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  President Trump at EOC International Training and Education Center  CSPAN  April 10, 2019 10:06pm-10:35pm EDT

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president to decide whether permits should be issued for cross-border projects such as pipelines. before the signing president trump spoke to local officials and members of the international union of operating engineers. notable attendees included texas as governor in texas land commissioner. ♪ proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know embry ♪ where walt forget the man ♪ who died and gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i'll gladly stand up ♪ next to you ♪ there ain't no doubt ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the u.s. a ♪ from the lakes of minnesota ♪ to the hills of tennessee
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♪ across the plains ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ from detroit down to houston ♪ new york to l.a. ♪ where there is pride in every american ♪ ♪ heart and its diane to say ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ i won't forget the man ♪ who died and gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i'll gladly stand ♪ up next to you ♪ but there ain't no doubt i love ♪ ♪ this land ♪ god bless the you as a ♪ in america where at least
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♪ i know i'm free ♪ i won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that life to me ♪ and i'll gladly stand up ♪ next to you ♪ and defend her still today ♪ because there ain't no doubt ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ >> thank you very much and one of my all-time favorite governors is right here. thank you very much. [cheering] [applause] >> i'm thrilled to be here in crosby, texas with the incredible members of the international union of operating
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engineers. [cheering] i also know who most of you voted for and i appreciate that. were a nation built to maintain pipelines and pumps, oil ways in ridgway's, operators get the job done with unmatched expertise and skills and there is nobody like you. nobody. [cheering] with the help of the incredible workers in this room the united states is now the number one of natural gas anywhere in the world, anywhere in the planet. [cheering] we have a lot of progress in the last two and half years. we have a lot of barriers to production into pumping so many different things. i just met some of you folks outside the gate.
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i didn't know they could lay as much pipe as that is so fast. incredible. nobody in the world can do what you folks do. [cheering] and were gonna make it easier for you. in a few moments i will sign to groundbreaking executive orders to continue the revival of the american energy industry and jobs. my action today will cut through destructive permitting delays and denials. you know that? where it takes you 20 years to get a permit. those days are gone. you may not get it out all but it's going to be quick -- quickly missed. mr. quick. that is not going to happen too often.
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if you can get to work, producing the energy and infrastructure our country needs to thrive and compete in to win. all over the world were winning. our country is respected again. [cheering] we are pleased to be joined by your great union leadership, general president a friend of mine jim callahan he knows all my friends back in new york. [cheering] in your general secretary-treasurer brian icky. [cheering] as i said from day one american labor will always have a friend in the white house. you know that i approve of that. jobs are at all-time high in the history of our country and unemployment is at a 51 year low in the unemployment in our country and we will soon break the all-time record african-american, asian american, hat hispanic american all-time historic close are
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doing well and we will keep it going because we believe in two fundamental rules, by american and higher american. [cheering] i introduce your great governor, greg abbott, we love greg. he has been so incredible. in so many ways and his friend and my friend lieutenan lieutent governor dan patrick. dan thank you for that. [cheering] thank you dan. his son is doing a fantastic job to thank him for me. and texas attorney general, somebody who wins a lot of lawsuits on your cat behalf can. [cheering] and deputy secretary of energy dan brouillette, thank you dan. [cheering]
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as well as representatives, pete, randy weber and brian babbitt. they help a lot. those three guys. thanks also to texas land commissioner george p bush for being here. where is george? come here george. this is the only bush that likes me. [laughter] he is the only one. come here i want to meet you. he is a friend of my sons and he is a great guy. truly this is the bush that got it right. [laughter] [cheering] i like him. he is going far. he is going places. thank you george.
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here at the iu oee international training and educational center operators are perfecting their skills on cranes and pipe lifters, siphons and angle dozers. i just saw them all outside. i used to work machines and my father would have a job when i was very young, i won't say because i'll report me. [laughter] but it was much too young to work machines but i used to work machines and i used to love the detents, now they make d12 and you don't get too many of them. but they still make them. under this administration we have ended the war in american energy like never before. nobody believes that this is going to happen. [cheering] and we have put thousands and thousands of patriotic union members like you to work to building our energy future since the election we have created more than 5.5 billion new jobs and more than 60000 brand-new
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oil and gas pipeline construction jobs and we approve the keystone pipeline, almost from day one. [cheering] and we got the dakota access pipeline out of a lot of trouble. they built it with a little problem had a river and they did not have the permit. i gave that to them. [applause] that was 40000 jobs between the two of them. we withdrew the united states from the one-sided terrorist climate we don't do anymore drilling for oil today. that was going to cost us a lot of money. no more oil and gas with terrorists. that is good for tariffs but not good for us.
