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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Blackburns Maiden Floor Speech  CSPAN  April 9, 2019 7:39pm-8:02pm EDT

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waste, fraud and abuse. i think we should heed the 2010 warning of then chairman of the joint chief admiral mullen when he says the most significant threat to our national security is our debt. the most significant threat to our national security is our
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debt. our debt today is a staggering $22 trillion. thing about this, when george bush left office that debt was at $10.7 trillion. today it is $22 trillion. for our children, for our grandchildren, i think it is immoral to pass on this kind of debt. it also here because an pro life and i will protect those that cannot protect themselves. it is astounding to me that this body cannot pass legislation that would protect babies born alive and as a result of a botched abortion. it is a disgrace.
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this abortion must be held accountable because their actions are a stain on memorial fabric of our country. and just as i promised tennesseans. i promise my colleagues i'm going to work hard and stand strong for what i believe in because i know that i'm working for freedom, free people, and free market. as frederick douglass said "i would unite with anybody to do right and nobody to do wrong. and i invite all of my colleagues, madam president, to join me in protecting what i term the big five. faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity. especially freedom. in washington needs to be
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reminded of just how precious the core value of freedom is, not only for tennesseans but for all americans. every community in every church in tennessee is filled with veterans and families who sacrificed and who cherished that hard gift of freedom. they talk about it regularly. they have parades from the troops come home they celebrate our freedoms. and in tennessee we have 470,000 veterans who called timothy home and it is such an honor to come to this body and to stand with them because of the work they have done for us. i serve on the armed services and veterans committee we know
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that the military has to have the resources they need to fight our way first century adversaries and our veterans deserve not only our thanks but to benefit that's been boffere to them. last month i introduced the goldstar family fellowship program act. this will establish a fellowship for those goldstar families in our senate offices. i've also joined senator castor and the hello girls congressional gold-medal act to honor our women soldiers from world war i. and i am here also to make certain that our nation is a nation of legal immigrants, not illegal. the chaos at the border should
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embarrass each and every one of us. it's been decades in the making. this is something that we ought to work together to solve. to solve this crisis of drug trafficking sex trafficking, human trafficking and games. solve it, rather than allow it to be a political issue for a campaign. and i'm here to work to protect your rights to privacy. the physical and virtual space. yesterday senator clover chart and i this focuses on how we are protecting americans from what i call the data pirates. at google and facebook. your privacy is important and i believe that you and i have the right to send those trends without having our entire life
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story sold to the highest online bidder. and we are fishing our work on the browser act. this i have introduced when i'm in the house. we are going to introduce it here. because i believe it is imperative to give you the tools to protect yourself online. none madam president, i also believe we need one set of privacy rules for the entire internet ecosystem. this is what you call fairness. our family has always believed that we have a responsibility to leave a place in better shape than you found it. it's more or less a family mantra. and i will say that changing the rules of the senate to allow for confirmation of
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judges and to proceed on the executive calendar is exactly the right move. you can call it the nuclear option or whatever you want to call it. and the press i've heard it called many rdthings. but obstruction tactics do absolutely nothing to leave this chamber or the country in ownership. maybe it makes for good political rhetoric. but our country deserves better. i agree with leader mcconnell, madam president, this is a key way to help our nation and our chamber function fully and better. as a member of the judiciary committee i'm going to work to confirm those qualified judges who will respect and uphold the constitution. in january it was an honor to
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be sworn in by justice cavanaugh and also to join senator ernst as the first republican women on the judiciary committee. being the first woman ever elected to the senate from tennessee and a conservative woman is something that is not lost on me. indeed conservative women have quite a track record in leading the fight for freedom in our nation's at the top of that record is fighting and winning the right tfor women to vote. next year we are going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment. granting women the right to vote. you may not be aware but tennessee ãbto ratify this amendment and it was the
