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tv   Road to the White House 2020 President Trump Campaign Rally in Pennsylvania  CSPAN  May 21, 2019 1:00pm-2:09pm EDT

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>>. [music]
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>>. [music] >>. [applause] wow. >>. [audience chanting] usa. usa. usa. >> thank you very much, hello pennsylvania.
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pennsylvania. well, i'm thrilled to be back in the state that gave us american independence, you know that. american steel which we now have coming back. by the way, like never before . and generations of american patriots, thank you very much. thank you. this is an incredible time for our country. the unemployment rate in pennsylvania has just reached an all-time historic low. [cheering] that's a pretty good stat. how do you beat that? somebody's going to come and run and they're going to say in the history of this country, you just hit an all-time low, that's pretty tough to beat. we ended the last administration's eight-year
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war on pennsylvania energy. and we are unleashing clean coal and shandca is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world . [cheering] man, this is a lot of people. [cheering] i think next time we will just get have to get a bigger hanger. >>. [audience chanting] four more years. or more years. >> thank you very much. ithought that was the sun in my eyes . what are they doing?
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is there any way they can turn those lights down, folks? it's crazy. you've got a thing called the son. we like the sun betterthan the artificial . wages are going way up. crime is going way down and our military is more powerful right now than ever before. [cheering] and when we took over 2 and a half years ago, our military was in big trouble. it was depleted, you know that. it was depleted. the equipment was old, the planes were old. we have the most beautiful fighter jets nowbeing delivered every day . our spirit is strong. our stride is back and our stand is clear. we are finally putting, like i said, america first.
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and after years of building foreign countries, we are now building up our country. it's about time. we've got the hottest economy anywhere in the world. united states added 263,000 jobs just last month, far exceeding any expectations. and since the election, we've created nearly 6 million new jobs. now, if i ever would have said that to the fake news media -- look how many back there. that's a lot of people. that's a lot of people. it looks like the academy awards used the look before theydecided to go political against us . now the academy awards -- but
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that includes half 1 million brand-new manufacturing jobs which the previous administration said will never happen. will never happen and it wouldn't have happened if you had them or the like. right here in pennsylvania, we've added hundred 55,000 new jobs including 20,000 new construction jobs . nobody thought that was possible. [cheering] and more than 5 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. we are getting americans off welfare and back into the workforce and it's happening by the thousands and thousands and thousands. 1 million people have been lifted out of poverty and the
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poverty rate forafrican americans has reached the lowest level ever recorded . the hispanic americans, african-american and asian american unemployment rates have also reached an all-time historic low. those debates should be very easy when we meet whoever we are going to meet. because statistically, maybe, i don't know. who knows? politics is a crazy world but when you have the best employment numbers in history , when you have the best unemployment numbers in history, when you have the best economy probably that we've ever had, i don't know how the hell you lose this election, right? and actually, that's just the beginning. joining us tonight are many terrific pennsylvania republican leaders.
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at the forefront of american economic revival including members of congress , gg thompson. scott perry. and dan musar. a been great in congress and their warriors. we have a couple of popular guys with us. they've been incredible friends of mine, tom marino and lou scarletta. where the are they? hello fellas. great people. thank you. and also, pennsylvania gop chair val did giorgio, thank you val. as you know, tomorrow there is a crucial election, that's
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why i'm here. i'm here to see you but i'll be seeing a lot of you over the next year. i'll be here a lot. when the state. got to win this state. we did great last time, remember the polls, the fake pollsthat they put out . suppression. they call them suppression polls. pennsylvania will go to hillary clinton. unfortunately for them, didn't work out that way. >>. [audience chanting] lock her up. lock her up. >> you remember that night? there was one percent left. if i lost every single vote, i would win. they wouldn't do it, got later and later and then they announced michigan, we won wisconsin, we won and they
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finally announced we won the great state of pennsylvania. [cheering] >> they had a hard time with that one. but we have a big way tomorrow, you've got to go, raise your right hand, you promised were going to go out and vote? and you know, you know you're voting for. so we have a great gentleman, very successful. this has been the 12th congressional district. the democrat running for the seat is a radical socialist. the democrat candidate once open your borders and we're fighting like hell with the worst laws to get those borders closed. the wall is being built as we speak but i've almost 500 miles of wall. by the end of next year. it's terrible. it's terrible.
