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  President Trump Meets with Prime Minister of Slovakia  CSPAN  May 3, 2019 6:07pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night on q and a, lincoln scholar herald holesser, and best selling author amity slay will share their new perspective on "american's president." sunday night 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a. >> heading to the white house, president trump met with -- and spoke about election meddling, and north korea. >> thank you very much. it's my honor to have the prime minister of slovakia with us today in the oval office.
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we have a lot of talking to do, we're dealing on trade. we have very big trade arrangement and deal. they're buying quite a bit of the f-16 planes from us, a very big order, i'm impressed, and i have to say it's a great, great plane. we do a lot of trade and nato partner and our relationship's been very good and this is the prime minister it was time at the oval office, and i think he's impressed with it. >> yes, i am. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> i'm very glad to meet mr. president today here in the white house and i think that the timing is really perfect because this year we're celebrating 30 years of freedom, and the united states played a key role in our struggle for democracy, and it helped us to transform our countries and i'm very happy that today i can say that the united states and slovakia are
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partners and allies, and as a prime minister, i can say today that slovakia is really a success story. and i would like to congratulate you mr. president because in slovakia we are able now to create thousands of new jobs and we have the lowest unemployment rate in our history. and i would like to congratulate you about the amazing numbers published today with the jobs that were created, thanks to your policies. i think it's a huge success. i know how difficult it is to reach such numbers and boost the economy, and slovakia has in this moment really a rapid growth, one of the highest in the european union, and eurozone , and we are lucky that also your economy is doing very well. because if the united states is going well, so is slovakia. and i have to say, ladies and gentlemen, that mr. president is
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really a leader, which is very clear that we have to do even much more when it comes to defense. and as mr. president mentioned, slovakia is delivering. it's spending more. we are modernizing our armed forces and buying u.s. military equipment, and i can say that the 2% of gdp, we will reach earlier as was our plan in 2022, we will be on that number. and once again it's a great honor for me, great honor for our country to be in the white house with you mr. president. >> that's really nice. i just want to add a little bit further. it's really nice what you said, and we're aligned with you, and it has helped your economy, and that's good, and that makes me happy because they are incredible people and the relationship has never been stronger than it is now. you've been with us all the way, and what crowds is true, slovak
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ia is up up to the bench mark number, the%% number, and they may go beyond it because they understand the tremendous value from the united states. but nato as your secretary general has said, they've, over the the last period of time picked up over $100 billion of additional money since i'm president because of the fact that i said you have to pay for your defense. you have to help us, because the united states pays for a really disproportionate share of nato. so over $100 billion has been paid by the various members of nato. some are doing fantastically, you are doing really well you are almost up to the number, and others aren't doing as well but they will be. we predict. and i also want to mention that the economy is unbelievable. we're at 3.6 unemployment that's the lowest number since 1969. we have tremendous backing, the company's are doing well.
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we have the lowest unemployment rates for different groups of people, whether it's african american, asian, pispannic, hispanic just at another all- time record for unemployment the household income is the highest it's ever been. our country is doing well. never probably has done as well as it's doing right now economic ally. and so we're very proud of that fact. we're dealing on china right now we're doing fine. we're taking in billions of dollars from china in the form of tariffs, as you know. we're charging china tariffs. we've never taken in .10 cents from china now we're taking in billions and billions of dollars that's had a very positive effect on things. but the deal itself is going along pretty well. i would even say very well, we'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks, but we're getting close to a monumental deal, and if it doesn't happy we'll be fine too.
