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tv   Army Col. Kathryn A. Spletstoser News Conference on Gen. Hyten  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 9:09am-9:31am EDT

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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> following this hearing general hyten's accuser spoke to reporters about her
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allegations and took questions. >> he stated that he didn't know where anybody else's rooms were. on that occasion it was assigned by agents. he did, it was across the room from his room. he knew that and he visited me there, so i think those are key points that i would like you to know. i would also like you to know that as a victim i felt i got sand bagged in there. you want to know how the osi investigation was done, and victims, it's approached as a blame, shame approach to the victim. it did not -- it just didn't. the evidence actually supports moving forward with charges. even though didn't investigate-- i think several people made a discussion how was it done and everyone claims it was so thorough, don't view the follows of stuff where you interviewed a guy who may have
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spent five minutes driving to and from the airport counts as substantive interview. i think we should talk about the fact that the-- not everybody in the security detail agreed that they think nothing happened. there was at least one member figured prominently in the airport osi investigation who did think something happened and that there was something clearly off at reagan. i will tell you as a senior person on the travel team that wasn't general hyten, i maintained close proximity and worked closely with the security detail, the communications and it was me who was interfacing with them at all times. so the notion that they would be protecting him from me, or vice versa is erroneous. the fact of the matter is, we spent a lot of time alone together. that's corroborated in every single thing. it was not by my choosing, by his. everything that i stated in that investigation was, in fact, corroborated, specific
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sex acts, there were only two people and i stated upfront, this will be a classic he said-she said unless you get additional stuff. everything i said was corroborated and you investigated the subject, investigated me. i think it's important you had a senior leader who couldn't answer simple questions on leadership, maintaining good order and discipline on his command. the fact of the matter, there were at least 12 people who brought it to his attention formally throughout the entire year prior. and yet, he did nothing about it. he liked it, he encouraged it, and told others, he thought my leadership style rough around the edges that it may be that i held people accountable and he liked it. the fact is general hyten was infatuated, that's in the record. i didn't come on to him, no consensual about it and if he
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had know the prematurely ejaculated at reagan, he could have raped me. so i understand you think i understand it's so hard like -- you want to thank somebody for 38 years and he does have a good record, it's not as diverse as you think. the fact is i had a perfect and unbem blished record and the white house experience and i've had a number of great opportunities that the army has afforded me to sit there and say i was an average officer who he somehow made a wonderful officer and multi-star general and suddenly toxic after i turned him down for sexual favors and after he sexually assaulted me is ludicrous. so, this isn't the court of public opinion. it's the court of what are the facts in the actual--
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to say there was nothing there is false. i can also address the other things that would say we've gun over 96,000 documents, and most of you questions on the classified network at the secret and top secret level, there was no classified -- nobody's been afforded the opportunity to review those e-mails with the appropriate classification, including my attorneys who should have had a being cess to them and didn't include the unclassified e-mails because when we talked to a number of people including in the closed session they had never seen several e-mails that are referred to that were clearly in the unclassified. i find it interesting that all the texts and phone messages disappeared when phones were upgraded. notwithstanding all of those things, the reality is, we're not talking about winning a case in a court of law. you're talking about a promotion to be the second highest military officer in the united states of america.