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look at that. can you get him up here? him up here. come on. look at this guy. [cheering] now, we know who he's voting for. thank you very much. he said i'm from san diego, do you believe that? he went up from san diego and we need that law and in san diego as we know it's going up and now it's up and here's what they did in california. they wanted the wall so badly and though i did it and i said maybe i shouldn't do it,
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politically. let them ask. i didn't and now it's beautiful people not coming in, it's beautiful. in san diego, and now they go out and say he didn't want the wall in the first place. they wanted the wall desperately because they were being flooded with illegal immigrants, is that right? flooded. now they don't have that but now they're in a terrible situation we're in but that's okay because we always win . somehow we always find a way to win . it would be awfully good if we sat down for 15 minutes, we could's stop up that border so perfectly. the laws and the judges are so against us it's actually incredible. but we're going to win and we're winning now but it shouldn't be hard. it should be really easy . we raise, you know that. you know the word raise taxes, does anybody like it, they want to raise your taxes. go out and say we as
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democrats want to raise your taxes. want to shut down your american energy, they think these are good things. iwant to destroy our second amendment, no more second amendment . the republican candidate, somebody who is absolutely a winner, somebody that i didn't want to take a chance. normally i can do otherthings tonight. i like you, i love this cake. i figured hey, it's a monday. we have an election tomorrow. who the hell wants to sit around doing nothing on monday night . and by the way, the first lady sentence her regards. most this state. did a great job. she campaigned here on our last day. just beforethe election but we have a man who's a special man . he's a successful businessman and owner . he believes in protecting the border. defending our second amendment, he's not letting
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anything happen to your second amendment and if we are smart, it will end for you with the second amendment. it will end for you in so many other things. your taxes will go up. talking about 70, 75 percent you know what we have it down to and we got the business tax down to 21 percent essentially over 40 percent. fred keller is the top man. he's tough on crime, he loves our military, he loves our police . he loves our that's and he will always protect patients and he will always go for like me and i say so strongly because the fake news doesn't want to say. we will always protect pre-existing conditions. by the way, we got rid of the individual mandate. the worst part of obamacare and we almost had it revealed and replaced but we had one man that after campaigning
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for years decided to go thumbs down at 2:00 in the morning. that's all right, but we will end up with even better because we have plans that are even better than that so that's good. times when you have adversity works out better. but i want fred to please come on. you have to get out tomorrow. fred keller, 12th district, he's going tobe a great congressman . red. [cheering] >> mister president, welcome to central pennsylvania. [cheering] >> thank you for coming tonight. to show your support for the hard-working people of pennsylvania's 12th
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congressional district. the people of northeastern and north-central pennsylvania avenue then behind you since day one. and mister president, our support for you is as strong today as it ever was. in 2016, pennsylvania put donald trump over the top. and in 2020, we're going to do it again. [cheering] mister president, since you office or our
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economy is booming. more people are working. wages are rising. and america again is respected across the globe. pennsylvania, do we want four more years?we do mister president, we are making america great again. i'm running for congress to help president trump take care of our veterans. make the middle-class tax cuts permanent build the wall . and make sure that in everything we do, we always
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make sure america's workers and families come first. our opponents, he wants to help nancy pelosi and the washington liberals. he wants to help them pass the green new deal. take away your healthcare. and instruct what our president is doing. the stakes couldn't be higher. this election, we're going to elect donald trump resident again in 2020 but this election, it begins tomorrow. it begins tomorrow as a special election righthere in pennsylvania's 12th congressional district . full, there couldn't be more
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at stake. you need to talk to your friends, family and neighbors and tell them if they want to help president trump make america great, they need to get out tomorrow and vote to send me tocongress . [cheering] thank you, god bless you, god bless our president and god bless the united states of america. [cheering] >> thank you fred, go get them, fred . so get out tomorrow. a little bit of a referendum. a lot of people are watching this, i don't know if there are other races or not. who the hell cares, we've got fred. we have to get fred in there
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tomorrow. if he wins they won't reported, if he loses it will be the greatest story in our country and we don't want that. they will make that into the single greatest event that our country has ever seen. i've had it before where somebody comes -- when we campaign for people they win and in a lot of cases, anti-bar in kentucky and we also won the senate. you wouldn't believe that if you read. we won the senate, we picked up two additional seats. they were going to win the senate but i campaigned. i made 32 major stops in a short period of time. you think that's easy? and then i had to make two more on the final day of a runoff. cindy hyde smith, she won. she did great. but that was a lot of work and we won the senate. we got no praise. we got no claim, we got
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nothing but you know what? tomorrow fred, a lot of people are watching. a lot of those acres back there are watching and they're going to be reporting very positively i'm sure if he wins but you've got to make sure he wins, please. you know what they'll say? president trump came to pennsylvania and he went back home a loser. i never want to be called a loser. remember this, we all together, we, i, we ran one time and weare one and no but it was for the big one. now we're going to have a second time . andwe're going to have another one . and then will drive them crazy, ready?and maybe if we really like it a lot, and if things keep going like they're going, will go and will do what we have to do. it will do a three and four and five.