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we are replacing the previous administration job crushing, clean power plant and putting our minors back to work in their back to work all over the country. it is incredible what is happening with the minors and we with steel, their building many plants in the handbell plan 40 years. we finally open and more in alaska. i don't know if you like that? [applause] of the competition, went to give them a little competition. that was something that they have been trying to get approve since ronald reagan. ronald reagan tried it, they all tried to get it done and i had it in a plan and close to getting it done then i didn't like somebody. or something that somebody did and i said let's take it out of the plan. why should we do it, then a friend of mine who is in the oil business called, unrelated didn't have anything to do, and he said is it true you gonna get and more, i said yeah i can get
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it, i don't think of going to though, they don't appreciate it. they don't appreciate it. he said that's too bad, everybody from ronald reagan all the way up to you couldn't get it done. and i said really? i called it up and said put it back in the plan. it was just a competitive thing. so we put it back and that is one of the biggest in the world. that is going to be something very special. a lot of you folks will be there. we have added more than 450 oil and gas rig nationwide. that is going up rapidly. here in texas we nearly doubled then land rigs and cruel oil has reached a record high, highest in the history of texas. if i get to the pipelines, which i will, they been trying to get these pipelines -- how many years? ten, 12, 15. how many? we're gonna try to do in six
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months. that means jobs, jobs, jobs. that is a lot of jobs in additional product, a lot of stuff. at the same time we are strongly protecting the environment, we have to protect the environment. the united states is among the cleanest air and water development in the world and we also have to clean the air and water they say in the world. we are the best. you want that and i want that. i want clean air and beautiful crystal clean water. we want that right? [applause] people to understand the about us. [cheering] and we also have the strongest by far economy in the world. we are the envy of the world. we are negotiating deals with china, mexico, canada and many of them are already negotiated and we have others to go. we are doing a great job.
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the trade deals we were being taken advantage of you wouldn't believe, yeah you would believe it. you understand it better than the politicians. you understand it better than the people that used to stand here. too often badly needed infrastructure is being held back by special interest groups entrenched bureaucracies and radical activists. shocking to hear that isn't it? soak true. this past winter americans in new england, new england, great place paid up to four times more than nearby pennsylvania to heat their homes and also in new york there playing tremendous amounts of money to heat their homes because new york state plucked a permit to build, a constitution pipeline a pipeline that goes across. we actually buy a lot of oil from other countries like russia. because we are being permitted to build a pipeline through new
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york state. how about that? not too good. this obstruction does not just hurt families and workers like you and undermines our dependence and national security. the two executive orders that i will be signing in just a moment will fix this dramatically, accelerating infrastructure approvals. we will get these approvals done quickly. we need help with new york. new york is hurting the country because they are not allowing us to get those pipelines through. that is why they're paying so much for their heating, and all of the things that energy and our energy produces. so hopefully they can come on board and get in line with what is happening. they also have a lot of energy under their feet. people are living up there not doing well with jobs, it is not a good situation. but it will change. my first order will speed up the process for approving infrastructure on a nation's
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border such as oil pipeline, roads and railways, it will now take no more than 60 days. that is a vast improvement. the president, not the bureaucracy will have sole authority to make the final decision when we get caught up in progress. [cheering] [applause] we will do what is right. my second order will modernize regulations for lng, export terminals and encourage new infrastructure financing and it will improve access for workers and operators to maintain electrical lines and finally it will stav stop state-level abusf border quality. they abuse you. when you're nowhere near water they abuse you. a block into construction of vital pipeline projects as we rebuild our energy infrastructure and it will be like never before. look at what is happened over the last two years. now is also the time to train even more american workers are
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going to perform their job better and better. places like this, what a job you've done jim. i just met your people. what a job you have done. [cheering] [applause] incredible. you know what else, they love what they do. if i say ultra thesis is, you can have a beautiful apartment on fifth avenue and i work teaching pipelines or helping you know what, they would not switch. as far as the white house is concerned, they definitely wouldn't switch. the apartment may be close but the white house i don't know. but were having a good time. were doing better. the country has ever done like it's doing right now. never had an economy like this. [cheering] [applause] the world took advantage of us in so many ways but certainly on trade and that is coming to a
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halt. they understand that. they understood what was happening and they don't even blame me. i don't blame them. i don't blame china for taking out $500 billion a year. $500 billion. how about that. that would happen if you are negotiating. you would say who are these people that were making this happen. i said, i don't blame you, i blame the people that were in my position. but those days are over. those days are over. we are in the process -- [cheering] [applause] but this is why we launch a pledge to american workers and our partners have committed to providing more than 6.7 million trading and enhance career opportunities to the american workforce. we have done an incredible job. my daughter ivanka trump work so hard on it, walmart and all of the big companies have stepped up in doing an incredible job hiring people.
