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tv   In Depth Heather Mac Donald  CSPAN  May 18, 2019 11:49pm-12:01am EDT

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marshall we wouldn't have had all these years of affirmative action. that provoked so much dissension in the country, so much hard feelings, so much. and grievance and look where we are now. now we have, i'll stop there. look where we are now. [applause] >> thank you all for coming. be sure to pick up a book. there for sale outside the room. thank you very much. [inaudible conversations] >> you're watching tv on c-span2. top nonfiction books and authors every weekend.
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book tv, television for serious readers. now on booktv, a portion of her recent program. the manhattan institute heather mcdonnell takes a critical look on political correctness and higher education in her most recent book, diversity delusion. >> there's never been a more tolerant, more opportunity and filled environment in human history. in a college campus. among well meaning faculty who are all their students to succeed, in particular societies press groups. yet, students are being encouraged by this growing bureaucracy to think of themselves as victims and celebrate their victimhood. their seeming ruthless, tough competition underway on every college campus today to be the top dog victim. that position glorifies and sought after is occupied by trends, individuals.
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that won't last, anybody who can guess the next top dog victim packets the price, their christians are desperate to find some way to trump the current total full of victimhood. >> isn't there some legitimacy in women studies, african-american studies to tell those stories in history as well? >> i think they should be separate disciplines. he taught them all the time, to the store. a women, of blacks with extraordinary empathy. huck finn does. post-world war ii, clinton, incredible insights into female sexual competitiveness. of course we should open our history, understand reality.
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reality, those separate departments, black studies, they have become grievance factors. they are not about openness. they are about a very particular mindset is one that is at war with the accomplishments in western civilization. >> when you speak on a college campus, what is your reception? >> it's buried. it's been at times rather hostile. physically so, force. other times it's nearly tense. but other times students listened respectfully and asked questions? university of pennsylvania, it
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was a challenge but they were all respectful. no interruptions, i was recently at the university of colorado boulder, i was a mix, there were a lot of adults in the community. they were very receptive to my message. there was faculty there that were imported by the fact that i said that there are no bigots there. this is a very weird thing, our current moment. there's nothing more insulting you can say to a college administrator then, your institution is filled with good people. there are no bigots there. they want to say this is a bigoted firm. a very transverse situation for you have liberal institutions, voluntarily embracing the narrative that they discriminate when this is empirically demonstrably false, so i was
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there, they did a wonderful job inviting me. nevertheless, for me to say that this is an open-minded institution would seemed like some people there as an insult. go figure. >> what is the advantage to saying it's not an open environment? >> that's a fabulous question. it's one that is starting from scratch, not knowing the whole victim ideology that we live in. yet there is a bureaucracy in every university today. it's not the elite colleges, it's even into committee colleges that is invested, its entire well-being, dependent on
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this idea that there is institutional racism on college campuses. there are people whose identity that -- if you're doing black studies, possibly you are reading these with an ear and language of brightness. the far greater likelihood is what you are telling students is that environment itself, which is all about tolerance is a source of racism and bigotry. which is historically false. these departments are invested in this narrative that america remains permanently racist and sexist. this is probably the best paid college speaker today, he is beloved by every college administrator because his messages that the identity of
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america, not just 200 years ago but today is to destroy the black body. that is the message which colleges perversely welcome and encourage and don't want to hear a counter narrative. >> back to diversity delusion. you quote peter, vice president of academic affairs in claremont california. i fully understand people with strong opinions in different often painful expenses with issues mcdonald discusses. as understand words can hurt. why did you include that in the book? >> i wanted to give a full picture of what happened there. >> which happened? >> a blockade, student blockade of about 250 students that surrounded the auditorium to speak about my previous book which simply tries to give voice
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to the hundreds of people i've had the privilege to meet in high crime neighborhoods, whether it's south central's l.a. or harlem who are law-abiding, they want their children to succeed and they support the cops. they want public order, the same freedom from fear that people in other neighborhoods can take for granted and they say the cops, why aren't you getting the kids off the streets? and the drug dealers of the corner? i wanted to give voice to those people, give them alternatives to the black lives matter narrative. this is beauty as something that was not tolerable, not allowable on grandma mckenna campus by the students. and the name ring colleges like pomona.
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so hours before i was speaking, students congregated outside of the auditorium and it was so, this is just graphic of students that are wallowing in their self pity. the blockade was that the black students would be on the inner ring because otherwise, they were so at risk from claremont police forces. they come in and beat them. so the students believed that my presence there, as a racist transport, it's usual substitutions for thoughts and engagement that fascist had to be shutdown. one of the dean's was trying to
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thread the needle. throw them talk to say of course, this is somehow threatening rhetoric. makes people feel unsafe. it's just ridiculous. we should not be playing into this conceit. there are millions of students abroad in asia right now. who are studying night and day for the privilege of attending an american college, alleged hatred. there are students of color, why do they want to come here? they understand that an american college today offers opportunities. you can read every book ever written, this is something that would have driven them mad envy
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and desire. yet, these students are being taught to think of themselves as victims. it's educational malpractice. >> i was heather mcdonald, author of the diversity delusion on tv. you can watch the rest of this program by visiting our website and searching heather mcdonald book at the top of the page. ... port


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