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i've heard tremendous things, and you're a very popular man in your country, and i've had my best poll numbers so i feel very good. our economy is raging, and when we have an economy that maybe is the best economy we've ever had, people tend to like you. so we're both doing well in that regard. thank you very much for being here. >> vladimir putin, what options are you doing to get humanitarian assistance to venezuela? >> we talked about many things. i talked to mr. putin for over an hour. he is not looking at getting involved in venezuela. other than he'd like to see something positive happen for venezuela. and i feel the same way. we want to get some humanitarian aid right now people are starving. they have no water, they have no food. this is -- mr. prime minister,
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one of the richest country in the world 20 years ago, and now they don't have food and water for their people. we want to help on a humanitarian bases and i felt it was a very positive conversation i had with president putin on venezuela. >> are you talking about extending the true star tree or adding china to it, or what exactly? >> we're talking about a nuclear agreement, where we make less and they make less, and maybe even we get rid of some of the tremendous fire power that we have right now. we're spending billions of dollars on nuclear weapons. numbers like we've never spent before. we need that, but they are also and china is frankly also we discussed the possibility of a three-way deal instead of a two- way deal. and china i've already spoken to them they'd very much like to be a part of that deal. in fact during the trade talks
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we started talking about that. they were excited about that. maybe even more excited than about trade. but they felt very strongly about it. so i think we're going to probably start up something shortly between russia and ourselves maybe to start off, and i think china will be added down the road we'll be talking about non-proliferation, we'll be talking about a nuclear deal of some kind. and i think it will be a very comprehensive one. >> mr. president, the medaling issues that came in the mueller report today? >> we discussed he sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that it started off as a mountain, and it ended up being a mouse. but he knew that. because he knew there was no collusion whatsoever. so, pretty much that's what it was. it started off. >> mr. president did you tell him not to medal in the next election. >> excuse me, i am answering this question. you you have are very rude. >> so we had a good conversation
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about many things okay: we didn't discuss medaling in the next election, we discussed five or six things. we went into great detail on things, especially venezuela and nul, and north korea at great length, and pretty much that's it. also, discussed trade. we intend to do a lot of trade with russia. we do some right now, it's up a little bit. but he'd like to do trade, and we'd like to do trade. and getting along with russia and china getting along with all of them is a very good thing. not a bad thing, it's a positive thing. getting along with other countries, including your country, by the way. but getting along with countries is a good thing. and we want to have good relationships with every country >> mr. president -- >> i don't know that's up to our attorney general who i think has done a fantastic job. >> why is congress --
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>> well i'd like to, i know people from slovakia and they're incredible people. it's a beautiful country and it's doing very well. >> well the tariffs have been a necessary thing to do because in the case of the european union they have not treated us right. we're losing $181 billion a year , we have been for many years. and the union union has not treated us properly, but we'll see what happens in regards to tariffs on cars awards to the european union, we haven't made a decision on that. >> will you be electing patrick shanahan? >> we'll make a decision on that next week. >> world press freedom day we've heard a lot of your -- about us, can you say something that you've been able to approve?
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>> well i think i have a very good relationship with some of the press. and unfortunately, some of the press doesn't cover me accurately, in fact, they go out of their way to cover me inaccurately. so i don't think that's a free press. i think that was a dishonest press. and i want to see a free press. today i was happy to see on the front page of the "new york times" for the first time when they were talking about spying. and they were talking about spying on my campaign. that's a big difference between the way this have been covering. that's a story bigger than watergate as far as i'm concerned. so i want to see freedom of the press and i get treated fairly by some press, but i get treated very unfairly by other press and frankly, i think that's very dis honest, and i think that's -- i i don't consider that when you vostories that are written badly , on purpose, that's not free press. that's the opposite of free press. >> mr. decision did you decide whether to invoke executive
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privilege as it relates to -- >> that will be determined over the next week or so. >> i will say this there's been no president in history that has given what i've given in terms of looking at just a total witch-hunt. i call it the russian hoax it turned out to be. no collusion, no obstruction, it was a total hoax, and yet i was transparent. we gave 1.4 million documents. we gave hundreds of people. i let him interview the lawyer, the white house lawyer for 30 hours. think of that. 30 hours. i let him interview other people i didn't have to let him interview anybody. i didn't have to give any documents. i was total transparent because i knew i did nothing wrong. it turned out i didn't do anything wrong. no collusion with russia. think of it they wasted $35 million over a period of two years, no collusion, no obstruction, thank you all very much. i appreciate it.
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thank you thank you very much. i'll being running on the economy, thank you. >> we heard president trump answer a question from a reporter about north korea. the mother of otto warmbier, the college student who died in 2017 , shortly after being returned home from north korea spoke at an event today. she called north korea a "cancer " and said the trump administration diplomacy effects are a charade. >> auto, hopefully otto will be up there soon, i pretend i'll be talking to him soon, i want to thank you you all because you're all here for us. and so many people don't care what's going on. and your support keeps me fight
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ing. i'm going to wait -- where is he ? i'll tell you a little bit about otto. otto was in his third year at the university of virginia. he was a great student, fab i must son, great brother, lots of friends. i raised otto different than i was raised. i have a lot of fear, and tent ativeness about what i should do. and i wanted otto to be empowered to not be afraid to grab on to everything he could in the world, and live a really full life.
