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tv   Conference on the Americas - Colombian Vice President  CSPAN  May 8, 2019 7:32pm-8:05pm EDT

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going very fast. or the mexico service supplies, or our capacity to increase that and are exposed this whole time. so, to close the gap in several fields, with the united states and canada, why not. it's not about commercial trade, it's about something more sophisticated. >> with that mr. secretary, i want to thank you for flying from mexico to be with us today and for your comments on so many issues that are important in the relationship between the united states and mexico but most importantly for your vision of development and of course your vision for north america. thank you very much. >> thank you. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> okay, if everybody could take their seats please. i am sure chairman angle will forgive me if i get a start is here. good afternoon everyone. i am john, the chairman of the americans, we have the pleasure in this next session hearing from a leader of one of the united states close as partners in the region, the vice
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president of columbia, her excellency. vice president ramirez has had an impressive career in her country, in addition to being the first woman to serve as vice president of the columbia she has previously served as a senator, minister of foreign trade and minister of national defense. together with president, she is addressing the many strategic challenges and opportunities for columbia that have real consequences, well beyond the country's borders. such as, dealing with a failing regime in venezuela including the absorption of some 1.4 million venezuelan refugees clean the desperate conditions of the country.
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combating resurgent cultivation and transnational crime, and continuing the difficult task of transitioning columbia to political and social peace and lasting prosperity. madam vice president, we are delighted to have you with us to address the outlook for the atmosphere from columbia's perspective, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the vice president of columbia ms. ramirez. [applause] >> good afternoon ladies and children, first of all i would like to recognize vice president tendvice presidentpence and forl speech, both of them are very inspiring press, and i also would like to think susan siegel, my friend also for
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inviting me, thank you very much for your very kind words about our commitment and society and for the future of these regions for latin american regions. i acknowledge at this time under canada and the prime minister of mexico, and for the western hemisphere. it is very gratifying for me to attend the 49th conference of americas, into shared the perspective of columbia view. and i take this opportunity to highlight important of conversions and knowledge exchange of collective exchange to work together for the progress for a reason.
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the government of donald trump has a right in a very important moment press, because when we were in the last years, having columbia business process it was a big division in our country. so many people who want peace, including me, we were against the process that the previous government was developing. not just because we were against peace, because we were against a very weak process. it creates some instead of creating good and alliance for columbia. finally, this process was designed and we were against the referendum for this process and we find a very big difficulty
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about the weaknesses of the colombian state and confronting the reality that members have no punishment for the crime. for the crimes they commit before, nor the crimes that some of them are still committee. that is why it is important to maintain the corporation in very close relation with the united states government and not only to share a common and concerns and to share a common decision to have a recovery and democracy and to have solid institutions and rule of law in our country and also in the region. so i have to say donald trump, a
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government has a big point that in nine months and that government and this is a struggle to stop the situation created by the venezuelan dictatorship with a serious humanitarian crisis that latin american has ever had. with hundreds of thousands of venezuelans clean their country every single day in search of jobs, opportunity and freedom. the dictatorship created by your tribe and consolidated under maduro to the use of power in the in institutional leader create these phenomenon. in columbia in the united states who have been working together for many decades, centuries, we
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still have to cooperate in this matter for hemisphere in the fight against terrorism, the promotion of economic development, social, protection of human rights. we share a long history. i would like to share with you what we are doing during the administration in order to achieve reality, equity and entrepreneurship in both columbia and her hemisphere. i would like to address the name of these for the view of columbia, and i think there are some common goals for other
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hemisphere and it's a very important moment. first of all, we in columbia under the ministration, we are clear that if we went to have progress, if we want to have a bright future as vice president pence, we need to stress the legality in rule of law in the countries in our region. for us, this is not only to fight, the importance of having a very good rule of law, inspire see iconspiracy, and to be a vey committed with the rules, constitution with the law but also with respect within the society, this is a concept that we include international development plan.
