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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Hawleys First Speech on the Floor  CSPAN  May 16, 2019 1:28am-1:43am EDT

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street. we know there's very little affordable housing but it is another example of the trump administration's desire to separate families and disrupt communities. there is nothing to say about this proposed rule but that it is cruel and wrong and even more chaos that the administration has created already in an effort to appear more punitive the administration has conjured up o the rulesam for tens of thousands of homelessness for away from theirge families so scrap this idea now. i yield the floor mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator from missouri. mr. hawley: are we in a quorum call? call? . >> mister president it is an honor to rise today to speak
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in this chamber of the house. when i think of those who have served my state before me i am humbled them i think of those from missouri i am sobered with a great responsibility i will follow this path with all the strength that god can give me missouri is known for our frankness today i will be frank for a stay in for a nation as part of the revolution of the people for the common man and woman is the calling of every generation so the faith is
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faltering in the hard-line of the country is the great challenge of our age with a town called lexington missouri a place where people make a life for themselves and their children where they value honesty and gumption and life's simple pleasures reading toed the kids before bed and the place for dignity and quiet of the working men and women those who built the railroads and the workers who launched the industrial american economy the marvel of the world those who fly the
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country's flag in every hour of danger and defend that burden of our nation now with the fire department they give $25 a month to assist people halfway around the globe they will never meet just because they believe in helping others. to give the best of yourself to your family and your community and fellow man. america is a place of promise these working men and women as they sacrifice to be pushed aside by the aristocracy with a classic remix of society to engineer the economy to
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fashion a culture dominated thinking of helping their fellow citizens thinking of making everyone else and washington this has politics of the lead to values and delete ambition rather than building opportunitiesin to thrive for the great middle-class the great american middle-class under siege battling the loss of respected work in the decline of home and family of loneliness and despair. this is the crisis of our time. i'm afraid you wouldn't know it to listen to the talk of this town as the crisis deepens the political establishment looks the other way rehashing the political agote of 30 or 40 years
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but there is no time for that any longer the 21st century and the great struggle can no longer wait the crisis that we face is at the heart of our revolution the united states has unique history as a republic governed by the working men and women to change the world. not just those feats of daring or glory but every day work and sacrifice and acts of courage so to be the proud workingea people to define the character of this country either the economy or the culture instead the policymakers defines the way of life that once found the country together over the last
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40 years our economy for the wealthy and the well-educated from silicon valley or expensive for prestigious degree and in washington people ton getting join this elite but if the ambition is to join the family business to serve in the pta or the local church then we are told you are not a success this is no accident. those who make the rules run the largest corporations that all belong to the same class this economy is their economy they make itad themselves but nnot the one where i grew up in missouri with good paying jobs to raise a family on those are
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jgoing away. jobs overseas or two cities on the coast or to the border at the network of schools and neighborhoods and churches that make up middle-class life rule america life expectancy actually dropped in for those without a high school degree it is staggering resident struggle with outright my state contains some of the poorest counties in america and as they struggle then crime sets in and this is well beyond economics to say our society that has elite by the people's narrative but the
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people who run this country view them with nothing but contempt and the citizenship because it isn't just about the pride that comes in supporting the families contributing something to look at a neighbor in the eye and then the media s hollywood academia with their values and priorities they advocate to look p down on those virtues and
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to consume more stuff into sassault the foundations of the great american middle and that despair drug addiction is surging in fentanyl and meth and of course, marijuana. and everywhere the depths of despair and the hope of society that they are taking their lives and then to have
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that profound poverty of hope. then to be increasingly defined of that judgment world of social media. to be bombarded by modeled by the cultural elite not a standing l indictment and at the sum of that all they are losing their t voice and with that they are losing liberty. amp were self-governance.
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it is the result of forces beyond anyone's control and that benefits with the big multinational corporations and with the aristocrats of our age and to consider themselves to operate businesses but the primary loyalty is the agenda with that progressiveness and profitable. what they don't see or won't acknowledge affecting the
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country for decades. time to reclaim that revolutionary heritage of we the people the crisis is not too deep but now we must stand together and then to forge a new path. and to begin by acknowledging that cannot be the measure of the nation's greatness that ncannot be the only aim of politics. but then with a greater democracy with a better
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society that offers rewording work for whatever degree they might have or to start a family with towns and neighborhoods to flourish not just the cities or the coast. and to better their station. and that torn fabric of the common life and then to encourage strong families and to be nurtured by their love schools and churches and co-ops this is what makes liberty possible nothing more
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than signing or buying and as a free people washington has ignored the need with those ipriorities of the earlier age and now asking new questions forcing debates forcing new priorities in solutions to make the great american middle again. this is not the work of the day or the season the work of a generation so i note the absence of a quorum spirio


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