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Nancy Pelosi
  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Working with President Trump  CSPAN  September 12, 2019 11:37pm-11:42pm EDT

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you have worked with six presidency 1987 with ronald reagan. what's it like to work with this president on these issues? >> is a member of congress there are six. not so much with ronald reagan because the end of the term of president george herbert walker bush so you could believe there was a public rule for the american people he doesn't believe in science or government. it's very hard to get anything done.
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this is quite different. but again, i've always respected the office of the president, under the presidency and the it was much different to work with the other presidents.
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>> if you were a scientist, university, you published your paper and it went into some university library but in the internet age, all of these papers were published online. >> and publicly available. so they began looking for these files specifically for the papers to go through them and appropriate chemical formulas to on have to make these drugs they decided they didn't want me to
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see what was going on and they said call the police and the video in thyroid and suddenly wy all of america was hearing about the cages in a secret warehousing of my grandchildren. >> watch the tv every weekend on c-span2. >> this hearing examines the effect of trauma on children and their development. we hear testimony from school administrators from west virginia, illinois and oklahoma as well as california surgeon general. this house education