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legality is disclosed that the united nations define as a mingle in order to have sustainability in 200030, columbia developed a number of great national development plans in the 17 goals from the united nations. one of them, the fifth is related to gender equality. gender equality is something that we are "a very hard. i have to confess when people say and interview me that is the first female vice president in clavier, this is not something
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that makes me feel honored because i have ever work it is to these positions, this is something that makes people feel responsible not only government in columbia but others in her hemisphere. for me, this is not something to plan, but something will request every single day coherent, to be in class of additional women empowered is simply that we need to see the hemisphere more and more and more in order to have societies and also in order of broader economic growth and prosperity in her hemisphere. [applause]
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the third point is related with entrepreneurship and businesses in the region. in this. we also have conspiracy, but mainly into partnership in the development and the agenda. we cannot take it for granted, with the work and eat and this is not only us, but friends from the world bank, this is not only about the market comedy, it's about specific sectors in our country, how we can develop a better sector. and improve services and technology in all these new industries relatable technology, biotech, et cetera for that is why international development.
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they need a good education and good job creation. that is why we are very committed to investment not ownership in columbia. i would like to say that we have these national level focused in the 17th of them.
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but we also have the national of the annas club, the columbia park. the prosperous country and more equal country. so we believe that through the reality entrepreneurship we will have reduction of 40 columbia in a more inclusive country, more everything. why, because at the beginning of the century columbia, we used to have 50% in columbia after the 17 years we have reduced poverty, their 29% right now. and it looks nice, 29% compared with 50%. but this is not nice, this is not first, this is not acceptable. because 29% of people living in
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columbia means almost 12 million people. it is not acceptable to have 12 million people living under poverty in a country that has a lot of national resorts and a lot in the region. that is why international development plan we are focused in the reduction of poverty through the creation of jobs to these intrapreneur ship entrepr. and it includes 25 different packs. impact for growth, logistics and transportation, impact for development of goods, impact for innovation, science and technology and this is something that we are focusing on
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technology. one of the aspects of columbia that makes us feel very concerned is how the big. their support from development because in the 19th century, some others very prosperous and modern in the 21st century, one of the ideas that we have in order to have a reduction of inequality is the reduction of the territories in inequality, this includes all the columbia regions and opportunities to become prosperous and developed so this is also one of these. and there is the fact is a digital confirmation in the last one is introspective.
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we really believe that through transparency we have to fight corruption in our country. corruption is one of the main problems that we have in our region. we have to be very clear about that. when the scandal started like six years ago or seven years ago, everybody was looking to the other side. nobody would like to recognize how many corporations and companies were in a region. this is only one, but we have to be clear that maybe there are some others. what is important is that we have to send a message. it is not welcome in her hemisphere. we are to work together against corruption because corruption is a diminishing opportunity for people, corruption is taking money, medicine, health, and
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money from education and into the pockets. that is why this is a fact, it affects the colombian economy in order to have more transparency, to improve and transparency, as columbia as you know, it is now the member and this is something which is very important for us because we want to work to learn from the best practices and learn how to stressed the institutions but how to stressed the private institutions, at the improve in a good practice in in order to avoid corruption in the private and in the public sector. so th through this, we believe
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columbia will recover, the gdp growth average that we used to have, we used to be growing at 4.5% and average and in the last 18 years we have reduced our economic growth after the oil prices, for in six years ago, there columbia economy was going only 1.7%, last year it was to bring a present, this year we will have 3.5%, we are working in order to recover the 4.5% of our government. so in order to have these girls, we're developing different decisions and including better conditions for investing in columbia. and we say releasin relating to
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venezuela, and we would meal conditions for investor with venezuela border. we are six states that cross the border with venezuela, we're offering 0 taxes for five years to new companies that install with venezuela, there colombian investors, or american investors, we want to have a huge amount of money investing in the recovery of venezuela. this is something that is going to happen and i agree one 100% of the vice president as a mentor, the venezuela regime cannot stay there for any more time. it is impossible that this
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region can accept these systems which is creating the humanitarian crisis that we have everything in her hemisphere. we believe that venezuela is going to recover, democracy will recover, and we are ready for the next stage. we are preparing herself for the next stage. we are working so hard with the private sectors of columbia because columbia academy has been one of the most diversified economies in the entire region, we have only 7 million sectors and we have crops of course, and we have the capacity to develop 20 million sectors and goods. so we can go from 7 million to 20 million in the next ten years i think so, second we have a
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very diverse sector, we used to have an automotive industry is closing leather and plastics and we are in the process to recover the capacity to have a very strong sector. we also are providing better conditions in order to develop all of the energy sectors, and only then on renewables but also renewables, oil and gas of course, but we would also like to develop renewable energies through wind and energy. and so the national plan and the
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law that congress passed last year, we have very good taxation for companies in the specific sectors. one of the best opportunities that we have is related with the orange economy, it is all the cultural economy, entertaining, all these activities related with technology and the opportunities through technology. what is so interesting in the last six months we have had almost 600 new companies in the orange economy. it is showing us that these young people, decisions, art, developers, they understand that through entrepreneurship, through the new economy we are going to have great opportunities in columbia, we're not only going to have good ministers so more of these
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people who make us feel very proud. finally, i would like to have some comments about venezuela. the venezuela situation is the worst humanitarian crisis in latin america. we have been making an enormous effort to provide solitary t and assistance to venezuela population to the colombian territory, expanding our institutional offer and social policy to assist them in health, food, housing and location among others. however, our resources are limited. until now we have received 1,400,000 venezuela and of course we cannot receive 4 million more are 5 million more because in terrible damages in columbia society. so are goal is not only to have
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a clear voice against maduro's reaching but also to work together with the international community. the united states leadership is something that the government ensures and that's why we have been working so hard supporting the new venezuela government. i have to say to confess, when we listen, the maduro government, that is not a government, but is a dictatorship, they are not the government. they were in government until january 9, january 9 the constitution of venezuela said clearly that the president of the national assembly is the president of venezuela.
