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tv   Washington Journal Jeanine Pirro on Radicals Resistance and Revenge  CSPAN  September 14, 2019 6:40pm-7:41pm EDT

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first up, fox news janine pirro argues that liberals are trying to destroy ãb remember israel's founding fathers. after that, journalist caitlin moscatello will examine the rise of women who ran for office in the 2018 midterm elections. at 10:00 p.m. on "after words" ben west offer ports on the chinese labs are producing fentanyl and later this evening supreme court associate justice neil gorsuch reflects on his 30 year career, check your program guide for more information. now here's judged jeanine pirro. >> joining you from new york is judge jeanine pirro the book is titled "radicals, resistance, and revenge". the left plot to remake america". thank you so much for being here with us on c-span. >> thank you. >> why did you write the book? >> after i wrote my last book,
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liars leisure is an liberals, which really was about the upper echelon of the department of justice and the fbi and the corruption that i believe had gone on their coming out the rank and file obviously. i step back and i looked at what was going on in this country it was the kind of thing that i had never seen in my lifetime and i realized that it was all about the radicals who were resisting what the american people did it and putting donald trump in the oval office and then resisting everything donald trump was doing and it was all about revenge because hillary clinton did not win the 2016 presidential election. i saw it as a plot to remake america by the left. everything from fundamental values, the constitution, the bill of rights, the criminal justice system as well as the economic system. so the book is really a
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reflection of today, what the left has done in response to donald trump in a way that i've never seen in the hominy decades that i've been in law enforcement and in politics. >> i want to talk about the book but i also have to ask about the president shortly after midnight this morning re-tweeting your opening monologue calling jim call me leaking lion james comey and i mentioned that because my question is, how much influence do you think you have over the president he clearly watches your program on saturday evenings on fox. i've known the president for almost 30 years and my then husband was his lawyer and we spent a great deal of time with him especially traveling back and forth with him on the weekends with our children. to florida and we had a home there and he obviously did as well. i know him as a good man he's known me as a prosecutor as a
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district attorney and had been a prosecutor and judge nda for 30 years we would often talk about criminal justice. whether or not the president takes my advice and i very much appreciate that he retweeted my open. i spent a lot of time on my opens. as someone who spent many years in the courtroom i realize that when you have an allegation you have to back it up with facts and that's what i do with my opening statements every weekend on fox news channel on justice. my arguments are backed up with facts and that the president retweeted it, it must be that he must have liked something about it.but i don't know that i have any influence over him at all. i think that the president is a kind of man who likes to hear from a lot of different people and then makes up his own mind and i think that what many americans may not know about the president is that in his
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esmind he's an incredible chess player, he knows about all the steps long before they occur. he will take advice and listen to other people and then what's interesting in the sense that to try something send out a particular issue, throw it out there, see how it plays. he's a very smart man and the fact that he's been so successful in his presidency only two years in so far 2.5 years as an indication of how smart the man really is. without me or anyone else influence income. do you think you speak the president's language in your program and your tweets and in your book? >> there have been several newspaper articles where they will say that i speak donald trump's language. maybe we are both new yorkers, i don't put myself in his category at all. i'm just kind of an in your face no-nonsense straight shooter and the prosecutor, and the judge. i don't waste time with
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niceties. i see things and call them as i see them. i think that a lot of the things that he sees i see in a very similar way. it's really very fundamental. when the president ran in 2016 he talks about law and order and i thought it was interesting because law and order is close to my heart that's what i did for three decades. and i said, that's interesting. now they look back i say the man was prescient. who knew that law and order would be under attack? who knew that the fundamentals of truth and justice would be under attack? and that that thin blue line that separates the civilized from the barbaric society would be as thin as it really is. and he was so right about that. that's the kind of thing i've been talking about my whole career. things need to have consequences, in that regard, i agree with him.