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i don't want to say. now we're going to have another one and it's going to be great and one of the things we're talking about, the greatest probably i think political slogan of all time is what you have on your hands, make america great again. but now, our military is so powerful. we're taking on countries in trade the democrats and republicans didn't know anything about, in all fairness. years and years, and so many other countries, i don't want to embarrass them because frankly, a lot of them are great people butthey don't understand how they got away with it either but we have to make a decision soon . do we keep our logo? do we keep our slogan, make america great again or it's very risky. changing the most successful slogan. it has to be.
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they think that was one of the greatest elections of all time and now we're taking the slogan or the logo from that election and possibly changing it but we've got 100 one or hundred two all-time high stock markets, record stock markets. we have just about the best unemployment in history including the absolute best for african-americans, asians as you know and hispanics so we have all these recordswe been setting. our military is strong, second amendment is good, everything is good . no do we make make america great again and we're going to go with cheers here one way or the other or do we make it cheap americagreat ? because you have some who look, you know this. you have some of these socialist wackos that want to double and triple your taxes and that will come close to paying for it. they want to knock down all buildings in manhattan and rebuild them without windows. let's rebuild them, glasses
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no good, we don't want windows. i used the love the view but we will be forced to close up windows. it's crazy what they're saying, so many different things so do we want to america great or make america great again mark will go keep america great first or make america great. keep america great. >> now, it's very hard to leave something that was so successful. i've had people say even though it's not spot on because in theory, we've made america great again. wecertainly will by the time of the election but you look at the numbers , but it's so good. it's very hard to take a expression and say let's change it. so let me have it for make
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america great again. [cheering] so now we go, ready? keep america great? ready? make america great again. wow. wow. well, i like it because it will sell many, many more hats that way. we will keep the same color though, right? you understand what i'm saying though. keep america great, look, i have a response from others, it's amazing. i like to do poles that archie. i hate to say. this is a key poll but it's
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better than any pole you could get. university they go out and interview hundred three people, i've got thousands here tonight . i think will have to consider that then but either way, it's going to be great. we're going to have a great campaign, a great country and we have in fact made america great again, webrought it back and i'll tell you , our country is respected again. all you have to do is the folks in china, in japan, the folks no matter where you go. the european nations. then, you go european union, as an example. they badly mistreated us for many years.but they sound good. they're alleuropean union . we need a doctor, please. a doctor. please. do we havea doctor?
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doctor in the house, please . thank you, doctor. take your time. some of these people in the front row, they been here for today . and i don't blame them. i don't blame them. they been waiting in line for two days, it's tough. thank you, fellas. take your time, doctor. those are our friends right there. those are our friends. take your time. [cheering] >>. [audience chanting] 4 more years. 4 more years.
