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tv   What Are You Reading with Representative Tom Cole  CSPAN  August 24, 2019 2:58pm-3:01pm EDT

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once you let's use the broken arm. once you broken your arm, it's a little weaker and you gotta treated a little different way. it feels a bit pain, your like i just broke my arm, i need to make sure that it is healing properly. that's how i treat my brain. my emotions in that. >> back to where we started. the title of the book is on telling the truth but i am lyi lying. once again what does that come from. >> bassey ikpi: it comes from this idea that no matter how much of the truth you know, there still things that you lie to yourself and other people about. >> thanks for spinning a few minutes with us. >> bassey ikpi: thank you. >> tom cole. what are you reading.
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>> tom cole: is about an english offer. an english author. on the road to war. i just finished up a book projected a trilogy. the british are coming. the first couple of years of the revolutionary war. i didn't read book reviews so obviously that matters in the local newspapers. sometimes i will just hear about a book and remember years ago picking up the book devotion by adam make is about to carrier pilots. one of them shut down and died in korean war 1950. i just heard him talking about the book on npr and i thought that sounded like a great read and it was. i listen to other people as well if they are reading something interesting. they will usually talk about it. no systematic way but i usually end up with pretty good books. >> where you enjoy reading.
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>> tom cole: everywhere, probably mostly in airplanes. you get a couple of hours there are more usually more. so i do a lot of that. then i try to read something every day or read at least a little bit if i've got a book that i'm reading i usually cannot have ten or 20 pages. i don't travel ever without a book. >> find out what other members of congress are reading. what are you reading on otb .org. >> i am so thrilled to welcome) to politics and prose to discuss we've got people from jesse jackson to alexandria the end of big money and the rise of movement.


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