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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative Glenn Grothman  CSPAN  May 27, 2019 11:57am-12:01pm EDT

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about technical controversies of today and some doctrines that people wmay not be so familiar with. i think you've done a masterful job of tying those controversies to these fundamental principles so to our founding documents, declaration of independence and restitution and i think you're quite right, it needs to be required reading for high school students and really for us senators i'd say but you've done the country a great service and thanks for writing the book. >> guest: thank you professor. >> this program is available as a podcast, all "after words" programs can be viewed on our website at >> the new c-span online store has booked tv products, go to c-span to
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check them out. see what's new for booked tv and all the c-span products. >> we recently went to capitol hill to ask representative glenn grothman what are you reading? >> the book i'm reading is timely and i didn't realize how timely it would be. it's the story of turner boswell, horrible abortionist from philadelphia who went to prison for killing children born alive. i say it's timely because i didn't realize when i got this book that allowing close to children to be born alive would be a possibility under bills indoors by the governor of new york and the governor of virginia.i was reading this book as i was preparing to listen to president from speech last night. so i guy who had 2 and a half hours and on the book and resident from wound up talking about late-term abortions and speech. it's interesting because
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darnell predicted he was the wave of the future and that someday he be vindicated and i took that to mean that someday he felt he would be okay in this country to kill children born alive and while that's not what those bills said, it was about as close as you can get even with those two governors so i would strongly recommend this book. there is a movie on the book. i watched the movie but you really don't know what's going on unless you read the entire book. >> i usually spend three hours a week on an airplane and i usually take my bible out back and forth, i usually read something from the bible on the airplane . lately it's a short book but i'll recommend reading the philippians which has some sign language in the end and i'm reminded we should focus on what's good area i also earlier this year where the intimidation game which is a great book kimberly stossel talking about the way the left tries to intimidate conservative people, particularly using the power of government and it's very finely when you consider the
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abuses out of the fbi today. >> and what books are on your future reading list? >> were looking to read something about history and i may try to find something about the era between the revolutionary war and the civil war. >> we want to hear what you're reading. send us your list on facebook, twitter or instagram book tv. >> .. if you've not been here before i i hope you will look at the


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