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  President Trump Departure Remarks  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 5:49pm-6:11pm EDT

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of foundation, a political leader can do all kinds of -- >> sunday from noon to 2:00 p.m. eastern, mr. edwards is the author. during our live conversation with your phone calls, tweets and facebook conversations. be sure to watch our live coverage of the 2019 national session sunday august 31. >> has trump departed the white house, he stopped and spoke to reporters.
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>> i'm not concerned about that at all. i expected that because people don't understand about what's happened with china. products are being sold into our
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country and they have to pay it because they devalue and push money out. we are charging them 25% on $2,150,000,000,000. there is no inflation. what has happened, companies are moving out of china so they can avoid this. this is their worst year in 27 years. when my people came home, they said we are talking to, we have another meeting in early september. we'll be contacting them. they are doing a great job.
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the numbers are way down at the border. it's very much under control. what would you say? let me ask you a question. what would you say with china for the last 20 years has been taking hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country. we had a china has been taking money out by the hundreds of billions of dollars a year. we have rebuilt china. if they don't want to trade with us, that would be fine with me. we did save a lot of money.
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i think presidency, somebody i like a lot, he wants to make a deal. he's not going fast enough. we are losing thousands of people. very importantly, you've been covering this for a long time, china has been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year end rebuilding china. it's time we rebuild our country. the one thing i have to say, what china is doing is that devaluing their currency into their pumping money out like they've never done before and they are paying for, we are not.
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something is probably happening with hong kong. when you look at what's going on, that's between hong kong and china. they don't need advice. >> are you giving negotiations for that plexus. >> it takes a for ships to come over. i'm giving them four weeks. we are now taking tariffs of 10%. 25% or 250 billion.
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people are not paying for those tariffs. we never made an agreement on that. we'll see what happens but the short range missiles are very standard. >> are you concerned about reports about your nominee? >> he's an outstanding man and i'm sure he won't be able to do very well. we are not allowing them into our country. we can do business for nonsecurity things but anything
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having to do with national security, we are not dealing with that. i haven't actually heard that. i know there's a lot of things going on but i don't know, i haven't spoken to them about that. what james commented was illegal. >> are you prepared to tell them to stop? >> i don't know what's going to happen. i'm going to cincinnati and we have sold out, we can sell it out probably ten times from what i hear.
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the applications, i have no idea. we have a great group of people. they love the job we are doing. when they see the people who want to represent us, that's not what they want. i can't tell you whether or not they will do that. i don't know that you can stop people. we'll see what we can do. if they do, we'll have to make a decision then. >> do you have a message for them now? >> yes, we had over 100,000 applications for i think 14000 seats arena, we are way over 122,000 applications for those seats. my messages, i love them and i think they love me.
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have they accepted the offer? that's up to prime minister and i met with him, i got along great with him. they are fantastic people. i would imagine they can get along very well. if they want somebody to intervene or help them and i spoke with pakistan with that, that has been going on for a long time. if i can, i would certainly intervene. i can't comment about that, but he was very threatening to our country. he was saying very bad things about our country. i will let you make your own
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comments about it. bin laden was threatening to our country. as far as beyond that, i have no comment. do you really believe this? we didn't talk about that. i spoke with him yesterday, they are having massive fires in their forests. i just spoke with our assistant, we are good about putting out forest fires lately. we had a short but good talk. i think he appreciated it. these are massive fires like i've not seen. i think they very much appreciate it.
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>> he believes interfering in the election -- know he said no collusion and no obstruction. .... >> but i will say this there
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has never been a time in the history of our country like we have right now. the highest number of people employed the best employment numbers for african-american african-americans, the best numbers we have ever had. the military is being rebuilt it is almost fully rebuilt and love letter short period of time with new aircraft in new missiles and knew everything. >> what did you think of the democratic debate quick. >> nobody knows even you probably didn't write that statement down. but if you remember a short while ago we defeated isis with 100 percent of the caliphate so we have captured
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over 2500 isis fighters. because they were going back into europe in france, german france, germany, so right now we have 2500 wii cap at 100 percent of the caliphate and we have done a big job of al qaeda and everybody else over her to make that statement is ridiculous frankly. for her to make that statement is so ridiculous and she has taken a lot of heat. but nobody has done more than i have. so thousands of isis fighters so let's see if they take them and if they don't and we will have to release them to europe. >>
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[inaudible] >> these are short range missiles and these are short range missiles and a lot of other countries. >> now you say i should have done more cracks i did more than anybody thought and 10 percent is for the short term variance that i can do more or i can do less depending on what happens but i'm very happy the way it is right now people came back and will meet again but in the meantime they will pay a tariff. when i did the 25 percent this
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can be ultimately lifted and stages are taken off. but it can be lifted in stages starting at 2 percent the lifted well beyond 25 percent but we are not looking to do that necessarily 10 percent on 300 million we always have a 25 percent for the 250 million so falling that 250 billion at 25 percent. >> considered a blockade or a quarantine out of china and iran quick. >> sim. >> when the house democrats
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have said. >> nobody has even mentioned this until last night at the very end people are not even thinking this. they think it is a hoax. nobody has mentioned this to me. but one thing that i will say is two days ago a highly respected judge in the southern district of new york in manhattan came out with a decision and said exactly that. it is a hoax. it is the decision by a judge who is highly respected and came out and said it is a hoax and that is exactly what it is. nobody wants to talk about it. do you know why? because it is fake news.
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>> we didn't discuss the inf. and i said if we can help you that does no. so we are pulling out tomorrow and we will see what happens. and that is okay with me. >> i have watched elizabeth warren with a phony ancestry that she did not have. to me she does not have credibility and it's possible have to run against her but
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everything turned out to be a lie. so she has a big lack of credibility. >> i didn't really know. i think biden did okay and he came through. he lived right through it he was okay. really is coming down to four or five of them. >> i do have a lot of respect
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and i will be going to poland very soon because they are building an installation so they are building something very nice for the united states. >> that responsibility over so many years obviously running baltimore into the ground they have given billions of dollars to baltimore. the people of baltimore appreciate what i have done for them. it is the number one city in the united states for crime unfortunately. so people appreciate what you
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are doing if it was misspent that a lot of things happened a lot of bad things but elisha cummings does not help the people but maybe we will get together and get it straightened out but what has happened to baltimore is disgraceful not only baltimore but other democratic run cities. if you take a look at the european union that is doing great look at other countries that say we are the hottest country in the world economically and otherwise but
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then at some point we had to rebuild the military >> afternoon we will get started. to examine those links and economic health and national security risks of these