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one who couldn't answer simple questions on sexual assault or policy or how we handle it. and one who failed to treat a subordinate under his command with dignity and respect when that's his mantra. what we saw in there today was a political spectacle, at the expense of an innocent victim who has never lied on anything, who has a perfect and unblemished record and general hyten stated in the evaluation, my ethics and integrity are above and beyond reproach, and i can't say the same about him. i'll take a couple of questions. >> and do you want to testify publicly. >> i want to, but i don't want to be here now. this is frightening. i think it's important that the rest of the senate hears the
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facts of the case. i think it's important to that the american people understand that nobody made a false accusation again john hia hyten all what i said was corroborated. most of what he claimed was corroborated against him. the fact of the matter is you're not being told the truth that the air force did a great investigation. this was a plot and had been by day one. had this been handled properly due to the high nature of this nobody appeared to know to do, they could have turned this law enforcement investigation over to the fbi, ncis and cib and you would have had a fair process and impartial process, you didn't have that. >> and why do you think there are senators in there who are sympathetic to you and who have
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to-- >> i'd like to address that you're talking about against an innocent victim assuming she's lying or made this up. there's no evidence that have. that's one of the key findings na you don't understand. even though i was the subject of the investigation as the victim, there's no evidence anywhere and never will be that i'm lying because i am not. i am telling the truth. >> secretary wilson suggested how that you were, i believe, a soldier who may believe she's telling the truth even if she isn't. what do you make of that? >> i found that incredibly disrespectful and misinformed. i'm disappointed in dr. wilson. and had an opportunity to do the right thing as a victim should have been afforded the opportunity to you can at that to her in person and she could have asked me any of those questions. i think it's disrespectful that she or anyone else would --
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with combat injuries is somehow making something up. i think that's really a slippery path to get down. >> were you surprised to hear from general mcsally in support-- >> nothing surprises me, i'm disappointed that senator mcsally didn't reach out to me to get the facts. i think that she didn't review all the facts. if she did, she made an opinion, but the fact of the matter is unwilling to look me in the eye and having a professional discussion on the facts, and frankly, that offer still stands, i would move to meet with senator mcsally. >> what is your message to the senators on that committee? what do you want them to know? >> i would say that you saw somebody testify today who is not qualified to be the joint chairman of the vice chief of staffs. yes, acquisition, yes, you know
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a lot about nuclear command and control, but you clearly lack the ability to lead as a four-star for basic people levels or even understanding what personnel policies are in the department of defense that you serve and are asking to be the second highest ranking person. >> you're arguing that the air force didn't run a fair investigation of this. do you feel that the-- that the staff gave it the consideration it's due and are you going to, if it goes out of committee, are you going to go to other senate offices and continue telling them with your allegations? >> well, i think that everybody can do that now. i actually have a job to do so i don't know that that makes a lot of sense. i think what makes more sense is potentially having a public testimony where all the senators could hear it because this frankly shouldn't be tried in the court of public opinion. that's the sad fact, had this been done general hyten would not be at a confirmation
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hearing today he'd be at a preliminary hearing article 32 we call it in the army and department of defense having gone forth with the charges for felony sexual assault. >> if the general is confirmed what message does that send to-- >> it sends that every general officer or flag officer is above the law and they won't be tried under the same set of circumstances as everybody else. several people said, oh, we follow the process, we didn't think it was necessary to suspend his clearance. look. so there are a whole host of department of defense and air force instructions and regulation that is require a lot of adjudication be done prior to actually -- at a minimum, none of those things were done, none of that stuff was entered into the data bases when you're under criminal investigation so all that should have been done and hasn't been done and it still
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hasn't been done so it would be nice to know who made the decision to just give him a free pass. you have to understand, when it came up, nuclear command and control in this country from the strat com commander to the president of the united states and back down and you've got a guy under felony sexual assault investigation since the middle of april and has been allowed to continue in command with a lot of additional stress. none of the things showed happened and the bosses, if you will, that the department laid out for itself, none of that's --. >> would you disappointed that some of the female democratic senators that have previously come out, that they did not show up, like senator gillibrand, for example? >> my understanding is they would have loved to show up, but as you know, some of them are running politicians. i think the timing of the hearing and the rush to get
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this all the way through so fast-- >> do you think the timing-- >> and senator gillibrand for this time of case, before this happened would you have agreed with him and now-- >> i don't think that that's a binary question. it's not either senator mcsally's position or senator gillibrand's position. >> as someone who has been a senior commander, i feel the command ser a vital-- should have a vital role in this. having said that in a case like this there's no way as a commander i would not go to 32 in order to protect myself as a commander and ensure that due process occurs. so i think that there are several policy options that should be available, but in essence, i think that this case literally proves senator gi gillibra
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gillibrand's point. >> what would you like to see in the process going forward, victims of sexual assault in the military actually being heard and having their case being prosecuted? >> so, this moving forward tells everybody, every sexual assault survivor, victim, whatever you want to call them that they need not bother to report it, that they won't be taken with seriously. their own character, despite having a flawless record will always be questioned that they will be the ones investigated. that they won't see justice, and hey, in the end senior officers aren't allowed to assault people, we'll just give them promotions instead. >> what are your own future plans in the military? >> i plan to retire at the end of the year, before the end of the year. >> and has is that-- >> is hasn't. the reality is corroborated in the roi, on the morning of the attack the last attack at reagan i already informed general hyten i was going to retire and retire in fairly
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short order. both general hyten and the admiral, they wanted me to stay in and get promoted. >>. that wasn't my dream, i certainly wasn't oppose today it, but i felt after 28 years as enlisted nco and officer who has done at least four combat deployments, i felt like hey, i've done the best i can do and i wanted to go on to other things and continue to serve in other ways. >> colonel, would you support the release of the report unredacted? >> good luck with that. yes. >> you would? general hyten made one comment about how there were 30 something additional nonsexual charges --. >> i honestly don't know what he was referring to there. i find that interesting because i don't recall making 34 complaints against anybody.
