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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cardin on Mueller Report  CSPAN  May 2, 2019 6:06pm-6:30pm EDT

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justice so to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle so when on the basis of your ideas or commitments stop the theater and get back to work. thank you mister president i yield the floor. >> i rise today to discuss robert mueller's recent report entitledrf with russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election the mueller investigation with a full and thorough investigation of the russian government's efforts to interfere the 2016 presidential election as well as any length of coronation with that campaign of donald
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trump the deputy attorney general rosenstein said while appointing the special counsel that public interest requires hoe investigation under the authority of a person who exercises the degree of independence from the normal chain of command for i'm confident special counsel mueller will follow the facts and apply the law to reach a just result. i encourage all americans to read the redacted version and to draw their own conclusions. the report lays out in detail russia's attack on our country before and during the 2016 elections. the special counsel rightly concluded the russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in a sweeping and systematic fashion. january 2018 i issued a report on behalf of the democrats on
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the senate foreign relations committee facing this assault on democracy of russia and europe and the implications on us national security. that is the same tactics used by russia and europe mister putin has waged war against democracies in the presidential election principally through two operations the russian entity carried out a social media campaign and to disparage candidate clinton. second russian intelligence service with computer intrusion operations against entities and employees and volunteers working on the clinton campaign over stolen
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documents the investigation also identified numerous links between the russian government enand the trump campaign. when discussing the mueller report rosenstein recently said there is overwhelming evidence russia hacked american computers defrauded american citizens and that is only the tip of the iceberg of the comprehensive risk russian strategy to influence elections promote social discord and undermine america just like they do in many other countries. ". the director for national intelligence e said even as russia faces a weakening economy it is stepping up the campaign with security institutions to undermine the post-world war ii international order we expect russia will continue to wage against democracies and to use
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social media to attempt to divide our societies. the special counsel fulfills the mandate with a criminal act surrounding the 2016 election as well as efforts to obstruct this investigation. let me be clear the president has consistently taken steps to deny russia's involvement in tampering elections persisted efforts to hold russia accountable besmirch is the reputation of the council trying to dismiss him or to impede his investigation. while repeatedly attacking the agenciescement despite the president's egregious behavior special counsel's i work has resulted in dozens of indictments and convictions and guilty pleas. several legalat cases are still ongoing while the special counsel has delivered the final report their ongoing federal investigations and
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trials including those publicly known southern district of new york and washington d.c. congress must now fulfill its oversight obligations underin the constitution. in order to provide - - prevent future attacks we must review a complete copy of the report as soon as possible to hear direct testimony a special counsel mueller. it had numerous disturbing episodes with behavior by the president they constituted obstruction of justice if we had confidence of a thorough investigation of the facts truly did not commit obstruction we would state based on the fact of legal standards however we are unable to meet that judgment for the evidence we obtained from the presidents actions has difficult issues to prevent us from conclusively determining no criminal conduct had occurred.
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report stated the president's efforts to influence investigation were unsuccessful but largely because the presidents who surrounded the president declined to carry out orders or sent to his request. so therefore congress should look at the presidentsut behavior with the obligations to fully execute the law and preserve and protect and defend the constitution. members of congress took ans oath as well as to support the constitution before taking office the american public now will hear from special counsel mueller. congress still has the ability to make a judgment on obstruction of justice and now perform its oversight function and do all we can to prevent future attacks with abuses of power and corruption congress has an obligation to understand the report fully
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and respond in a way to prevent such attacks from happening in thero future so to have hearings with the house and senate there are some areas the senate should consider legislative action the americans approached by a foreign entity involved in the election they should have immediately notify agencies. second legislation should be considered to protect from foreign interference with appropriate responsibility on social media platforms and amending the election laws with advertisements and social media. third, consider additional sanctions on russia with documented attacks with the 2016 elections. congress must continue to take the lead to defend us national security against continuing aggression but democratic
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institutions at home and abroad. earlier this year i joined other senators to defend america security act of 2019 this increases economic and political and diplomatic pressure in response to erussia's interference and align influence in syria against ukraine. i'm pleased to work with my colleagues on a comprehensive bipartisan effort with the electoral system and cyberinfrastructure and with the systems integrity act to ebetter the system so we are aware when a foreign national interest seeks to take ownership or control of our election service providers american people have every reason to be disappointed and alarmed at the lack of preparedness news reports last week suggested the former
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homeland security secretary unsuccessfully tried to elevate us government response of cybersecurity threats for the 2020 elections because president trump was not issued on - - issue is not interested didn't want to call into legitimacy of his victory. recently jared kushner try to argue russia's interference that congressional special counsel investigations were more harmful to the us than the actual interference lyngress needs to look very carefully and independently at the ten episodes that could constitute obstruction of justice by trump attorney general bar agreed with some of the theories so some of those did not map obstruction
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is a matter of law. so the special counsel a well-respected fbi director under both president bush and obama unanimously confirmed by the senate on two separate occasions kept his head down and did his work without fear or favor. special counsel investigation has resulted 199 criminal counts the entities that have been indicted and charged as a result of the investigation seven guilty pleas and one wrongful conviction. it is clear the trump campaign knew it would benefit from illegal activities. several individuals affiliated with the trump campaign lied to congress about their interaction with russian affiliated individuals one report states on electronic communications were deleted. one editorial in "the