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4 more years. >> how are they doing? is she going to be good? going to be good? doc, everything okay? you good? good. accu. [cheering] we stick together, folks. take your time. take your time. >> we love you, president trump. >> we love you too. even with that powerful man's voice, i love that guy. ithink i'm in love . [audience chanting] we love trump, we love trump.>>
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thank you very much. and thank you. thank you, thankyou for taking, doctor, thank you for such a good job, thank you very much . under my administration, with we're reversing years of failed trade policy that tracked pennsylvania's middle class, you know that better than anyone. you know better than anybody what to pennsylvania, in particular ohio, pennsylvania. among the states in particular, frankly north carolina, what they was disgraceful what they did the workers. they shook out your businesses, they moved them to other countries, baseball bat products with notaxes . you want your jobs, we lost revenue. and nobody even apologized except me. i said we'regoing to turn around and that's what we've done . now we have companies are pouring back into our countries. want to be where the action is. therefore end including auto
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companies. and in the eight years before my election, the united states lost a quarter of 1 million manufacturing jobs. but the great betrayal of the american worker and it on day one, the day i took office and you know that better than anyone. the forgotten men and women of america will never ever be forgotten again. it's not going to happen and they're looking to you. they're trying to figure out who the hell were all these people? where did they comefrom? remember? their deplorable . you know, i watched her speech. she actually said i saw it worse. she said deplorable and didn't she say irredeemable's? to show you how good i am politically i said that's a killer. the word irredeemable, it turned out to bedeplorable .
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that was the word that caught on. i would say irredeemable is worse than deplorable, what you think -mark but they believe in both not only her. if the democrats. upon my inauguration, i inherited one of the worst trade deals ever negotiated. was ready to be put into action. the transpacific partnership, it would have destroyed the state of pennsylvania. the tpp was a get for the lobbyists and the donors and the special interests and the foreigncountries . have made a fortune hurting the americans workers. the tpp would have been a catastrophe for the people of scranton and allentown and pittsburgh . in my first week i proudly withdrew the united states from further negotiation on that job killing disaster which by the way would have
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destroyed our auto business. would have destroyed it. just like nafta, just like nafta was such a disaster, this would have been worse. it's no wonder when joebiden announced he's running for president, by the way , by the way, we have thousands of people so and this is in, i'm not even announcing today, will wait for a couple of weeks. this is just we're going for fred. look at the thousands and thousands of people we have. they say he had 600 people. no, no, very good. i say 150. and that was on an announcement, i'd say hundred 50 people. but announced he's running for president and he said it's because foreign leaders call him up and then him to do it. absolutely. foreign countries like this, much better. that's what they want, they want biden so there that china can continue to make $500 billion a year and more.
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ripping offthe united states . they like it. you look at what these countries have made. we lost on just trade 800 billion dollars on average for many years. hundred billion, not million. 100 million is a lot. 800 billion is not even conceivable and we didn't do anything about it and i mean not only president obama. i need others to. it's a shame. but we're straightening out. not easy it's not easy because we have a lot of results from within but we're scraping it out and it's getting done and you see what's going with china. we're taking in, we will soon be taking in over 100 billion dollars in tariffs so remember this, a day subsidize their products. people are moving from china out to go to that aren't in tariffs, we're going to build places in pennsylvania and
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others. like the old days, remember the old days. wemade our own products . wemade our own products . very expensive for china. they're not happy but that's okay. it will all work out. foreign countries like much better when they could push us around, rip us off and make us pay for the privilege of handing over our jobs and handing over our wealth. eight long years ago. if you remember, i said it's really bad way, we're never going back. the previous administration, what they did to our country, they should be ashamed of himself. sleepy joe said that he's running. to close. save the world. he was, he's going to save every country but ours. and remember, he said a week
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ago china is not a competitor. china is not a competitor. look. what they've done to us is indescribable. economically, we have rebuilt china. they got a great job and i don't blame china. i don't blame president g, i don't blame them we allowed it to happen. our leaders allowed it to happen and it's not happening anymore and ran, and we have saved america. we made america great again. and we're going to keep america great. that's what it is. and if you don't mind, we're going to take a little bit of money out of the hundred billion dollars that we are saving, we're going to take a little bit of money. okay. doctor. the same doctor.
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get the same doctor, he was great. are you okay? okay. we'll be okay. take your time. take your time. i love these people. i love them. thank you, son. we will be okay, they say. let's go, make sure she's okay. take your time.
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no, the truth is there's a lot of excitement at these rallies and they wait a long time. i'm excited. i'm excited.good? lot of excitement. lot of energy. we have a lot of low-energy people out there that we are competing against. low-energy but vicious,their vicious but there low-energy . [inaudible] yeah, no more spying on trump. [applause] i think they learned that didn't work out too well .
