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tv   Joint Hearing on 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests  CSPAN  June 4, 2019 10:50pm-1:39am EDT

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madame speaker we would like to excuse ourselves from the hearing. >> that is fine. >> thank you so much and then they can give you great testimony then to take the opportunity to thank everybody from this audience for supporting us. >> thank you and i yelled back. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania i was going to have a question but now i will go on the record since they are leaving but i will preface this to say any of my comments because i sometimes get passionate i want to make sure there is no misunderstanding
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my comments are about the communist government not the chinese people who are breathing to be free talking about that consequence if you talk about how he abandoned you it is important to talk about this anniversary these events that happened to go back a little further to recognize and then to abandon its own to work with fd fdr. we chose mallets of chang and we chose communism and abandoned freedom. and it is important to recognize that because these things can happen again today. the totalitarian within the halls of this government today
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and they have for many years and as i listened to my friends on both sides of the aisle i feel we are all in agreement. and while the makers of this legislation and this panel and the recognition of what has happened 30 years ago and to keep that memory alive and the efforts for which so much was sacrificed to keep those things alive, we must not stop at that and recognize where we are. for every action china takes into that there should be an action in the united states or taiwan or hong kong with a dump our products or steal our ideas or threaten neighbors or said the chinese students to spy on us, there must be an action from the united states more than a resolution. china is in a trade war and economic war in a culture war and information war for
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decades it is long time overdue to decide if we are happy with made in china all throughout our stores if it's worth to keep that or lose the sovereignty of our nation over time to the communist party of china. and with that talking about some concrete actions that can take place. and the government of tibet in exile we should establish that we should close off the faucet and the access to financial markets for the chinese government who launders dirty
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north kimmy - - north korean money through wall street i don't know what we are waiting for but from the sounds of it those that are an agreement about how we feel of the communist party of china and good policy what seems to be slowing us down right now we love our country but cannot get past this president i would say to my friends on either side if you have an aversion to this administration, finally an administration is doing something about the existential clear danger that is china, finally, go on disliking him and hating him but love your country i don't think the administration is doing enough so i would urge my colleagues on both sides to support the administration where it is appropriate when he is tough with china and
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number two take the lead to say these are the things that we could and should be doing. and with that i yelled back. >>. >> thank you for your courtesies with those human rights commission it is sheila jackson lee thank you for yielding. to acknowledge the gentleman who had to go to a meeting with a speaker all of us have been witness to the leadership given to the issue those that
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have been involved in this issue in a delegation brave enough to honor those that lost their lives and i appreciate all three of you and to appreciate that lives were lost in the period of time and that the cover-up did not help anyone. i would say that we are blessed with a body of chinese-americans in the united states brave americans leaders of industry and social services and immigration work of the constituents and this is where we have a severe
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problem we haven't sufficiently educated the body politics that can help us those that are from taiwan and with the indigenous populations from that country to be very helpful. so i have been to tibet and now it is 2020 and we still face that what are your agreement is with religious discrimination and religious prisoners so here is the question i want to raise how do we increase the advocacy
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that china has moved on a pathway for example, it is the second economy in the world. we are number one they are fast approaching. which leads out only two failures of this administration but obviously the president has a contribution to that so they play a role in the image of everyone wanting to be china's friend at the same time people are dying i'm interested to see how we raise concern of chinese-americans and maybe not label everyone and then my last point is going to the
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continent of africa it is disgraceful you are doing a disservice taking resources and translating to the vast number of africans that is what is happening to that part of africa. i appreciate you answering these questions. thank you. >> you made a very good point at the beginning that you made the point of relations clearly are getting tense and will continue and deteriorate. one of the key questions for those in power are the
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tensions between us and china as a country where the people what i heard from the congresswoman as well as a couple other members to underline the point that the dispute right now is not with the chinese people. their voices that clearly we have to resist that and it plays directly into the narrative of that chinese state so to be very clear to our challenges and that is crucial and to be reiterated for that governments dispute and i will stop there.
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>> and with chinese-americans and how we keep them engaged. . >> i really appreciate that question and i associate myself we must clearly distinguish between the chinese people but to deliver a policy to reach into those communities to have authentic speech and so what we are facing is the global information environment there is preemptive closing of discourse about policies. that is an incredibly tough environment to bring more accurate information. when i was recently in ghana interlocutor said there were contacts between the chinese government and societies and
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increasingly with a divergence between economic development and democracy and in keeping with the china model around the world in sub-saharan africa. interestingly enough those interlocutors said the narrative is wrong we understand it is in between development but dictatorship and democracy. the model presented is a false choice but the narrative that is presented is overwhelming and it is presented successfully through preempting alternative discourse and pieces of information but it's hard to get another message out there between dictatorship and democracy and just to
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reiterate a point to those that support more free and open discussion to be there not through passive inaction within developing countries all over the world within developing countries all over the world raising about chinese-americans is an excellent point* so i tend to notice an attitude that is the chinese government so what can you do about it clicks a lot of people have been culturally conditioned that there is nothing we can do.
