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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  May 8, 2019 6:59am-7:47am EDT

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friends, and coasters for recent success. and it is a very good example of engaging with local communities and see the partnership taking place, excellent work being done in communities, investing more money than ever before in community football program and facilities and intend the funding into this area to continue. to encourage this activity at local levels and to congratulate that success on the pitch. the changes they are making in the work they are doing in that community.
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>> prime minister. i am the cochair of special care. we have been waiting for years for this. the secretary said it would happen before april. it is now may. could you tell me it will finally be available. >> i say to the honorable lady on the a pbg. the green paper on social care, she complained this has been several months. under the last labor government we had 13 years, 13 years. and did absolutely nothing. >> the prime minister will be
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aware many countries require 10% of ethanol in petrol. in britain the effect of that would be to reduce emissions by the equivalent of 700,000 cars taken off the road and would secure jobs in the ethanol clubs to the northeast of england. will the government move swiftly on the environmental measure so we can have you-10 here. >> i think my right honorable friend for the work the atp t is doing on this issue. it would help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but it is not approved for all patrol vehicles and any decision to introduce it must balance needs of consumers with emissions reductions it could help to deliver. we will publish our next step with regard to petrol later in the year and i am sure the transport will study with interest the findings in their inquiry into this issue.
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>> mister speaker, people are fed up with the prime minister, the leader of the opposition blaming each of us and only caring about brexit. meanwhile the names field, 34,000 children below the poverty line and face brexit future, parliament is gridlocked. when will the prime minister do the right thing, go back to the country where the people vote? >> i say to the honorable lady i answered the question about a separate referendum and my view hasn't changed in a few minutes since i answered the question. we should deliver on the first referendum but can i challenge her on what she said. it is not right the children have no future. this country has a bright future and that is the message she should be giving to her constituents. >> today the government introduces the parliamentary
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buildings restoration and renewal bill. is my right honorable friend aware of the growing concern, and making way for a permanent replica house of commons where in thes could be parked for many years. and in 2028, where government in sure that for reasons of safety, we get on with the work as quickly as possible and when a recount becomes necessary it is a shorter time as possible into a temporary cost-effective chamber. >> my right honorable friend raised an important issue. this alice of westminster is recognized as a symbol of democracy and obviously the decision that was taken by parliament to approve restoration and renewal programs was a step toward protection. we will be introducing the bill today. the decision to move to richmond house was a matter of
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parliament. i understand richmond house will be substantially redeveloped and proposals will retain richmond terrace and the whitehall façade then this was indicated, he will agree with me that it is imperative parliament keeps it as low as possible. >> andy martin. >> my constituents carla cotton struggles with fibromyalgia. her 8-year-old son cannot feed himself. when he is hiring, the dla was stopped last august and miss cotton lost a severe child tax credit. her appeal is not set to be heard until the end of this month and in the meanwhile her washing machine and oven are set to be taken away for nonpayment of debt. what will the prime minister do to prevent families waiting for appeal falling in abject
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poverty? >> the honorable gentlemen set out a specific case and i'm sure the department will look at that case. it is i will ensure the department will carefully -- the case that he has set out. we have been doing work to ensure the field can be heard in a timely fashion to give people that confidence and reassurance. >> the advice of the climate change committee, could the primus to indicate whether the government will be legislating the net 0 emission point in 2050. >> i commence my honorable friend who is a regular and consistent champion on the issues of environmental climate change. obviously we are looking at the result of the review taken by the independent committee in
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relation to our targets for the future. i am sure my honorable friend would agree we have a good record in decarbonization that we have been undertaking in recent years and we will carefully and make a formal response to that report in due course. >> in sheffield we have seen youth services by 64% as a result of the government's agenda. at the same time we've seen an increase in crime. the atp report was released yesterday, highlighting across the country. when will the prime minister recognize this is real? the destination of youth services is leaving young people vulnerable to crime and what will she do to restore vital services that should be there to support us. >> i recognize the concerns about levels of knife crime. that is why i will be chairing the first passport this afternoon following the summit
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a few weeks ago bringing all parts of government together and putting all efforts into dealing with this issue. it is the case that we need to ensure, and that is being done. government is clear to work with local authorities. >> we welcome the news, persecuted for her faith, on her way to canada. and this answer from the prime minister, canada offered sanctuary to her and the united kingdom did not offer sanctuary in the united kingdom. and religious freedom will be looked at differently by the united kingdom.
