me see what i look like. good. i don't see much of a bald spot. i am always afraid to look in those cameras. and again. he is a special man, a friend of mine. i introduced him earlier but i will introduce him again because kevin brady and so many of the other fantastic republicans past the largest tax cuts in the history of our country and the working cameras, we don't get credit for the working families part but the largest tax cuts and businesses in our country because of those tax cuts and
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regulation. thank you very much. really an incredible job. to everybody that worked with us. we doubled the child tax credit and virtually ended the unfair estate tax also known as the death tax on small businesses and farms. i tell people in farm country when you have farm they used to leave it and kids would borrow a lot of money but it is hard and the land is worth more than the income and they borrow money and lose it to a bank a couple years later. it is not going to be worried any longer, now they don't have the death tax.
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kevin did that with a group of people and that is a big deal. that is a big deal. i always say jokingly if you love your children you can leave your farm or your small business to your children. they don't have to borrow money and take a risk. if you don't leave your children or love them, if you don't love them it doesn't matter because you are not going to leave it to them, the tax doesn't mean a thing. this won't help much. most of them leave it to their children i guess. to bring back american jobs we slashed the business tax rate down from one of the highest in the developed world down to a number nobody believed we could get down to. if you really added up, we were over 40%. it was an impossible situation. so many things were in that deal, billions of dollars pouring back into the country that could not get back here. it was impossible not only because of the high tax rates, nobody would bring it back, over
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40% but also because of bureaucracy which we killed in our tax plan. billions of dollars, apple recently announced $230 billion back into our country from overseas. never thought about bringing back, building new facilities here. $230 billion. fixing broken trade deals to protect the american workers and we are standing up to chronic trading abuse and theft of intellectual properties and so many other things, i don't know how you allowed this to happen for so many years. you have been here longer than me. they are taking advantage of our country and i respect them for it. we should have been doing that to them. i was in china making a speech,
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president xi who is a strong man. i call him king but i am not kidding, i am president. you are president for life and therefore you are kidding. he liked that. i get along with him great. i hit him hard about how they hurt our country and i had 5000 chinese people and i'm in china in beijing doing this and looking down getting angrier and angrier. than i saved it. i said i don't blame you. i blame the leaders of our country for allowing it to happen and it is really true. should never have allowed that to happen. and we are getting a lot of it back. all of you representing farm territory, i was with the vice from your two weeks ago. we have such a strong country right now economically, stronger than anybody by far. they would have caught us in a
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short period of time, they were catching us. within two years by the end of my term if you had a normal president, don't want to say that negatively, i think i'm very normal but if you had a normal you know what i mean, if you had a stiff as president which most of them are i hate to say. a long time before they catch us. a long time. that made a lot of difference. like day and night. we really have to be strong with these nations because it is not just china and everybody has a trade surplus. almost every nation in the world. when i took over we lost -- i said how are we doing on trade? my first meeting.
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we are down $807 billion, you got to be kidding, seriously. i thought they were joking good. we were down 870. we are losing $800 billion in trade. i hope you guys can get it approved. the problem we have was you have a very hostile group on the other side. the us mca is a great deal. if you don't do this we will tariff every product out of your country a 25% and every time i had a problem just taking specialty cars, had a little plastic car on my desk and the leaders come over and we agree. the big thing, canada sending tremendous numbers of cars that are practically untaxed but they
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don't take our agricultural product in many cases and in many cases they charge 297% tariffs and it is very unfair. and the beautiful song and ice hockey games oh canada isn't a beautiful but in the meantime they knocked the hell of us on trade and have been doing it for a long time. they are very tough and not at all nice about that situation. we made them nice. we made them nice. they are not happy about what happened but farmers are going to sell into canada which they were restricted from doing. and they are able to sell to a lot of places and the vice premier, give us a token of perfection, we will immediately by 10 million tons and i looked at sonny perdue who has done a fantastic job, secretary of agriculture.
