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tv   William Barr on Mueller Report Release Redactions  CSPAN  April 17, 2019 11:20am-11:25am EDT

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>> live coverage on c-span2, coming up at noon eastern lessons learned from the 2018 california wildfires on public health needs during wildfire season. the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health will host a discussion with the center for injury research and policy. at 2:00 pm eastern donald trump takes part in a conference pointing out benefits of opportunity zones, created in 2017 tax cut legislation. it is aimed at investment in low-income neighborhoods. the president meeting with state, local, tribal, and community leaders on the impact of those opportunity zones. we will bring live coverage starting at 2:00 pm eastern today. at 4:00 eastern we will go live to the american enterprise institute at host a discussion on modernizing foreign agents registration act which requires people representing foreign powers to disclose their relationship with the government they represent. live coverage starts at 4:00 eastern on c-span2. you can also watch online on or listen with the free c-span radio apps.
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the justice department will release a redirected version of the mueller report tomorrow. it will be given to congress and released publicly at the same time. we will be providing updates. >> as you pointed out, since my confirmation i do think it is important the public have an opportunity to learn the results of the special counsel's work. and i said then, i would work diligently to make as much information public as i could and available to congress. you will recognize i am operating under a regulation that was put together during the clinton administration and does not provide for the publication of the report. i am relying on my own discretion to make as much public as i can. in my letter on march 29th i identified four areas i feel should be redacted and most people would agree.
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the first is grand jury information. the second is information the intelligence community believes would reveal intelligence sources and methods. the third, information in the report that could interfere with ongoing prosecutions. you will recall that the special counsel did spin off a number of cases and we want to make sure none of the information in the report will impinge upon the ability to prosecute the cases or the fairness to the defendants. and finally we intended to read act -- redact information of peripheral players where there is a decision not to charge them. right now the special counsel is working with us on identifying information in the reports that fall into those four categories.
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we will colorcode exclusions from the report and provide explanatory notes describing the basis for each reduction. if a redaction is made in a pending prosecution we will state that and distinguish between various categories. this process is going along very well. and we will be able to release this by mid april. i think from my standpoint within a week, i will be in a position to release to the public and i will engage with the chairman of both judiciary
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committees without any further request they have. >> once the report is released we will open our phone lines on c-span to get your reaction. live reaction throughout the day and you will find a report following the release in 2017 the government released us global water strategy to target foreign aid into clean water projects around the world. washington dc hosted a discussion about how the strategy is being implemented, andrew wheeler was there along with officials from the state department and usaid. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning, everyone. it got very quiet, great conversations happening.


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