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>> he has been able to travel freely. our concern is the safety and security. we were in a range of international partners. canada made this offer and it was right and appropriate to be supported for what they made. and we have a problem record of welcoming people because of their faith and we will continue with that record and in individual cases like this it is important for international partners to work together with the key constantly. the safety and security and best interest of the individual of what is first and foremost. >> when a 12-year-old, the
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latest victim of mugging. and in the same week another family terrified by robbers in their own home. and in the wild west, and 21,000 police officers. >> we are making 1 billion pounds, that includes a significant amount of extra money for metropolitan police and violence reduction units around the country including london. with an issue of serious violence seriously and in a number of ways. >> andrea jenkins. >> can i say to my right honorable friend the prime minister, she has tried her best.
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she has failed to deliver on promises. the public no longer trusts her to run brexit negotiations. is it time to step aside and let someone new lead our party, our country and negotiations? >> first of all may i say to my honorable friend i'm sorry so many conservative counselors lost their seat last week. through no fault of their own. i have been a counselor. i know the hard work and dedication it takes. i have also been a counselor who stood in an election against a difficult national background under a conservative government so i know what that feels like as well. i say to all those counselors, their hard work, i congratulate those conservative counselors who won their seat for the first time across the country as well and i also say to my
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honorable friend this is -- wait for it. this is not an issue about me and it is not an issue about her. if it were an issue about me and how i vote we would already have left the european union. >> i am pleased the primus are acknowledged when prompted the achievements of liverpool's football club. i also hope she congratulates united on their right to return on inspirational leadership. mister speaker, in march, i brought 14 to meet the minister and deliver to downing street signs by 171 of their colleagues. the reply isn't addressed to the concerns that the 8%
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funding since 2010 has brought us to a shifting point reducing subject choice, limiting support to special needs, unable to cope with growing mental health demands to changes in the national funding formula addressing the crisis so what will the prime minister do to ensure our children get the education they deserve? >> i say to the honorable gentlemen at risk of starting a trend, i am happy to congratulate the way he suggests. on the issue of education as i said more money, we are making more money available in every area for every school and that is what this government is doing. in his area he sees several thousands more children in good and outstanding schools. that is important. the labour party may talk about the money going into schools but what matters is the quality of education children receive.
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more children are in good and outstanding schools but the entertainment gap narrows and more disadvantaged young people going to university, that is a good record, a record the government can be proud of. >> the duke and duchess of sussex and as former member of the guard, my sympathy to matthew tollett who was recently killed. mister speaker. i congratulate the new secretary of state for a new appointment. it is highly privileged position to be in and she will be responsible for sending our brave men and women into dangerous positions. to do that she must gain their respect and get to know them. does my right honorable friend agree that that is in itself a full-time job? >> can i first of all take the opportunity my honorable friend
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has given me to commend the secretary of state for commitment of the armed forces. my honorable friend is right the secretary of state, my right honorable friend will be needing to get to know the men and women of our armed forces. as former minister in the department, ministry of defense and royal naval reserve i think my right honorable friend starts from a very good position to do that. can i also say to my honorable friend that there is a lot to be done in our armed forces on the questions of equality and my right honorable friend is the right person to be dealing with that issue as well as ensuring she is promoting the best interests of the brave men and women of our armed forces. >> he is an optimist which is why he supports the public's
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vote and every football fan knows the biggest prize lies in europe. there is no stable majority in this place without putting it back to the people and even the former chair of her party and members of the eurosceptic erg say the same. why does she persist in saying they are wrong and she is right and if she is right, what is her plan? >> he makes it out as if i'm the only person in the house who thinks we shouldn't have a second referendum. this house has consistently rejected a second referendum. >> given the 2017 law requiring everyone in china to cooperate with that communist country's intelligence service, would it not be naïve to the point of
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negligence to allow huawei further to penetrate our critical national infrastructure? and shouldn't we be grateful to all those ministers, present and former who have opposed this reckless recommendation? >> we are taking robust respect approach that is right for the uk market network, addressing uk national security needs. the uk is not considering any option that would put our national security communications at risk either in the uk or our closest allies. no one takes national security more seriously than i do and i say to my honorable friend i think my record speaks for itself. >> we on the side of the house constantly raise burning injustices going unchallenged by this government. inequality, pay inequality, social inequality and now we