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10 million tons of soybeans a lot? that is a lot. started byington -- the farmers are so incredible, saw them interviewed, a couple farmers, i am never going to forget the farmers. they got me here, what do you think? china and various countries rightfully doing numbers because we had no choice what they have done to us but they are going to start buying numbers you've never seen before but farmers said we know how badly china has taken advantage of this country and we may be getting a little bit hurt right now but we are with the president all the way. every single person i've seen have these focus groups. every farmer said the same thing
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and the amazing thing about farmers, we have a little bit of a soft patch and i called in a group of 15 or 20 representative farmers and i wanted to give them help. i wanted to give the made and they looked at me and said we don't want aid, we don't want it and i said what do you mean? i'm used to having people wanting aid. they didn't want to, just wanted me to make a fair platform and i said i will never forget this meeting can because i meet with a lot of groups and always asking for an advantage. we don't want a lot of help but a level playing field. i've told that story so many times, we love our farmers, let them know we are very close
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because you are going to have -- that will be the end if we get there. we are doing very well. they need to deal more than we do. and they are getting hurt badly, paying 25% on $50 billion of technology stuff and going to pay 25%, $200 billion, and dealing well, this is before -- four weeks ago you remember. would it be possible to raise 10% to 25% which kicked in. it is hard to negotiate when we raise it. we have $340 billion left and their bullets are gone because
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we do $600 billion worth of purchases from them and they do $97 billion worth of purchases from us. not exactly great. now they were paying for that and paying big. one thing is an example on cars. if they sold a car to us we bring it in for no tax. it is 21/2% when you do certain paperwork and check the wrong boxes you pay nothing. when we buy a car from them. it is a 40% tax. they get 40%, we get nothing. other than that it is a good year. i get a call two months ago toward the beginning of the negotiation, bringing 40 down to 50. it is still what we have. i am not thrilled. i get a call but it is coming down. i get a call from prime minister
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of india. they are one of the highest taxing nations in the world, they tax us 100%. you know what i'm talking about. they charge 100% tariffs on goods. they make a lot of them. indian cycle. they send them to our country and we charge them nothing. we send harley-davidson to india and they charge us 100%. not fair. not reciprocal. not fair. for those of you like sean, where is sean? where is my guy from wisconsin? where is he? this guy is a champion. him and jim, 128 and one, where is he?
7:55 am
what a lousy location. are you kidding me. i can't believe it. when you are that good. don't kid yourself. a lot of us appear, not just here. a lot of us appear. he is a warrior and sean is a warrior and sean is working on the reciprocal trade act. if they judge us we judge them, very simple. they charge us we charge them and you are doing great and i appreciate it. he is the tree climbing, these characters who go up the trees, going up isn't the hard part.
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it is coming down. if you miss, you are dead. he missed about four times. he is a 5-time world champion. that means something. that -- dangerous stuff. it is incredible. i'm more impressed with championships. we ended the war on american energy. the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world and that happened over the last two years, big difference. hillary wanted to put up wind. if you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75% in value, and the noise causes cancer, you told me that one.
7:57 am
and it is like a graveyard for birds. if you love birds you would ever want to walk under a windmill because it is a very sad site. like a cemetery. we put a little statue for the poor birds. it is true. in california if you shoot a bald eagle they put you in jail for five years and yet the windmills wiped them all out. it is true. they wipe them out. terrible. and i told the other day at cpac on early saturday morning i had just gotten back from dealing with kim jong un, we get along great. he wasn't ready. i told him you are not ready for deal. first time anybody ever told him that and left, never happened to him before. nobody has ever left. we will make a deal.
7:58 am
we have a good relationship. i told the story at sea pack, the woman who wants, watch television and she sister her husband is the wind blowing? i would love to watch a show tonight, the wind hasn't done for three days, i can't watch television, darling, darling please, help the wind to blow. wind is not so good at you have no idea how expensive it is to make those things. they are all made in china and germany by the way. we don't make them here. we don't make them here. and by the way the carbon and all the things flying up in the air, you know the carbon footprint, president obama used to talk about the carbon footprint and hop on air force one, a big 747 with very old engines and fly to why to play a round of golf. the carbon footprint.
7:59 am
that is the way it is. we have the greatest energy in the world. they wanted to take it away from us. they don't like that we have it. we really discovered it over the last very short period of time. i have made it readily accessible. we are approving pipelines in texas that would have taken 20 years of getting them done in 6 months, you guys all know that. and by the way, if there is something wrong that will hurt our water or hurt our air we are not going to approve them but you are going to know in 12 months instead of 20 years. at the end of 20 years you start off as a young man or woman and now you are getting ready to retire and they are getting ready to vote on your project whatever it might be. highways, elaine chao is doing a great job, our secretary, great job.