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separatist who fought and led the charge. i'm honored to join so many of our female colleagues in this chamber in drafting legislation to honor the anniversary and indeed madam president, i'm going to provide all of our colleagues the opportunity to cosponsor and participating in one of those bills that will have a commemorative coin for this event. as howard baker a great tennessean and our former majority leader of this body once remarked about the nature of the senate and i quote "if we cannot be civil to one another and if we stop dealing with those within we disagree or that we don't like, then we soon will stop functioning altogether". with that in mind, my time in the senate is going to be focused on action and
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accomplishment. things that will lead to positive change. many times people have asked me what is one of your strengths? what you think helps you? in the political process. i repeatedly set up a pretty good change agent. that is something that we need to do. to fully function and serve our nation. tennessee has constituencies across every sector of our nation's economy and they are wanting change. they want fair and free markets legislation, less taxation, less sslitigation, our industry are in agriculture and energy production, financial services, national security installation, veterans hospitals, world-class universities, healthcare manufacturing, technology,
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entertainment, communication, intimacy we are a logistic hub with great networks and intermodal facilities. and as a member of the senate commerce science and transportation committee i'm going to work with them to make certain when the federal government shows up they are there to be a help and not a hindrance. tennessee is a cultural leader and the nations center for music, writing and religion. they want protection of the work they create and the sermons that they preach. tennesseans also tell me that as their senator they want me to be aware they are concerned about the future of the henatio. it's unimaginable to tennesseans that nearly 3 decades after the end of the cold war that there is a debate in washington about, are you for socialism, or are you for
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freedom? i cannot believe that this is happening. they want to make certain that we are going to continue to push forward and protect this nation and protect our freedoms that we have, we will continue to do that and to push back. we have a lot of challenges that we are going to face. tennesseans want to make certain that we are going to be there to focus on prosperity and erleadership for future generations. and this is going to require us to pay attention to technology. my olcolleagues will find, mada president, that i'm going to work to push for 5g and next generation technologies for both our commercial and military space. senator baldwin and i are introducing bipartisan
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legislation to badvance rural broadband and i have joined senators gardner and cortez musto on the access broadband act to make resources available to rural communities. technology is not only enabled by freedom, it enhances freedom. and make no mistake, our technology and power are being challenged by all of our adversaries and primary among this is communist china. they are a threat to our country because they steal our technology innovations and unfair trading practices. monetary policy. we should all be united in taking on the chinese. our tennesseans talk to me regularly about their concerns with some of the stuff that takes place by china.
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we got other enemies as well from madero in venezuela to ãb in iran, to kim jong-un in north korea. we must stand together as americans if we are to advance the cause of freedom. tennesseans have been clear of what they want and what they expect from their u.s. senator. they want somebody who's going to listen to them and be concerned about the story of their lives, not the dc story of the day. tennesseans are ready for bold ideas on how the federal government should spin their tech ãbspend their taxpayers dollars. they do want tweaks around anth edges, they want something bold. they're concerned about how we are going to fund the military. they are concerned about what we are going to do to further our presence in this land.
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tennesseans want a senator who will respect freedom and the rule of law. it is a beautiful and diverse state. it represents the best of what this nation has two offer. our history reflects a common set of values that are based on faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity. ed i look forward to working with my colleagues to preserve these values and to fight back against those who would attempt to undermine them. i yield the floor. the complete guide to congress is now available it has lots of details about the house and senate for the current session of congress. contact and bio information about every senator and representative. plus information about congressional committees. state governors, and the cabinet. the 2019 congressional
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as a public service by your cable or satellite provider. television and online c-span is your unfiltered view of government. you can make up your own mind. >> tonight on c-span2 president trump's remarks from earlier today about immigration. senate homeland security committee hearing on immigration and patrolling the southern border. federal hearing on internet hate speech and hate crimes from the house judiciary committee. >> today at the white house president trump answer questions about personnel changes. here's a part of that exchange with reporters. >> jeff. >> [inaudible] >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't know who came up with that expression. we have bad laws and the judge that ruled


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