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he did a good job. he did a good job. where is don junior? on? they like the job you did, don. you okay? thank you. thank you very much, great job. so the very same establishment that sacrificed our prosperity, weakened our military and tied us down to endless wars that never
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ended. they never ended, you saw what we did with the caliphate. now you have to understand, these people are stone cold crazy. but you never say you want because then they blow up the store, they hurt and kill people. they're totally crazy we will be and took 100 percent of thecaliphate, the area, the land. the hundred percent and did very rapidly . but we want to start bringing our people back home . we win and bring them back home. and now, they're asking us to repeat history and relive the same years all over again. the failures they brought you like you wouldn't believe and we're never going to let it happen. one of the worst fiascoes from our former leaders was the disaster of nafta. all buildings in pennsylvania, in new england, all over .
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they were a total, they're empty and even to this day, some were converted to nursing homes, some were taken over but you still see the shock of what they went down and now we're replacing them with brand-new beautiful buildings. we got up, we got it working again. all over the country, we're building plants and factories actually never ever before. nearly 2 decades ago, the same politicians who gave us nafta voted to admit china into the world trade organization. a disastrous, really decision. that was a disastrous decision. since then, we've lost 60,000 , not jobs. listen to this. 60,000 factories. here's the good news. we're building them all back, they're coming back. all coming back.
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i just to get back because it was really two years ago, so many have come back but i use to get that number and i say that's got to be a mistake, you can't lose 60,000 factories and when the fake news didn't correct me, i knew i was correct because if i was off by one factory, they would have said you made a mistake . leaders let china relief under the united states economy and take the crown jewels of americanindustry . now, we are finally responding two years of chronic trade abuses by defending our workers with carrots and anything else that's necessary because nobody's going to steal our businesses, nobody's going to close our factories and nobody's going to close our plants anymore. they're all comingback . and anyone who doesn't want to pay the carrots, there's a
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simple solution. build your products in america, bring your factories back to pennsylvania where you want to be anyway you never wanted to leave in the first place . stupid policy and taxes forced you out. under this administration, we're living by two simple rules. by american and higher american. simple. to protect our nation's security, we also oppose a 10 percent í on foreign aluminum and a 25 percent tariff on foreign steel and what that's done for your aluminum and steel in this country is incredible. now, just this month, united states steel announced it will invest more than $1 billion to completely transform and make new the
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one wall, you know where this is, right next to pittsburgh. anyone know? barn valley works near pittsburgh is spending over $1 billion, thousands of jobs , the newest, the finest equipment in the world. they're going to make seal again in our country. been building new plants for decades. together we're putting pennsylvania steel back into the spine of america. and as we defend our jobs, we're also defending our borders. and it's tough, as i said. no trail. of american workers has been worse than the democrats parties pursuit of open borders. and once everybody come in and they're coming by the thousands and i'll tell you what, our border patrol, our law enforcement, ice, they're
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working. they're apprehending 30, 40, 50,000 people at times. just in short period of time. the law is so bad if you don't releasethem, they are rescue . they are as people that are working in law enforcement. it's a disgrace. democrat policies have left our borders overrun, our detention facilities overwhelmed. as fast as we build them, they a lot and our hospitals, schools and public resources overburdened. our country is full. we don't want people coming up here. our country is full. we want mexico to stop. we want all of them to stop. our country is packed. to the gills. we don't want them coming up. >>. [audience chanting] build the wall. build the wall.
