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Kevin McCarthy
  House Minority Leader Mc Carthy News Conference  CSPAN  September 20, 2019 6:35am-6:59am EDT

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the president in friendship for the children we were not go away. we're not going away and so we will have background checks to save lives of the american people. thank you all very much. [inaudible conversations] keviny
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joined his or public and colleagues to share their thoughts on a proposal with reporters. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning i appreciate you coming. first and foremost, i want to express my deepest condolences to my colleagues, the majority whip. he lost his wife this morning, doctor emily clyburn and jim and emily were married for more than 60 years and set an exact exceptional example looking for anyone to build a loving and long-lasting partnership. our entire conference of prayers for his family to merced for his loss. i'd like to shift to a concerned issue facing so many of our american citizens. something we've been working on and trying to lower and that's
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the increasing cost of prescription drugs. we just heard the democrat plan like most of what we think congress the solution to their plant is pretty simple which is more socialism. we've not seen the bill but only seen the talking point. the party propose the hearing to build the most cannot even read. they want the government to have complete control over our healthcare, particularly americans access to medicine. the result will be less choice which means less hope. for americans who are sick. the answer to increasing cost is not socialism but more choice and more cures. that means lowering hurdles to get new medicine to market, price transparency and rebate reform. the sad part about all of this earlier this year we had three bills in energy and commerce and you'll hear from the ranking member mr. walden in a minute where all the republicans and all the democrats agree it would lower prescription drug prices.
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after it left committee and had to go through the speaker's office and in doing so speaker but a poison pill in to make it partisan. that is what is wrong with the democrats proposal and that is what is wrong with the direction, not only is it socialism and we know government is designed to find compromise but not when it comes to the democrats trying to solve a networking with any republicans and actually working probably not to solve a problem but to make it worse. you'll find this bill it could increase drug pricing on the tax about 95%. now, i want to fall the speaker for trying to move forward beyond this imaginary impeachment but now she's creating an imaginary bill that cannot solve a problem when we had an opportunity to do so much better. let's go back to the point where
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we can find all the republicans and all the democrats to agree and we did that this year and we produced a bill from an out of committee and we could do more if only the leadership of the democratic party wanted to solve a problem instead of having greater control over our entire health care system. with that like to call up our with, steve's police. >> i want to thank the leader for his mark and shared my condolences for my whip colleague, jim clybourn. his wife emily has been struggling for some time now and it will be a sad time for the clybourn family. our prayers are with jim and his beautiful family and in their moments of grief and we also have moments of grief in new orleans as well as in the journalistic community and that is the loss of cokie roberts. cokie was somebody whose parents
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both father and mother served in the congress from the state of louisiana in my office today that i sit in the office bob used to have when he was majority leader a lot of memories of his family and i'm sure when cokie was a young girl when her father and mother were serving in congress she probably ran around those walls and halls i walk around and myself. she was a trailblazing journalist and someone who is, of course, well-respected and known in new orleans but all around the journalistic community. we mourn her loss as well. i am incredibly disappointed in speaker pelosi's socialist partisan approach to the good work being done to lower drug prices. this congress can together over the summer and joined to pass
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legislation that would actually lower drug prices. bills that would bring generics to the market quicker and help the medicaid program in fact improve the way it can deliver medicine and instead of bringing those bipartisan bills to the floor and bills that passed unanimously out of the energy and commerce committee which our republican leader will talk more about but if she was serious about lowering drug prices she would have built up on the work that was already done republicans and democrats unanimously bringing a bill out of committee that was focused exclusively on lowering drug prices and instead she's taking a socialist approach that will make it harder to bring life-saving drugs to market. if you look at how america has been so great at innovating especially when it comes to coming up with life-saving drugs this congress came together when