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and unfortunately, i had no idea when he took the tour to north korea what he was walking into. north korea to me is a cancer on the earth. and if we ignore this cancer, it's not going to go away. it's going to kill all of us. we don't even know we have this cancer so that's why i talk. there is a cancer. i can tell you. otto was all about love, and goodness. he never got in a fight with anyone in his whole life, and he
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never got in trouble. he had a job. his dream job on wall street as soon as he graduated he got that his junior year. he always saw the best in people if i ever was critical, he would call me on it. and he just always saw the best in people. so i know when they took otto, that he thought he'd be released because he knew he didn't do anything. and he thought if i play by the rules they're going to let me go and i know he was sorry he ever went into that god-forsaken place. had i known that north korea wanted money for otto, i would have gladly given them money from day one. that isn't what they wanted from otto in the beginning.
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first of all they want everything they can get from anyone they take. thank you for that picture. they want everything they can get from them. they have no respect for human beings. i don't know if kim has power anymore. he sure acts like he doesn't because he's not making the right decisions and it's obvious to the world that we're on to him. but unless we keep the pressure on north korea, they are not going to change. and i am very afraid that we're going to let up on this pressure so i need everyone here to keep the pressure on. everybody you can. there is still a lot of families here that deserve to see their family members. i'm going to tell you what it was like when i saw otto, when he got off the plane. well, no, i went on the plane.
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my gorgeous boy, who every girl had an immediate crush on, looked like a monster. i swear. the look in his eyes, which i didn't know he was blind at the time was absolute horror. horror. like he'd seen the devil, and he had. he was with the devil. okay. enough negativity. i have to write down positive things so i stay positive. first of all, i have so much gratitude to meet all the japanese dignitaries, family members, who have so much restraint and honor.
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i'm sorry i can't exhibit the same restraint, but i know they forgive me. then i want to thank the american government. they brought otto home. you can see the japanese are desperately trying to do the same. we have to bring our family member members home. we have to come together on this issue. this should not be a partisan issue. this is a problem. this is not only a nuclear problem, this is a problem that we're dealing with absolute evil . we can ignore it, like i would have had this not happened to me but i can't guarantee that something bad's not going to happen if we leave things alone.
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there was a charade going on right now. it's called diplomacy. how can you have diplomacy with someone that never tells the truth? that's what i want to know. i'm all for it. but, i'm very skeptical. he lies, he lies, he lies, all for himself. and his regime, oh, my gosh. if you could call it a regime. they only care about themselves. they don't -- they do not care about all the people in the concentration camps. they are accommodation camps. the only difference between hitler and him is he's doing it to a lot of his people.
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and, to other people too. i will be strong because otto always was proud of me for being strong. he was the strongest kid i knew. thank you. [applause] >> when the house meets next week members will consider a bill to block the trump administration from letting states opt out of certain healthcare law provisions. the will also take up a disaster assistance package for funds for midple p west flood recovery, tornadoes in the south, and aid for puerto rico. they continue work on executive nominations, live coverage on the house is on c-span, and the senate here on c-span 2. >> here's a look at some of our
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featured programs on book tv. saturday, 6:50 owner m tiler cal len with his latest book, " big business." >> most of the money spent is spent as voter desire. and you look at president trump, what he's doing on trade i very much disapprove, most american businesses disapprove. what he's doing in terms of predictable, and the rule of law , most businesses are against >> and then sunday at noon eastern, in deth is live with university of pennsylvania author and professor caitlin jameson, for her latest book " packaging the presidency." and "cyber war." join our conversation with kathleen hall jameson. with your phone calls tweets and facebook questions. and at 9:00 eastern. jennifer everheart offers her insights on implicit racial bias in her book "bias." >> a lot of people talk about
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that it's like old ' fashioned racism. but this implicit bias is something that you may not even know you have. something you don't know is effecting how you're thinking even -- and even if we know what the stereotypes are about various social groups we don't always know that those stereotypes are influencing what we're doing, how we're treating someone, how we're evaluating someone. >> watch this weekend on cspan 2 , book tv. sunday night on q and a, lincoln 's scholar herald holdser and best-selling author will share their perspectives on c-span's book the presidents. . . .