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i know i probably did a whistle blower complaint and in the appeal process for this, general hyten caused initiation of a question of investigation into himself how he handled it. saying that i leveled 34 complaints against him that's not true. i went to the internet to see where he got the interesting information. i don't believe there's no corroboration for that. >> nobody in the panel put that forth to you? >> i was not asked that question that way, what i just told you what they asked and that's the same answer i gave them. >> did any of those numbers that he ran down sound familiar to you --. >> i think he said two against the deputy commander and i don't recall making any against the deputy commander and neither one-- i think the way they do investigation, when you do an investigation they look for different things and they
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actually open multiplications on the same investigation so i think that there are some issues with that. >> general hyten -- do you believe in the future-- [inaudible] >> i don't know whether or not he's done it to anyone else. the only lireason i'm here toda, to tell the moral truth that he doesn't do it in the next four years as vice general. >> there were multiple before that. that was the most egregious one involving [inaudible] >> i was skiered, mortified and frankly i naught a lot of his come-ones were high schoolish, college-like, sophomoric and i thought i could just make it till the end. i didn't think he would keep
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doing it and for a period of time he stopped doing anything egregious, but that was something that happened at the end, at the reagan forum. people want to make this a partisan issue or a political statement, but i will tell you as somebody almost having been raped that evening, i was just devastated as a human being and i was scared. and it was a horrible position to be when everybody, to include secretary wilson, secretary esper, secretary shanahan, general gofy, general miller, half the-- in there, maybe not half were
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at the reagan forum, fox news was there to do reporting the next day, the national security advisor was there. somebody who really respected ronald reagan and served in a republican administration, i knew the value of that place and i wasn't going to cause what would have been perceived -- by coming out publicly and doing it, but in hindsight i should have. we wouldn't be here today. a lot of people probably would have been ruined from that, but then general hyten would have been held accountable and probably would have been in jail. >> thanks. >> and a look here at the military times reporting on general hyten's nomination. yesterday the senate armed services committee voted to advance the nomination by a vote of 20-7 sending it to the full senate for consideration at a time to be determined.
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watch our exclusive interview with president donald trump as he reflects on his first two and a half years in office, including the raising of the debt ceiling. >> you fake a -- you take a look at the european union, it's doing poorly. you take a look at china doing poorly. we have a strong military, a lot stronger after this last budget, and then at some point very soon i'll be able to cut back, but we had to rebuild our military. we didn't have a choice. >> an interview with president trump saturday at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span. watch anytime on-line at and listen wherever you are using the free c-span radio app. >> the u.s. senate is about to gavel in. today lawmakers will finish debate and vote on a two-year federal budget and debt limit agreement. that measure would prevent
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automatic sequester cuts. kentucky senator rand paul will offer an amendment to lower spending caps over the next decade. we expect final votes later this morning and we may also see more work on president trump's judicial nominations. now live senate coverage here on c-span2. the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. eternal god, who has created humanity in your image, look upon us and hear our prayers. today, give our lawmakers the desire to do your will and the energy to complete the tasks that will glorify your name. that which they don't know, reveal it.


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