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see another emerging any quality, 55% of digital jobs were just 12% in the north. is the prime minister going to do anything to help renew our postindustrial northern towns with the digital and fiber sectors or has the tory party cycled any attempt at bringing together the north and the south? >> under this government we see the lowest gender pay gap, this government that father rate disparity audit shining a light properly on public service and what is happening to people in different communities and on the issue she raised in the digital sector the industrial strategy has a i additionally the challenge it is dealing with. the industrial side is exactly about ensuring that this is an economy that works for everyone
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and the jobs she is talking about are available for people across this country. >> i was pleased to welcome the prime minister to northeast lincolnshire to mark the local election and the constituency has two conservative control units of authority. the prime minister will recall philip jackson and i mentioned it to her the greater grimsby town field and i know she will want to push that border to the industrial strategy. will she agree to facilitate meetings for me at the youth council to push this forward. >> can i take a further opportunity to congratulate the new leader of northeast lincolnshire and the whole counsel for taking control and my honorable friend for the work he did in campaigning to
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assure that results and he is absolutely right. the council leader made it point and i will facilitate between my honorable friend and the council leader as much as possible. >>, reading 20 years, i look forward to the nation of wales taking a proper place among the nations of europe. has a young 32-year-old on his hundred 43rd day of indefinite hunger strikes, the condition of his health is critical. he is one of many on hunger strike around the world including four others in the uk protecting the treatment of kurdish leader in present in human rights briefed by the turkish government. the honorable member, 48 mps and assembly members asking him to apply pressure to uphold the human rights for the curtains.
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i am confident the prime minister respects the urgency and gravity of the situation. will she please commit? >> the honorable lady raised an important issue and we expect turkey to undertake any legal protest against business fairly, transparently and with full respect for the rule of law and that means ensuring accurate medical treatment. the british ambassador and i discussed this wider issue of hunger strike with the turkish authorities but we will continue to encourage the turkish state to uphold the human rights hunger strike detainees including access to medical treatment. she and other severance of the foreign secretary and i will ensure the foreign secretary addresses that issue. >> very special group of public servants. good news that we recruited those in record numbers over the last two years. will the prime minister do everything she can to make sure we look after their job satisfaction and specifically
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to help with pensions penalty which some of them face in their mid-15s. >> can i thank my honorable friend for his comments about gps, they are the bedrock of nhs and that is as i indicated earlier, response to leader of the opposition, so important long-term plan includes extra investment in primary and community care. as was announced in january, it will provide greater certainty for the plan. another way we can't help gp is funding which we will see towards 20,000 extra starts in gp practices, to spend more time with patients who need them and we are committed to recruiting an extra 5000 gps to ensuring they are able to maintain their careers and continue to provide services to their patients they do day in and day out.
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>> the detention center of my constituency from across the uk in the 70s and 80s, rape and torture were commonplace. 1800 men have come forward to say they were affected. some reported that abuse decades before being convicted for those crimes committed. the home secretary and the victim to make the case for public inquiry. many were not progressed by the child sexual abuse, we need to know what happened, we need to make sure it never happens again. please have an independent public inquiry into the abuse of detention center. >> i take seriously the issue of what happened to the detention center.
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the independent inquiry is looking into historic cases of abuse in state institutions and they do that on a step-by-step basis in areas they are looking at but i will look at the issue. the detention center is covered by the inquiry. >> welcome the prime minister to have her the in on friday. the prime minister will be aware the s&p scottish government delaying social security powers. does the prime minister agreed time for new leadership in scotland? >> i absolutely agree, what do we see in scotland? we gave them powers over welfare payments.
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the manifesto commitment to cut, they have the power, they are not going to use it. what are they using? they use power to change taxes so people doing the same job in scotland are being charged more than the same job south of the border. given the chance to people being held they rejected, to take more money out of people's pockets they take it. it is time for ruth davidson. >> order. >> here at c-span2 we leave the british house of commons as members moved to other business. you have been watching prime minister's question time aired live wednesdays at 7:00 eastern when parliament is in session. a quick remind


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