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barack obama was president to pass the 21st century cures act. legislation that actually will lead to life-saving cures for big diseases like cancer and alzheimer's and als and so many other diseases waiting to be cured. we as a congress came together and passed that. working with republicans and democrats at the only way to make law to sit in some legal secret star chamber and come up with a belt nobody can read and say that is the partisan approach the congress will take instead of bringing bills to the floor the past unanimously out of committee and the committee of jurisdiction where republicans and democrats of the very thoughtful wave came together and said we can lower drug prices congress can get it done except nancy pelosi chose to stand in the way. and shell that bill and lou of a socialist approach that would be the government getting in the business of setting prices for
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drugs and something that wasn't ripple effects throughout all of the medical industry and those people would be able to develop the next life-saving drug will now be shelved because of that approach and so i would encourage speaker pelosi to stop playing partisan games with drug pricing and instead join the publicans and democrats that already came together in a unanimous way to bring bills to the floor that can actually lower drug prices now and things that can get signed by president trump knows the bill she will bring forward that does not even exist yet based on what she's talking about something that would not get signed into law so work with republicans and democrats who have already been doing this for months to focus on serious solutions to this problem. with that, i will bring up our conference chair, liz cheney. >> thank you very much. i want to also add my voice and
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condolences and my prayers for with clyburn and his family as well as for cokie roberts family and it's really a tremendous loss we want everyone to know they're in our thoughts and prayers. i've just come now from the conference committee for the ncaa and as we come to talk this morning about what the speakers are doing on prescription drug prices have gone from that nda conference it's very clear and abundant reminder that we face huge issues as a nation and the american people send us here in order to come up with solutions and the speaker has a choice to make and she continues to make the choice on the side of partisanship. it's one thing to be pushing for a set of issues or be pushing for a set of partisan solutions in an atmosphere in which bipartisan agreement is not possible but on this issue of
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prescription drug prices every one of us here around the country about the impact that is having a people and we know it's an issue that we have got to solve. the white house step forward and as you will hear in a minute representative walden we had bipartisan agreement on three bills that could have not only passed the house but also pass the senate and gone to the president's desk for signature. there is simply no way to make the case is attempting to solve a problem we had the opportunity to fill those bills on the floor and we know it would have gone past. we urge our colleagues on the democratic side of the aisle and particularly the leadership of the democratic side of the aisle to recognize the important issues we were sent here to address and recognize the important moment we face on the national security front as well as with respect to the economy in the healthcare and we want the american people to know were fighting for them we will
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continue to do that will continue to stand against efforts like this prescription drug bill like medicare for all that will reduce the quality of care and reduce people's access to care and increase the price and reduce innovation and all things that will make life harder for the american people and i think it's sad and too bad that instead of coming to the table and addressing the issues in a bipartisan way speakers decided she will not do that and make a point and play with an issue that makes people. with this i turn it over to mr. walden. >> to join my colleagues and remembering cokie roberts in sending our prayers to the clybourn family including [inaudible] who's as well on the commission. it will keep them in our prayers. let me address this issue before us on prescription drugs. i'm really frustrated. i'm really upset. it doesn't have to be this way.
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we have a president of the united states and donald trump unlike anyone i've seen neither party willing to for intake on this issue. was with him in the roosevelt room and hearing part of his administration when he had the ceos of pharma companies and aaron said get her drug prices down, i mean it and he has never let up on them. opportunity to get a bill to the white house to become law without the american people. last congress the one before energy and commerce committee worked in a bipartisan way to achieve meaningful reform in a lot of areas. to invest in medical research and cures for people these diseases don't pick your party or background but they strike us all in our families and 21st century cures laws are having an impact and we rewrote america's mental health laws in the last bill john kennedy signed before he was assassinated. we do that together.
