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tv   British Prime Minister May Delivers Statement on Brexit Deal  CSPAN  May 22, 2019 7:13pm-7:59pm EDT

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and representative, plus information about congressional committees. state governors and the cabinet. the 2019 congressional directory is a handy spiral-bound guide. order your copy from c-span online store, for $18.95. >> sunday night on q&a, what our october 2018 interview at yale unersity. her book, the field of blood. violence and commerce in the civil war. >> scores of congressman, nashville. in and of itself, it's genetic. it's a massive encounter. what was really interesting to me, people at the time look at it, what they saw was a group of northerners and southerners armed, roaring at each other in the house and several of them said, this doesn't look like a normal congressional site. this looks like norfolk and south.
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that's really striking. it's not that long before the civil war. >> sunday night eight eastern on c-span's q&a. >> prime minister theresa may outlined her revived brexit proposal it's now includes an option to over tn the referendum the prime minister basis pressure to step down for members of parliament after three previous brexit proposals failed to gain enough support. the uk has extended deadline of octotober 31 to agree on a deal with the european union. >> the prime minister. >> thank you. before i make mypp statent, to recognize the work of others and indeed all those over the years
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who have ensured that those in the workplace can have safety and security they need. i like to make a statement from the governor. putting forward a new deal. we need to see brexit through, and to deliver the change for these peoples. i clearly can see thahat most members of the house are. this agreement, we believe in democracy. we want to make the promise we made the british people, when we decide on a future of the membership. as to how we make it happen, recent polls show that there's no majority in the house for leaving with no deal. the house of brexit o i. it's clear only way forward leaving with a deal, it is equally clear that this will not
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happen without compromise on all sides of the debate. that starts with the government which is why we just held six weeks with your permission to work in opposition for the mereement. we all have common ground. ethaving opposition, two other leaders, the role of headministration for these units and others, cannot make an offer across the house. to address the concernrn rate. the commitment, they will ghcture legislation cannot be a card. it will bring us closer to a bright future tt awaits our country once we enter and get brexit done. first we will protect british law byre speaking, not a single
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market and ending free movement. government will be placed under negotiating future relationship on this. second, we will provide much-needed certainty foris our cultural such asco they diggingp the rules that are relevant to check at the border. a commitment which also be in legislation will protect thousands of field jobs that depend on just-in-time supply case. make, our parliament to the federal arrangements. we must have as close as possible as the uk, protecting the jobs and livelihoods but at the same park, existing trade with the eq. we agree on and but disagree on the means. they deliver the customs union with the ability to the uk for
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the development policy. deposition are skeptical and inattentive trade policy for international interest. they propose a custom t the uk policy. part of the discussion, they offered a conference option on goods only including uk policy. does the next government defy its preferred direction? we were not able to reach agreement. so instead, we were committing that they decide the issue and this outcome is legislation. to address concerns of the future i wrote back on protection for employees, if i sold the house many times, the administration in all colors
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have brought british workers rights and protections, well above. i know people want guarantee and i will provide them.le this bill will guarantee the right to enjoy and those in the eq. we discussed those in business. the new brexit but also guarantee, no change in that section. will establish a new and wholly independent environmental protection, able to uphold complaints. this will replace the duty on government will be needed to reflect the new deal.o i'm confident we will do so. government will include in the agreement bill, and introducti introduction, a requirement to
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vent on whether to hold the referendum. make it clear on this many times, i am against a rapper and. we should be implementing a result of the first referendum. not asking the british people to pe in effect in a second. for that too say about our democracy wos it's a rerun because they didn't like the outcome. what would it unleash? w recognize genuine andre sincere feeling across the house on the board of issue. those who want a second referendum, i say, need a deal and an agreement bill to make it happen then they take parliame. it would be requiring the government to make the
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referendum including legislation if it wanted to rectify the majority. parliament will be guaranteed in the second part. negotiation future relationship with the year. forward, the new brexit deal will set up at the house would approve the negotiation and then they would be after governing that relationship. brexit deal will provide government to conclude your arrangement by december 2020. avoididing any need coming fort. this commitment is made at the amendment table, on the west. while it's not possible to replace, we would ensure they are a viable alternative.
