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tv   Washington Journal Grover Norquist  CSPAN  June 5, 2019 11:44pm-12:14am EDT

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>> guest: in the 1830s, south carolina before slavery
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became the deciding issue 1830s called out the militia. they had a national convention to look at everything in the 1830s so they are into the challenge i understand what the president is trying to do negotiating to get the lower terrace. or using them to try to change somebody's behavior on the border.g the challenge is they are not taxes on china. it can damage the country's that they are paid by american consumers. china has terrace that damage people so they are war of choice
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and they are more expensive. expensive. it is a debate worth the risk to do this. is it worth it to challenge and should they make -- >> is this inexpensive tool to use and mexico has started to talk to the white house about fixing their role in immigration which i've done before so you are sort of stuck at two things. it's a web admin tool that is damaging i know the class are.
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is there one a that you've poind to say that that was worth it? spin that you have a renegotiation because of aluminum and steel aside all of these other programs tromp has an advantage is that the economy moving so well in terms of the wages goinwagesgoing up, employ, all the things youp, worry about he now d has the power looking t
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china saying we can't afford this more than you can and china has all sorts of problems so he's made a decision that this is worth the fight if we get anything close. the last minute they agree with this, well maybe not. >> host: your phone calls and questions to s-sierra 27488001, democrats 8000, independent, 748-8002. fewer calls on leaving the post as the head of the council of
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economic advisers. he always said she was going to stay for a couple of years but not forever. i can't imagine. he was so spot on with their projections of what was going to happen if got the best explanation of the modern american history and how the economy is doing and wherey its going but most importantly on
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monday he will be performing at the, shakespeare theatre they write a play every year so it is a modern play to interview people to be campaign manager they will have several dozen and then you read from this play into this grace one raises money afor she steered -- i always gt there early and get the same one. with the play itself, we will begin in a couple of days.
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>> host: lake worth florida, republican. good morning. >> caller: good morning. my lucky day. mr. norquist, it is always a pleasure listening to you. i don't agree 100%, but no one ever does. when they want to raise taxes on corporations, they are all for that just blind to what the taxes on corporations do to us consumers. but as far as this with mexico the, i don't understand why president doesn't use the remittance tool that he has in his toolbox. it is over 28 billion each year. of course the mexican officials that are all corrupt if president trump would do that
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tomorrow immediately what he can do through the treasury department who has a little office called the office of the comptroller of currency, he canceled all wire transfers and get their attention because i've been sending e-mails to the white house for a team is dtelling them just go to the first part of the question all taxes are paid by people. general motors charges you more for the cars than they need to
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be decided we are not going to be in the united states we are going to be in canada or belgium and then you are losing jobs and itlosing capital it is a hidden tax on our future the president has been trying toe talk with e border rather roughly.
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mexico is doing better economically than in the past. i wish them well and having a stronger economy as well. >> host: rei raymond democrat, good morning. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. a report came out recently regarding the tax cut of last year and the report said that the benefits largely went through so i don't know why you keep saying they have such a great tax structure. secondly, the president is going about imposing fear of some
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other nation which is kind of insulting to them and shows he is not a good negotiator. why not provide responses to mexico to support instead of trying to bowl event by imposing tariffs on them. back to the taxes, you and other republicans used to talk about how it was too high and they were spending too much and now republicans are spending too much. >> guest: you said something that isn't true that the benefits of the tax reduction only went to millionaires and billionaires. "the new york times" said that in the "washington post."
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they both recently in prints that most americans got aat tax cut from the 2017 tax reduction. >> host: with the report that he may have been referring to with the impact of the tax cut this from the "washington post" story about the research service noting that in 2018 the gross domestic product was 2.9%, about the projected rate published in 2017 for the tax cut on the whole it tended to show a relatively small than any first year affected the economy that's according to the report's summary of they couldn't indicate the effect on gdp they tend to rule out large effects in the short run so that's from the report. >> guest: the only effect to expect is the day that it has to actually the day the president of elected he saw the stock market showedd up because people
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couldn't project he would take the business tax from the worst in the world can add 35% over about the obama administration and never did anything about it or introduced a bill to fix it. everybody said it needs tosa be fixed and it made all the difference in the world and went down to 21 and companies are no longer fleeing the unit to it's because the tax policy is so much worse. it's now 21%. it's a modest average tax on business. just to give you some idea so you can write this down and don't let anybody fool you in the future but median income family of $473,000 of the $2,000
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tax cut for the median income family that's detrimental. a single parent earning $41,000 a year with one kid got a 1,300-dollar tax cut so when biden as he said five times now i'm going to repeal the entire tax cut just told the average taxpayer in the country and bring to raise your taxes $2,000 to a single mother with author with one child you're going to be paying $1,500 every year for the rest of your life is a significant tax cut for americans and add to that it got rid of the obama tax penalty of 700-dollar tax on people who didn't want to buy obamacare or couldn't afford to pay 700-dollar tax if they had a family, $2,000. that was deliberately targeted at people earning under 50,000 to punish them for not doing what the government wanted and that was abolished by the trump
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tax cut. if you talk to those people come and they don't think that it was only for other people. >> host: you mentioned former vice president joe biden about his plans and how he would fund them through various taxes he's proposed including his clean energy plan that proposed to be funded through some sort of new carbon tax. i wonder how you feel about the topic. >> guest: it is a tax on energy produced and it's like a value added tax is everything in ththe country. the difference between the united states and europe is that we don't have a value added tax we have one at 20% so the carbon tax is bad on training wheels but when you put it in, i think it's a good idea to have a national election where joe biden once a tax on all energy
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on your heating oil and electricity and air conditioning and everything you buy that uses energy or the truck that brings you are amazon goods will all become more expensive to you because of a carbon tax on energy. ..
