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tv   Acting CBP Commissioner Briefs Reporters on Migration  CSPAN  September 9, 2019 6:43pm-6:56pm EDT

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on three and online at cspan2 .org or listen live on the free cspan2 radioactive. up next, the acting customs and border protection. number of migrants brent apprehended at the border. when it also talks about the displaced residents of the bahamas. after hurricane derek and dorian. claimed asylum. cspan2. [inaudible conversation] good morning and thank you all for being here today. the commissioner, i am pleased to announce the officials release south of the border statistics coming up in august. i've said this many times that congress has failed and continued to failed to pass
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meaningful legislation to address the crisis of the water. ultimately it will stop children from being used as passports and in the cartel his ability to exploit this population as well as our laws. the trump administration has taken a number of unilateral actions unprecedented actions were going to discuss today. but first, let's discuss the results of the administration his incredible efforts. to marine the month of august, cdp applicant deemed inadmissible of a total of 64000 individuals. for the life you recall, that number was just over 82000. it represents a decline of 22 percent. moreover, the august numbers, reflects and this is critical, they reflect a 56 percent reduction from the peak in may which you recall was over one hundred and 44000 individuals. why is mark why do we see in 90
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days a 56 percent reduction #the president has made it very clear. when it is going to use every tool available to him and this administration to address this unprecedented crisis at the southern border. we have seen historic agreements and policies put in place buy this administration. unprecedented network of initiatives from regulatory reforms and policy changes, for enforcement efforts in the list goes on and on we put this administration has done that resulted in this 56 percent decrease. in addition to that, let's talk about the government of mexico. the government of mexico is taken meaningful and unprecedented steps to help curb the flow of the emigration to our border. was talk about a couple of numbers. they have apprehended a proximally hundred and 34000 people so far this calendar
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year. last year, 2018 calendar year, the entire year 83000. that's a substantial increase of every hundred that the government of mexico has executed. in addition since jim, mexico deployed thousands of troops, they created a new national guard within their country, 10000 troops to the southern border and 15000 troops to the northern border we put the united states. again, unprecedented support and cooperation we put the government of mexico. but i'm going to tell you and i'm going to go into a little bit more we put the government of mexico and what they have done but they need to do more. i will talk about that in a second. the international outreach to the governments of central american countries, is also beginning to yield effective and positive results particularly the efforts to stem the surge of migrants crossing the southwest
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border and disrupt aliens smuggling organizations. additionally, the northern tribal countries specifically so long we put the government of mexico is really joined the united states as true partners for the first time. they really were staying this as a true regional crisis that needs to be continued ordination cooperation and effort but this it's not just a united states problem. this is the regional crisis that needs to be having regional support and regional solutions. third, this goes to the support of the government of mexico is providing. the migrant articles, mpp, have also helped. tens of thousands of individuals arrive at our southwest border every month. as many of them attending to enter illegally. historically, we've talked about this. these individuals because of our broken asylum laws, have been released into the united states as they wait for their asylum hearings. these proceedings can take
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years. a host of reasons. a shortage of immigration judges, back wall the list goes on. additionally, many never speak to the process and never continue to go through what its final stages and even when they receive a final order removal, they still remain in the united states illegally. the facts. under the mpp, aliens who were entering or seeking asylum and admission to the united states from mexico, illegally or that went out proper documentation may be returned to mexico and waits outside of the united states for the duration of immigration proceedings which take place in the united states. the government of mexico has agreed to provide them while they were were waiting in mexico we put appropriate humanitarian protections for the duration of the state. here were a couple of key points mpp, it discourages the abuse and exportation of us laws and
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non- meritorious or false asylum flames. mpp also helps promote a safer and more orderly process among the southwest border. bring up the limited resources and helps free up time of those in permitting this process to the boat to migrants who may legitimately have a merit-based claim. september 1st, of this year cdp has returned more than 42000 individuals to mexico under the mpp. let me emphasize the point that i made to a minute ago. even though mexico has stepped up unprecedented, they had a joint united states as well as our northern ramp both partners. they have really stepped up to true partners and we were staying this is the regional crisis and they have stepped up and unprecedented ways. we need them to do more. we need mexico to do more. we do make sure that they were
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sustaining the efforts right now. that the national guard of 25000 troops they have deployed, stay on target. they stay on task. we need them to continue to join and expand the mpp which is the game changer right now. we put respect to the stem and the flow. the mexico needs to continue to work we put our intelligence folks to use information and share intelligence and develop targeted enforcement action at strategic locations in the country. so they were stepping up and unprecedented ways but we need them to continue to sustain that and we need them to continue to do more. lastly, deterrence. president trump is making it clear. if you come to the united states of america, illegally, you will be removed. if you come here as an illegal alien in the united states, you commit crimes or illegal take american jobs, you will face consequences. let me talk a minute about the border wall.