8:00 am
highways in many cases take 20, or 21 years to get approved and in some cases not even a highway the roadway. and i have it down to two years. we get rid of so much of the waste and the stupidity and a lot of this happened because of consultants environmental engineers they call themselves. .. engineers. i would say how come you are here? trying to get a bill passed my guy is there because they pay more money that way so we take down highways from 20 years he wanted to get it down to one year but you will get it rejected quickly like jack nicholas is a friend of mine
8:01 am
he said cici rodriguez would not take any time. he love the expression he was a character miss that quick but he never missed it. but that is what we are doing we make sure you get it and if it doesn't work then there is a small highway in a state where some friends are in this room it is 21 years and cost $5 million now it will cost 900,000,021 years to get it approved. what used to be a straight line if somebody is a little tipsy at least they could drive straight now in order to get away from nesting turtles , and everything else that
8:02 am
highway is the craziest looking sucker you have ever seen. it is twice as long as it was supposed to be, my father and i would have designed a straight path.2.they'll literally cost more than it was supposed to it is dangerous but they are ruining things they are not supposed to there are many like that. like the aircraft carrier gerald ford go see it and the catapult system so there is a slight problem it was supposed to cost 3 billion it ended up costing 16 billion right now. not on our watch but it is getting close president gerald ford the largest ship ever built they say.
8:03 am
it is a massive ship so they are having trouble with the catapult system that used to be steam when the planes go off old-fashioned. so they decided to go magnetic. never been done before. and electronics what is very complex have these brilliant guys from m.i.t. a lot of people live it hard to believe one of the smartest people in the history of m.i.t. in my blood. [laughter] a lot of things are surprising in life but you have to go to m.i.t. and they say it's okay but we are having problems with the catapult system. that's not so good.
8:04 am
with an aircraft carrier you cannot send planes off the damn thing and historically that is not good for aircraft carriers. [laughter] so the admirals get tired and i say let me see the catapult people. they said you don't really want to do that i said yes they know what the hell they are doing. this is $900 billion over budget and we could have had steam and it would have been done and we would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars. i get the catapult yes, sir. what are you doing? by the way he is more proud to be the catapult or than kevin mccarthy or all the high-ranking republicans doing they would be so bored dealing
8:05 am
with democrats all day that's not fun he said i am a catapult or. twenty years what would you like to know? very simple question what is better? the electric catapult or steam? sir. steam is better. i said that is better? y-letter? for one thing electric goes faster but it takes two and a half minutes to bring the plane to the site by the time the steam builds up we have plenty of time left. and also if the steam breaks i can fix it myself with a wrench. if electronics break sir we have to send for albert
8:06 am
einstein to try to fix it. we cannot figure the damn thing out. this is what happens. i hate to say it. [applause] when they make airplanes so dm complex pilots cannot fly them so up to a point you want to go but you have to be careful it's almost like they do it just to do it we want to be careful and be smart so we are getting that problem fixed it is one hell of a problem we have confirmed 54 district judges and district court judges a lot of people in another room across the way don't like that along with two outstanding supreme court
8:07 am
judges justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh who was put through a grinder like nobody has ever been through that was so unfair. and congress passed because this is a great thing i hope nobody has to do it but we have a right to choose and we did something else we passed choice for military. choice so when one case we have choice and on another the right to try i don't even know if they know what that means.
8:08 am
you don't want to use about friends over the years are terminally ill if they have money they travel all over the world if they don't, they go home and there's nothing they can do and write to try everybody was so incredible we got it done pretty with think it is easy that the country had a problem they did not want to be sued in the insurance companies and the drug companies had a problem so we said we won't put them on the record. they said we like that there is a separate category. then the insurance companies had arrived but here is what we do they have a document that gets rid of all liability to the country if they don't
8:09 am
make it they sue the country. i could never understand why they didn't get this passed because the law was we don't want to hurt people. i will tell you what you can feel proud because we have had such success and saved lives already it was only seven months ago and what it does it is the ultimate test for a drug or a possible cure what's better than this? it has been a tremendous success nobody talks about it but it is what a lot of people respect and it was not easy. [applause] thank you. great job we passed veterans accountability not only choice to stand in line for weeks and
8:10 am
weeks and now they stand in line they see a doctor and we pay for it it doesn't matter we are saving lives people are ill by the time they get to the doctor they are terminally ill and we are saving lives. but also we have done so many other things for our veterans and if you notice there's not a lot of complaints coming out for the first time how long has it been since you have seen the virginia - - the veterans administration now we have accountability we say get the hell out of here and you are fired they could steal or be a sadist they were hurting our veterans we couldn't do
8:11 am
anything about it. we also passed some of you were there criminal justice reform and a lot of people are very happy about that. and things to the bold agenda america now has the hottest economy anywhere in the world. the prime minister, anyone, congratulatio. and since our election five.3 million new jobs including half a million jobs at 618,000 jobs very soon these are manufacturing jobs that obama said would never happen and you would need a magic wand. it is happening. we have the magic wand.
