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  President Trump Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods  CSPAN  May 6, 2019 7:41pm-8:04pm EDT

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other today the professional medal of freedom was given to tiger woods the highest civilian honor bestowed by the president from the white house rose garden this ceremony is 20re minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by eldridge tiger woods. [applause] . >> thank you very much. teeten and i are happy to welcome you to the white house this is the rose garden and we use it seldom but this is one
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of the times we are usingno it, tiger. to a word the highest civilian honor to one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports, tiger woods. tiger, congratulations on receiving the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] we are thankful to be joined on this occasion by our great vice president, mike, thank you very much, members of my cabinet governors and many distinguished members of the house and senate, thank you for being here. we are pleased to have with us is tiger's mother his daughter and his son his girlfriend and his caddie. stand up. [laughter] [applause]
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good job. for over five decades the presidential medal of freedom have been given to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to american life history and culture we are in the presence of a true legend extraordinary levels of dominance. tiger introduced countless new people from every background and every walk of life he inspired millions of young americans with his wire to wire victories tiger woods is a global symbol of american excellence at just six months old watching from his high chair his dad who i also got
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to know from the vietnam war and army special forces. i thank you might be tougher. [laughter] practiced in the garage of his family home tiger was on the driving range and looking good. starting at age 153 successive us junior amateur titles and became the youngest ever winner of the west immatureat tournamentr. at 20 he capped off his immature career with the unrivaled third consecutive title that's a record that can never be broken. and in 1996 burst onto the professional stage as rookie of the year.
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add augustine nationals that the game would forever change and four straight days at the masters tournament the power and grace in strategic brilliance going down the rollingpe trails went hunting with the tucked away pins without a heart stopping precision that nobody has ever seen before and buried one clutch but after another. but on that sunday we saw him crush the field by a record margin of 12 strokes which is unheard of with the lowest score in masters history, 270. became the youngest masters champion of all time in the first person of
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african-american or asian heritage to win the tournament. of any of golfs for majors as a "new york times" headline said the next day woods tears up against the and tears down barriers. after clinching the green jacket. [applause] after he went to serve ass a coach with his dad in a race the man who inspired his enduring love of the game. then tiger turned to hug his mom that steady presence throughout his life or go that is true i have seen it and the person who told him that red is his power color. that is a good move. [laughter] in the years that followed
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tiger watched one of the single most all friends in the history of sports. he holds the record for the lowest scoring average and pga history of 68.17 in 2000 and he only plays in the hardest tournaments. that is amazing wonder what would happen if he would play 35 per year? let's do that tiger. you played a record 142 events without missing a cut. that is incredible. a pga tour winning percentage of 23 percent of what he played that nearly defies comprehension. at pebble beach in 2000 the entire field shot over par but he finished 12 under for the first time by double digits. he led the field by 15 strokes
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setting the record for the largest margin ofiey victory in the 150 year history of a major golf tournament perk all the most amazing day of golf i have ever seen. 's total was 29 better than the field average one month later the british open he finished 19 underpar and eight strokes ahead and then took the 2000 what masters the only player in the modern era to win all four major championships in a one year. now known as the tiger slam. his determination and work ethic drove golf to new heights of popularity. the age of tiger gave us moments that will live forever such as his unbelievable chip on the 16th hole at the masters. the shot rolled perfectly
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along the slope of the green and hung on the edge of the cup for a breath taking three seconds before finally dropping in. we have seen that shop many, many times. in the midst of his success he suffered severe injury. he entered the us open with two leg fractures and a torn acl on the third day at torrey pines one over par after the 12 whole it look like he had no c chance but then came the most riveting scenes in golf history. p-letter eagle the 13th. do you remember that? [laughter]r] i thought so. he has a great memory. he remembers the good stuff what you did was amazing because he chipped in for a
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birdie on the 17th then eagle the 18th and in the final round his ball was buried in very thick rough and he had to get it up and down to keep his us open hopes alive prickle after hitting a 68 degrees wedge and 15 feet he willed the pot into force a playoff. a big playoff withas rocco. he played to the plane - - the pain and two days later he announced he would be unableay to compete for the rest of the season due to his injuries. in the years that followed he endured knee surgery, for excruciating back surgeries. that is not good work i remember that but it ended up
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good including a spinal fusion in 2017. developer number one in the world rankings at 1199 i don't believe this even if he had one leg' [laughter] that has to be the best bet anybody ever made they were so profound for two years he could barely swing a club as he said there was a point in time i did not know if i could ever do this again or ever play again. tiger fought through the terrible pain all the way back to the summit of golf. last year we saw the sign of what was to come when he won the tour championship and people forget that. then just weeks ago turning into the 2019 masters wasju something special.
