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tv   Mark Levin Unfreedom of the Press  CSPAN  September 3, 2019 11:21pm-12:30am EDT

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question time. watch live wednesday starting at 7 a.m. eastern here on c-span2. next, mark levin on his book on freedom of the press. in it he argues that the media isn't a free press but rather a propaganda. from the ronald reagan presidential foundation in simi valley, this is just over one hour. [applause]
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[applause] [cheering] good evening, everyone. for those i had the chance to meet, i have the honor of being executive director of the ronald reagan presidential foundation. [applause] in honor of our men and women in uniform who defend our freedom around the world, please join me for the pledge of allegiance.
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i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. i will start with mark's wife julie and his son chase. [applause] marks mother-in-law. [applause] i wouldn't be at the library if
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they didn't recognize olsson and his wife. [applause] before the great one takes the stage, i want him to know how grateful all of us are that once again he has taken three days out of this incredibly busy life to travel all the way to california and back. [applause] by visiting us, i mean not only this crowd that is in this packed house before me, but also the hundreds of fans live watching this next-door, welcome to all of you
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[applause] mark has been here a time or two with his family but this is his sixth official visit. a tradition he generously started way back in 2010 when he was here with his number one "new york times" best-selling book liberty and tyranny. did i mention that his newest book on the freedom of the press, the one in each of you are holding in your hand as this week number one "new york times" bestseller? [applause] it has been one of the greatest honors of my life to count him as a friend. i bet each one of you feels the same kind of kinship with mark
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as well. listening to him on the radio each day or watching on television or getting the chance to shake his hand is a big deal. and comforting to know his voice and intellect reaches millions of people each day. gratifying to know his point of view and our point of view. amidst all the noise and chatt chatter. [applause] mark has achieved so much since he was with us two years ago. it's grown by leaps and bounds and on top of that he now
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dominates tv ratings on fo alonx news each sunday with this show, life, liberty and the marco van. [applause] the radio show on the air for 17 years now attracts over 7 million listeners each day. [applause] it is no wonder we all took such great pride when he was inducted into the national radio hall of fame a few months ago. [applause] since we were last together with him but just like you and me, he's human. he's faced the sadnes sadness ae challenges this past year. he and julie lost his dad and
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mom in the span of just a few months. there is a modest wooden bench located just outside the auditorium in honor of him that bears their names. [applause] it overlooks the beautiful valley below that faces the pacific. the same view shared by president reagan's own gravesite. he's taken on a lot of work. it's a superhuman effort to produce and perform as much as he does and as well as he does every day. he does it for us, for his country that he loves so much. [applause] it's no secret that we here in california have been busy.
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[applause] while you were writing your best-selling books and producing brand-new shows, we were busy in the great state of california in the same state that twice made of ronald reagan and its governor and 40th president becoming number one in so many things as well. [applause] since they were last with us, think of what we have achieved while you have been on. in that time, california has raised its state income tax to the highest in the nation. here in la or state sales tax and local sales tax combined are the highest in the country. sanctuary cities across this great land have nothing on us. we have the distinction of being
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a sanctuary state. no wonder then we harbor more illegal aliens i'm sorry, undocumented immigrants. [laughter] laughter than any other state in america. since you last visited, we have succeeded in attracting the largest homeless population of any state in the nation. finally, we hold the record entitling more lawsuits 52 to be exact against any other state. that's right, i said it. [applause]
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please been busy. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in getting a warm welcome to mark levin. [applause] how are you holding up? three hours every day and hour of tv every night and now an hour on fox each sunday. this is the busiest that you have ever been. this is home to me.
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three words is not enough. [applause] i remember when ronald reagan was governor and i remember when pete wilson was governor. i remember the great days of the golden state. now you can see what the one-party rule that takes the most magnificent state in the country and puts it number one
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or number 50 or number 50 where it ought to be number one. it's a disgrace and they are so proud of themselves. when you look at the people running right now, i speak for myself, when you look at the people running on the democrats side, they are insane. [applause] to answer your question, whatever time i am putting in isn't enough. i will use the microphone and td camera to advance the cause. [applause]
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this is easy if the 18 to 19 and 20-year-old20 year olds are doir the country. it's easy compared to what the border patrol is doing. it's easy compared to our law enforcement and what they are doing. it's nothing compared to what the heroes are doing in this country. they are the ones who deserve our gratitude. [applause] there's something about this book. it flew off the shelf to be number one very fast. i know liberty and tyranny was number one also, there seems to be something special about the book at this time. are you able to explain it? >> i am. the press is out of control.
