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tv   British Prime Minister May Delivers Statement on Brexit Extension  CSPAN  April 11, 2019 6:58pm-8:01pm EDT

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and they prefer to make their own decisions about their own instead of receiving more power the plan proposes 15 percent less for the department with cuts of crop insurance subsidies conservation programs and snap also called food stamps you can see that hearing tonight on c-span two.
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next hear what british prime minister teresa mae has to say about leaders to extend the brexit deadline to october 31st. >> i would like to make a statement but before i do i am sure they will welcome the news this morning that metropolitan police have arrested julian assange that has been hiding the last seven years also in the extradition request from the united states. this is now a legal matter before the courts. the secretary will make a statement on this later but i would like to thank the team for carrying out their duties
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with great professionalism. >> and nobody is above the law in the united kingdom. my priority is to deliver brexit and do so in an orderly way to not disrupt people's lives. we need to meet the european union with a deal and then to avoid a deal and then we have not so far been able to critically i've also requested and beyond the gratification
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but specifically to lead the eu without the parliamentary elections and the discussions of the council many of the european partners that there was a range of news with large numbers to the end of this year into the next. in the end was a compromise and extension lasting into october. the council also agreed that critically as i requested they agreed that this extension could be terminated when the agreement is ratified so we don't pass a deal by the 22nd of may and when the eu is
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ratified we can leave on the 31. in short to the date of our departure in the parliamentary elections. during this time a cause of action is entirely in the uk's hands. there is some discussion to be imposed for membership during this period and i argued against it that there is only a single tear of membership with no condition attached beyond those obligations. it is clear during the course the uk will continue to hold full membership rights and then will continue to be bound by all obligations including the duty of cooperation and the united kingdom has a
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constructive role on the world stage and we always will because that's the kind of country we are. the choices we face are dark we cannot continue on the space without reaching a consensus on international interest this is not the normal way of british politics and it is uncomfortable for many to reach an agreement will not be easy because it will require compromising. however challenging it may be politically i believe in this unique situation where the house is deadlocked we have to seek to work together what the british people voted for and
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they expect their politicians to do just that. i hope we can reach an agreement to give to the house for approval but if we can't that we will seek to a small number of options in a series of votes and as i have made clear about four to stand by the decision of the house to where the opposition would agree and what is a necessary element for whatever course we take so if you want to get on with leaving we need to start the process soon and also to resolve those issues any
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speaker on the future relationship may have the political declarations i am pleased that the european council is prepared on the future relationship with its guidelines. also the withdraw agreement itself could not be reopened the whole country is intensely frustrated i have not wanted to take this extension to be in a smooth and orderly way. and to cause uncertainty across the country so here is the opportunity that will have
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to be made specifically on our return after easter so to leave the european union and avoid having parliamentary elections and also with that democratic decision of a referendum to move our country forward. >> thank you mister speaker i would like an advance copy of the statement granting the united kingdom with these articles that britain has to start the process of holding european elections in extra ordinary situation not knowing what they will do or for how
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long. this is three weeks after the prime minister told her she was not prepared to delay brexit even not until the 30th of june represents not only diplomatic failure but another milestone of the mishandling of the entire process. one third of her party voted against her own policy during the short delay and with that cabinet members exchange. and also can they confirm for the eu to open has also been lost. so to leave britain in limbo for people all across the country i welcome the prime
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minister is finally deciding to reach out to try to find a breakthrough that fact invitation did not even come at the 11th hour by at five minutes past midnight three days after she admits to her own deadline on the 29th of marc march 2 not to proceed by consensus. however the talks taking place to have that constructive engagement that we have had although this may not be shared i also welcomed the indications from the government they could be willing to be in those k loan - - those key areas to be supported on the side of the house.