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and that is right, in the united states, and some others we have said venezuelan government is headed by juan guaido and not maduro anymore. what we need to do now is all international communities to have a clear and coherent message with a dictatorship regime which is great and not only views human rights but it is destroying everything. it is destroying they want to destroy in order to take control. not only in venezuela but the region. we really believe that some people are involved with a leftist, populist regime that they may call them the 21st
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century socialism is one of the names that they put it at the beginning of the century when he was in power, and they were destroying everything, that is why they almost destroyed the american state organization, finally we have this very good leadership through maduro but they almost destroyed that. they created all these different institutions in order to destroy this hemispheric system that includes the united states and canada. we in columbia, we are committed, with the recovery of our institution to integrity in her hemisphere and also very committed to have venezuela again is a very active part of the hemisphere and also of the
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economy. we know it is going to be very difficult, expensive to recover all that they destroy, and of course it is going to be very difficult to venezuelans to go back to the country. very, very. . . . so hopefully this international court of scruffs is going to move the process hopefully soon. i don't know exactly when. now we have more than 12.
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that sign the demands. and so i just want to insist on the regional level, on the uni lateral level of forcing the district of columbia will be a working for venezuela, and fight ing for venezuela and the people's rights to be free and have democracy and to have an economic system that permits them to move forward, and to have the opportunities that they unfortunately lost. so, finally, i would like to say that the future of our hemisphere is not only an issue of security. it's not only an issue of economy, it's also an issue of what kind of model do we want to have for us our future generation. do we want to have a model of market economy? do we want to have a model of democracy? of
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course it's clear that our democracy is not perfect. it's not perfect in any of our countries. but it's something we can -- that we can improve. but we want to have democracy working, improvement, permanently, or we want to have a model of the -- without rule of law, wowed freedom, without students for the citizens. and this is the decision we have taface. i really believe that this is something we have to choose between them or us. and i think that we have to choose for us our freedom, our democracy, our future, and our economic prosperity, through institutions, through rule of law, and through a market economy. and this is something that columbia is showing that is possible. no matter how much difficulties we have with narcotics, now we
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are showing that it's possible to improve in despite of the difficulties we have suffered until now. and let me say, the columbian budget. this is the very first time that we have in our budget education as the first priority. we used to have always defense and priority. when i was the secretary of defense i was pressing everybody to have the first budget. now i'm not the education minister, but i'm so pleased that we have education of the first priority and we are going to exceed that results are going to be very close for everybody in our country, and hopefully, in our hemisphere. so thank you so much for this in vitation to speak. >> madam vice president, thank you so much, and thank you for
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your exposition and i think most importantly in this context for the refuge that you are providing to the 1.4 million people who have come to your country from venezuela. we wish you every success. [applause] >> and we take you live to panama city, florida, where president trump is about to start a campaign rally. this is one of the areas still recovering from hurricane michael. which spent through the florida panhandle. a disaster package has been tied up in congress after lawmakers failed to reach an agreement after hurricane recovery in puerto rico. things should be getting under way momentarily, the president shaking hands. live coverage on c-span 2.


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