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  President Trump Meets with World War II Veterans  CSPAN  April 12, 2019 7:40am-7:56am EDT

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candidacy in indiana. that is also on c-span. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. >> the best and worst chief executives, providing insight into the lives of 34 american presidents. with noted presidential historians. and it shapes our leaders, challenges they face and the legacies they left behind, published by public affairs, c-span's the presidents on april 23rd.
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you can preorder that copy today or wherever the books are sold. yesterday donald trump met with world war ii veterans and their families at the white house. from the oval office this is about 15 minutes. >> this is a special moment. i spoke with alan jones year ago and alan is 95 years old, world war ii hero. when i spoke to him i said comes to the white house and i will see you and he called and, promised and i deliver, we don't play games. it is an honor to see you. alan is with some of his friends, world war ii veteran, great gentlemen, great hero.
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i want to be like you someday and 100. thank you very much. floyd right and floyd wakefield, fantastic. paul is, let's see, 103. he doesn't look a day over 90. you look fantastic. congratulations. war hero. floyd wakefield, who is 101, you are amazing, look at you. i am glad you took me up on the offer. surrounded by their family. very good genes in this family. you live a long time.
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proud of the folks, have anything to say? >> the most wonderful in the world. >> right here. >> right here. >> the most wonderful dad. >> the most wonderful dad you can ever imagine. >> he is traveling of the whole country, all 50 governors and now meeting the president, if you world war ii veterans left. >> is there a number? >> i've been told it is a handful. meeting not only all the governors but hundreds of thousands of people along the way. >> congratulations on having a great gentlemen, i am a big believer in good genes and you have the best jeans you can get.
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see what that says. >> no regrets. >> we regretted not meeting a civil war veteran. he doesn't want anyone to not meet a world war ii veteran. >> a great victory. that was a great victory. we knew how to win wars. that was a tremendous victory. tell me, you talk to me the way we spoke, we had the greatest conversation. what did we say? >> last year, you asked me to come on stage, when i put my arm around -- he wrapped his arm around and had a picture with me. he said he sure what and i said to him that it will be 95
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today. i said i would like to bring my family to you, the white house in the oval office because somebody told me i would never get in the oval office and i appreciate your allowing us to come and meet with you today and wish you the best in your endeavors. i was just a young man back home. i told you not to let me speak. >> you speak very well. >> young back home comes to my church sunday school class almost every sunday and your name is mentioned by him. i got to get a picture to take back for him. i want to ask you one other question. when you are in pittsburgh i would like to be on the stage with you because -- >> which will be soon.
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that is why he is successful, he is very aggressive, and aggressive great guy. >> one more picture. >> let me have it. >> sign this one, yes? i will sign this one. tell me. >> we were second in combat. we had 517 days of combat. i started out in africa. in that area when the war
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ended. our last position was in southern germany. we went into chantal army camp. it was aircraft identification and we processed 14,000 in two weeks. >> pretty amazing. do you remember those days perfectly? >> yes, sir. i was also in the korean war. 26 of us. >> 103. you look fantastic. you look fantastic. appreciate you being in the white house and the oval office. tell us something about the
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men. tell us. tell us. >> he is not shy. >> not at all. >> that is my brother. >> congratulations. >> one of five brothers that went on to world war ii and his mom didn't return. that is very proud to be a world war ii veteran. >> proud of all of you. how about your self? >> the fourth division went out, we went out on utah beach. 44, we made it in the army.
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but you are on their. we made the one wave. >> it was pretty brutal. that was a pretty brutal area at the time, wasn't it? >> yes. i was there have a month before, night and day. >> how badly wounded where you? where you badly wounded? >> they were giving me back out of the hospital, back up somewhere. >> and got it again. >> back in france like in england and sent me home. >> fantastic job.
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>> the greatest generation foundation, we returned combat veterans to where they served and this coming june for the 75th. >> i will be there. >> the gentleman fund -- wants to fly back with you on air force one. >> are you flying back to washington? >> in europe. >> we will work that out. is that okay? you will like it. great warriors, highly respected and you folks do a fantastic job. i want to thank you and congratulations to everybody. >> i wanted to say a couple things. please tell the president the reason why you joined the army. >> i joined the army to fight hitler. >> the reason he joined. >> there was a good reason.
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>> you regret not meeting a civil war veteran. >> yes. in the civil war. >> that -- people who want to meet a world war ii veteran before it is too late. he brought a gift for you and we have the gift back there and i think you will like it. a very special gift. >> bring it up. >> from san diego, just for you. >> from san diego, just broke a wall. they were very happy. that is beautiful. that is beautiful. that is fantastic. thank you very much. >> if you happen to know how to
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tweet. >> i don't tweet too much. >> it would be an honor. >> one of the best days of your life. that is great. you have a great family. you have a great family. i want to thank everybody, terrific people. we were not going to do this with the media. but we have to. thank you. great job. >> reporter: i want you to meet my wife, married 69 years. she can tell you more about me than i can tell myself. >> it has all been good. couldn't be any better. >> i can see that on your face.
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thank you all very much. it is a great honor. thank you very much. [inaudible conversations] >> right this way, thank you. thank you, right this way. >> ones, tv was 3 giant networks and the government supported service called pbs. in 1979 a small network with an unusual name rolled out a big idea. let viewers decide on their own what was important to them. c-span opened the doors to washington policymaking for all to see bringing unfiltered content from congress and beyond. in the age of power to the people this is true people power.
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in the 40 year since the landscape has changed, there is no monolithic media, broadcasting has given way to narrowcasting, youtube stars are thing but c-span's big ideas are more relevant today than ever. no government money supports c-span. nonpartisan coverage of washington was funded by your cable or satellite provider. c-span is your unfiltered view of government so you can make up your own mind. >> here's a look live coverage on friday 11:30 eastern on c-span. house democrats hold their 2019 issues conference in leesburg, virginia. 12:35, germany as finance minister talks about us european you relations. on c-span2 at 9 am eastern the european commission vice president talks about brexit, and us engagement in the middle east from the middle east
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policy council. and labor secretary, and the international labor organization. >> barbara bush had finally had enough. they were out of the white house, she didn't need to divide her time anymore. she said that she took offense at it, reporters were on the door asking questions about it which was not true, just designed to give nancy reagan a little heartburn. don't you ever call me again and she hung up. >> this week on qa the usa today washington bureau chief susan page on her biography of barbara bush, the matriarch. >> at the very beginning she said he will never see my diaries.
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her diaries are kept at the bush library but they are not available until 35 years after her death. i understood that and i thought she was unlikely -- at the end of the fifth interview she said you can see my diaries. that was an incredible gift. >> on c-span's q and day. teresa may announced the uk will have until october 31st to reach a brexit deal. after european leaders agreed to an extension. she took questions from members of parliament. this is an hour portion. >> order.