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cnn is not a free press and msnbc is not a free press. "the new york times" is not a free press. "washington post" is not a free press. free press isn't pushing into your logical agenda, it isn't in the back pocket of one party or another party. it isn't pushing social activism whether it is climate change or what have you when you turn on the tv most of the time today the channels are ground beating you with their propaganda and left-wing agenda, but the left-wing agenda and so forth, that isn't freedom of the press. it's with the news people over the worlallover the world they e pamphleteers. the difference between a moderate media and the media that founded the country as the patriot media, demand with the printing press, the pamphlets from 30 some newspapers, they
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were trying to fundamentally transform government. they wanted a representative government and they didn't want a lot of that. today the press is trying to fundamentally transform us. not the government, the civil society and the individual. that is diametrically opposed with the press is supposed to be. what is the last time that there was a leak to "the new york times" but was hopeful? it never happens. when is the last time there was an exposé in the "washington post" that was negative on nancy pelosi it's never happens. they beat this president, beat this president and the people who support him every day. they did it before he was elected and having the election. they've done it since and they are doing it today. that is not a free press. that's propaganda.
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[applause] >> to answer your question, what this book does present a surface level book. i look at the history of the press and the constitution and i say i've really dug into this issue of the press. where does it come from and why is it important, we think we know, so i look at that than i look at the evidence and it's overwhelming what goes on in the newsrooms toda today there's no diversity in ththere is nodivers all one way. then i look at how the american people think of the press to take an 80% of republicans don't trust u it, 80% of democrats do. then i look at the social activism like announcing on meet the press where he says we are not trying to do climate change denial anymore. who is this guy? is he smart, no. does he have a particular background in the subject? no. is he a hack?
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yes. physicists, phd, climatology, meteorology, there's thousands of them that have written extensively about this, so now they are banned from going on meet the press because we are climate change deniers. does anybody here deny that there is climate change? what we deny is that there's anythinthere isanything we can . [applause] so i think people are looking for answers and arguments and what's exciting about this book to be in your reactio me and yot is what i'm trying to generate here. i was part of the reagan revolution, the tea party revolution, the article five convention space revolution. [applause]
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what we are trying to do now is defend the constitution and those that want to remove a duly elected president of the united states and what this book does is explain who they are because they are political, they are a force and if we are going to get the country back where are we going to get the freedom of the press back, we have to deal with these people and that is who the book is about. [applause] i was thinking when i read your book that if president trump had been given the opportunity to. >> i wish that i had thought of it. [laughter] >> i was listening to your show a few months ago and it became apparent i think you had an opportunity may be quietly and maybe more than once, i don't know, to sit with our president, to talk with our president. i'm not asking you to betray any
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conversations but having met with him and having spoken with him, should we have all the confidence in him that you think we should? >> i don't meet with him that often. often. there's the occasionalthere is l conversation, and i will tell you this is a very smart man come enormously charismatic. he knows what's going on and where he wants to take the country. it's not like anything that he has portrayed in the media. he's very deep and when you look at him compared to buy them, it's like a joke. [laughter] in the republican primary unsupported cruz and then come the general election, i support the president trump. and i'm glad i did because a lot of his positions -- [applause] in one of his positions are so
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solid, and i don't know that any of those other republicans are on the stage that could have withstood what he is withstanding right now, and i think that we are extremely fortunate that he's there. he stands between us and them and he and his family -- [applause] key and his family are taking more than any president or family should have to take. it's outrageous what the left gets away with a pelosi and her husband get away with, but the chairman ochairmen of the commit away with. so, i've told my family i will do whatever i have to do whether it is go on fox were to write a
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book to defend the constitution against the mob is trying to forcibly remove a duly elected president of the united states. [cheering] our new attorney general bill barr. [applause] do you think as you were chief of staff to ed meese attorney general, do you think that the attorney general is going to be successful in getting to the bottom of all that went on behind the scenes in all of the intelligence agencies and the fbi and do you think we are going to find the truth to what actually happened? >> i couldn't be more proud of
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bill barr. [applause] he didn't have to take this job, he had an attorney general before come enormously successful. he could have caught the villages like robert mueller. but he didn't. [laughter] and he is cool that it, cool as a cucumber. he knows what he's doing. they are going to hold him in contempt? is this a joke? i told them in contempt by the way. [applause] and i don't need a vote to hold him in contempt. he's a man of the law come he doesn't have any axes to grind, but he sees we have a roa wrotea house of representatives