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finally, we would ensure that should it come into fourth, we will prohibit the proposal for future government from uk's custom territory. we wl deliver our commitments in the joint report in full. we'll have to get their content on cross committee basis to be regulations on that. without confidence on how these commitments should be entranced so that northern island cannot be surprised separated from the united kingdom. pullingg the end further, the agreement bill we publish friday so they have the maximum possible time for details. if they pass the bill before
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then, the uk will leave the eq by the end of july. we will be out of the eu for structures, out of the unit, will stop bringing it forth, and free movement, stop making annual payment to the budget and by any definition, it would bring brexit. by leaving the deal, we can do so much more. we can protect, guaranteed workers rights, maintain close security partnership andeep us all safe. we wouldte ensure it. we can bring an end, years of increasingly division. both in the rise of politics. we can move on, move forward and get on with the jobs we were sent here to do when we got into politics. with what we can achieve, is this new deal. reject it at all we have to do is division. the risk leaving with no deal,
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something the house is clearly against. we risk stopping brexit altogether. something the british people would simply not tolerate. we risk creating further division, risk reading further division as a national interest. as we guarantee of future, in which our politics, still more polarized, increasingly despair and without. none of us want to sayh that happened. opportunity brexit too large. too brave to risk further dismay. so in the weeks ahead, there will be opportunity on all sides to have their say to have an amendment, and their constituents to save. in time, another will be standing so while i'm here, have a duty
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to be clearar in the house havea duty to be clear with the house about the facts, we aren't going to deliver brexit in this apartment, we will have to on the agreement bill. ill not impose without folding the vote on the issues that have divided us the most. that includes custom arrangements and second refendum. "and otherwise and carry on arguing and getting nowhere. in the end, our job in this house is to take the issues, not to duck them. i will put those decisions to this house because that is my duty. and because it the only b way we can move up brexit. demonstrate what this house can't achieve. let's come together on the referendum, deliver what we promised the british people and build a successful future for our whole country.
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>> thank you. i think the prime minister for this statement. in fact, i received it yesterday. prime minster made an appeal on common ground in parliament. where did she make the appeal? putting parliaments in a small room just down the road. prime minister refused the public apartment, she did not seek a compromise until after he missed her own deadline to leave. by theo time she finally did, se lost the authority to deliver. that was evident in the six weeks that ended last week. it ended constructively on both sides to see if compromise was possible. while the talks are going on, cabinet minister made statements underlining what made them
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operate. treasury chief secretary, all make clear they would not tolerate the deal which included a customs union. while leadership contender targeted turns to make it absolutely clear that any compromise deal would not be honest. therefore, no matter what the prime minister office, it's clear no compromise would survive the upcoming joint leadership process. the multiple report from the cabinet yesterday showed prime minister couldn't even get the copper mice deal she wanted through her own cabinet. it's clear the offer that emerged satisfied no one. at the dq p, and not the official opposition either. o
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no one can vote repeal on the prime minister who only has days left in her job. even if the prime minister, the deal she is putting before us is got present a genuine compromise. riddles with contradiction and wishful the prime minister pretend she's deliveringng something new witha temporary union. this isn't a compromise. it's just accepting reality. under the agreement, we will already see a temporary customs union's wish cannot be for years. and if not, we will enter a customs union without any say. second, why would this house
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legislate her plans, which is already been comprehensive rejected by the europeanly unio? the government wants to align with the european union on its to keep dry. about the same time, was to pursue trade deals which would undermine this process. it's not compatible. the technology they need to continue to pursue that plan simply doesn't exist. it's already been ruled but that eq is the legal and practical and an invitation to fraud. and the government has failed to provide any economic analysis to show this would makeno it better off. why would the house support such a chaotic and desperate approach works he set out a sensible compromise plan, over a year
