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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative Buddy Carter  CSPAN  June 15, 2019 3:42pm-3:46pm EDT

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booktv asked representative buddy carter what are you reading? >> well two things. i just finished a book i enjoyed very much. it's written by thomas carlisle. it's a book -- actually a biography of a fictional philosopher. and very interesting book and i'm studying it now. it's pretty heavy but i really
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enjoy it. i'm also reading the founder which is i have really enjoyed. i'm halfway through now. talks about three different characters, first of all, daniel webster's, john calhoun and henry clay and this is their early '80s and and relevant to what we're going through today because a lot -- they were all competitors, and all members of the house of representatives and talk about tariffs and that's something we're doing right now as well. so i found it very interesting and have enjoyed both books. >> what booksen your future books to read. >> one that i'm going to be reading in the future is a bright future, and that has to do with nuclear energy. i'm serve my special committee on climate change and this is going to be something i'm very interested in. trying to owed indicate myself as much as i can on all types of clean energy and nuclear energy
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is one of those so i'll be reading this in the future as soon as i finish these. >> host: ooh do you schreck the book you read. >> guest: that's an interesting customer try to be as diverse as i can. i have gotten into some of the early 1800s and mid-1800s. just finished a couple of month others andrew jackson's bat. of new orleans, which i enjoyed. then i read a book about thomas jefferson, and tripoli pirates and a book about lincoln and his last last trial before becoming president. i have a lot of opportunity to read while i'm flying, and it's a good way to pass the time. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we want to hearot you're reading. send us your list on facebook,
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twitter on instagram. >> tonight on booktv in primetime, we sit down with cbs sunday morning correspondent mo raqqa to talk about his book of obituaries of politics, scientists and entertainers and then jerome coresy. susan rice, former national security adviser, and u.s. ambassador to the united nations provides a preview of her upcoming memoir. and cnn's chief white house correspondents jim acosta offering his thoughts on covering the trump administration. then a visit to the home of authors jeanie safer and richard brook highser who discuss how they maintain their relationship despite their opposing political views. dr. safer, psychotherapist has a


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