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i think most people agree with him. sthat's why this outsider was elected president because when he speaks, whether politically correct or not, and i don't think it is politically correct and i think it was refreshing for many people. he makes sense. he speaks and thinks the way many americans do. in spite of everything and the criticism the truth is he's delivering on his promises and he makes sense to most americans. i suspect before you even answer the question that before you even ask the question, the 2020 you will see that most americans still agree with that man. >> from the book you write the following "for over two years the presidency of the united states has been under siege, our tocommander-in-chief has be subjected to unprecedented maligning by the mainstream media, high-level obama administration officials and disappointed disgruntled and deranged democrats all because they despise the president we
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put in the oval office. ". >> can you explain. >> that's what i said. you want me to back it up? >> go for it. >> okay. from the day the president took office, from when he was president elect, the hate and the venom coming from the left was unlike anything i've ever seen. and i want to make one thing clear, this isn't o about democrat and republican. this is about american versus un-american, it's about right versus wrong. it's about respect for the president, respect for the office, respect for the american flag. respect for our system of justice. this man has not gotten one day in the oval office without incoming. what am i talking about? i'm talking about the protests when they started staying with my madonna talking about i thought about blowing up the
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white house. and johnny depp saying one was last time an actor assassinated the president end from day one it was impeached 45. and on the left they were saying, we are not going to the inauguration. we are not going to show up. the man won fair and square. this wasn't an issue that had to go to the court to be decided. he won the presidency, he won by the electoral college, which is in the constitution and that's the end of that. but they weren't happy with that. they were so upset that they couldn't drag hillary clinton across that presidential finish line that the revenge and the venom it was something like i had never seen before. everyone around him, his family wasn't safe. his daughter-in-law laura trump, eric's wife, the first time she was pregnant they said i hope she has a miscarriage. i hope she falls down. when did america turn into a
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people who were so angry at someone simply because he won? i think the fascinating part of this, having known the anpresident for so many years i that when you would walk down the street with the president 20 years ago before he even thought about being president, hardhats loved him. lisa loved him. you go to dinner with him, he go into the thkitchen. he would always take care people in the kitchen. he was kind, he would take pictures, he was just a good man. all the sudden, he was a guy, they wanted quotes from, they wanted cameos in the movie, they wanted to be with him. and the singers, r&b everybody wanted to be in one of his hotels, his casinos, then all the sudden he runs for president as a republican and he's public enemy number one. what changed? one thing. he got into politics. the man that they loved and adored all the sudden became
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the enemy. that's why i talk about the white house being under siege. i talked about the fact that everything he's done he has accused of being a racist, misogynist, 90% of the press about him is negative. he didn't even get a honeymoon period of one day. you look at melania trump, his wife, i knew her before they married. we would go out with them before they actually got married. she is a lovely elegant woman who is intelligent, who speaks five languages, all the sudden she is stupid according to chelsea handler. they are under siege. yet the man gets up every day, he's the tip of the spear and he goes out and he fights for america and what he has done is he is won.
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unemployment is the lowest it's been in a century. african-american, asian, hispanic, lowest unemployment and history. we have 3.7 unemployment. the gdp with obama said one percent was the new normal. he hit four percent then three percent. there was negotiations going on, he's taking on china. tieverything is negative about him. >> howard guest is judge jeanine pirro joining us from new york. we will give ãbwe will take your calls in a 20moment. you can join us on social media our twitter at c-span wj. one quick follow-up because the president bear any responsibility for the tone that he sets? he has been a very divisive president, very critical on twitter talk when you talk about the partisanship in this country, doesn't white house bear some response ability? >> look. the president has made it clear that what he wants to do is keep us safe he wants to get
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jobs he wants to make sure the border is closed. no one has a right to come into this country. it is a privilege. it is something we grant people. when he doesn't want people coming into this country unless they get in line like everyone else for the simple reason that we need to vet them, we need to know who they are, we need to know what they have to offer us like everyone else who waits in line then now he's a racist? >> why do it as name-calling? >> what name-calling are you talking about? >> when he's giving monikers to the candidates or talking about members of congress they should go back to where they came from. that tone? >> but you didn't finish the probe, to go back and then come back and do it here. you didn't finish the quote. he didn't say go back to where he came from that they could go back and then come back and do it again here. that's the problem.