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so that is exploited by the chinese government one way to address it may live in a country where we can exercise fundamental rights to freedom while you avail yourself of this freedom why can't we do more for the people in china? . >> thank you very much let me think my friend from florida and i look forward to all of us working on these issues together the last witness has given us an effort to work with chinese-americans so let me acknowledge the young lady who is with the foster care
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program who is sitting behind me and we are just delighted they are learning about civic government and the great work of republicans and democrats this body shows we work together on crucial issues so i thank you for giving me the courage at this time and i think the witnesses of those of tiananmen square and we honor them as well today. i yelled back. >> welcome. . >> thank you senator good to see you again. i want to start off with a statement china is paranoid as a country and as a leader the freethinking people the communist party cannot survive
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that is why hong kong and tibet and taiwan is a threat and they can be allowed to succeed in china's communist party because they are freethinking and for clarification comedy people in china believe that we do in this country the innate genetic makeup of people for liberty and freedom clicks do they believe that today? . >> it is hard to say because as i mentioned earlier to be culturally conditioned and politically exploited. >> when you talk to people to china do they have the same beliefs if you plant an acorn
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that if trump grows up that's the way we are designed if you believe what we believe we have the desire to be free and self determining that the founding fathers got it right so that ability of course, we do not what they are conditioned to do but what they truly believe. >> so people in taiwan of chinese dissent and they thrive in a democracy so there is no point about the argument chinese people on the mainland. >> i think it's true around the world realizing the
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mistake of the past administration with nixon and kissinger and clinton with the wto with a modern democratic market driven society so we have to change course china went from being a bumbling stumbling growing in wealth then they came into puberty and they don't know how wealthy they are and they flex the muscle to find out their place so in tiananmen square there is a convicted activist in 1989 given a suspended death sentence on charges he spent 17 years in prison with a fellow protester to say he prefer to have his son think
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he is a regular criminal they have be potentially put in danger by learning of his father's political past. it is for his safety that i worry i could influence if i start chatting to him about those things other prisoners that talk to their children about the massacre for fear of putting them at risk and this goes on to say three decades after the chinese government declared martial law to unleash the military the bloodshed has been erased from the collective memory it has created a generation are mostly unaware that the massacre school test books don't mention it they can find stories on june 4th so they are you racing history just like to bet and my question
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what is the estimate held with china total? . >> if you're asking about the people held in the political reeducation camps the estimates vary about 10 percent of the population hundreds of thousands upwards of a million. >> if these are reeducation can people come and go as they choose? . >> know it is compulsory. >> how often are the crematorium's used? . >> i found that very disturbing we read the advertisements for the guard
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it doesn't sound like it's a present one - - a pleasant thing it is a repeat of history what needs to happen as a policy those trade policies need to change what i propose is to look at how we trade with china to put them in a tiered trading system the best those that our less favorable minimum trade deals are at tier number three with the human rights conditions
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and right now we have fortunately some of them are waking up and then to do the abc policy manufacture anywhere but china. the last time we counted six.7 billion people outside of china to focus on the market if we have economic attention we can help change the way they treat people knock them down on that trading system. in fear for what would be down the road thank you. >> to help us reflect on what we call a horrendous moment in history.
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want to take a moment to express my sorrow to the men and women and families who lost their lives 30 years ago for standing up to create a better world i distinctly remember that day as we remember watching tv that one feed they had on cnn someone that is spent over five years living in china but the private sector as an ex-pat my children were born in hong kong. to travel to places with tibet to see the buddhist monks and the north korean border.
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to see those human rights abuses and censorship the chinese people face as well as the influence beyond their borders. as your testimony reports and as others indicate and with freedom and then to stop the oppression of basic human rights. professor we haven't seen a specific incident in the past 30 years but the chinese governments resolve is stronger than ever. howell has beijing change basic rights from traditional armies in 1980 on to the vast technologies today?
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. >> so first with that technological evolution with a more savvy control that is one core aspect. with large co-op and then to be tied up with the system and that is another key source. with the collapse of the system to endanger your own livelihood.
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and then to maintain control. . >> and then try to take place in society so that relies on intimidation and acceptance of self-censorship so people don't express themselves in the red lines you're not supposed to cross our internalized. . >> and with those china violation with any dissent in terms of it is really we don't know what is going on at the top but i can imagine what
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those policies. and with a firm hand in society so that being said those moves over potential lifetime rule for the anticorruption campaign that the type of stuff that does generate internal mumblings but that's very different. with that military and police presence. >> prior to arriving the communist party secretary with
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the police management of urban areas with hundreds of police station so how do those policies and how do they differ and why? but he was chosen precisely because of those successes into that semi- understanding is the surveillance is the total in the streets that you see very few people who are there and are not supposed to be there and it is very
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unfortunate that system has been working so successfully. >> so that's the claim of those reeducation centers even going as far to prepare those universities so clearly there is a week cover-up using this for repression so if you had a chance to share a story of what really goes on to delight the public. >> i have heard a weaker activist in exile who lives in germany, last year found out
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his mother's death dying in a reeducation camp was in her eighties to find out only six months later that nobody in the favor dare contact him because because that would invite the wrath. . >> i'm not an expert but with that national endowment of democracy with those experiences of people. >> and as well as those
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numbers so as the sitting chair i will gavel out. thank you for your courage and your testimony. [inaudible conversations]
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. >> so our country is superior in the sense that is suitable for all people at all times i don't want to export that i
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want to make it available and have experience with civil society and a mild nationalist. . >> co-author of the book creating a white house counsel good morning to you when you say crisis how do you define that. >> that is a very high bar for me. to do badly in every single academic subject in all 56 of developed nations in the world especially badly here in the united states


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