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ago. including a comprehensive and permanent customs unions with the eu that gives us a safer it would allow us to strike trade deals as part of the park worlds biggest trading block. while maintaining higher standards. it's credible and achievable. ohe best way to protect industry, manufacturing jobs, something this government indifferent to thes crisis as it shows today. the government must be prepared to step in and take a public stage to say thousands of jobs are there. foundation industry for any major economy. the obsession is for striking trade deals with trump. they prioritize further nhs
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privatization andur deregulation in protecting supply chains in this country. we have yet to see the full package the government tends to bring forward. many in the trade union were made very skeptical. has process upgrading of the train union saides yesterday, ts really gives the brexit deal to protect people's jobs and rights. environmental protection, it's clear th prime minister is not offering dynamic alignments. and the proposals, the united kingdom the fall behind in a number of areas. with only a toothless regulator under the control of the environment secretary in place of binding international
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movement to reject our environment. confirmation, i'm sure nobody here will be sold on what the prime minister is offering. if this offer is genuine, will she get this issue will she, as before, a referendum if the government truly believe this is the best deal,s the economy and for jobs, they should not fear putting that to the people. for too long, politicss have ben seen. this is dividing our society and poisoning our democracy.
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the crisis in hospitals, housing crisis and cruelties of the social security policy and universal credit. our country needs leadership to bring us together. however, prime minister, is not the person to do that. throughout the last fewa years, she's made no attempt to unite the country. she's been focused only on keeping her dividing party together. her time has now run out. she no longer has the authority to offer compromise and cannot deliver. that's why it's time for a general election to break the record the country has faced.
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>> thank you. i think the game has given away by a gentleman, he made it clear policy, the way in the house, for everybody else to compromise a plan and only in that. he was very clear that he was not making any proposals to compromise. the government has optimized. we have recognized what they need to decide. that is a plain fact. there are different opinions across the house on issues and future customs arrangement and i make my position very clear. it is for this house to decide and the vehicle to do this, within the agreement bill.
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to that this house can finally make its mind up as to what it once the future customs arrangement to be in as to whether it thinks the should be a second brenda. doctor the second referendum. a second referendum rejected across the house. he talks about,e had some inaccurate comments. he talked about the environmental regulation. table hold the government on the issue of environment standards. he showed his view on trade. when he sets out his, he seems to be concerned. the only issue, the only people he wants to trade with, the european union. trade deals with other countries around the world.
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that is the best way forth. the united kingdom and he talked about that. he talks about them wanting a comprehensive constitution and wanting the dynamic alignment and not just single market. i have to say, with the neighbor party was to achieve, was make it even harder for british government to take action to protect industries like the steel industry. they complained about rules, they would want to pride himself into those. what he's proposing for the future. so then what we see, he talked about that across the house. the one issue that has never been resulted in this house, in which the agreement bill was developed, whether he himself is
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for brexit or against it. if he is for brexit, it would be on the agreement bill. they were rejected.. >> mr. speaker, can i say, this morning in our environmental secretary, was on the radio and what asked whether he is certain that this second reading will be brought back, hee didn't answer inhe affirmative, he said they would take reflections and they would listen. my question is she absolutely certain now that she will bring this bill back to the house for a second reading? if so, she name the date now and say she was fixing it? >> we've already make that
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position clear. the second reading, it will be brought to the house on recess. [laughter] >> thank you. we all seem a to deliver commen, can i i ask why we didn't go wih the usual protocol? let me give some advice. the deal is dead, stop the charade and let's get on with the decision back to the people ononce and for all. the headlines, concentrate on ways inn leadership and put out what they are doing.