8:12 am
[applause] more than 5 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps because they have jobs now. 5million off of food stamps. [cheers and applause] after years of stagnation in the lowest paid workers are making the biggest gains. the lowest paid people are doing the best. they are doing the best more people are working now than at any time in history of our country. almost 160 million. [applause] unemployment has reached the lowest.
8:13 am
i never heard debated professionally before but i debate all these people i never saw before. but i had to say we would do things but now it will be so much easier because i can say we did all the things and more commentator who is a trump he haider said he is actually done more things than he promised. that is true. more things than we have promised. [applause] many more. like this one. african-american unemployment hispanic american and asian american unemployment and you know, this because you have heard me and veteran unemployment have all reached the lowest rates ever recorded in the history of the country. [applause]
8:14 am
how do you beat that? they talk about african-american and what they want to do. we have just hit the absolute lowest that's all i have to say goodbye we won the debate. it should be easy. it will be interesting to see but don't underestimate the power of socialism to get a vote that's what happens over a ten-year period when the country is destroyed. when they say we give you free education, free health care, not have you pay your loans for college, free everything that is very seductive to people that will not be as easy as you thin think. now in ten years it will be easy when the country goes to hell because that's what
8:15 am
happens the country goes to hell and it happens many times. look at venezuela. this was the richest country outside of us one of the richest countries of the world they have no food, no electric, nothing. it is sad and that is socialism. but when you stand on the stage we will wipe out all health care and single-payer they don't say you will wipe out 180 other plans but it's not as easy as other people think it is easy in ten years but not now because a lot of folks say if i vote for trump that's giving me everything so
8:16 am
we have to explain how bad it really is. but this is a time of extraordinary opportunity and that's why in my "state of the union" i asked the democrat majority to work with us to rebalance the crumbling infrastructure to bring down the cost of health care and the cost of prescription drugs i love that you are clapping for that because we have to talk about health care. and me will finally secure the borders and that is happening right now. i talked to mexico last week the strongest immigration laws in the world. they don't have judges if you
8:17 am
bring them into court you need. mason. they say bring them into court. bring them into court it is called catch and release it may be a dumb program you catch them and release them. and then come back in four years from now and we will give you a trial but in the meantime we are releasing you into our country now only 2 percent come back for the trial. and those are not the smartest ones to be honest the 98 percent are much smarter than the 2 percent that come back.
8:18 am
it's terrible that i said to mexico you have the strongest immigration they don't have courts or catch and release or chain migration or a lottery. do you think they put the best people in those lotteries? what were you thinking? in all fairness that is a chuck schumer deal they get it past it is incredible. you pick a name. ladies and gentlemen, i'm proud to announce leave this to the fake news. i will not use the name i am thinking but congratulations , he is a stone cold killer.
8:19 am
will they give us the finest? crazy cnn reporter how bad? now they say we were never against him with respect to collusion that they are interviewing what you coming to the united states for? she says i'm coming for my daughter. then they go to a man who was a little rough looking what you coming for? asylum. y-letter? i murdered someone. i murdered someone clicks but she saw it okay. back to headquarters. [laughter]
8:20 am
trying to say how good everybody is. remember i made my first beach. [applause] and i talked about different things i mentioned the word rape then two days later it was like a delayed reaction. they said he said rape. let me tell you and i took heat. they were killing me in that speech it went from a great speech to a disaster. it was so tame compared to what is really happening that track from guatemala and honduras is one of the great
8:21 am
dangers from anywhere and mexico now once the board are closed they make a lot of money off of us they took 30 percent of the car business. i was not here us mca will stop that. no more car companies will go there. that they say no, no, no. we will not let anybody. 's another bring them back into their country why didn't somebody do that in the first place but they don't want the border closed. do you know, who else? the democrats. i agree but trade and commerce
8:22 am
and money for our country is important but to be the most important job that i have is the security of our country even more than the other things that i talk about which is the security of our country instead of choosing greatness we don't know what the hell they are resisting. and those crazy hoaxes that we just went through and conspiracy theories. it's incredible and while republicans are working every day to empower the american people, the democratic agenda
8:23 am
is all about themselves. that's all they think about is themselves. it's a disgrace. i said to somebody some of you that have been here has it ever been this bad? they say yes. it was during the clinton impeachment hearings it was worse. another time in the 1880s a couple of people were shot. even you people would not do that. and the civil war was bad. by the way where is doug? where the hell is doug? warrior? where is mark? don't tell me he has a bad seat.
