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tv   Evan Sayet Apocali Now  CSPAN  August 18, 2019 3:03pm-3:11pm EDT

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>> i guess i could have you sign right here. >> are they going to set up that table. >> here are some of the current best-selling nonfiction books according to the new york times. topping the list is growing up in the idaho mountains in her introductory to formal education at the age of 17. in her book educated. it's been a bestseller list for over year. next, journalist lisa taddeo examines female sexuality in three women. then his former first lady michelle obama's memoir for coming. this best selling book last year that is tv and radio host mark critical look at the media. and freedom of the press. wrapping up our look at some of the best selling nonfiction books according to the new york times' pioneers. it's the recount of the early settlers of the northwest territory. most of these authors have
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appeared on the tv. you can watch them online apple tv .org. >> we don't do many children's books on book tv. we are going to a feature of alkali now. why should we talk about your book question mark. >> is perfect for children. it is written for children but also forgive me it is high political fire. and what i really appreciate you having me on the show where you don't typically have children's book. when it first came out, it was number one new release on amazon three weeks in a row in both children's and environmental books and adult political humor. people are getting it. it's all about environmental issues. basically it begins with the father reading to us terrified child who is terrified about
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global warming. one by one, i go through and politically i go through all of the berries apocalypses and apopka lysing my made up. the irony is you can't have more than one apocalypse. this goes back to when i was a child and they were talking about a hole in the ozone that was going to get us or acid rain or one night when i list all of the verilog on the various apopka light that we addressed and we are still here. >> when did you get interested in these issues. >> the issue really is the education of our children. look, to frighten children, robert manual said the good prices go to waste. look at what better crisis is going to in the world. i just want children to not be
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afraid of global warming. the concern and do the things that you can do. i'm just saying let the voice of hysteria that allows people to a vantage of us because we are so afraid and we give our money and our freedom in our power. it really is los of a denier of books that saying we've been here before, we have dealt with acid rain, and killer bees and mad cow and these things. go to sleep my child, it's okay. >> one of the things that you do know is al gore has made a lot of money off of these crisis. >> not only that but the hypocrisy of how he lives. all of them, they prime they fly on these private jet planes that they want us to have a 60-watt bulb for a 40-watt bulb. it would be so much more convincing if they practice what they preach. it would be so much more convincing, ever crispy just doesn't mean that you preach
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higher ideals and with human shortcomings you fail. were going to fail because we are human. this is the idea that the rules don't apply to you. that is a very scary thing when you talk about government and power and when you're talking about the leanest and the ruling class that doesn't think that rules apply to them. yes when al gore is a hypocrite, that is disconcerting. >> to write books full-time customer. >> i am more a conservative thought industry. this is the first time i have ever written a children's book but it is also a adult book. i have a serious book called the eden, single most lecturer in entire history. i regularly speak there. >> what was the.of that lecture. >> i explain how many goods smart generous people, like my
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cousins, like my neighbors, like my colleagues, how it is they reject fact and reason and in doing so, invariably side with evil failure and on. i give you two examples. how do you look ferguson missouri question mark and decide that the racist top shutdown and industry innocent black child in cold blood. how do you get it so wrong. how you look in the middle east. how do you decide that the liberal democracy in israel is the problem but not of the islamic's are homophobic and a little bit anti-semitic muslim nations that surrounded but of all of the nations of the planet, that's the one nation you're going to boycott and sanction and digest on that one. how do you look at the facts and get it so wrong. i explain it in a way that it is so satisfying to so many that when i give the talk originally, i was in the political world.
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my history is a standup comedian as a television writer and a documentarian. i didn't get involved in politics until post 911. and then i give that speech and it was my first one in washington dc. it continues to go viral to the state. >> who is your illustrator. >> and franco. the funny thing about that is for a cartoonist, you know his work and you have seen it a thousand times. they scribbled the names in the corner you don't know it's his work. he is award-winning and nationally syndicated. the fact that he comes on to my project that i wrote this i said to him, you've got to write a cartoon every single day. can you do 20 for me. and the fact that he said yes, that really gave me a feeling that we've got something here. >> thanks for spinning a few minutes with us and here's the book apopka light now, by evan sandt. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me.
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>> here's a quick look at the bed next to three programs on tv. on c-span two. next, journalist christopher ketchum reports on conflicts over public lands in the western united states. then, bioethicist trevor reeder shares his personal experiences with opioid addiction. later, profiles female spies in world war ii. then i'll start now. [inaudible conversation] hello everybody. my name is david chaco i am the executive public library district. i am here with my friend and colleague doctor patrick burns of the dean of the ch you library. i want to thank our sponsors tonight, the library, the


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