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committee chairman that they have one object of which is to try to destroy this president and presidency. the presidency. he had six committees using government to pay fo paid for sg tax dollars that have turned a house of representatives into an opposition research organizati organization. that's why they want his taxes and the bank records. i've never seen anything like this in my life and he challenges them. i'm not going to give it to you. we will go to court. he's going to sue them and go to court and they say that is obstruction of justice. [cheering] justice [laughter] this is like the dumbest house of representatives. [laughter] [applause] you listen to jerrold nadler or maybe not. [laughter] you listen to him, chairman of the committee, he goes on, won't
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go on my shows that goes on msnbc, cnn, wherever she goes on and on the president has committed crimes, the president obstructed justice -- wait a minute here, he's a congressman that runs a committee, has committed crimes. was there a trial that i missed, was there a sentencing that i missed? just because a prosecutor writes a report doesn't mean that the president has committed anything. and he waves around the constitution. you just violated the fourth amendment, fifth amendment, sixth and 14th and u. were wavinyou werewaving around the n of the united states. the president of the united states then it's almost like a freak show then you have nancy pelosi -- [laughter] who says she wants him in prison. [laughter] then you have one of them they
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bring fried chicken to the microphone and he wants to arrest the attorney general, handcuff him to the chair and taken to the cafeteria. they call this the prison and a house of representatives here. and i'm thinking to myself what has happened to the democratic party. so, what' what was your question again? [laughter] do you think that they will drive this right off the cliff and try to impeach president trump? >> i think they want to drive the ratings down to 37 or 35% at which time they will pull the trigger but if they can't get him down that far i think that they are just going to keep going on tv with the democratic party press to keep trying to destroy him so he will have a difficult time in the reelecti
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reelection. so i think the media and the democratic party are working hand in glove. they know they can do and say anything. they are jusyou're just going t. so, i think they are trying to drive down his rating and if they can get them down to the mid 30mid-30s they will make a e on him. they are looking at the polls right now and it's too early that they are looking at them right now and see the president in michigan, wisconsin, some of these other states. pelosi is sitting there thinking i don't know if i want to mess around right now. they b be we can win the states. what they do not want to awaken is you the millions of americans who are either uninvolved or annoyed but have become very active and she knows that and is concerned about the so that's
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what you hear some commentators say go ahead, try to impeach him because there are millions like wait a minute you are trying to impeach the president for what? we just had an investigation. so, she is walking a fine line but i think that if she could, she would. she wants to get the numbers down and if they get them down they will try. see how weird this is, we have an election coming up in less than two years so you don't need to impeach anybody particularly since the senate isn't going to remove him so they try to figure out whether they impeach him to make sure he doesn't win the reelection or pretend you're investigating him but not impeaching him to make sure he doesn't end in the meantime, china is on the move, iran, north korea, all these countries are on the move and in the meantime there is a disaster on the border, they don't care,
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they are not focused on that and i think that is what the republicans need to focus on. [applause] >> said as he gets reelected? [cheering] [applause] i'm not nostradamus first of all. [laughter] i think in the end the american people elect him again. i think that he does deserve it. [applause] but i don't think it's a sure thing and i don't think that they think that either. why do you think that there's open borders? why do you think the red states are becoming purple, why do you think purple states are becoming blue, why do you think ronald reagan couldn't get elected dog
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catcher in the states today or colorado has gone blue or nevada has gone blue, we are running out of states. so i think it is a problem and biography as a footnote, this is why i am annoyed by some of these pseudo- constitutional conservatives when the president is trying to secure the border. i take a back seat to nobody when it comes to the constitution. if the act of 1976 but has been used over 50 times. did you ever hear any of these constitutional conservatives object when any president used it coming didn't even know the law existed as a matter of fact. and the president is using statutory authority, budgetary authority, all the relevant authorities that have been used by other. there are aspects of the law but he's not using the aspects i don't like so we can have a discussion about that. and also, this tariff thing i
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think china is the enemy so it needs to be addressed economically and militarily. china isn't a joke. china will be the number one superpower if this president is not reelected. i tell you that right now. that said, he may be saying that he's using them on trade with the way that i look at that he's using it for national security because it keeps stealing our stuff and that is a good enough reason. when you look at mexico, this is a national security problem. we have millions of people trying to get into this country coming to the communities where you have hundreds of thousands being released in the communities that the mayors don't know, city councils don't know, the community doesn't know. 5%. i hear people say you know what that's going to do to the cost of goods? i know it is going to drive up the cost of goods.