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he's accused of being racist, but at the same time, they never finish a sentence and explain that he isn't one. the man is the least racist person i know, based on his history and what i've seen him do with people. to answer your question directly, do i think he is responsible? no i don't think he is responsible. he's a man who's got passion, he's a man who calls things the way he sees them. he's also a man who's not going to take any gruff. he's going to counterpunch. that's who he is.: is a straight talking hard pushing new yorker.>> from the book you write the following command he treats vladimir putin the same way he treats president jeanxi ãbhis opponents can spin it any way they want the donald trump is going to fight for this country, his style is working. let's get to your phone calls.
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bob is joining us from hometown illinois republican line. good morning. >> good morning steve. good morning c-span, good morning judge, i love your show i love your books. vei don't know if you have book in the work but i have an idea about a book about climate change. here about 90 per 97 percent of the scientists were climate change i would like you to interview the other three percent that can prove why climate change we could spend $22 trillion on climate change would it make a difference at all when vice president biden trades in his cadillac escalade and his chevy suburban for neon leaf or chevy volt i will believe him. thank you. >> thanks bob. >> of course what bob is talking about is hypocrisy of the left which i talk about in the book of course. the hypocrisy of the hollywood hypocrites. and the fact that it's almost as though the left wants to tell us what we should drive
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what we should eat where we should live that we should retrofit our houses. we should get rid of our airplanes. and now we shouldn't eat it's very interesting, bob, i want to say one thing. when the green new deal came out and alexandria ocasio cortez started talking about the greenhouse gas emissions and she said, we get net zero and the reason we can't get total zero is because of the ã ãi remember saying to myself, they are going to start telling us that we can have cows. sure enough within a few days she said, we don't need to eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. you are not going to tell americans what they can eat. the people on the left ought to focus on the things that are important. and one of them is not telling us how many hamburgers we can have, what kind of straws we should have, whether or not we should be able to drive a car
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or instead not be able to fly on an airplane when people like ãbactors and actresses flyer around and leave the carbon footprint them themselves in their private jets. she is a hypocrisy that the american people can deal with. this is what i'm going to tell you what to do bbut don't mind me, i'm going to do what i want to do. >> we are glad you are here on a sunday morning on c-span and i mentioned that because i'm sure you saw the story from the hollywood reporter the headline fox news clamping down on judge jeanine pirro indicating you're not allowed to appear with bill o'reilly on newsmax. >> yes. >> is your job safe at fox news? what's going on? >> let me make something clear and put that to rest, i've been at fox for about i think 8 and a half years now. and i have a show where i am allowed to do and say what i
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want i'm given perfect freedom to say what i want. i have an opinion show, i love my show, i love working at fox and a lot of people talk about what can be done and what can't be done. the truth is, i'm in a position where i can talk to millions of people and i can give them the straight talk they become accustomed to from justice on saturday night. i continue to do that, i'm here with you, i've been on a book tour since my book came out. i expect to be at fox for many more years. i have a long-term uscontract s all is well. 'thank you though. >> speaking of fox news and the tweet from the president from august 20 when he said that fox isn't working for us anymore. what he tweeted that what was he referring to? >> i don't know, you'd have to ask him about that.
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i'm not quite sure what that was about. and believe me, i'm not trying to avoid the question. i really wasn't in the mix at that point i don't know if i was away or actually i think i was away. in any event, you'd have to ask him. >> will go to kevin in denver colorado. >> good morning. good morning jeanine. >> good morning. >> congratulations on your suspension. you were suspended, you share that with the audience, and before you attack the left about us and what we do to you conservatives, he gets negative coverage because he lied and distorts. every single morning, every single day we have to tune in to a level of idiocy and on stability that this nation has never seen on the left or on the right. you, ma'am, and your network, you keep this , alive.
