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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Mc Connell Schumer on 911 Moment of Silence  CSPAN  September 12, 2019 12:28am-12:35am EDT

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first responders who so bravely sacrificed their lives in the service of others. september 11 is the day that a l always weigh heavily upon the nation. but it's also a day that shows the strength and resiliency of the american people. in response to tragedy, we thought beyond our differences and came together as a country cd that is a lesson that we must never forget. september 11, 2001, we knew the world would never be the same. for the people of new york and ordinary beautiful morning was brought to a screeching halt as the clear blue sky filled with smoke. for those at the pentagon, work that is in service of the nation
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turned into a literal nightmare. for hundreds of air travelers retained flights gave way to tragedy and thanks to the bravery of passengers and crew, incredible acts of heroism. the senate stands with the nation as we remember the terrible events of 18 years ago ytoday and the 3,000 innocent lives terrorists stole away. we stand in solidarity with those who still grieve and honor the patriotic resolve that inspired first responders u.s. service members and countless americans to dedicate themselves that they & two keeping the nation safe. may i number to the commitment to build a world where evil has
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no home. may we never forget. >> 18 years ago on a cloudless tuesday morning, my city, our country, our world changed forever.. .>> and think of them the day
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after 9/11 and i wear this flag every day and every day since then. we also remember our resiliency of new yorkers in the firefighters, police officers and ordinary citizens who rushed tos. the towers. the generositye to never forget a man who had a shoe store two blocks away and gave shoes to all thell people who left their shoes behind running down 90 flights of stairs. the next day when president bush sent us back up into the empty skies to go down there
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to see over 1000 people lined up with signs they didn't know who was gone or who might be found. have you seen my sister rex have you seen my son? that was an awful day and we know ourfo resilience. manhattan to be a ghost town forever more now more jobs more business and before 9/11 and many thought that america would succumb to the evil brutality of the terrace but we thought back very successfully. when we think of those that are dying now as a result of them rushing to the towers in those hours and days after and we are also grateful that this body has now fully funded to
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see that the families are taking care of. it is anun amazing moment i live with it all the time every block has a name or a street that has a commemorated to better police officer who has died. but america, new york, all of us have not been beaten by the terrace. adversity on this issue we have come together and we will prevail i ask unanimous consent one minute of silence in memory of those who are lost on that day and are still being lost because of their heroism in the few days after spec the senate will observe a moment of silence and remembrance of the events of
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september 11, 2001. [silence] [silence] >> i rise today to honor those who lost their lives tragically 18 years ago and to make sure we never forget what happened then. i remember that morning in my own office


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