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and the government will have to compromise that is why it is with disappointment and what seems to me to discover meaningful talks for the labor customs unions proposal which i might add is supported as well as those in the country. it is a proposal just yesterday said it is credible and negotiable. labor will continue to proceed constructively because we expect the results of the referendum and we are committed to jobs and industry by delivering a close economic
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relationship with the european union with new standards. that is not possible we believe all options should remain on the table including a public vote. we see no advantage in the proposal from the secretary of state of international trade to create distance and divergence with our largest trading partner. bear in mind after the deal was passed she said she will step down we have no idea who may succeed her so with that in mind because some of those already throwing their hats into the ring have said they would scrap the human rights act and rip up burdensome regulations or even without any deal at all. some want nothing more then to
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have a race to the bottom. to the us big pharma companies and consumers standards. and virtual tax haven. let me be clear anything incumbent on all of us now to find a way forward we must continue to talk to each other and even at this late stage
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and to support the public across this country. >> thank you mister speaker. the talks are serious and detailed and take it forward in a constructive fashion. also at an earlier stage now that we can sit down in this way but the european parliamentary elections and with the majority to guarantee leaving on the 22nd of may and to have those elections
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and also the means to protect and with that deal with the european union and that the record levels and it is his job and to talk about the future relationship and the need to entrench those aspects of course to say which would require parliament to have that rule to look at the future relationship and clearly that any government
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and with that relationship and on that issue of coming together in the labor policies to take compromise and then to find a way to ensure the majority to leave the european union in 2016 for the referendum in a way that does have living standards of industry. >> and then to lead the
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country through to the conclusion of the process and with those vicious attacks made so also given as she rightly points out to reach a settlement with the principal obligation party and can she indicate some sort of customs arrangement at least the trade is as open as it has be in the republic of ireland and can she negotiate that to actually find any successor of government of course looking to that future relationship
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those that would be in place and we have already indicated that we want to retain the benefits of those rules of origin checks and thought possible for the european union to negotiate so any commitments made here would be those objectives that we take into that process but still with the european union so to add to the position of the uk government and the council has
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said they would be willing to look at that entire declaration the past few weeks or months or years they did not leave in march and the goodwill of the european union so they got the uk out of this mess so let that be your lesson. >> so what the european union he must use his time with the
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option. it is a new possibility. >> talking between the 1997 general election so will you say there is not enough time to hold these referendums and does not enforce any brexit deal. and by that waiver mister speaker let me ask.
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so a simple yes or no vote. had your government and offer that referendum? yes or no? is it a place for their support? yes or no? and finally will the prime minister recognize to open up questions for the government please get your head out of the sand. >> i say to the right honorable gentlemen the
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opposition on that issue has not changed it has been rejected twice by the house for when legislation goes through there will be members who do support the referendum i continue to believe it is important on that third referendum and can i just say to the right honorable gentlemen so will he now abide by the results of 2020? >> thank you mister prime minister do you appreciate the
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anger from across the country she feels that she has done that but she also except this undermines our democracy and undermine the national interest? >> you already know the answer to that. i do not recognize those that have been put forward before the house he references the fact that he and other members
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have said i wanted to leave on the 29th of march and i did. i voted i want us to guarantee and i voted to leave on the 22nd of may but sadly to see the european union on those dates and the extension has been aggressive to come to a position with a house can agree the majority on deal on leaving the european union. >> thank you to the prime minister to put the national interest to apply for and agree to that we may now have more time as our businesses
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face more uncertainty i encourage her during the easter recess to take her own advice and reflect on the decisions that need to be made in her proposal to the british people so they can decide if they wish to leave for those actual choices so we can bring this crisis to a conclusion sumac as indicated governments have changed our view they need for this parliament to deliver on these results that to recognize those decisions and it is this house to deliver brexit to the british people we can work together to find an agreement if we do
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nothing then we can leave the european union without the parliamentary election. >> in my region already to be shut down with the brexit uncertainty thank you to help us avoid no deal so could the elaborate the future relationship? >> i think my friend is referring to the references i have made previously about negotiation to make sure it has a greater role but also wider consultations with
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society and it is that exact format that will be an important element that all voices are being heard. >> so notwithstanding her own personal objections the house can choose to have a referendum it with that constitutional advice we shared and crossed heart - - cross party talks would they prepare a timetable in which such a hypothetical poll could be conducted. >> he is aware of the governments physicians and there are those in the house
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when the leash legislation goes through but also to have that objective. >> will the prime minister take the opportunity to remind the house he actually refused talk some time ago? is that not the case for only what is available to us is what is recommended by the house? >> to that last point and it was made clear by the european council.
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it is the case i did have the opportunity to talk with an additional meeting what i am pleased about is the approach looking at the issues in detail. >> up until yesterday the eu would say quite clearly unless there was a referendum or election and on those conditions that neither of those those were held to buy the european union she continues to reiterate and
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looking for changes to the backstop and the attorney general to say to change the fundamentals so to learn the lessons and come back with something that could get a majority? and bear in mind that current session of parliament is set to end fairly soon there is some talk extending the session beyond two years and i say mister speaker would regard that is something that is not acceptable.