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recently just last week you said, the democrats are trying to replace you. so you are saying that you are predominantly bolder, white audience, one percent of your audience is black, probably less than that for your show. >> will get response. kevin in colorado. >> first of all, the truth is, the venom that is coming from the left i think is clearer every day. when they tried to shut down the people on the saying and exercising their first amendment free speech. when they are taken off of twitter and facebook when the left demands that people lose their jobs and their shows. when the left like debra messing just lost last week said i want to out everyone who supports donald trump so that they never work in this town
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again. when the left gets to the point they want to shut down free speech they don't want us to speak at universities. they then don't want us to work, bill mars would rather have a recession so americans don't work and then you got this mccarthyism and this blacklisting coming from the left. you got to ask m yourself, wher is the venom coming from here? the first amendment is a constitutional right. the united igstates is protecte hate speech, in fact, dave said the supreme court had said to specifically it's not just speech everyone agrees it's protected, it's hate speech as well. and then ansi fall comes in a bunch of bozos and ninja outfits who are cowards who cover their faces to attack people on the right, a domestic terrorist organization and the police stand down and don't make an arrest because they are told by liberal mayors that they cannot make arrests if
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people on t4 and just last month they were attacking people on a bus with a hammer. if you want to talk about the fundamental freedoms that are being limited, they are being limited by the left and then you got the constitution where when someone like brett kavanaugh is nominated for the united states supreme court, the closest thing to an altar boy that i've seen an adult male in my lifetime then he is called a dang rapist. he denied the presumption of innocence because he's a republican. in the united states senator a woman who belongs to the most prestigious club in the howorlãb ãsays all women need to be believed and men should just shut up. that's not the criminal justice system, that's not the presumption of innocence. that we hold near and dear to our hearts. but when it's a republican on the right, when it's a
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republican trying to speak, then the major effort for the left is to shut him down and get rid of them. >> i want to get your reaction of the news of this morning this is headline from the washington post the president calling off a telegram summit that was initially scheduled to take place at camp david and he did so on twitter last night writing unbeknownst to almost everyone the major taliban leaders and separately the president of afghanistan going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday. your reaction to the developments of the meeting has been canceled because the taliban now linked to the death of a u.s. soldier? >> the taliban is not only linked to the death of that u.s. soldier, that american but several other people as well. if the town band can even do a cease-fire through negotiations then there is no way you can count on people with a final deal that apparently was
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attempted by this administration. i think the president was absolutely right to say, enough of this. the president wants to bring the american men home. in the end, he doesn't have to have a deal. and he knows that. he knows when to walk away. he's got leverage, he knows how to use the leverage and america continues to be safe. i was just thinking of something i didn't answer in one of the other questions, that was about putin. this president has imposed sanctions on russia more than any other president in the history of this country. i find it interesting that people say that the president is nice to putin or whatever that is. trying to make this russia collusion delusion that doesn't exist even robert mueller said
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it doesn't exist. in truth it was barack obama who looked the other way when the russians ãb with money going back to the clintons and their trusty foundation. it just occurred me when us talking about how this country is safe whether you like this president or not. >> one other point for the book write the following "we are reaching a turning point that will forever be determine our future. you have a decision to make, anunfortunately, it's hard for many people to resist the siren song of socialism". >> i did a chapter on socialism
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because in 2016 when bernie sanders ran for president and he said he was a socialist, everyone went ãand then here we are 2.5 years later and pretty much everybody is a democrat socialist and i don't what that means other than maybe socialism for democrats but i devote a whole chapter to the siren song of socialism. in 2011 bernie sanders had on his united states senate website venezuela as a classic example of how successful socialism can be. when in truth, it's not. and he is sense taken it down. in venezuela today you can see the results of socialism. they are eating zoo animals, women are giving birth on the side of the road because there is no hospitals to go to stop there is obviously not enough food. now they say, look at the scandinavian country and i go through a whole example and an
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analysis of the scandinavian countries which are far more free-market than people realize. this is siren call of socialism, people running around in these idyllic fields and life is good and it will be great until you run out of other people's money as margaret thatcher herself said, it's not going to work. we got a capitalist system our economy is roaring. i've already talked about unemployment more jobs than about to fill them talk the fact that not just african-americans but african-american women there have never been more of them employed under this president, if you recall said to the african-american community, what have you got to lose? >> i fear because socialism to lot young millennial's is something that isn't seen for what it really is.