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i am proud to announce that the international union of operating engineers sign the pledge today and committed to trade was 550,000 americans for the jobs of tomorrow. [cheering] [applause] that is pretty good. that put you up there with the biggest companies in the world jim. i'm impressed. you've come a long way. [laughter] with us today is brandon cooper from the operating engineer local three. brandon come on up. he lost his job a few years ago and came here to learn about pipeline construction. brandon, where is brandon? come here brandon. say a few words brandon, maybe you'll be a politician. [cheering]
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[applause] >> i worked in construction for years. i've been a member of local three of california for over a decade. doing utility work, grading a little bit of everything. but i've never worked in a pipeline industry and i need a training. you can say that you can't say your ways through things in this industry. you have got to produce or you're gone. a contract as you go in a drop of a hat if you're not making money. it's funny, the pipeline industry has a total different language. despite working in the industry for years, i didn't know the lingo. the terminology is different than the rest of the industry. with the union you have the opportunity to expand your skills. i didn't used to be proficient on all the equipment until i got into the union. the union training opportunities have given me a chance to better
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my operating engineer. making more money, building retirement, security, and having good healthcare. this opportunity at the international training center is going to pay my dividends. it has been a great experience, we appreciate what you're doing president trump to grow this industry. thank you. [cheering] [applause] >> good job. good job brandon. thank you very much. i want to introduce the great larry kudlow he wanted to be here today. i said you don't have to come larry, larry kudlow. >> now more than ever our nation needs dedicated operators like you. with incredible grit and talent and spirit.
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you lay the power of the industries, you raise the beams that build our skyscrapers, and you are the men and women who get up every day and make this country run and frankly make this country great. you do a great job. [cheering] [applause] and what you understand better than anyone you take pride in your work and our nation will always take pride in you. we have great respect for the work that you do. believe me. to all of the talented operating engineers thank you for inviting me here today. very special. i know so many in this world as you have learned, he got to be on air force one today. he was very proud. [applause] [cheering] we took a couple of pictures without behind us. he was very happy.
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thank you jim. and thank you to the extraordinary devotion of all of you to our country. together we are making america, stronger, prouder and greater than ever before. god bless you all and god bless america. thank you. [cheering] [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> should i sign it? [cheering] [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[cheering] [applause] [cheering] thank you everybody. thank you folks. [cheering] by everybody. thank you very much. [cheering] ♪ you don't always get what you
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want ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ ♪ >> once tv was three giant networks in a giant supported service called pbs. then in 1979 a small network with an unusual name role but a big idea. let viewers decide all on their own what was important to them. cspan opened the doors to washington to policy for all to see. bringing you unfiltered content
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from congress. this is true people power. in the 40 year sentence the landscape has changed. no monolithic media, broadcasting has given the narrowcasting, youtube stars are a thing. but cspan's big idea that is more relevant today more than ever. no government money support cspan, non- partisan is covered as a washington service by your cable or satellite provider. on television and online cspan is your unfiltered view of government. so you can make up your own mind. >> tomorrow acting defense secretary patrick shanahan will testify in a senate hearing on the creation of a u.s. space force as proposed by the tripper ministration. that is life at 9:30 a.m. on cspan3. you can also watch online at
10:32 pm or listen on the free cspan it radio app. in the morning agriculture secretary is on capitol hill to outline the president 2020 budget request. before a senate appropriations subcommittee. that gets underway at 10:00 a.m. eastern. live coverage on cspan. >> booktv has life we can coverage of the los angeles times festival of books from the campus of the university of southern california starting saturday at 130 eastern. featuring the author of guns down at 230. at 4:00 p.m. roxanne gay with her book not that bad, dispatches from rape culture. at 5:30 p.m. beth macy in at 7:00 p.m. james donovan was shoot for the moon. our live coverage continues on sunday at 1:30 p.m. eastern featuring former homeland security secretary janet napolitano discussing her book how safe are we. at 4:00 o'clock p.m. justine
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with fame. at 5:30 p.m. the book white. and at 7:00 p.m. larry elder, author of double standards. be sure to watch our lives we can coverage of the los angeles times festival of books starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern saturday and sunday booktv on c-span2. >> barbara bush had finally had enough. they were out of the white house, she did not need to buy her time anymore. she said that she took offense at it, reporters were at her door asking questions which is not true. that was designed to give nancy reagan heartburn. and she said to nancy reagan, don't you ever call me again.
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and she hung up. >> this week on q&a. usa today washington bureau chief susan page on her biography of berg under barbara bush a matriarch. >> at the very beginning she said you will never see my diaries. her diaries are kept at the bush library but they're not available for public view. until five years after her death. i understood that and i thought she was unlikely to let me see her diaries. at the end of the fifth interview, she said, and you can see my diaries. and that was an incredible gift. >> sunday night at eight eastern on cspan q&a. >> chief executive from the nation's largest banks were on capitol hill wednesday to testify about banking regulations a decade after the 2008 financial crisis.