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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative Buddy Carter  CSPAN  May 27, 2019 7:56am-8:01am EDT

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-- authors. likely ways and on government overreach. at noon former obama advisor valerie jarrett on her path to the white house. at 930 communications professor kathleen hall jamieson and finally at 11:30 p.m. award-winning biographer robert caro discusses is a writing process. watch today memorial day on book tv on c-span two book tv asks representative buddy carter what are you reading. >> first of all i just finished a book that i enjoyed very much. it's written by thomas carlyle. as a book actually a biography of a fictional philosopher. very interesting book.
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i'm actually studying now. it's pretty heavy. heirs of the founders which i have really enjoyed. it talks about three different characters. first of all it talks about henry clay. some of the early '80s. it's actually relevant. all members of the house of representatives and talks about tariffs and that's something we are doing right now. i have enjoyed both of these books. one then i will be reaching in the future. and it has to do with nuclear energy. i'm very interested in.
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all types of clean energy and nuclear energy. >> how do you select the books that you read? >> that's an interesting question i tried to be as diverse that i can. in the early 1800s and mid 1800s. i just finished a couple months ago. i read a book about thomas jefferson. read a book about abraham lincoln before he became president. i have enjoyed all of this. and really enjoyed reading. i have a lot of opportunity to read while i am flying. it's a good way to pass the time.
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we want to hear what you're reading. send us your list on facebook. twitter or instagram aunt tv. sunday at noon eastern. in depth his life with author and hoover institution senior fellow. on the campus of the samford university. >> about the time that people complain. that they condone slavery slavery was centuries before george washington. before they were ever bored. .. ..
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commissioner carr, thanks for being here. before we get into the issues that you all are working on, want to ask you how is the fcc involved in a changing media landscape with broadband and over-the-top and et cetera, et cetera? >> guest: it's an interesting time to be working at the fcc and part of that is to your question but an interesting point with this new generation of wireless service five gbits coming online and we


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