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is it a nice sounding term? nobody gets to work everybody gets basic income. i have a chapter in radicals resistance and revenge called the democrat clown car. they want basic income, they want medicare for all legal. in canada california they want medicare for all eagles californians need to pay for their own medicare. in california you want to talk about democrats, dirty needles, human feces on the streets rats, garbage, homeless, this is it democrat rome city. between their saying we want democrats to run your city and date and we want socialism, it's like taking america to hell in a hand basket. it's not going to work. >> brian from san diego, good
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morning. >> good morning. i don't know if california is democratic rome city but you might want to dig about that again. >> no san francisco. >> got it. tell banner terrorists, correct? >> go ahead. >> am asking you a question. are the taliban terrorists?>> yes. >> you think it's okay to negotiate with terrorists? during the week in camp david in america you think it's okay to bring these terrorists to united states and negotiate with them. the people who supported the guy who did not 11 to begin with, you think it's okay to negotiate with terrorists, i grew up as a republican, i'm independent now but i grew up as a republican i remember negotiating with terrorists
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used to be bad. now you are saying it's good, now you are saying bring the people who did 9/11 to the united states during the week of 9/11 anniversary and negotiate with them in secret? is that okay with you? >> let me ask you a question, did you feel the same way when barack obama was negotiating with iran as they yelled "kill all famericans"? or is this just a political thing? >> i never voted for barack obama so bring him in this. i asked you a question, if you can answer it that says more about you. >> am happy to answer your question. this is a president who sees no harm in talking if it can benefit the american people. if we can bring our troops home and save them from the devastation that happens to our troops when they go abroad, he's going to do whatever he can to do that. in the end, there was no meeting was there? >> brent is joining us from quincy michigan. democrats want. good morning. >> i find the narrative pretraining donald trump is a victim laughable.
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let's replay some of the better news spewed against obama and one about that. as far as the stable genius when he went bankrupt, seven times on the russia thing. sessions talk to the russians and lied about it, cohen talked to the russians and lied about it, manafort talked to the russians and lied about it. so we can come to one of two conclusions. either they had something to hide or they are just stupid. which is it? >> thank you for the call. >> what the caller is talking about obviously is the russia collusion delusion, which bob muller, who was the left absolutely loved him said there
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was absolutely no collusion. manafort was in for tax evasion and working with the ukraine. as for general mike flynn even the fbi agents who he spoke to said they don't believe that he was trying to lie to them. i'm not going to go through each case but what i can tell you is that if people want to believe in this russia collusion delusion when the democrats were stepping falling all over each other to get to a camera to swear that this president was a russian asset or a potent puppet. if you want to stay with it and stay with it. two years and $45 million and a fracturing of this country over the absurdity of that is just not worth the time anymore. it's been dispelled. nothing and no truth that has donald trump involved with
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that. if you want to talk about russia collusion, let's talk about len simpson and fusion gps. let's talk about christopher steele. let's talk about the fact that that document used to spy on an american citizen in order to get insight into the president's campaign, it was paid for by hillary clinton. her money was laundered through a law firm and then fusion gps and then hire the foreign agent to hire russians to go after donald trump. it is the absurdity of it all after one side is investigated but not the other. it's really disappointing for someone like myself. it's been a prosecutor, judge nda for 30 years. it's just nonsensical. >> you take that one step further in the book by writing the following. why isn't the chief justice of the united states supreme court
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john roberts reviewing what is painfully obvious to the nation that a make-believe story paid for by hillary clinton written by a foreign operative became the basis of award to spy on us citizen in order to spy on the trump campaign. the book is called "radicals, resistance, and revenge" teresa is joining us from tennessee. good morning. >> hi judge. i know you thought you would get a fair shot here on washington journal c-span but as you see, you get six or seven democrat callers to one republican. they are just as bad as cnn with the fake news about donald trump. they attacked him just as much is anybody. so preach it while you can sister because you probably won't be invited back. >> let me jump in. that's not true. we are taking calls from democrats, republicans and independents. we welcome her for the hour and judge jeanine, you are welcome back anytime, we would love to
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have you. >> thank you so much. judge, being a prosecutor, i feel that the democrats are attacking only white people's guns and i'm not being racist but what i'm saying is, we legally obtain our guns, we go to buy our firearms and fill out background checks and the thing that upsets me the most and i do hope donald trump listens to you because i know you are a very smart woman, we need people like you talking to donald trump. but i fear that he doesn't see what's going on. ngno one is saying one word abo taking the guns out of the hands of the gang members in chicago and baltimore, philadelphia. to us it feels like an attack just on our way community because we do the right thing. and just because the blacks in these communities vote democrat it's never mentioned.