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they're not here to support the prime minister. the prime minister brings a deal that takes scotland to the single market. this cannot be it. this is a routine government. look behind thisnd unify bills that haven't even been negotiated with brexit. a referendum only brought in the bill. a possible temporary customsa union in which government can change on the union have dismissed. an arrangement represented in the union eq, the definition of insanity. none of with the prime minister
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said yesterday was discussed with the government. this goes to the problem. in december 2016, the scottish government compromised position. scotland has been ignored. [cheering] there is no respect, have ignored scotland. look around. there is no support for the prime minister steel. prime minister, the deal faces a better defeat than the last one. tomorrow, communities will have a democratic part. scottish national parties, to stop brexit.
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[cheering] >> sans decision in that. the prime minister has the confidence of a party. she lost the trust of the people. it's time to go. will you do it? [cheering] >> i think he talks about thet discussions with the scottish government. there have been manyer discussis first minister, number of meetings, what the administration has been. can i just say, he said the scottish nationally, it's about the european union. it's a vote to betray our democracy, betray the people of
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the united kingdom. people are in this house in brexit. we havave the ability to do tha. the question is, how we do that? debating issue about how we do that.. i think the gentleman at this house should have the debate, come to the decision, stop the issue and get on with the job the british people instructed us to do. >> what is the prime minister saying to the members of the public to see the government protect the 29th of march, with without it. what did she say to those millions of angry voters who do not see the agreement with any kind of brexit for many months, with no clear way out. >> greatespect, i would
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the government position is that we should leave in the 29th of march. the majority is on there for us to leave the 29th of march. >> thank you. given that this bill appears to have been some even before its publication, the prime minister must know that the only way now to break the deadline, which is htoday's news, steel, is damagig our economy. can i urge her to take that one final step? to change her mind and say she will put forward a referendum?
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>> i've indicated in the number of questions this a afternoon, i have not changed my view on the issue on the referendum. i believe w should be reflecting the views, putting it in place on the views of the people. recognize there is a feeling on thisis issue including the right and others on that. we are able, in this house to determine this issue. that is best done through the passage of the bill and withdrawal agreement bill, that's why i said what i did on concerning the vote on a second referendum. in the withdrawal agreement. it would be clear. it will be tremendous to be able to come together and determine
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that we are. for those who believe we should be ase second representative random, have to have it in the house and the house to come to its decision. >> the prime ministerells us that there's an agreement bill, which we haven't even seen, let alone the limits down to that we would leave the european union. how does she know? >> the but his managers have been discussing this through. it has to be agreed in this house. it's very clear and the results have been clear, it would be hard possible to put it there, given the bill back in the recess. he would be able to do exactly what i said.
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>> given the awful news about steel or its british manufacturing, prime minister will know the customsms union s often across the north admin that. also the long-te deal in support in investment. can she tell us that the cabinet rules out a long-term custom unions on the future partnership with the eq that they are supposedly going to negotiate after this withdrawal agreement? have ag rollout a customs unions works yes or no? >> the reference was to company british steel. there are a number of issues and
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chastens. not just uk but globally. they are in demand. much of it is going to china, that is why we are really china to the table to deal with that issue. just about the long-term, the compromise solution that i put forward in reference on this customs is a ritual, which a future government can take back issue in the direction that they wi to take it. in the house to determine what the negotiations should be. what matters in the industry is reflections that take place at the border having the benefit to discuss the union ne in that. that is what is already in the position of the decoration. we are committed to ensuring it is possible.