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what happened next was one of the most incredible comebacks that golf has ever seen. shooting six birdies for asi score 67 in a tie for second place and just two strokes behind the leader they were watching and said here we go again. with gusting winds on sunday still behind two strokes on the 12th he pulled on his wisdom and experience while other players were shuddering and unfortunately they found the water. he birdied par five on the 15th to take the lead for the first time in the 2019 masters. that on the 16th shaved a perfect draw and the patrons roared like they could only could do add a guest of.
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and winning his first major in 11 years that was some major with record setting television for quite a know if you know, about that.. [applause]ow record-setting ratings. and disgruntled on the 18th hole all the way backk from 1987 speaking to his loved ones to embrace his kids who were too young to remember the last time he won a major. as of today he has 81 victories one behind the all-time record. the second most major championships. he holds the record for the most weeks at number one in the world twice as long as anyone else.
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tiger is a successful entrepreneur to put it mildly and the foundation supports programs around the country with over 165,000 students for go tiger we are inspired by everything you have becom become, attain, the job you have done is incredible. spectacular achievements on the golf course, your triumph over physical spe adversity, and your relentless will to win, win, win. these qualities is the american spirit of pushing boundaries, defying limits, and always striving for greatness. that is what he does.
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congratulations again on your comeback, your amazing life, and forgiving sports fans everywhere a lifetime of memories. we cannot wait to see what is next, tiger. it will be good. we know that. it will be good because there are no winners like you. now i would like to ask the military aid to come forward to read the citation for the presidential medal of freedom. thank you. [applause] . >> aldrich tiger was the greatest golfer of all tim time, second all time of major championships one including five masters, three us opens , three open championships and four pga championships. record-setting performance p in 1997 becoming the youngest person in first african-american to win the masters.
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in 2019 he became the tournaments second oldest champion. he established the tgr foundation which empower students in the classroom and career success. the united states is now proud to honor tiger woods for his tenacity and unyielding drive to inspire us all. [applause] [applause] . >> thank you mister president.
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thank you. [applause] i just want to say this has been an unbelievable experience. to have the support that i have had all these years and everyone here has been with me here for my entire life and some of you for more than half of my life you see the good and the bad and the highs and the lows and i couldn't do it without all of your help. in 97 yes i won the masters and up huggingde my dad and my mom. i love you mom. thank you. [applause] sam and charlie for all of
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your love and support. love you guys so much. erica. thank you. you guys mean so much to me in my life. i have tried to hang in there and come back and play a great game of golf again and i'm glad i had the opportunity to do it again. the amazing masters experience just a few weeks ago certainly is the highlight of what i have accomplished so far in my life on the golf course. it to have that type of experience. also thank you to walter reed. [laughter] thank you again. this is an honor.
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the late arnold palmer and jacko nicholas and just like the grandpa i never had i end up naming my son charlie after himhi and to be chosen as the next golfer after charlie is remarkable. so thank you again. thank you mister president. [applause] thank you mister president. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> here on c-span2 tonight "the communicators" is next with a look at issues facing small and medium-sized telecom companies. after that, illinois senator
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talks about your strategy in iraq following her recent trip to the country with the congressional delegation. later, a look at the international response to objections in north korea. >> this week on "the communicators" we will be looking at some of the issues facing smaller telecom companies. joining us is david heimbach. he's executive vice president and matt oka is also with us president and ceo of an organization which for a long time is known as the american cable association and now it is america's medications association. why the name change? >> i was here a year ago and you asked me that question about cable. why is cable is still in your name but so many changes taking place in our marketplace and our members markets. we reflected that and spent a lot of time thinking about what our members are doing and at the end of the day we decided it was
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time for a change but time for a change based on what our members to each and every day in the committees in small towns and rural areas and that is connecting communicate. the use technology to do it. used to be cable phone and now broadband but who knows the next technology will be which if you note our name aca connects american vacation association does not refer to a specific technology and we did that on purpose because who knows what the future holds but we do know companies like [inaudible] who can act and think it. >> host: is cable a dirty word? speak to know and i seen the stories to that effect. we are very proud of our cable heritage, not only a smaller providers but in our industry in general. part of that. it's that idea of cable television going to the top o