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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell Opening Remarks  CSPAN  April 30, 2019 1:42am-1:57am EDT

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trees that was one of the things we used to talk about regarding his farmland it is a suitable metaphor for his life is like planting a good idea i if there is good solid stock it will be something that is a legacy for generations to come. senator lugar's contributions to the united states senate planted many trees for generations to come. i healed the floor and suggest the absence of a quorum. >> on saturday the final day of passover coming face-to-face of the violent hatred of anti-semitism six months since the tree of life again in a synagogue in a
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place where jewish brothers and sisters in a place where jewish brothers and sisters this time at the chabad of poway. and eight -year-old girl rabbi and her uncle visiting from israel were injured and one who attended the service with a cousin to do prayer of mourning for her own late mother was killed when she threw herself between the rabbi and the shooter. she has been described as the example to the fullest extent now to the words of the rabbi who oversees the chabad she
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lost her life solely due to living. according to some reports it -year-old girl she had to flee and then here in america seeing her family home subjected to anti-semitic graffiti and now she has been shot at her synagogue for go nhis is what she said yesterday. i never thought that would happen to me. it's a safe place for you are supposed to feel safe. in an aberrant way it may be fitting on holocaust remembrance day to observe in israel that focus of the rise of anti-semitism within our own borders.
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with the muslims in new zealand and christians in sri lanka the religious hatred exists in many forms for of course, the jewish people have long been subjected to a unique degree of prejudice impaired with indifference from others just in the last few days "the new york times" the anti- somatic cartoon and optionally ran in print the times compoundedrr it issuing a correction failing to apologize for which it was trafficked fortunately the times has finally published what appears to be a genuine apology. iis episodes as one columnist explained was an astonishing act of vigorous - - ignorance
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of anti-semitism to be hyper alert to nearly every conceivable expression in other words, with those sensibilities and attitudes in a way never to be tolerated in the second by other groups. combined with all the troubling statistics i have discussed in the past they cannot be clearer the anti-semitism what that required in one example we know the anti-semitism masquerades as political opposition to israel and appears legitimate but today as hate for the jewish people have alarming frequency this charade is seen as what it is and then to take action to condemn that included s-1
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legislation the senate passed earlier this year a provision to help local governments push back for the influence to enable communities to shut off the flow of taxpayer dollars to entities that support anti- israel boycotters. unfortunately democratic leaders have not taken up this measure even as they struggle and clearly condemn anti-semitism within their own position. anti-semitism a serious and more must me done to ensure that it finds no home in modern society. i just want to close with the inspiring comments from the rabbi from the san diego
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chabad in the face of senseless hate in this glorious country we believe love is exponentially more powerful than hate. so now on a totally different matter when i spoke to take steps with the efficiency that once covered in controversy of nominations in the face of across-the-board systemic observation and of the president's nominees to have a pure partisan calculation and subsequently doing business at a more reasonable pace we can confirm the number of qualified publicrt servants will receive bipartisan support and
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in a fraction of the time. so a slate of all qualified candidates of the executive branch and on the federal court. so to begin to serve as general counsel to the department of energy and the federal district court alabama, florida, puerto rico and pennsylvania. there is still work to be done two years of unprecedented obstruction cannot be reversed but we have taken important steps in the right direction and this week we will take several more. one final matter many colleagues were upset to learn our steamed former colleague senator lugar had died at the age of 87.
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members past and present know him as the man who had the perfect advice at the exact perspective you needed to hear her, recently acting as a mentor to help newcomers on both sides of the aisle and to make an impact as i was reflecting yesterday to find myself admiring all the ways to be the consummate us senator as the total patriot to put principal first but also a highly talented politician and a savvy dealmaker. his personal reputation and characters seem to be more impressive with those achievements nobody on capitol hill had a bad word to say about senator lugar's commitment and kindness and
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deliberate focus on mentoring the next generation of leaders, this man was the complete package the total gentleman thoroughly impressive so of all the lives of the people that he mentor it and encouraged to testify firsthand he was running the senatorial committee in 1984 when i decided to run for the senatete for guys you can imagine as a local official i had not had a national profile. i did have a lot of people in my quarter but frankly dick saw some potential that was the unusual lapse of judgment andng took a chance on the young man from kentucky but with
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that impact on us foreign policy and world affairs. 's interest of international affairs dating back to him and his brother success drumming up more export business to turn around the family factory and it blossomed. for years he represented the most listened to and respected voices when ite came to a role in the world whether chairman or ranking member his expertise was universal. so to revolve around arms arm control in 1991 the cooperativegr threat reduction program stepped into the breach at aa critical moment as the soviet union was dissolving and took action to dismantle nuclear weapons
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before they could disappear or fall into the wrong hands those efforts were expanded after september 11 with a global threat reduction initiative have neutralized literally thousands of warheads and hundreds and hundreds of missiles and other deadly chemical and biological weapons of the nuclear -farsenals the entire world is safer as a result. these early efforts help set a new tone from the start and understood it was time to turn the page on the cold war america will extend our hand and work together with russia and former soviet state to build a safer world. consistent with leadership and caguidance to take a deliberate
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magnanimous approach for decades to set up against moscow into the community of sovereign nations. as an aside the general form policy approach to the former soviet union is especially worth remembering today the hostility to the west is not the result of hostility toward russia but the hostility emanates from the kremlin deliberately magnanimous that is the lugar doctrine to form policy to build former legacy on agriculture and food security everything from working on the farm bill with
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aid and development the good news is on these and other subjects it will not end now or with his retirement thriving under not only his name but since he retired will continue to serve as an important voice of national policy conversations. and of course, that isn't even defined as the ongoing lugar legacy the family and his wife that they built together. and inseparable team since their days as co- class presidents at denison university that includes there four sons 13 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.
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so we mourn his passing that will live so well and so fully our friend7 left us at 87 years old with the gratitude of his colleagues with the respect of his country and leaders around the world for his beautiful family and the world that is measurably safer for his work. a remarkable legacy for a remarkable man. . >> madam president before, i begin the bulk of my remarks i want to take a moment to express my heartfelt condolences to victims of the shooting on saturday in california when a gunman opened fire in the synagoguevi during services after yelling anti-semitic slurs this attack left a 60 -year-old woman


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