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1.1 illegal aliens it is going to drive up the cost of property taxes in schooling an and schoow enforcement and health care. so this isn't a cost thing to me. this is a president that is getting no help from the democrats. republicans when they controlled the senate and the house didn't do anything to secure the border, and he is trying to fix it. [applause] >> on the southern border, i remember it was about a month's worth of time -- [laughter] it used to be coming and you might remember the southern border problem was a manufactured crisis. now it's okay maybe there's a crisis but it's your fault,
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mr. president. how do we go from there to their? >> because they lied. [laughter] one of the lines they were using when they were separating children from adults were separating children from their parents they all know in almost 40% of the cases they were not their parents and they were trying to figure out if these are predators, perverts, what's going on here and you can just send the school kid kids home kh these adults. we don't know who they are so we don't even know how to get information on a lot of them but was curious to me when they said it's like internment camps. we wanted to remind them of their great hero franklin roosevelt actually set up internment camps and put japanese americans and americans of japanese dissent and internment camps and as a matter of fact when you look at most of what was done in this country, it is the democratic party and more recently the left that has
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abused power. trump didn't setup the internment camps, that would be roosevelt. what they were trying to do is make sure that those kids are safe because they don't know who they are with. it's rather strange to have a political party come and they will talk about a republican .-full-stop it's strange to have a political party in this country that hates the country. i'm told i'm very provocative when i see these things. i don't care. the democratic party but it's the party first and that is what they do come up with a party first. i don't put republican first, do you? we are americans. wwe put the country first and talk about america. they put their party first so you havsayyou have a party thats the most successful economic system on the face of the earth. the best healthcare system in the face of fear, the most magnificent law enforcement on the face of the earth and of the
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most courageous military on the face of the earth, the constitution itself while they wave it around. what kind of a party is this and listen to the candidates that are running very systemically racist country when people south of the border who don't happen to be caucasian are trying to pour into the country by the millions, i don't think trade to come into a systemically racist country or people trying to come into the country to make a living and they talk about the wage gap. first of all, what wage gap? [applause] alright. all right. anyway. [laughter] i speak for myself, not the reagan library. as it is well known.
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[laughter] they say that donald trump's tweet are offensive. do you believe the numbers recently about the surveys showing 51% of the nations young people are in favor of socialism, do they know what socialism is? >> yes and no. do they favor it, yes. that's like asking if a 7-year-old favors santa claus. i suppose they do. but if you are a little more sober and think things through a little bit, what does socialism create? nothing. socialism is an ideology. capitalism is a reality. it's about commerce and trade. nobody invented capitalism. people voluntarily came
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together. there was commerce. people wanted some things. we didn't need a marx. is there somebody that predated capitalism to say that marx created marxism? it is the closest thing to the human condition that exists, natural law, individual free will come things like that. capitalism is what is between your ears, creativity, making something better than it is. socialism is about government. redistribution of wealth, punishing people, taking from people, doing all these other things. so, capitalism is not taught in our universities and colleges or in our public schools. it needs to be, but they have a monopoly over our public schools and colleges and universities. most are due to tenure as a matter of fact and so do most young people believe in socialism? yes not all but most and also,
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do they know what it is? no. on the one hand they oppose authority, that is authoritari authoritarian. so i've been thinking about this a lot and that is actually a heat till you my next book i've been thinking about it a lot. [laughter] [applause] i don't have a title for it. i will announce it here. the fact that you are my witness. academic unfreedom because i think that is what is going on at the colleges and universities. [applause] that is a monopoly that we have to deal with and because it is laced with government, the government can deal with it. what i mean by that is we subsidize our own and we
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shouldn't leave it to them to choose other faculty. there are one or two years after which he might get tenure. it doesn't work that way anywhere else in the world. things like that i've got to think it through i want to address that one day an the fune should be able to address younger people with the liberty because i think young people can be attracted to liberty. i don't just mean liberty and, you know, smoking pot or whatever it is. i mean come liberty as the human condition. this is rhetorical, can you name any leading republicans in the senate or the house to talk about liberty? no. they talk like this all the time. some of them have spoken here, so i won't create any problems. [laughter] they are okay with that. no one talks about liberty.
