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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Sen. Enzi Retirement  CSPAN  May 6, 2019 9:32pm-9:36pm EDT

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so not just one definition but it would also make our country. on a different matter i was saddened to hear senator mike
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and he will not run. the rest of us have to step up for the expertise and principled leadership which the departure will create. he brought with him experience that made him an immediate host of different issues. with an mba under his belt he returned to home through a successful expansion. as a two-term mayor he presided over an economic population boom and over the course of ten years in the legislature, he led his accountant by helping other small businesses received better policy. it's no surprise he got to work on the federal budget. over four terms he's taken every opportunity to make an outside impact on policy for the people
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of wyoming and put the entire country. and 2006, the chairman of the committeers provided a guiding hand delivered a pension reform legislation in a generation and provide more security to the retirement income of millions of americans through bipartisan policy. he always felt more sure something will turn out well when he was on the case were part of s the team that seeing that he's built more than a quarter-century legacy in the senate democrats can blame him for choosing to spend time with the legacy the wonderful family
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he and his lovely wife have built together. the proud grandparents of four i know mike will be excited for more chances to pass along his wisdom and love of good books but before he hangs up his gone fishing sign for good they share the relief we have a year and a half to continue to draw on the leadership and focused expertise so today i will offer the first of two years of his distinguished service. madam president over the leak and our senator from wyoming, senator enzi announced he wouldn't seek reelection. it's no secret we opposedro legislation from two very different standpoint but always found him to be thoughtful and decent qualities that made him