7:15 pm
the 50 people being shot on weekends i blacks and innocent blacks being shot and democrats say nothing about that. i just feel this attack and i would like to get your opinion on it.thank you, i love you. >> for the record we had two democrats, two republicans, two independents in the last half hour, we been pretty balanced. >> thank you. i think one of the biggest criminal justice issues in this country, i talked about it as a dna and as a judge, is black on black crime. which unfortunately doesn't get the attention that it should. and chicago is a classic example of that. other than that, i don't want to talk about race as it relates to guns but this is what i want to say. and i'm a proud gun owner, i have handguns i have long guns. and you may know how i feel about it, i have a second amendment right to have it, the united states supreme oucourt h
7:16 pm
affirmed that right. it's also a god-given right it's a natural right. but let's talk about chicago because actually i lived in chicago for a few years and i go to the south side of chicago occasionally to meet with senior citizens who lived in the buildings there when i was doing a court show there. the problem with chicago, guns are illegal in chicago. so everybody thinks if you make guns illegal across the united states, it will be nirvana there won't be any crime. hogwash. the perfect example is chicago. the reason chicago has so much gun crime is because the people who have the guns are all criminals, it's all illegal weapons. the only way to resolve that is to prosecute gun crime and the last time i checked in chicago is the prosecution of gun crimes is extremely low.
7:17 pm
you've got gang bangers and you got all kinds of criminal elements with drugs who got these guns. so the states attorney has to tell me why is gun prosecution so low in that city. it's very easy. i used to prosecute these cases. you get yourself an undercover can you get yourself confidential informants. you squeeze defendants that you've already arrested and get information and you do some gun trafficking prosecutions and then you add some time for any crime that's committed with a gun and all the sudden the gun crime in chicago is going to go down. here's where the problem is it's in the prosecution. when we have a criminal justice system that has no sanction, no consequence no results then
7:18 pm
they are going to continue to have these guns and that's the problem.for anyone who has got a legal gun, as a judge i used to sign pistol permit. they are talking about you got to get insurance if you don't have a gun. you have to get this coming up to get that. it's the legal gun owners who are being punished every time some whack to do decides to kill someone we are all being blamed. that's just not the way it is. because you and i have a constitutional right to have that done. if there is a problem and i agree we've got to look at some of these people were committing these outrageous crimes but at the same time, recognize that the average american citizen has a right to have a gun. >> we are going to go to carol joining us from elgin texas. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. i really appreciate it. our president and our beautiful first lady, they went down to el paso texas and they posed with the baby that the president's rhetoric fox news
7:19 pm
rhetoric, your rhetoric had helped to orphan. i think this thing about trump is making america great again, trump has made america hate again. it is this hatred of braces, here all the time when i see talk to republicans and they say, i went down to texas and there are all these mexicans down there and they are all speaking spanish. i got news for you, those weren't mexicans, those were the americans. that guy that went down to el paso's to shoot a bunch of mexicans he shot a bunch of them, americans. really tired of this anti-immigrant, anti-people with brown skin rhetoric that is coming out of fox news coming out of people like you and coming out of our president, it's demeaning,
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intense beneath the office. it's beneath you. used to be a judge, you know better. it's time that that stopped. >> thank you carol. we will get a response. >> i refuse to accept your recitation of the facts. you are dead wrong. the problem in this country is not the color of anyone and don't you dare accuse me of any kind of issue related to color. i have 30 years of prosecuting, without fear of infavor and making sure that hate crimes were vigorously prosecuted. i fought for hate crimes law. i was a first prosecutor in the history of new york state to convict a white person, police officer, killing an african-american. so stop with your political hogwash as it relates to me. let's get back to it. here's the issue. the issue is not immigrants.