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what does liberty mean and why is it important, how does that create opportunity and wealth and instead, we get free stuff. by freedom, we don't mean free stuff and so we don't have a public discussion. the left drives the public discussion and colleges and universities, and then we are shocked when 51% of people under the age of 21 believe in socialism. ... >> that they ensure their reelection and they actually
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have change the demographics of the population of the state. they have changed the voting in the state if the republican loses they keep counting intel the democrat wins a blessing you have a tyranny in the state and it is very hard i blame people like schwarzenegger and others who were focused on self and not proper governance and the state to brag all around the world with conservative republican governors and legislatures california was the state of opportunity everybody wanted to come to california. the economy was hot a
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beautiful state it was a state that everybody wanted to go to now it's a state everybody wants to leave. that is the difference. between them and us. everybody lives in florida right now with no income tax and the democrats try to put an income tax on it. for five states have no income tax they are bustling people are moving to those states. what gets me is you have people that spend their whole life in new york or new york city and they vote democrat, democrat, democrat, ty get a big pension then they fly - - then they moved to florida and they vote democrat. i called the locust. [laughter] [applause]
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then the former crazy governor brown has vetoed some i am crazy but you're crazier than i am. [laughter] and that enormous amount of money on the railway. people should go to prison for stuff like that. they really should. it is like obama care. they said it would solve everything. and nobody says a word about obama care. it is medicare for all. like locusts they destroy one thing they move on to the next if you read the first chapter of my book you always have to give up more of your wealth and freedom because the proposals are impossible. they cannot work and they don't have enough resources
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and too many rich people. but never the ideology. and then they lie after they double down. medicare for nobody that means no medicare, no private healthcare and bernie sanders is in charge. >> thanks for taking my question there is a question that you answered - - asked but i know the answer and where that would lead. >> i was rambling so i forgot.
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[laughter] i think they have a good shot at it. and it's crucially important obviously because the obama administration now the russians are always trying to interfere because russia and putin is the enemy they are cropping up on - - propping up venezuela putin is a menace and by the way i know russians. my ancestors are russian i've been waiting for them to question me. [laughter] so with your own government putting spies into another
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campaign when you have your own government trying to take out a candidate you have a huge problem on your hands. the democrats do not want to get to the bottom, the media doesn't want to get to the bottom of it. so why won't they at least admit they were wrong about russian collusion? who were they leaking too quick. >> at the new york times they were in on it. it is the appendage of the democratic party pushing their progressive agenda. people want to feel good we will get to the bottom but this is a good thing he is the attorney general and has a
12:07 am
real us attorney in connecticut at looking into this and the inspector general appointed by obama they are worried about him they are starting to trash him. to be offense and not on defense that is a good thing. [applause] you talk about the radical chokehold that has to do with voting in legislation and ballot harvesting so how can we citizens respond to that and break loose of that tyrannical chokehold quick. >> i don't have an answer for you. if i did you wouldn't ask me that ?-question-mark i don't have an answer it is a big problem. sometimes things have to collapse before you rebuild
12:08 am
and this day is headed for bankruptcy per cry will be damned if i will bail out the left-wing democrats in the state. [applause] but i don't know because the one-party rule stuff is very difficult to break through. and you are right all of these changes help the democrat party those are future republicans with machine guns and alligators and everything else but they are future democrats and same with the changes in the voter rules they help them when the power forever. >> even though that would undermine the constitution.
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the democrats and the media like to say count the popular vot vote, one person one vote except when they lose go to the courts and the permanent bureaucracy we will take what they win and reject what they lose support the electoral college if they win support if they lose gerrymandering yes no if they can't. this is a very dangerous party taken over via a very radical ideology with very few centrists left in the party with the difference between the radical progressives and all-time liberals. >> given the dumbest man to serve in the senate what are
12:10 am
the chances of the dumbest man to serve as president? [laughter] >> if he is elected he will be. [laughter] although there was carter. [laughter] all democrats are nobel prize winners that he's got a shot at it. look at the stakes we have fewer and fewer opportunities of winning. twenty-five years ago i was reading articles by historians that the democrats will lose as far as the eye can see after all the reagan victories
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so they figured they had to change these things and change the population. you stay here like you were talking about but then they give up on the system so does joe biden have a chance quick cs. with a political campaign i'm not talking about guns and all that. anything is possible but we have to be smart they know that trump one wisconsin and michigan and some of these other states by very few votes. they will not leave them alone they will put resources and money they already passed around the caricature of joe biden. how is he a blue-collar
12:12 am
democrat? he has been in government for half a century. he gets out of law school and at the wilmington city council then is elected to the senate was he an electrician in between or a plumber? they used to call him lunch bucket joe. when did he carry a lunch bucket? he never carried a lunch bucket. so they created him like he is blue-collar but he is a blue-collar billionaire in an office right now. and the unions should be
12:13 am
backing him to the hilt because what do you think green new deal is all about? it will destroy union jobs and blue-collar jobs and buildings you will see this is the language they used to be industrialized america and all the words that i have never heard before. and with the environmental movement hates progress in technology and we should exploit that so to answer your question and the fights through the media.
