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tv   President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting  CSPAN  July 16, 2019 1:06pm-1:14pm EDT

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this president wants to focus on. that's are for the people agenda, that's where we will remain focused and working for the people who sent us here. >> i like to respond to that question in particular because i come from one of the districts that flipped and i think there's a few things in terms of how i talk in my community about this issue of immigration because it is something that comes up over and over again but we are split. we have a large number of people who are, come from immigrant families themselves and we have people who are from law enforcement backgrounds and you are concerned about border security so the thing i tried to approach it, the way that i tried to approach it is from a place of value. what do we care about as americans? who are we as americans and when you talk about the situations people are fleeing, they're not traveling 1000 miles across horrible landscape, putting their families in danger.
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>> we will leave this briefing at this point totake you to remarks from president trump after a meeting with cabinet members a short time ago . >> they can leave, they can stay but they should love our country and they should work for the good of our country. thank you very much everybody. [inaudible conversation] >> we are talking to turkey. >> what are you saying to turkey? >> we've had a good relationship and it's a very, commentary situation. the obama administration would not sell them the patriot missiles. they need the patriot missiles for defense.they would not sell them under any circumstances andturkey tried hard to buy them and they wouldn't sell them and this went on for a long time and it was as soon as they found out they would have to buy the missiles , not as good of missiles but a comparable,
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almost a missile from russia, all of a sudden everybody started rushing and saying to turkey we will sell you the patriot missiles. it was only when they found out they couldn't get it then they said let's go, we will sell you the patriot missiles but by that time turkey had paid a lot of money to russia for the missile that they were not allowed to buy here foolishly. because turkey is a nato member. turkey as ordered 100 f 35 planes, substantially over 100. they have plans to order more but because they have a system of missiles that's made in russia, there now prohibited from buying over 100 planes. i would say lockheed isn't exactly's a lot of jobs and frankly everyone's always had a good relationship. we have pastor brunson came back at my request, what i called pastor brunson was going to be in jail for 25 years and i called president
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erdogan and i said listen, he's an innocent man. he's a pastor, he's a religious man.he's not a spy, he is not the things they said and wehad a couple of conversations and i was able to get him back along with many other people . the press doesn't want to write about it, our ambassador for hostage negotiations said trump is the greatest of all time. i only tell you that because you'll never say it but i guess he had 21 back, i don't pay either unlike the 1.8 billion that was paid by the obama administration to get hostages back, i don'tpay . once you pay it doesn't work out so what is we have a situation where turkey is very good with us. very good. and we are now telling turkey that because you have really been forced to buy another missile system, where not going to sell you the f35 private jets . it's a very tough situation
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that they're in and it's a tough situation that we've been placed in, the united states. when all of that being said, we're working through it, we will see what happens but it's not really fair. they wanted to buy, i don't stick up for me, i don't stick up other than i had a good relationship with presidents or one. he wanted to buy our patriot missile, we wouldn'tsell and then when he made , he really wanted to buy and when he made a deal with another country, russia, to buy their system that he didn't even want, then all of a sudden we say okay, we will now sell you the patriot. and because of the fact he bought a russian missile, we're not allowed to sell them. billions worth of aircraft, it's not their situation . think after that? >> you said the right thing. >> what we're doing with china first of all, he's a friend of mine, he's a
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tremendous contributor, he's open at the republican national convention. peter is a brilliant young man, one of the most successful people in silicon valley. i guess he was an original investor in some of the biggest companies including facebook i understand. he made a very strong chart. use one of the top, maybe the top expert on all of those things. and he made a very good statement about google and i would like to recommend to the various agencies including perhaps our attorney general who was with us to maybe take a look. it's a big statement and when you say that google is involved with china and not a very positive way for our country. so i think we'll all look at that.i know our other agency will be looking at it. and we will see if there's any truth there but that's a big statement made by somebody who is highly respected. so we will certainly take a
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look at that. >> in these to central america and companies they say they're not going to play ball with your new asylum plans . >> will see what happens. we were sending hundreds of millions of dollars, are you talking about guatemala and honduras? we were sending hundreds of millions of dollars to guatemala and honduras. we're not going to send it anymore. we haven't been sending it for the last year . because they weren't doing anything for us. they were forming caravans and sending them off and in those caravans you had some very bad actors, you have people that were not people that we want in our country. so i realized that when they in the middle of their city or town's, when you form a caravan if the government is at all a government, they don't have to allow that caravan to comeup.
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so if they're not going to play ball, that's okay,not going to play ball with them . we don't give them any more money, they been ripping us off for years . i'm not a fan. until they shape up, all of a sudden came down supposedly with a report ruling that they're not allowed to do 80 third agreement with us. i sort of wonder if it came down because they wanted that ruling to come down. but we were giving them hundreds of millions of dollars like four years. and all they did was send us off. a lot of people cause a lot of problems. a lot of the people in those caravans were criminals. hardened criminals. dangerous people and why not? why would honduras or guatemala or el salvador, why would they keep, there criminals when you can put them in the caravan, lose them in a caravan and send them to the united states. we can everybody because the democrats don't allow immigration laws to mean anything, it's horrible. how they are, how they are
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taking care, just that one situation we could be taken care of very easily, how they won't even give us a vote on that. we've had many interviews of the people in those caravans, some of them a very bad place . >> a portion of comments from president trump after his meeting today with members of his cabinet, we will have his remarks in their entirety later on our schedule. right now though a briefing with republican leaders from earlier today addressing agenda items. >> we're having a good time to. >> good morning everybody. we're going to talk, we have a republican leader of the education and labor committee here, i'm going to introduce her in a momen


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