7:21 pm
you and i and everyone else is immigrant. got that buddy. we are all immigrants. only native americans belong in this country naturally. the question is, do you come legally or illegally? if you come illegally, then there is a problem. we don't know who you are. we cannot that you. what we do know is that 90% of the heroin that comes into this country comes through the southern border. if that's the case, shouldn't we be able to decide and be able to vet the people coming to the southern border? in october 2018, 144,000 people came to the southern border. that's bigger than a lot of cities in this country. don't you think that the social net in this country can only take so many. there's got to be at least 1
7:22 pm
million and we don't know who they are. we don't know ãbthey could be just people who want a better life. i agree with that. but there are also, just by virtue of percentages, there are people within that group whose criminal records we don't know, we don't know who they are, what their predilections are, what their issues are, and they just come into the country. they go into the interior of the country and then we end up educating them, housing them, schooling them, giving them food stamps and we can only afford so much. don't you dare accuse anyone of racism and hate. there is a line, the illegals can get to the back of the line of the people who want to come to this country legally, they wait in line, they wait for a visa. they learn about american history. they learned about what this
7:23 pm
country is about. they pledge allegiance to this country. they want to work here they have something to offer this country. then we accept them and naturalize them as citizens. forget about you and me and what we think. about that group there that is doing it legally? why are they entitled to just step over and ignore the laws reand then if you are an illega who commits a crime in the united states, we will do a sanctuary city or a sanctuary state. so that in the end we will protect you from being deported. who's at risk there? american citizens are at risk there. and other illegals are at risk there. don't you dare accuse me because when i was a da i would go into the immigrant community, i would try to get the immigrants to work with me so that they would report the immigrants who were victimizing them because those victims would be afraid to come to law enforcement so what i would do
7:24 pm
is represent the victims to go after the illegals who were victimizing them. >> i want to ã >> go ahead. >> i just want to finish. it's a lot more complicated than what you call it as racism. i want to add one more thing what happened in el paso was a crime it was an outrage, was the kind of thing i prosecuted my whole career. those people were innocent victims aand we have to hire them, pray for their families and the ripple effect that it's caused on their families and the community. >> ãbwill in fact challenge president trump in the carepublican primary. your reaction? >> what's interesting, i don't
7:25 pm
have a reaction. he can do it. it's not going to matter. i don't believe he's anywhere near the caliber of man or woman to run for president. i don't know anything about him that even puts him in that league. but let him do it. >> sheila from burlington north carolina good morning. >>. >> good morning. judge jeanine pirro i love you and i'm a part of that one percent of african-americans that are your fans and watch your show. i find it so insulting how liberals and democrats go right to raise. they can't wait to say something about race. i can't wait to say something bad about race but they are supposed to be the ones that are supposed to be colorblind and they don't care about
7:26 pm
sexual orientation. it's such a crock. i just want to say that you are shooting with both barrels, i hope that's not pc but you are. you give it to them girl. i just have a question and i would love for you to speak about this because i started checking things off my list because you just cleared the deck. the only thing i wanted to ask isyou is about facebook, twitte the attack they are having on conservatives and what they are doing on the web i just please keep doing what you are doing. tell trump that he does have black people behind him.
7:27 pm
we are waking up, unfortunately not enough of us but we are waking up keep fighting the fight, we love you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. the silencing of people on the right by facebook and twitter is really a frightening thing. it is unconstitutional. i think what we are going to see, we just heard that there are dozens, maybe even 36 attorney general's bipartisan on both sides who are going to start looking at the issue of google and facebook and some of those other giants. the last time this happened was with microsoft. i don't know how many years ana that was maybe 15 maybe 20 years ago. i think we are going to start seeing some changes. i had dennis prager on justice on my fox show last night and dennis talked about the fact
7:28 pm
that he had i think the 10 commandments and one of them was thou shall not kill. i think it was facebook or twitter i don't know, they made him take it down because it said thou shalt not kill, they said that wasn't allowed. it's all absurd. but i appreciate what you said and we will ntcontinue to fight the good fight. people need to be able to dialogue and if the left just wants to shut us up every time we speak, send nt for the beat us up, tell the cops to stand down, that's not america. that's not the way it's supposed to be. we don't do it to the left. yet you heard how angry people are on the left. it's amazing. it really is. >> quick note regarding the back of the book and the two poodles pictures with you. >>.