8:24 am
are you with jim? that is the freedom caucus. [laughter] what the hell happened they are great guys 100 house democrats are promoting the biggest socialist in history the grade nine - - the green new deal cost $100 trillion nobody knows that that means. right out $1 trillion they have no idea nobody has any idea that democrats are proposing a massive government takeover of health care that will ban private health insurance that is tremendous thing to run on we have 180 million people that want that. the democratic plan would destroy american health care bankrupt the country, forget it and take away your private
8:25 am
caucus that they will not do it because i want them to do it we don't want them to get out before we run against it i think it's a wonderful thing. the green new deal done by a bartender 29 years old. [laughter] [applause] a wonderful young woman you have senators that are professionals that have been there for a long time with white hair and everything is perfect they are petrified of her we support it what about the woman from hawaii? nice woman. but she was so angry to men and screaming and then and set
8:26 am
i love the green new deal now you cannot fly airplanes to get to hawaii so she said we have to work on something so build a train to hawaii she thought it was a decent idea so now she thinks they will build a train to hawaii. but they believe this stuff. it is the craziest thing they believe it and we will have to do something. don't do it too early because we want to run against it. if they win with the green new deal than i deserve to lose. [applause] and just to finish up i'm doing this like let's get together and talk.
8:27 am
there is no reason to lose it which is health care. we have no alternative. asking the republicans two weeks ago i'm going home now. you cannot do that but the republican party and health care they should not run away from health care. you cannot do it. you will get clobbered. i have an idea and i think it's great. i spoke with kevin and your top people, smart people and they love it. i spoke to this senators and mitch and he didn't like it but then when retaking the vote? right after the election? now he likes the idea i understand why he didn't like it in the beginning because it's a tough subject.
8:28 am
a month later i say the election had not taken place. i said how is it going after? how is he doing? he is 20 points down. wait a minute. he was was 20. what you talking about.
8:29 am
no, sir. right now with 20 points down. he is getting killed. i said why? because he wanted to terminate pre-existing condition. thithis is a guy ended up gettig clobbered. he had an easy race. he was already buying the carpet for the mansion. not our mansion, a different mansion. and guess that didn't work out too well. i'll never forget five governors sitting in front of me, i was making a speech, very conservative governors and i said, because i hadn't taken a position but i think where to go with the pre-existing. i'm making a speech, and we will support and the republicans cherish pre-existing conditions. these five southern guys down there, what the hell was that all about? what? i told them. i said we have to support it.
8:30 am
we should support it. we're doing the right thing. if you don't support you have no chance of winning. i just want to be blunt. you have no chance of winning. the democrat plan will be devastating to the people with pre-existing conditions. we have great talking point. the republican party will be the champion of pre-existing conditions. you have to do it. some of you like it. some of you don't. what you have to like it. not only for politics. it's the right thing. we want to be the party of great healthcare. i am right now working with people, and here's the key to all of it. i'm right now working with people in this room, knowledgeable leaders in congress, experts in the administration. i have a couple of people, one in particular who was a total healthcare genius. this person is more about healthcare and loves the subject, loves it. to come up with a great healthcare plan that is far less
8:31 am
costly to people, not to the government, to the people, far less costly than obamacare, with deductibles that are far lower. they deductibles are so high that nobody gets to use it unless you're in serious condition. so serious that frankly the last thing on your mind is healthcare. i will be asking that this be my first vote. immediately after the election we are going to regain the house because of healthcare and other things, the border, the military, the police. they are for open borders and crime we offer great borders and merit-based immigration. merit-based, so they can help our country and help our companies that are all moving into our country and the people to work. we're going to keep the senate
8:32 am
and we will keep the presidency and we're going to bring back the house. so essentially what i'm saying is we're going to come up with a healthcare plan. we're not going to vote on it until after the election. we will all promise it's going to be our first vote because we blew it the last time. man, i was that a bill of goods, some of you, i'm still a bit angry but not all. wasn't even you, paul. but we should've done it when we had the position but we will get it back. it's going to be a better plan. so we're going to give a great healthcare plan and we're going to go and campaign on that plan with the understanding that if we win, it's going to be much less expensive than obamacare and much more usable in terms of deductibles. and what's going to happen is we're going to promise the people that if you vote for us and if you vote for you, all of you running, that were going to vote for this. it's going to happen but we have
8:33 am
to get back the house. i think it's going would to be one of the strongest in kiev. because don't like obamacare. we forgot about it. we had a very, very unfortunate vote by somebody. we were close, so close. one vote away. one vote away but it didn't work. but this is going to be something i think that is even more potential. it's going to be a better plan. i already know what they're doing with it. and we're going to use it, going to campaign on the plan. and it's so much better than obamacare. here's your alternative. turn off whatever the talk about. about. i don't want to talk about it. i know it's a tough subject but we have a great advantage and we vote right after the election. it's going to get a lot of people elected and you will be doing the right thing. additionally, we will be knocking the democrats
8:34 am
socialistic single-payer healthcare plan with all of the disasters including all of those great americans that are going to lose their plan. remember you can have your doctor, you can have your plan. so many lies. so many lies. so you're going to be campaigning against by negative things. you will win your election because of healthcare. people were upset with me because i did want to waste my time by calling people. i didn't want to call the leaders of the than kevin. i be afraid not to call kevin. but i didn't call people. i don't think about it. i played myself a little bit but now they love it. they really like it. you're going to get elected because of it and you'll be doing the right thing. it's a great incentive for the voters to vote for you. instead of when ask a health question, i'd rather not answer that question, what about pre-existing -- alice, take me home, alice. they are asking me about pre-existing conditions.