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>> democrats claim to take care of the poor, that's what they want to do. it's not happening that way. the poor are being hurt, the middle income are being hurt. we would lose our businesses, we would lose everything if we go with the people that you see that are running for office. you saw that. last night, i watched alfred e newman. what's going on with fox, by the way. what's going on there? they're putting more democrats on and you have republicans. it's something crazy is going on at fox. something very strange. did you see this guy last night? i did want to watch, you always have to watch the competition if you call it that. and he was knocking the hell out of fox and they said somebody's going to have to explain the whole box deal to me. democrats even want to get
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welfare and free health care to anyone who crosses our border. want free health care, free education anything. republicans believe we should take care of our own people. our citizens. we have no choice. that's why we don't want them to come. and that's why my administration is published a new rule to ensure our limited supply of public housing is safeguarded for low income americans, not for illegal aliens who are fighting to get it. will soon be taking further action to ensure that federal benefits are preserved for hard-working citizens who need them the most. we're also outlining historic pro-american immigration forms, it's working its way through. i must tell you. some of it's not going to happen unless you vote for
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republicans in the upcoming election and i will tell you, it's not far away. and you're going to have great immigration laws. people have no idea how bad they were and remember even three or four weeks ago, they would say there's no emergency at the border. there's no emergency, now everybody'sadmitting i agree there's an emergency . i've been sayingthat for two years . the choice is simple. republican policies protect us workers. democrat policies protect smugglers, traffickers and even criminal aliens. and drug dealers like you've never seen, the drugs, where capturing them. we don't let them go, we capture them but we do it very very sadly, it's almost like routine but you have drug dealers coming into our country and making our people sick . and where capturing them. just one example, the sanctuary city of
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philadelphia released a previously deported illegal alien from prison rather than cooperate with federal authorities. after his release, the criminal alien rate a very young child. republicans believe our cities should be sanctuary cities. for law-abiding americans,not for criminal aliens . and we always stand with the heroes of ice and the border patrol and law enforcement, our police have been incredible and we want to thank them to because i'll tell you what. even tonight i see the way they're working. and i hope the cameras get to see this crowd. usually they'll show like for people behind me. people will say what's with the large crowd? they can tell by the cheering. sounds like a big football game. [cheering] they don't like to
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show thecrowd . explain that to me. i'm trying to tell them it's really good for television to show the crowd . don't just show, they show this or four people behind me that will be very famous tomorrow. but they have lousy seats tonight so i think it's best. on the issue of the democrat party, it's never been further outside from the mainstream than it is now. these peoplehave gone nuts . more than 120 democrats in congress and signed up for bernie sanders total government takeover of healthcare . tell me, many of you have phenomenal healthcare. you have private healthcare. 180 million people, they want to take it away from you. they want to take away your health care, health insurance, they want to take
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it away. democrats are the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, your second amendment and radical socialism. the republican party is the party that americawants. that's what america wants . we're the party of the american worker. we're the party of the american family and where the party of the american dream. every day we make good on our motto, promises made, promises kept. we kept more promises than we even made. you take a look at what we've done between regulations and taxes and i mean, think of it. right to try. you know what right to try is? i won't go into it, you don't want to be there but now we can give them the benefit of
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the great research, we have the best in the world and there's a lot of great things happening. i cited eight months ago. a lot of great things happening with right to try. we passed a law in tax cuts in the history of her country, we eliminated 30,000 pages of job killing regulations from the federal register and that's an all-time record. and i withdrew the united states, i thought i'd be hit hard on this one area that i wasn't . just ask how are they doing in paris? from the past administration, job killing paris climate accords which would have cost a fortune and would have hurt our country horribly. we will never allow foreign bureaucrats in countries to travel on our sovereignty or to shut down our jobs which is what that would have done. yet every democrat running for president wants to reopen the economic assault on
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pennsylvania by crippling the call and shale industries and by crippling your now once again great steel industry. your steel industry is great. so if you want american energy, you have to go republican. if you want a great country, you have to vote republican. we've appointed more than 100 federal judges already, soon to be a record to apply the law as written including well, you know this. two great supreme court justices, neil gorsuch and brent kavanaugh. we've reduced the price of prescription drugs and last year for the first time in 51 years, drug prices went down.
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first time in theone years so we're going to bring it way down . and we passed the va choice and va accountability to give our veterans the care they deserve and they've been trying to pass these things for 45 years . we've made a record setting investment in the united states military including more than $70 million to build submarine propellers at the naval shipyard in a place called philadelphia. and to protect american security, i withdrew the united states from the horrible ran nuclear deal. doctor? doctor? thank you doctor, thank you.
1:56 pm
take your time again. we have all night, right? i don't know what this does to television but that's okay. how is she doing? okay? take your time. take your time, doc. are those lights bright enough? i think that's why people are going down, these crazylights . and they look like they cost a fortune to, i don't know.
1:57 pm
i don't know who got those lights but they're very bright . a real genius got those lights. how's this going, doc? good?good. she's good. we take care of our people, we have great people. and i recognized israel's capital and openedthe american embassy in jerusalem . and just a few weeks ago, the united states acknowledged israel'ssovereignty over the golan heights .