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president trump has made it very clear that we will build a wall on the us-mexico border. that is the commissioner, that's exactly what we were doing every single day. together we put united states army corps of engineers, cdp is constructed 65 miles of new border wall. it's more than a border wall, it's a portable system. now that we have the secretary defensive party to use it at an additional 3.6 million. hoping to build 4502500 new miles of border buy the end of 2020. i want to make sure that i emphasize something. as a cdp commissioner. the border patrol failed the dealership, they want this whole. this it's not a fanny project. i've heard it numerous times. this president has delivered to the experts to the border
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patrol, to the leadership. ask what they need it. one of the key things that they said they need it, was the wall. this is noticeable that is being just built right now. it is the wall system. access roads in technology and lighting. when asked the leadership, universally has said the wall works. it's been used in the past, history shown the numbers go down. fact in history show that. we have been staying for a very long time that experts have been staying when they were asked buy the president, this bowl is absolutely need it to safeguard and secure our southern border. part of it but we have been staying, and a multilayered approach. infrastructure and personnel, where that is unlimited and effective and strategic location, it works. the exports say it works. the exports say and have been asking for this. this president and this ministration has delivered and they were continuing to deliver. as we stated from the beginning,
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that wall to the enter go part of that multilayer strategy, and closing, president trump has used every tool available to address the humanitarian security crisis at this border. the entire dhs family including usc i asked an ice working together we put cdp to secure and restore integrity to the immigration system. isaac commissioner, could not be more proud of the men and women of the customs and border protection who for they support what they do in their steadfast devotion to the mission and the rule of law and doing so would humidity and compassion. summarize right reiterating. we were actually encouraged buy the downward trend of the numbers that we know these numbers could only spike upwards. history is on that. we've seen it happen in the past. we cannot rely solely on the government of mexico or central american partners to solve the pull factors created buy our
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broken system. and less the loss change, these numbers will rise again next year just as we've seen in the past. we will again have the same gained of crisis we have for way is it too long. congress must absolutely act to pass meaningful legislation to address the loopholes in our current system if they were going to have durable and lasting solution to this crisis. i'll take your questions. >> can you address the complaint reports of us minors. as a layer we giving up on mexico would pay for the wall. >> we put allegations of abuse, we talked about this a lot. one of the things that i did we put cdp a few years ago in 2014, actually was the acting assistant commissioner for than internal affairs which is now a pr. i can save my personal knowledge, that every single allegation every single
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allegation that is brought forward we put any type of abuse or violation of policy, is absolutely investigated to its fullest. it's not just investigated buy cb, there were multiple layers there. heidi has a take at it, if it's appropriate, doj several rights liberation takes a look at it as well. i'm confident that i can say every single allegation is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and when appropriate appropriate discipline is utilized. your second question, the wall as far as who is paying for it. the commissioner that cdp, i don't care pretty that's political on this for politicians to decide. as a commissioner, i can say everything all mile that is built, this country is more safe. every single mile of wool that is built, it allows the border patrol agents to exponentially


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