8:35 am
alice, please take me home. and then you get clobbered. you have a plan that is a much better plan and it's going to be your first vote when you get back to washington. the radical democrats are also aggressively pushing extreme late-term abortion allowing children to be ripped from their mothers womb right up until the moment of birth, right? who ever heard of this stuff? i had it in the debate. i never used the term ripped. it was my term. and people that a been working on this on our site for years said it was an incredible moment. i did know -- i did use that term. i thought of it during the debate. hillary clinton was so staunch on abortion, and rights for abortion. and they said according to hillary, in the ninth month you can rip, that's what came up,
8:36 am
does anybody remember that debate? they say that was like a big moment. you can rip the baby out of the womb and kill the baby. but now it's gotten worse because this maniac, the governor from virginia, he comes up and says now the baby is born and you wrap the baby gently, and then you talk to the mother, independent on what the mother says, you execute the baby. can you imagine? who ever heard of it? i never even heard of this one. i've heard of ninth month, which is horrible. i've heard of fifth month, fourth month. this is the baby is now born and the mother will make a decision as to whether or not the baby will be essentially executed. and he said that. he said that. and he said some of the things that were unrelated to that which were bad. believe it or not which are covered even more so than that,
8:37 am
which i couldn't believe that it was. his other thing, you know what that was, was covered more importantly in the media than that. and what can be more important than that? that's why i've called on congress to pass legislation banning the late-term abortion of children who can feel the pain in their mothers womb. [applause] and you know it's always been a very close issue, it's been for many, many years, it's been a 50-50 issue. i don't know if you saw, it was so horrible and so extreme what the democrats in new york, you saw what was happening, they are all applauding. the supportable, so horrible that you gained 11 points in the poll. this is the first time, it's no longer, it was a 49-51 issue for many, many, for decades. inevitably change. it would go from 51 to 49 back and forth. you just picked up 11 points
8:38 am
because of how extreme that was. it was so terrible. democrats are the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime, hoaxes, delusions. whenever house democrats are ready to abandon their extremism, the republicans here tonight are ready to work with them to deliver a much better future for all of our citizens. we are willing to work together. i told nancy pelosi the other day, i was with her, it was a nice conversation. unfortunately have time with a great conversation she then goes out and does a news conference and she says i'm a terrible human being. i don't figure that but i guess it's all politics. everyday we are restoring america's strength at home and we are restoring our nation standing all over this world. two years ago isis controlled more than 20,000 square miles of
8:39 am
territory in iraq and syria. i was told that it would take at least two years from one month ago to get the caliphate at 100%. you saw that. my generals that i got rid of told me it would take two years to get 2%. i went to iraq. i stayed in the white house for almost four months. the only time i left was to go to iraq. i tell you, if you have to get cabin fever comes getting cabin fever in the white house is still a good place. but i went to iraq and i met the generals, and one general said, sir, we can do in one week. i said wait a minute. they said two years. they said that's because we're hitting them at a much different level. and we did it and we now have 100% -- it's been completely
8:40 am
obliterated. [applause] and the visiting you don't have cells in these crazy people. i have to say it because you thought. you can never say we won. if you say we won and then somebody blows up a store, some crazy maniac. but we just beat the hell out of them and were trying to now beat them at the end it because there's nobody better at the internet than then. i don't know if you so recently i put some social media that they are losers, that they are dead, that if he joined them, you will be killed just like they were killed. we have to beat them at the own game, folks. it's not a very nice game and they don't surrender. when we had them, i was telling kevin mccarthy, when we had them four or five days ago, they were cornered. they don't know what it is to be cornered because that was set free reign. they don't have free reign with me. and we flew over them with
8:41 am
brand-new f-18s, super hornets, and they're going 2000 miles an hour over and over for two days. and he said to these people ever, like wave the flag? to the ever surrender? and the general, raising cain. what's your first and? my first name is raisin. there's nobody in hollywood they can look like this guy because he's much tougher. that i can tell you. i said what your name? raisin. what is your last name? gain deeming your name is raising cain? yes, sir. >> people tell me two year yourn what you think? one week. general, come here, give me a kiss. i felt like joe biden. but i meant it. see, i meant it. big difference. i meant it.
