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tv   In Depth Heather Mac Donald  CSPAN  May 5, 2019 6:14pm-6:26pm EDT

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how they figured out so to put the finishing touches on contributing at the end of the day i had to go to another story. that's how we did it. >> it is incredibly exciting to be in the gym to see these folks and i want to thank the panel so much. thank you for sharing your time and to the audience. and for a full recap follow us atin "washington post".com. ouabout the 116th congress thank you so much for coming. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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. >> there has been a more tolerant opportunity in human history and a college campus. with the most well-meaning faculty and in particular and yes students are encouraged by this growing group to think of themselves as victims to celebrate their victimhood. there is a competition underway on every college campus today to be the top dog victim this position is occupied by individuals but
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that won't last anybody who and get the next top dog and the total victimhood. >>. >> and then to curtail those stories. . >> they should not be separate disciplines. and then to tell the story of women and blacks with extraordinary empathy. and in post-world war i ii, incredible insight. of course, we should open the history in as great a way as
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possible that the reality of this is those departments they had become grievance factories. is not about openness but coping with a particular mindset which is one to be war with the accomplishments of the civilization. >> when you see a college campus which a reception? . >> it is buried it has been rather hostile brute force other times it is tense other times students asked questions university of pennsylvania
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that the challenge of the audience there was no interruption and there were a lot of adults from the community. they were very receptive to my message. but those that were insulted by the fact that i actually said i don't think it's university of colorado. there is nothing more insulting that it is filled with good people. there are no bigots they want to say this is the big in front of me. it is a very perverse situation. when you have an institution voluntarily embracing the narrative that they discriminate, then this is
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demonstrably false. so to have a wonderful job to invite me but for me to say this is an open-minded institution it is seen as an insult. go figure. >> to say is not an open environment? . >> bad is a fabulous question starting from scratch not knowing that a whole victim ideology. but yet in every university not confined to the elite colleges or even at the community colleges that are invested in the entire well-being and is dependent on this idea there is
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institutional racism on college campuses. and people whose identity so possibly you are reading with that language of greatness but there is a much greater likelihood that the enlightenment itself with racism and bigotry which is historically false. these departments are invested in this narrative that america remains endemic leanne permanently probably the best paid college speaker today is loved by every college administrator because his message is the identity of
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america, not just 200 years ago, but today, is to destroy the black body and that is a message which colleges perversely welcome and encourage and they don't want to hear a counter narrative. >> you quote peter, vice president of academic affairs in california i fully understand people have strong opinions and painful experiences with the issues heather mcdonald discusses. i also understand that words can hurt. why did you include that? [laughter] . >> i wanted to give a full picture of what happened at claremont which was a student blockade that surrounded the auditorium to speak about my previous book which simply tries to give voice to the
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hundreds of people who i have the privilege to meet in high crime neighborhoods whether south-central los angeles, or central harlem, who are lying - - law-abiding, wanting their children to succeed. they went public order that people in other neighborhoods can take for granted. went to getting the kids off the street. so i want to give voice to those people who have that alternative story to black lives matter that is something that is not allowable on the campus by the students and those from the neighboring claremont colleg college, pomona so hours
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before i was to speak then they started congregating outside of the auditorium so there so this is classic with it in it self-pity so the rule for the blockade was so the black students are in the inner wing because they were so at risk from the police forces that somehow they come in. so the students believe my presence there it is usual of the substitution forethought and engagement that the fascist had to be shut down
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but then either to thread the needle to say of course, somehow this is threatening rhetoric or making people feel unsafe no. it is ridiculous we should not fall to this absurdity. there are students abroad in asia right now who are studying night and day for the privilege of attending an american colleg college. they are students of color. why do they want to come here? because an american college today offers boundless opportunities. you can read every book that has ever been written.
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to be mad with envy and desire that then they are taught to think of themselves as victims it is educational malpractice. [inaudible conversations] good afternoon and thank you for taking time out of this beautiful day to join us inside for our briefing titled the inclusive economy how to bring wealth to the americans. director of government of external affairst


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