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we rewrote all the approval processes at the fda for drugs whether generic pharmaceutical we did it unanimously in the energy and commerce committee and under doctor scott gottlieb in the new law the approved 971 generic drugs more than more than any year in prior history and competition makes a huge difference for consumers. as you heard the past creates unanimously on the committee that says the pharmaceutical companies cannot gain given out their samples to the generic you can get generic we pass it unanimously. we do not do is pay to delay to prevent generics are coming to market that came out of committee unanimously redone a lot of the work and great brain trust on both sides of the aisle and i implore my colleagues there today to give us a copy of the film for god sakes. they've announced the hearing they did it last night to cut
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another day off to our ability to review it and i'm not even filed the bill yet and he will do it later today and will get one witness a subcommittee to review a complete rewrite of america's prescription drug laws. that's no way to legislate. it doesn't have to be this way. they are blowing the opportunity to get a partisan bill before the american people. just as they did on creates and just as they did unpaid to delay i'm sure they loaded this thing up with enough bad policy to appease their socialist left to make sure we can't support it. we have a proven bipartisan track record in the energy commerce committee of addressing these issues just like we are in surprise medical billing. if they will just let the committee process work. instead this thing is created in a complete partisan way and in the back rooms of the speaker's office so they can put out there
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talking points score their political points and leave the many people hanging because this will not become law. maybe that's what they want. it's cynical and wrong does not have to be this way. i implore my colleagues on the energy and commerce committee on the democratic side, they shared the bills us and they said they had it and have disarray in their own conference on this issue and in the committee. american people expect us to act and just as we are doing the price billing just as we've done on these other issues i've outlined before we are prepared and ready to do that and be full-fledged bipartisan partners to achieve meaningful results that the president signed into law. we did it on opioids and we've done it over and over again and this is simply raw partisan politics and it needs to stop. >> is one clear message. we have a record of working together on these issues and record even this year whether publicans were in the minority
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democrats in the majority inside committee but unfortunately the speaker's office is different but this is one advisor that i would hope the six-month speaker do they would work together. americans want to see the prescription drug prices lowered and the president wants to help and the senate to work in a bipartisan manner and we work with anyone who wants to lower the prescription drug price. do not move to try to appease the new socialist democratic movement within your conference and come to the center where there's a side we can solve the problem, have a law and make america strong. questions? yes, ma'am. >> on the proposal i want to be clear what you're calling socialism is that they want -- total government control. >> but they want to allow the government to negotiate drug prices connect is that a nonstarter for you? >> what they want to have his
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government controlling medicine because government will control the prices and if you don't play for that role and they will raise the tax within healthcare for prescription drugs over 90% how that lower the price? will that do to innovation? we've always believed more choice brings more cures. price transparency and rebate reform, more competition just as greg walden told you. we have proven we can do that and energy and commerce this year every republican in every democrat voted for it. it would lower the price but before i got to the floor it change the bill, not in committee but change the bill in the speaker's office so cannot become law. we know there's a major problem out there that we want to solve it, not make any political iss issue. >> the president was seen as a ski in this issue and can ask
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what you messages you talk about this? when he should be supporting and where you need to put his weig weight. >> i get the president trumped a great deal of credit in this. get what he's been able to do in ministry the transparency if you look at the price of drugs today that have gone down but they can go so much lower rate the president has pulled both sides inside the white house that he has tried to drive this and was hopeful that speaker pelosi would work with both sides of the aisle and moved to the socialist we know the party but find a place where both sides can agree. you walked with senator grassley trying to work on both sides of the aisle and that's a much better model and if you have the energy and commerce that shown in the past inside the committee themselves with the big problems such as christmas wall and talked about the opioids to the free prescription drug bills this year we could find common ground and i think the president
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about the way to push back but unfortunately it seems the speaker is trying to push another direction. >> is it fair to say you will suggest he oppose this bill -- >> i don't the other president can support this bill because i don't see it lowering the price or solving the problem but making it much worse. the president wants more choice, more transparency and wants to fix the rebate and none of those happened in the so-called bill we have yet to see. >> on guns, [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> i don't see it that way but i see president trump gathering information to find something that will solve the problem just as he did when he removed the bum. and just as he did when he signed that nick fix. with the president will do is gather the information from the experts and sit down unlike within this belt with republicans and democrats and those in the senate and those in the house and will move forward with what he believes the best solution to be. i find it a positive that you will find people in his administration walking and talking by the senate listening to members. a much better approach than just saying this is the solution would gather the information from understand what people are and listen at the same time. >> [inaudible] >> they took place in august and we are now in september the
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president has had numerous meetings. i've been in a number of those meetings that were bicameral in the present has had bipartisan meeting and i've met with numerous members as well the president continues to work for it whether there's a lot of ideas to make sure whatever we move forward solves the problem so this never happens again but i think president trump is a clear track record on this when you look at what he did with the bump stop. >> what are your reactions to stop trunk negations as for leaders? >> i know the media once you rush and they think something sensational but nine times out of ten we find that it's not true but they are time experienced that in last week. this is not something i'd ever see the president doing and i would not jump to conclusions but get the facts first. thank you very much. [inaudible conversations]
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and members of the department's office of inspector general to discuss the recently released report on the mental health needs of children and the