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washington post" says how could there be obstruction of justice if there was little evidence to support the underlying suspicion of trumps campaign coordination with russia? first mister mueller o argued obstruction can be motivated by a desire to protect noncriminal personal interest to protect against investigations where criminal liability falls into a gray area to avoid personal embarrassment. injury to the integrity of the justice system is the w same regardless if they committed the wrong. more specifically the president had the motive to put the fbi russia avestigation behindte him so that would uncover facts about the campaign and the president personally he could've understood to be crimes or give rise to personal and
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political concerns. i am quoting directly from the mueller report for the record the president did not fully cooperate with the investigation. the present refused to sit for an interview. he has taken every opportunity to say the process was a witch hunt intestinal he can to undermine the authority of the special counsel of investigators and its purpose. as special counsel mueller noted in december 2017 special counsel more than a year to be relevant of the russia election interference we have received the presidents read responses to inform counsel of the insufficiency of those responsesen recognizing the president would not be interviewed voluntarilyth and reviewed the written answers to be an adequate that has significant progress with substantial evidence to weigh
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the cost of litigation and a delay in finishing the investigation. misterer president the president did not cooperate as mister mueller had requested so they declined to make a traditional judgment with the acceptance of the justice department's office of legal counsel opinion prohibiting the indictment of a sitting president. special counsel stated while the office of legal counsel opinion holds that a sitting sresident may not be prosecuted the same opinion recognizes that a criminal investigation is permissible. the opinion recognizes that a president does not have immunity after he leaves office giving no consideration to this fax with a strong public interest to have the integrity of the criminal justice system to conduct a
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thorough investigation with the evidence with that material to be made available. mister mueller's report is a clear directive to congress to move forward on its own proceedings the criminal process at issue here for a sitting president is completely separate and independent of the congressional oversight power and impeachment power of high crimes and misdemeanors. even if the house decides to begin impeachment proceedings or to convict the president the constitution provides the party convicted shall be liable and subject to punishment according to law. the report emphasizes the president's constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the law under article two section three of the constitution noting the revision of criminal law does not demand freedom with the
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corruption and tensions avoiding the financial liability of personal embarrassment. congress should take action to have oversight hearings on the mueller report and evidence of the report states back there are multiple acts by the president culpable of exerting undue influence under investigations including the rush interference often carried out in meetings with the president used his official power to bring up unusualuo channels. "these range from efforts to remove the special counsel and the recusal tol the attempt to limit the scope of the investigation to direct and indirect contact with the
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potential to influence the testimony and during that to eliminate their significance and to begin quoting from the mueller report these are disturbing and troubling actions by the president and congress needs to get to the bottom of what happened for all americans to see. as we continue the presidents effort were mostly unsuccessful but that is largely because those who surround the president declined to carry out orders at his request comey did not end the investigation of flynn which ended up in prosecution and conviction and did not tell acting attorney general rod rosenstein the special counsel must we removed but it stared prepared to resign over the order dearborn did not
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deliver the president's message to sessions he should confine the investigation to future meddling only mccain refused but his recollection of the presidents direction to have the special counsel removed despite the presidents multiple demands that he do so. leain quoting from the mueller report. the american people can take little comfort in the fact the episodes of potential obstruction of justice would have been much h worse if they actually follow through on his orders to emanate from the president himself the report eytes the change in the president's behavior after firing the fbi director was a president realized they had obstruction of justice inquiry into his own conduct the present launch public attacks with those individuals involved and to possess evidence adverse to the president while engaged in a series of targeted efforts to control the investigation for
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instance attempting to remove the special counsel and then to limit investigation preventing public disclosure over the meeting between russia and campaign officials and public forms when they offered adverse information and witnesses t who declined to cooperate the conclusion that congress may apply to the corrupt exercise of the powers of the office accords with the constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law so contrary to the position taken by the presidents council we conclude in light of the supreme court separation of power issues have a valid basis to conduct the application of the obstruction statutes but not
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the burden on article two functions to supervise conduct removed from law enforcement officers and before i conclude the protection of the criminal justice system from corrupt acts including the president has the fundamental press fundamentals that nobody is above the law. siding a case us versus lee clinton versus jones and us versus nixon. clinton through the oversight powers and constitutional powers to take testimony on the following episodes and events related to potential obstruction by president trump the special counsel examining great detail to support documents and testimonial evidence that raise significant concerns of potential wrongdoing in a number of cases with the trump escampaign's response about
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russia's support conduct involving comey and national security adviser michaelty flynn the presidents reaction to the continuing rush investigation the presidents termination of comey and rosenstein responsible the appointment of special counsel and the members to remove him and to curtail the special counsel investigation and public disclosure of p evidence of testimony and the efforts to have attorney general sessions have control of the investigation after recusal and to be deny have the special counsel removed conduct with michael :-colon. congress shall now rise to the constitutional responsibility to conduct vigorous oversight from the mueller report with russia's interference in the
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2016 presidential election and to obstruct justice during the mueller investigation mister president i will yield the floor and suggest the absence of a quorum
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. >> to have a desire with donald trump i very much disapprove what he is doing unpredictability and rule of la law. >> a lot of people talk about
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racism but this is implicit bias that you may not even know that you have how you are thinking and with various social groups with those stereotypes are influencing what they are doing and how they are evaluating someone. the first japanese monarch to abdicate the throne on the position held no political power he served as a national symbol for the last 30 years his eldest son the crown prince took over the day after the ceremony. the 20 minute event included speeches by the


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