1:58 pm
and we stand with the people of venezuela, cuba and nicaragua in their righteous struggles to be free. so each of us here tonight is united by the same timeless values. we support the rule of law and the incredible men and women of law enforcement. thank you all. a lot ofthem here tonight . we protect, cherish and defend theconstitution of the united states . we reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism and the doctrine that we love our country. we love our country. we love the usa. we believe in strong borders, strong families and a strong national defense. we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life
1:59 pm
. we believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech and the right to keep andbear arms . we believe that children should be taught to love our country, to be proud of our history and to always respect our great american flag. and we believe in the words of our nationalmotto, in god we trust . these are the traditions, the customs and principles that bind us together asneighbors, as citizens, as americans . these are the values that unite people all across this magnificent state of
2:00 pm
pennsylvania whereby the way i went to school. i went to school in pennsylvania. [cheering] and these are the reasons i need you to get out and vote tomorrow for fred keller. we've got to win tomorrow, fred. >> .. you joined our movement because he rejected the failures of the trails of the past and stare down a corrupt system that enriched itself at your expense and look at what we just went through with this phony deal, this phony witchhunt we all went through together and it's a disgrace. now they are all blaming each other. you see?
2:01 pm
they're all turning on each other. isn't that pretty to watch. now we taught them and they were spine on our campaign. i tell you why. if that happened to the other side if this happened over two years ago it would have been treason and that is what it is. there was treason and it should never be allowed to happen to another president again. ever, ever. you reclaimed your destiny and defended your dignity and took back your country. we have a great new attorney general who will give it a very fair look. [cheering and applause]
2:02 pm
you've always been loyal to this nation and now you finally have a president who is loyal to you. it's taken a long time. [cheering and applause] your dreams hour my dreams your hopes are my hopes and your future is what i'm fighting for each and every day i'm fighting. i had such an easy life. people say i had such an easy life. who the hell it would be this difficult but i love it. do you know why i love it? even though we had artificial obstacles put in our path and even though we had phony russian hoaxes and witchhunts and people that hate trump and hate you, angry democrats all after us with all of it and they still have the little embers that are burning and going crazy because when the mueller report was finished they said no collusion
2:03 pm
and they went crazy. but you know what? they knew it. it's all a game. it's not like they did not know but they knew there was no collusion but they are smart people. everyone from shift to nadler to schumer to pelosi they all knew. [crowd boos] i come to the great state of pennsylvania and need some help and let me call russia. let's call it russia. it's the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on this country. from now until november three, 2020 we will keep on working and will keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning. that's what were doing. [cheering and applause] with every last ounce of heart and hope and sweat and soul we are going to make our stand and it's a tough stand and a
2:04 pm
beautiful stand. we will stand for liberty and we will stand for justice and we are going to stand for faith, family and freedom. we will stand for the sacred rights given to us by the hand of almighty god. [cheering and applause] we are one united movement, one united people and one united states of america. [cheering and applause] together we are the proud people of pennsylvania, great state, beautiful state, tough state, the people are tough and strong and smart. i know them well. i know them well. don't forget, biden deserted you. i guess he was born here but
2:05 pm
left you, folks. he left you for another state. remember that, please. i meant to say that. this guy talks about i know the places better. he left you for another state and did not take care of you because he did not take your of your jobs. he let other countries come in and rip off america. that does not happen anymore because we will make america wealthy again we will make america strong again and we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [cheering and applause] ♪
2:06 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:07 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:08 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this afternoon medical and health policy officials testify
2:09 pm
unsurprised medical bills that are received by patients and their families. live coverage from the house ways and means subcommittee hearing begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. wednesday treasury secretary steve mnuchin will testify in the international financial system before the house financial services committee. is also expected to get questions on the president's tax returns. live at 9:00 a.m. eastern also on c-span3. you can follow all of our coverage online at c-span .org or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> the complete guide to congress is now available. lots of details what house and senate for the current session of congress. contacted bio information about every senator and representative. plus, information about congressional committees, state governors and the cabinet. the 2019th congressional directory is a handy, spiral-bound guide. order your copy from the c-span online store for 1895.


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