7:29 pm
[laughter] my sir lancelot is standing very properly next to me and i have a rescue. i believe she's from north carolina, i got her last year, she was in i think one of the hurricanes. her name is stella. it's the first rescue i've gotten i've had dogs my whole adult life. it was laura trump who said to me you got to get a rescue. and my mom who pass, rest in peace, i dedicated the book to her. hoto my mom. laura and my mom said, you will never get as much appreciation from an animal as you will from a rescue.i tell you, this dog thinks me with her eyes. i love her to death, i'm an animal person. as a prosecutor i prosecuted animal cruelty cases in the county wouldn't give me money to start an animal cruelty unit so i had all the assistant das who worked for me who had animals just prosecute these cases on their own time.
7:30 pm
who had horses, ago, i had pigs, dogs, cats, and i'm just an animal lover. >> we should point out your mom esther ferris who you dedicated the book to. >> yes. my mom who passed in april she was my best friend and my muse. and my moral core. and i miss her every day. i can't say anymore. thank you. >> go to lisa and loved in texas with judge dineen piero her new judge jeanine pirro her new book "radicals, resistance, and revenge". >> 45 minutes of hearing her, wow. i was hoping to speak with the previous guest but i would just advise ms. jeanine pirro to read the mueller report. and to view her own review
7:31 pm
this, later on review this and see where the radicalism and the venom and the hate is really stew and from. ... don't understand what the question was. color on the a republican line. good morning. caller: >> i believe the anger and the hatred on the left is because of hillary clinton losing the election i didn't vote for obama but he had the dignity
7:32 pm
and class you would want a president or any leader and you knew that he wouldn't do anything to demean the office. but president trump and i voted for him i will not vote for him again butag these tweets is not acting like an adult. the child this one - - childish mindset that i see it scares me and more important. >> we will get a response. >> so many people have said to the president stopped weeding. especially at night. and to look at what has happened with the mainstream media the president has made the decision to go around the mainstream media with twitter so he has followers he issues
7:33 pm
his own press release and he is limited to so many characters. i think what he does and he puts it in simple terms and when he decided to take on the press people said that was political suicide. and then to be very much part of the left. you may not like what he does or what he tweets and that is your business but i don't thank you can disagree that every day he is trying to make this country better and safer. how you carry yourself is one thing results are another. look at the economy. look at russia and compare the
7:34 pm
two presidents. look at who got rid of isis. president obama didn't know whether to contain them or dismantle them or destroy the them, none of which she did. and then donald trump comes in and the caliphate is gone within a matter of six months in the middle east. and the issue of result. mi better off now than i was four years ago? no question. and i think americans will be asking themselves that. >> the last call from california on the republican line. good morning. >>caller: good morning. i watch your show every
7:35 pm
saturday and sunday and i want you to know the last callerle about president trump's tweets, he is not a politician and he gets to the core and the heart of the people that have been forgotten. just keep doing what you are doing these people that are anti- trump because they just want to do business as usual. people don't understand he is down to earth. yes' tweets are the way they are but i like him because it gets to the heart and i am so proud that i have a president that is actually working for the people because we the people democrats and liberals
7:36 pm
want to do away with we the people. >> very quickly to that point i want to get to that comment in europe hate speech is prosecuted the left would like to bring thatik thinking to prosecute in america the reason is it combats determinationom into violence but in reality they silence the voices from public consciousness. >> for small to answer what he was saying that donald trump is the outsider president. he was not politically correct is what fascinated americans that he is not part of the legacy.
7:37 pm
and with those lobbyist groups and all of that and that is why he has gotten such pushback from republicans and democrats with one hand watching the other but free speech is just that. so the fact that we have free speech that they will protect hate speech that nobody agrees with because that is what our founding fathers insisted on. if we get speech that everyone agrees with with one lone voice that does not agree with i it, then we say that will not be allowed then the fascism is anything. so what is happening in europe and they had a woman and a very religious leader and with
7:38 pm
a high court of europe so prosecuting speech and we need to have a different opinion that's what the left wants. and political correctness, don't forget this is the enemy of free speech. and they say you have to say it a certain way than we no longer have free speech. we are no longer a free country and this is no longer america. >> radicals, resistance and revenge is the name of the book joining us from new york is jeanine pirro you have an
7:39 pm
open invitation to come back we would love to have you. thank you for being with us.
7:40 pm
>> good afternoon. welcome to the washington institute with this post labor


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