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>> we have consistently thought to change this agreement for those replacements and that government pushes consistently after that third meaningful vote we raise the issue again and push for that to be placed by arrangements we have an exchange of letters and that means that eu cannot use it as a backstop indefinitely and it is a commitment of both parties by december 2020 at
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every stage we are working to get agreements with withdrawal agreements and now the european union has been clear that they have back down to what he refers to with that conditionality and that discussion on - - discussion and the asset that everybody is focused on that there's only a single tear of membership and they rejected that on that basi basis. >> the prime minister will recall there was a commitment to negotiate a comprehensive free trade and customs
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agreement when she agreed that political declaration and her discussions with the labour party will she keep going with the timetable to avoid those european elections. >> we indeed are conducting those negotiations we do want to achieve that timetable many of us across the house believe it is important to do all we can to be sure we can leave it before the elections. >> thank you mister speaker. the government approach has not worked being around in the same circles will not help either so we do have to understand how the prime
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minister is prepared to reconsider her bad lie does she tell the house what she would consider with the eu a key part of any union? >> she said obviously the house has rejected the government's plan and has rejected revocation and a second referendum so at some point it needs to come to an agreement what it can agree on to take the issue forward yes i am aware of the question i actually think there is more agreement than what is given
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credit for if the language is used we have been very clear we want to obtain the benefits while being able to operate our own trade policy we have been very clear about this but the question is how do we ensure that we provide for the country to be in charge of the trade policy in the future? >> that means we would have left that eu by now on the wto terms of the prime minister had not extended deadlines that decision underpinning our strong performance with the full knowledge we could be leaving on the wto terms so
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will the prime minister show some confidence and commit to the house that if this parliament does not pass the deal will - - deal we will be leaving on the terms the way betrayed outside the eu? >> i know he has continued to champion that we can leave in an orderly way on the terms that is determined by the eu trade agreement with those countries. so actually it is about other issues so there are other matters that i continue to
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believe that is what i am doing. >> with these contentious extension on - - exchanges please formerly welcomed former speaker of the new zealand parliament great delight coming from a great country you have been a great friend to us and to me. >> does the prime minister not take any responsibility over the fact that she signed up that she would get support in parliament but now the only vote that went through this is
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the amendment has she really done her best to ensure we do not get the backstop? >> it must be removed before we ever support the withdrawal agreement. >> as i indicated earlier we have talking with the european union and as a result of these decisions by this house what is at issue into the european union and the changes that were within that agreement were a direct result government has been clear not only with that accelerated timeframe to replace the backstop but have committed to
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put money into the work to have a successful arrangement to replace the backstop my view is it should never be used it needs to never be used we need to ensure we have the relationship of the future that's why the future relationship is to be sustainable to meet our obligations. >> of course the government continues in the event that withdrawal agreement pushes through will the prime minister be seeking the confidence of the labour party? [laughter] i recognize in this house reaching across the divide
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with the attempt to come across to a matter is not usual practice but is unprecedented but i believe it is in the national interest to deliver on the results for the british people in an orderly way i have voted three times to leave with the deal and that's the work we are carrying on where he try to find agreement in the house. >> mister speaker i welcome this because i agree that the right honorable gentlemen said it's the only way out of the crisis and that uncertainty i
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know they have heard the words when she speaks about compromise that she is unable to say what is her compromise and what is her red line? prime minister, please which of your redlines do you pretend. >> the whole point of sitting down to negotiate the agreement is that both sides are exploring where those redlines may be we look into them seriously. look at the areas the government has already made by members across this house. >> they have all said it will
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not happen even in the event of no deal can we get the backstop out of its misery and work on mitigating a customs union if that's the price of labor support? can i just say in fact with a number of those he has quoted that the european union has been very clear the rules must be applied at the border in the event there is no deal that absolutely came from the european union and others have been taken out of context but on this issue we want to see
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the benefits of a customs union. we also want in the political declaration the labour party has a position that the benefits can be obtained and for what we want to do as an independent country and for what we want to do as an independent country thank you for ensuring that we do not go tomorrow. >> that the only way out of this decision is to give it back to the people to consummate the vote on the brexit deal.
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>> i think the way out of the gridlock is for the house to identify that can command the majority on - - the majority in 2016. >> clearly the prime minister one suspect on - - the respect of the leaders it is important we have good relations for our security. so stick to your guns and deliver that brexit that was praise so well by the leader of the house. >> can i say we are aiming to
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deliver what i believe what the people in this country voted for which it does protect the jobs and livelihood and our union and under those jurisdictions from the money to the european union every year. and then the majority in the house. >> the 27 leaders to cited the fate and to represent those countries that was too small or too poor would it be best
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served to treat the members as equal? >> that she knows very well we work with the administration across the united kingdom of these that are of particular concern in particular what is the right way forward and we believe that you european union as one united kingdom. plan to have a collective to deliver. in with their tactical way forward and then to move on through a customs arrangement.