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. >> independent good morning. >>caller: we lost him now crystal a republican. >>caller: thank you for the call i want to comment but i agree with the president that i understand the people coming into our country does increase the price but i feel that it is harmful to mexico because
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sometimes you choose not to purchase that price but i feel like our economy is in such a good positionbe so i do think it's more harmful to mexico than us. . >> and you correctly understand that is a tax on american consumers but also the issue is one that is important enough to take short term pain with long-term success of that is the debate i just think it's very important that republicans always remember a tariff is a tax with a destructive effect for the worse and if you go down that road that is something you want to do quickly, when the argument, then go back toum
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peace. >> pennsylvania democrat good morning. i realize mister norquist is there to discuss tax reform and tariffs with mexico but what i don't understand is this immigration problem in countries in south america are having a terrible time so why can we not consider using the tariffs why can the united states start negotiating to see if we bring about peace in those countries and then to welcome immigrants with these dangerous situation?
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. >> venezuela the government is at war with its own people. but it just isn't governed very well. that is freedom or rule of law and they had a terrorist movement to destroy that country so that every peasant that to have the land they can buy it or they can sell it. that has been helpful to peru economic growth and the stability of the country one of the most important things we could do is support those movements to get private property rights to the
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indigenous population in brazil and other countries to give capital or land to borrow against this has worked very well and even more recently and those lead to those that our happy in the countries they are in. >> to export freedom and rule of law? you don't need foreign aid to do propertyy rights and then to have a central area. . >> houston, texas republican. >> good morning. i am calling on the republic
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of mine but i've been a presidential democratic voter but i am no longer wet joe biden said about carbon tax so now they don't mind taxing americans but tariffs are tariffs because they feel it makes products more expensive in mexico hogwash they are doing very well how much other cheap stuff do you get from china and mexico that you go to walmart for? we have enough cheap stuff. so tell me your deal of corrupt governmentnt to do what you can to hit them where they care and that is the pocketbook and then the businesses like 100 or 60 years. and this is my last comment and then talk about the
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remittances you can see how people feel about the illegals president trump says they are sending money back to their own families they would be protesting in the streets calling out the national guard because they would be mad as illegals they have the right to work here illegally to send the money back to their people so who are we to stop them from doing that? . >> to your original point the carbon tax is a tax can change how people vote we saw this in the australian elections but then those two elections inside each time he was for carbon tax he got forced t out. there isho nobody inside the party to say that
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they don't do this and for whatever reason they keep drifting to the left without focusing on this hillary clinton's political fight advisor sent an e-mail that got caught up and shared with the world will look at the carbon tax. the explanation of what this does politically. but you don't tell anybody that and then bided is bold enough to remember walter mondale he was running ahead of reagan in the polls and he had not turned around yet. and walter mondale says i will raise your taxes. and then said he will raise
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your r taxes. if we continue that strong economic growth it is almost as big as the tax cut continuing to move forward and strengthen but to make everything you buy more expensive with pennsylvania indiana and ohio would just what you need for the electoral college when it is unwise of the democrats to take this approach. it is virtuous to tell the trut truth. >> one or two more calls before the house comes in democratic line. morning. >> i thought it was a good show when norquist started off
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the discussion with regard to the frivolous nature of attacks of imported goods but then the idea of tax policy. and then that $1 trillion that went into corporate and those taxpayers that all charge a minimum tax. how confusing is it believing that trump is for the middle class that 95 percent of the benefits. >> we will take your comment. . >> and what they said in 2017 and to be very unpopular but
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as you get closer there is a wonderful chart, got more and more popular and more people look to last year's tax bill in this year's tax bill. and they know they got significant tax reduction. h&r block how much the average person got a lower taxes across the board it was about 25 percent and that was a huge. the lowest income to me 12000 per couple now 24000 with those calculations with a 0 percent tax rate is a big improvement. so the challenge and the rhetoric not only for rich people but almost nothing in terms of revenue.
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>> will have to end it there. americans for tax reform joining us this morning thank you for your time.
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