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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Rubio on Iran  CSPAN  May 17, 2019 1:55am-2:08am EDT

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were the bad guys cracks i don't think so watch out for that narrative to have that baformer negotiator from president obama that somehow i'm not a big blame america first and we need to be careful talking about demonizing our generals or admirals, national security advisers to make iranians look innocent when they are not. those military members because they never do.
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is great deference to the country with the tensions that are rising in the middle east. and there should be more information provided by members i'm pleased to see more will be available next week when we r return. and with the threat potentially now from iran against the united states and then to understand the threat to have a political branch of the government and then to
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have ad supreme leader to govern the country and that's why they call him a supreme leader. he is a religious figure. and then theoretically. with the army and navy and air force the islamic ofrevolutionary guard first of all they don't respond or answer to the president or foreignis minister they don't understand this with the attributes the president of iran is not the commander-in-chief and if they operate completely separate that means the islamic revolutionary guard corps can
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operate doing things its own foreign minister cannot even know about.. but to understand that dynamic the action should not be assigned to them. it does have an organization within it that isha a unit that is led by the german one --dash by the general with unconventional warfare and intelligence activities to help build the ids that killed and maimed servicemen in iraq , the organizationd behind the shia militia, the organization behind the support to support hezbollah. and it is designed to do things to have some level of deniability the i grc has put
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forth and developed the better part of a decade is the ability to be in conflict with united states to attack us and escape with deniability. they are trained to attack us but this is the capability and then we have been aware of it for a long time and this is not as secret it is a capability theyve have increasingly perfected. so a persistent and clear stream of information that the i grc in the principles may be
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planning or they and their proxies in the region pose a serious and imminent threat to us forces and civilians in iraq and the broader middle east. the president of the united states and in ministration is confronted with this information and what is the appropriate thing to do? the appropriate thing for them to do is reposition military assets to the region number one to protect the americans that are there in case they come under attack and to be, in a position to retaliate and the reason i that is important is you hope to deter this sort of attack butar you're hoping to sy them that we have military capabilities in the region and if we are attacked by yourc proxies at the direction of the force we will respond to that forcefully and what you hope that will do along with public messaging is get into their head and make them decide we will not do this. that is whatre has happened. that is what has happened and wholly appropriate. i want you to imagine for a
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moment if that attack occurred in government hundreds of americans were killed the first question everybody would have is why do we not have military axis in the region to protect them and why could we not get them out to connect that is the first question everyone around here will ask. but the ministration has done to preproduction military assets in the region for this potential contingency is entirely appropriate. as is also appropriate the notion that we are not going to start a war but if we are attacked by iran's proxies we will respond against both proxies and hold iran responsible and able pay a price for this as well. we have a right to defend themselves in response. that is the only thing that is happening here. i'm pleased that in the last day more members of the senate have been made privy to the stream of information so that people can begin to see the actions of the ministration has taken up to this point but are not just
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wholly justified but appropriate. i'm concerned about the reactions i have seen and it bodes ill for this case and for the future. restrictions are seen as this is not true in the art making it up literally. it is not true. they are making it up it was such intelligence and it's beene exaggerated and i don't know who the leaguers are who are lying to media outlets about the contents of this intelligence because they have an ax to grind against someone else in the imagination so they want to great embarrassment. i get this bureaucratic infighting but i don't understand it when it comes to issues of national security. even if the information is 50% accurate we have an obligation to air on the side of caution, especially when america lies are on the line. anchored every member to go and read this information for access it to your offices and we have a
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briefing with appropriate officials will send that as well and you will not agree with me, i believe. seconding hearing is that this is a path to war and the iraq war over a decade ago. this is nothing like that. nothing like that but that was an invasion of another country and this is not posturing a military attack. this is military posturing for purposes of defensive operation as i have said repeatedly veryy straightforward and if iran attack there will be a war and if iran does not protect there will not be a war. i think the most disappointing in some insinuation including by members of the body public and privately that somehow we will provoke an attack and that elements of the american government will do something to get iran to hitmt us so that we had an excuse to go to work. i don't know how you prove a negative but i find that to be
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wholly unsubstantiated and dangerous. let me tell you why this is problematic. what encourages iran to believe they can get away thatites they believe one of the groups if they attack us they believe they will be able to say that's not us and that some rogue group that did it but don't hold us responsible for it. the more they think they can get away with it likely they are to do it. it is important that this be exposed for what it is and the second reason why they think they can get away with it is i think they believe they can exploit our political division. i think they read these newspapers and realize that is some percentage of americans and certainly a significant uprc percentage of american and politics are going to, in some ways, take iran side and say we provoked it. this is our fault and we did something that made them at graded the tensions that led to this. for the intelligence is fought or one of these other groups in the more of that they read the likely they are to do this, by the way. that does not mean i don't believe we can have a legitimate debate and i support that designating the i rgc but weti
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could have a legitimate debate veabout whether that should be done or not. n but not right now. because right now american stand potentially in's way and the need united states of america to be supporting efforts to defend and protect. here's what i know none of us can disagree with, i hope. number one, if there's any serious indication that americans anywhere are threatened we must position ourselves to protect them, defend them, extract them in retaliate.ic the second thing we should be able to agree on is of americans come under attack even if it's from a proxy force directed by a foreign agent like the i rgc not only with me defend against that attack but punish it with swift retaliation. that should unite us in a matter of incredible importance. i hope all that misinformation will stop. t this matter is too important to play political games.
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mr. president, i yield the floor and suggest an absence of a quorum. >> house will be in order. >> for 40 years. provided under the coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court in public policy events from washington dc and around the country. you can make up your own mind created by cable in 1979, c-span was brought to you by your local or cable satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning.
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>> olympian and gold medalist track and field athlete allison felix was among a group of witnesses testifying about the need to address the racial disparities with maternal health care. this house ways and means committee hearing was convened to discuss the high rate of mothers dying to do causes related to pregnancy or childbirth in the u.s. >> the committee will come to order. with over 700 women in america dying of pregnancy -related deaths each year experts view the united states is one of the most difficult places in the industrialized world to give birth. this should not be the case. pregnancy should be one of the ie

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