8:42 am
so we knocked them out and we now have knocked them out and we have what i always say, you have some crazy people around nevertheless. together we are also fully rebuilding the american armed forces and you doing that what you're doing is incredible. because without that, the other thing is might not matter, the rough time of this world. i withdrew the united states from the disasters iran nuclear deal that iran is a different country. when i first came here iran was going to take over the middle east and there was no stopping them. and i took out of that deal, i trumpeted that deal and they have gone down. that's a different country. they have riots. their economy has collapsed. it was a horrible, stupid you. we gave them $150 billion and they use it to fight us. we gave them 1.8 billion in cash. airplane loads of cash.
8:43 am
i recognize the capital of israel and we opened the american embassy in jerusalem for $1 million under budget. [applause] $1 billion under budget. we were going to spend $1 billion to build it. i got it done for $400,000. think of that. so i saved $1 billion. i took a building that we already owned on land that we already owned pick somebody said what's the difference between that piece of land and the piece we're going to spend a fortune to buy? i said the difference is it's much better. it's a better location. it's a much bigger site. other than that they were very similar. and to support israel's security, just last week, and this has been going on for 58 years, i recognized fully israel sovereignty over the golan heights.
8:44 am
58 years they have been talking. they have had committees the event meetings. they had had 32 different meetings, and it's talk and they never do it. so we did it. and i'll tell you what, i don't know about the united states. i think we're doing well but i can run for the primary of visual. that's what they tell me. i think i met 98% in israel. be careful, i believe your and i will go run israel. the united states has also taken decisive action against the brutal socialist dictatorship in venezuela. that's a horrible situation. and america once again stand with the people of cuba, nicaragua and venezuela and the righteous struggle for freedom and we were helping them out. so we gathered here tonight at a very pivotal moment in our nation's history. this is a very important moment.
8:45 am
you know, we have forces going against this country from within that can destroy this country. if we lose this election, you know, when i go out to make a speech i meet people. i don't get is he to meet people but i meet people backstage going on. and they say to me, thank you, sir, for saving our country. they're talking to all of us by the way. thank you, sir. a man came up to me a week ago. we were in michigan. had a tremendous crowd in michigan, right? is that right? that's a good group. great crowd. and this guy looked like he never cried in his life. he looks like a football player big strong guy. he was pouring down tears as i'm getting upwards to speak. i'm walking by and and he was a bear, and he said sir, thank you for saving our country. and the use peace prize because
8:46 am
that's hearing this for a year and a half. i used to be surprised. it's a big statement, and they are oftentimes crying and there are people that don't cry. these are not criers. these are people that real stalwart -- nothing wrong with crying but they often cry. i have heard it so much. we have an election coming up that is something that should happen with this election, we could lose the country. we really could because these people are stone cold crazy. but what they want to do to our country would be overwhelming. it would be horrible. so we have no choice. we have to win. we really have to win. now, it could be they start moving in a different direction but i don't think so. it looks like they are only moving one way. the majority of american people support our commonsense agenda,
8:47 am
and americans do not want to risk their prosperity or our prosperity. didn't want to risk their children's future. they don't want to risk their wealth. they do want to risk their 401(k)s where they are up 50, 60, 70, 80%. i talk about the time. they feel like financial geniuses. they have never been there before. and we're going to explain to them that your 401(k) will disappear, you will not have anything. we have a lot of great things going. so the democrat program of radical socialism and open borders, if we are good and if we are smart and if we do our job, it cannot work. it's not going to work. because our people are doing too well. the choice has never been clearer. the republican party is the party for all americans. we really are. we have changed his party so dramatically, folks.
8:48 am
i say all of us, not just me. i've been, i've been important. you have been just as important. we another part of the american worker. did you ever hear, when i started doing this we like the party of the rich person and we were losing and the were not enough which people. we are now the party of the american family, and we are the party of the american dream. it's true. you are. in south carolina when i was going against a lot of different people, there were 12 people left, and i'll never forget somebody came down and said, you have no idea what you've done. thousands and tens of thousands of people are joining the republican party. it's never happened they have never seen it before. and this happened in new hampshire. it happens all over. it happens in florida. it's happening now in florida. i'd like to talk about leads to early but we have an incredible lead in the state of florida.