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>> it's difficult to make adjustments about the bill sn't been published. if there are issues with it, the announcement should be made this week. next week house will release this but it's not needed. given the situation. it reflects very carefully for what it should be put on. the confident of it not being passed on very serious. i would ask you to reflect on this bill not being more compromise, more time taken. >> the bill is not for, then this house will be with that choice. the choice will be whether they
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go forward with no deal or whether they go to something which they revoke were the second referendum with the intention many have in the second referendum to stop exit. that will be the choice that will be. which is why the people talk about the conference call people who come to me who have compromised too much. others are telling merw i have t compromised enough. at some stage, the house have to come together we have to decide that we will go together in order to do this for brexit. >> the prime minister has a lot on this statement from yesterd yesterday, the new deal, the new brexit deal. isn't it a fact that it hasn't changed, the treaty is as it is
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and this is a series of domestic legislator positions, what is, it will actually change the brexit deal itself. the alternative arrangements proposal, which he has put forward, to legally oblige the government in the process. iten is no obligation on the european union to agree on those are ancient. a dececision as to whether they accept them or puke them as reasonable. it wouldn't be a matter of objective. if they decide they would rather keep the customs union, then that's what will happen. there will be no means of getting out of it. >> we have to for two and half today, a package to give them the proposal. in relation to that there are
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concerns on the uk wife. i think we are happy to discuss how we can ensure that we are trying in that. would be an issue of concern on that. in regards to the arrangement, to do that work, the money afforded by government to do that but the european union were clear. they will also work w with us to ensure that they would be in place. >> how does the european agreement change, which are legally finding in international law? >> on many occasions, they have
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made it clear on many occasions that they are not reopening it.. the process is that we have through up until the recent discussions, being able to have certain legally binding commitments made by the uk and european union inon addition to it. it covers a number of issues as a concern in this house. >> does the prime minister understand that she will not get enough support on that side of the house to allow it to pass and that she needs to compromise on both? she helped come to the end of the road. is there any concern to what's to stop the prime minister's successor in pursuing a brexit, they must act in the public, time is running out.
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please change your mind. >> there are very strong thfeelings acrs this. there are those who support a second map random and more than that, we have a second representative random. i do believe we should be on the representative random. but i believe because of the view of this house, on both sides of the argument, it's important the house on the opportunity in thean way that is through the withdrawal agreement group. >> one of the ironies of resigning from government is it gives you freedom when you choose to support the government rather than just oppose it. ask you to recognize this bill,
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any people in the country who believe the best feature for the uk is with a compromise deal and from the interest of both rather than reckless and increasing pursuit of a single no deal leaving, as a cost to the many thicknesses in the industry and agriculture and across the country it still fluid by the chancellor speech yesterday. >> i do indeed agree. there are many people across the country and on our way, to do that. those of us who are conservative, are still in connections. we deliver the best possible deal. a new,, deep and fresher come trade an agreement with the european union.
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>> those are what i have been pursuing. i put forth today a new package. the situation that be voted on previously. all those who want to leave the european union with thel deal would be supported. >> 1992, prime minister and i saw the work of men. with herre resilience, if it wee high style for her, didn't want her to leave. pt turns out the audience -- out to help her out. if she will agree, the only brexit we are getting to the british people then i will join
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her in the lobby. will she help me to help her? >> 1992. can also say, if the house is not passed a majority in the bill, if it does not enable it, then what they are saying, it does not want to meet european union with the deal. i believe the majority do want to plead with a deal. >> following her statement, cabinet announced she was resigning from the government. who served as leader of the house shared a resignation letter to the prime minister on twitter explaining she was fundamentally opposed to elements on the newew brexit pln and did not believe thek would
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be a sovereign country under the proposed new deal. in a letter of response to theresa may, she was grateful for the work but disagreed with her assessment. here are some of our future programs this weekend on booktv. sunday 6:50 p.m. eastern, in burdens of freedom, unit professor argues the main threat to american leadership is the decline of individualism in american society. >> it's a dynamic constant, your changing quality. for them, people don't initiate things. they wait for directi from above. you improve things without waiting. that's a major reason why. >> then at nine eastern on "afterwards", in her book, no visible bruises, journals rachel
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reports on the intersection of domestic violence with other social issues. she's interviewed by michigan democratic representative is in the debbie. >> the every social issue from homelessness to massachusetts, we haven't even talked about mass shooting that are domestic, site. to mental health issues to addiction, all of these have intersections with demented violence. >> this weekend on booktv on c-span2. >> starting memorial day, may 27, we can prime time, c-span has coverage of commencement ceremonies taking place at colleges and universities across the country. featured speakers include representative elijah coming, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan. , georgia house minority leader, stacy rooms. president donald trump and supreme court associates justice sonia. coverage starts memorial day at
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