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>> but we need to deliver on those referendums. and those two main parties in this chamber for the general election and that is what we should be looking to do. >> one more is not good enough. and then to have all the benefits. so once again with that agreement put forward to the public is the way to break the
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deadlock to get the resolution. >> i genuinely believe to break the deadlock is to agree it will deliver on the votes to the british people. >> thank you mister speaker. when i asked the prime minister what she was seeking have being promised not to do so, she says as prime minister, i could not consider a delay further beyond the 30th of june. we now have an extension up through the 31st of october. how will you honor that commitment on the 20th of march?
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>> can i say this house and i can honor that commitment. >> but to be applied for and to extensions she did this to avoid the consequences of the no deal brexit by the cabinet secretary huge damage to manufacturing and weakening of national security but yet for two years she talked up the outcome it this irresponsible rhetoric has normalized these consequences. does she regret to legitimize that outcome and by the
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acceptance of these she is desperate to avoid i have consistently said i have voted on three occasions to leave the european union to think about how we can come together to find a majority that enables us to do just that i voted to leave with a steel i hope you would want to leave with the deal in the future and making those agreements worse what assurances on the
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plan b? >> and to the point we have made earlier i was clear with the talks we are having with the opposition and as i have made clear in my statement last week if we are not able to come to an agreement with the opposition that would be a proposal and come to a decision to get across the house. >> and the six-month delay
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that would be an unforgivable act of self-indulgence that she has wasted the last two years let's not waste one day further so they might just have a chance in the interest of the country and then with the more gain. >> i think the arrangement we have in relationship has been changing in recent days. but i do not agree that is the right way forward. >> mister speaker the first extension was based on the fact we ratify those agreements and then we turned it down again and now she has
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been given another extension longer than she asked for yet again on the basis we word ratify these individual agreements perseverance is a virtue but she does not. [laughter] so with the leader of the opposition and then what do you do then? >> i would continue to argue for the conservative party that has led to a situation to have record levels of
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unemployment one.9 million and that's why this party should remain in government. >> i welcome the fact that it's important that we find consensus to satisfy the deadlock but attempting to decouple the issue of the deal will not be acceptable to many the only way is to put this issue back. >> and the answer i gave earlier of the second referendum i do genuinely believe we should be delivering on that but
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actually we should be delivering on brexit because it enables us to do that. >> and my right honorable friend there is every reason not to hold action. >> and with that timetable if we could sign an agreement to pass that legislation through but i believe my ambition and aim would still be able to do that you do not need to hold parliamentary elections. >> whenever the prime minister has asked about being defeated twice of course hers has been
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defeated three times. and on the second referendum and if that referendum grew at the same rate as if it was the actual vote so as she intends to prove to this house and in recognition of that democratic fact what about the referendum? >> and then also talking about purpose with the referendum. will we agree is based on the european union and it is the substance of that with the nature we are having with the opposition.
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>> many exporting businesses will welcome the fact they are no longer facing a tariff that would threaten their survival so to that extent that can my right honorable friend agree with me that many voices of opposition second referendum isn't the end but it is much more likely to lead to greater division? >> i think he is absolutely right in that second referendum would increase across the country to bring people together and the way that the european union is and
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to get on with that. and to be increasingly fearful of the electorate we had more speeches isn't it true the conduct of the leader of our country is as important as the policies themselves? as we investigate to have balance as a country and how we could understand how we could lead through with rigor and focus rather than division itself. >> with that passion and seriousness to champion the concept but i simply say with
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the electorate, we gave them the opportunity in relation to the european union and they made a decision on that to lead the european - - leave the european union. so to go back to the people in a second referendum that is in relation to the politicians and their democracy and all of the efforts that have taken place to remove the nonsense and the statement to mention if the talks fall which i hope is not the case she will do a
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series of votes of what they would pursue can you confirm there will be a voting system a preference to allow the house to decide one solution on this problem? >> what i heard it said in the intention of government is the talks with the opposition fail to get a majority across the house we would work with your position to identify opportunities to determine a single result there are a number of ways they can do that. to genuinely come to a proper reflection of the views of the house so full membership of the single market is the only way to guarantee with the
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services sector so with these options the carrier is among the politicians. >> i did recognize a picture painted in relation to these matters it is important as we leave the european union and to that extent and then to recognize with financial services and to lead us in the
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flexibility it is not the case because that is what is right in the united kingdom. . . . . >> coming up next we will hear from agricultural secretary sonny perdue at a senate appropriations subit


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