12:14 am
i think trump will win but does biden have a shot? of course. and he is so stupid the things that he does. [laughter] the things he says is unbelievable nobody could get away with it. three letter word jobs. [laughter] who even talks like that? so they will give him a pass and protect him. and then to get the message to the fellow citizens. >> my question is it seems like the democrats always rally and get the memo they always talk the same language
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that they don't rally behind the president but their tail between their legs so that is my first question it is very frustrating why they flip-flop on their own party. and with the conviction of el troppo to say we could seize assets in excess of $18 billion to pay for the wall. [applause] >> in the old days mexico. [laughter]
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and james pulled. california and arizona and then became part of the united state states. [laughter] so i'm not sure how to answer the second part of your question i look at people like mitt romney and i say to myself and the senate is filled with guys like this and the first thing he does he comes in office and writes the op-ed in the washington post now he's trashing the president of the united states god bless his soul he is a
12:17 am
john mccain he wants to be that because he harbors the desire to run again. i don't know what it is but he comes from a very very red state affected what is going on in california. so to be a leader for conservativism? he is not the president of the united states stare down that tariff republicans have gone to the media saying we can't do this or that meanwhile what the hell have they done? now 412 years what has he done? absolutely nothing. and you are right they would never admit to anything like this. nancy pelosi stares at them they melt and back off if kevin mccarthy stares at them they laugh they do whatever they want to do and the
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republican party in many ways and i often tell my wife we will miss trump when he is gone. [applause] i am also a trumpet guy. [applause] [cheers and applause] we will miss him because he is not george w. bush because he is a fighter and takes on the media and the democratic party
12:19 am
in the individuals in his own party and this is what drives them nuts. yes he can see things differently but he doesn't want to. [laughter] maybe they start stop calling them a white supremacist an anti-semite and a racist maybe he will call them nasty or a kook or whatever. compared to the names they call him on a daily basis. but we will miss him because he fights. he fights. [cheers and applause] he is not a philosophical conservative. but in most ways i don't care how but he just got there and
12:20 am
it is fine by me. [applause] also know he is not them and he loves this country and believes an economic system. i also know he believes in sovereignty and borders for the country. and how he treats the allies like israel. [cheers and applause] and he knows infanticide when he sees it. [applause] more originalist on the court to model reagan. [applause] he is not them and he is better than that.
12:21 am
so he might lose. sometimes you lose that i'm very impressed for what he is doing did you wake up every day? threats against the children with finances and family this is a very remarkable man in many ways. i know people would prefer he was spoke differently but i would prefer if the other spied side spoke differently
12:22 am
and treated differently. [applause] and all i know he got elected president and mitt romney did not. [applause] and john mccain did not. >> we are not done yet. [laughter] >> with the reagan hat and a jacket but mark has a studio called the reagan studio filled with extraordinary things we got you give for coming all the way out here.
12:23 am
[applause] and if you go into the great rotunda from the united states u-uppercase-letter will see the statue of ronald reagan and this is a replica and it says to mark levin a true american. [cheers and applause]
12:24 am
[applause] >> this is a magnificent institution. this is a great library. i love coming here. the history of ronald reagan is so crucial he turn this country around and did so many things that people need to learn about. it is a treat for me and my family and friends to be here i cannot tell you this is the most fantastic and the staff
12:25 am
is unbelievable to do something like this. but i want to tell you from the bottom of my heart to sit there and see one beautiful patriot of american after another after we walk from all over the country from all over the world, look around gay, straight, children a 91 -year-old, 97 years old. people serving in war people in law enforcement. i cannot tell you how proud i am coming to a place like this calling to an - - what i call a national town hall meeting to reinvigorate so you know there are people that share your viewpoints and care about this country. i'm sorry we have to move quickly but i tried to look
12:26 am
everybody in the eye and shake their hand and do the best that i can. [applause] with my beautiful wife by my side and my mother-in-law. [applause] something is going on. in new jersey 2000 people showed up. long island 2000 people showed up. virginia, 3000 people showed up. [applause] and they are all saying the exact same thing you are. something is going on. there is enough of us we shall overcome. god bless you. thank you.
12:27 am
[cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please respectfully remain in your seats until the family is escorted out. [inaudible conversations]
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