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  President Trump Remarks on Border Security  CSPAN  April 10, 2019 7:57pm-8:01pm EDT

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michigan republic congressman will join us in healthcare in a green new deal. then american oversight chief counsel talks about the forthcoming release of the rejected mueller report. also bloomberg financial reporter on wednesday's hearing of ceos of major u.s. banks. be sure to watch cspan "washington journal" live at seven eastern thursday morning. during the discussion. >> president trump in san antonio, texas discussing the immigration situation at the southern border. >> thank you very much. we have a roundtable which is actually a square table. we have some of the most prominent people in texas. we're just discussing, what can i do for your folks to create more jobs and do all the things
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they have been doing. we start talking in the first person gets up and says sir, we have many people dying, coming across the board. because they will come across the border as a vast vast area. they will be dropped off and they start walking and they will say houston's right in the road when it's actually 300 miles away. and we find that people from guatemala, honduras, el salvador, from mexico. i said nobody ever said that. will they know it but the press does not talk about it. many, many dead people. many. also they come in and read the houses and it is very dangerous and they are told to never leave the house at night. and during the day always carry a gun and know how to use it.
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where they have fences, never go near the gate unless you have two people especially at night. make sure both of you are carrying a weapon, a gun. i said nobody has ever told me this. this does not come out in the fake news, or the press. in these people had no idea but i said you know what, with the media here, very good people in the media actually and i think it should be explained. nobody has ever heard this, they have never heard this. maybe i'll start and will go through but these are incredible stories. i had no idea, nobody has any idea about the cyst. this is been going on for many years. many, many years but regardless this is been going on and many people are dying, and the danger
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of living here unless you know exactly what you're doing, it's tremendous whether your wife carries a gun and trained in using it. >> coming up next, william barr's testimony to the senate appropriations subcommittee. the more of president trump's visit to texas today where he signed an executive order to encourage energy infrastructure and development. top executives from the nation's largest bank testified before the house financial services committee about financial regulations and lending practices. >> on capitol hill today, attorney general william barr told lawmakers that he plans to review whether there was improper surveillance of the trump presidential campaign during the 2016 election. he made the comment at a senate appropriations sub committee hearing that included questions about the president's 2020 budget