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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative Bill Johnson  CSPAN  June 15, 2019 6:39pm-6:45pm EDT

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called upon not from 9:00 msnbc. that is it thank you so much it is an incredible honor to talk with all of you all of these books are a big deal. i appreciate it. [applause] [inaudible conversations] . >> congressman bill johnson
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from ohio. >> it is too big to say because i am in the process of two books i pretty much finished one of them but the latest is grant. talk about what informs my work here in congress it is vitally important to understand the book victories and the challenges we have faced in the past to make better informed decisions now. and looking back at conflict and how we came out of those conflicts as a stronger nation as i read and learned the role to the state of ohio plays to
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hold our union together. there were three prominent ohioans that encircled him chase who was secretary of cherished bone - - treasury of course, grant was his fighting general. sherman from outside of columbus, ohio that became the right-hand guy and also outside of columbus. and another general that played such a prominent role to bring that decisive conclusion you have more bloodshed than we had. and i just read 13 days by rfk with the cuban missile crisis and i was reminded think any of you were but i remember
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that tension around the cuban missile crisis and most americans do not have an appreciation to how close we came to a nuclear holocaust between the great superpowers of the soviet union and the united states. had it not been for jfk's digging in looking at alternatives or other options other than the obvious who knows where we would have been as a nation with president kennedy and his brother robert a great deal of gratitude to handle the situation they want - - the way they did. and by david mccullough the little community i live in
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that entire book and then we wound up in ohio it's interesting to look at the maps that are in this book to see the street that i live on today and what it look like back in the early days. 1787 was a long time ago when marietta was populated. and then billy graham's book and so i reading that and then
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the chaplain from the dallas cowboys from washington to lincoln to jfk in the current for the role of the decision-making in the nation's history when we needed to be on our knees. and that we have nowhere else to turn. and then with that divine intervention and that would be wise to listen to that counsel.
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