8:49 am
we have incredible leap in the state of ohio. we have great lead in pennsylvania come in north carolina, in south carolina. we have leads. now, you always have to be very careful because you have on occasion seen leads disappear but we're not going to let that happen because we have a far better ideas, the far better platform. an enemy of the people in this room. we have a far better and more talented people. you are the people i'm talking about. and we believe in the american constitution and we believe in the rule of law. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family not government and bureaucracy are the true american way. we believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.
8:50 am
[applause] we believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great american flag. in god we trust. we fired on behalf of hard-working citizens who pay their taxes, follow our laws, raise their children, protect our communities and make this the greatest nation ever to exist on the faith of the earth and we are doing better now than
8:51 am
we done in decades and decades and decades. this land is our home. these american patriots have always been loyal to our country. and we will forever be loyal to them forever. every day for the next 19 months we will keep on fighting. we will keep on working. and we will keep on winning winning winning for the american people, and for yourselves here and for yourself and your family. with your help in november 3, 2020, republicans are going to win the house. we're going to win the senate, and we're going to aydin when the white house. [applause]
8:52 am
and together with the love, prayers and devotion of anyone in the really warm and a credible room, and millions of pages cost our land, we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america greater than its ever been before. and we're going to do it not just for you, not just for your friends. we are going to do it for all americans. thank you. bless you and god bless america. thank you, everybody. ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> during the speech president trump mention former vice president joe biden and allegations about how he interacts with women. in response mr. biden released a video on twitter. ♪
8:54 am
♪ >> today i want to talk about support and encouragement i have made to women and some men who have made them uncomfortable. i have always tried to be in my career of both tried to make a human connection as my responsibility. i shake hands can i help people, i grab men by the shoulders and say you can do this. whether they are women, men, young, old. it's a way i've always been. it's what i've tried to share ii care about them and listen. over the years knowing what i've been through, the things i faced, i found this course if that hundreds of people come up to me and reached out for solace and comfort, something, anything that may help them live to the tragic they're going through. and so it's just who i am, and i
8:55 am
never thought politics was cold and antiseptic. i've always thought it about connecting with people. as i said, shaking hands, hands on the shoulder, a hug, encouragement. and now it's all about taking selfies together. social norms began to change, they have shifted. the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and i get it. i get it. i hear what they are saying. i understand it. i'll be much more mindful. that's my responsibility. my responsibility, and i will meet it. but i will always believe governing, quite frankly, life for that matter is about connecting, about connecting with people. that will change bu but i will e more mindful and respectful of peoples personal space here and that's a good thing. it's a good thing. i have worked my whole life to empower women. i worked my whole life to prevent abuse. i've written -- i can adjust to
8:56 am
the fact that personal space is important, more important than it's ever been, is just -- i will. i will. >> here's a look at our live coverage on thursday.
8:57 am
>> all month we're hearing are winning studentcam documentaries where we asked students to answer, what does a mean to be american? are c-span bus was recently in arizona. here's what people there had to say. >> for me what it means to be an american is to be involved, passionate, supportive and thankful to the person, the veterans, visitations from the process that protect our freedom in this great democracy. >> i am american. i am so proud and what that means to me is that i, a former undocumented person, who came in search of the american dream was able and was given a pathway to citizenship. and now as an american i serve
8:58 am
americans in arizona. and every dream is possible. that's what it means to be an american to me. >> for me it means that i can work in a country that allows me to get in java what i'm 69, still working teaching students and they allow me to do that here. i can teach diverse students. i can teach american government, american history. i have the choice and freedom to affect students allies in these areas. >> to think about what it's like to be an american, to me it's the fight for social, economic and environmental justice. our planet is in dire peril regard country is in an unprecedented turmoil and at when you divide every day to those who are vulnerable and for our environment to show the world we have today is the least is good for kids and grandkids
8:59 am
as it is for us today. >> voices from the road on c-span. >> coming up this weekend on booktv, saturday 10 a.m. eastern where i live in annapolis, maryland, for the annapolis book festival. >> live on c-span2 this morning pentagon officials testify before a house armed services subcommittee about mismanagement of the military family housing program. the witnesses will provide an
9:00 am
update on the defense department efforts to fully assess the extent and nature of the issues since february and provide details on efforts to remedy oversight of the program. .. >> and the conti