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tv   Funeral Mass for Cokie Roberts  CSPAN  September 24, 2019 1:36am-2:05am EDT

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>> no matter how large or small the audience it does matter. known for her long career in journalism which included work for abc news and npr. a eulogy from her husband stephen and house speaker nancy pelosi.
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>> to a colleagues and congresswomen friends and if it - - and family, good morning. thank you steve and becca for the honor of joining you with this historic place to express our love, all of us to such a special special soul. cokie roberts is a national treasure in her passing is a great loss for america. but for t 14 was always about family, family can my family she told everybody she thought
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she has first steve and the love for her children ander grandchildren. she loves you all so much that because of her family there are more than 100 here today that some you have come to share and that extraordinary outpouring of love and remembrance. many honors are given to members of congress to pay the honor and tribute to cokie memory. it is a sad day for america. the passing of cokie roberts is a personal loss for all those who called her a friend. and then at the same time and
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those would become democratic leader of the house. and then lived in louisiana while they served in the house together. that's why she was away so protective many years later. and then to another generation. but cokie was younger and now as it continues into the third generation i like to tell this story because it is a little embarrassing but when becca lived in california to live in
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san francisco to pass himself off as family. [laughter] i'm not sure what becca thought of it. that was the first introduction. women to believe that public service in that we are here. because in the life of her family is always about living the gospel of matthew. she said she's a little in her family who did not run for office and she wanted journalism to be her public service and it was.
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and then to illuminate and that possible way for people across america. but just to tell you the woman behind the counter saw she was fromr washington and in the heartland of america said we lost cokie. we lost cokie. and that has been echoed across america. but over five a decades with that persistent pursuit of the unvarnished truth enraptured and enlightened millions of americans in greatness of the
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few of the prestigious and with excellence in journalism. and was named one of the 50 greatest women in history of broadcast during not just that year but in the history and was declared a living legend by the library of congress. as an american icon that we will forever that she will forever be in the pants and one of the greatest professional in her field. how blessed we were in congress to share heritage to tell the full story of the nation.
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and with that spotlight on the unsung heroes of those stories that have gone and told. and now to take the rightful place in america's history books. as cokie shares the stories of the suffragist. and then to stand on her shoulders and then to shape its future and for girls to follow in her groundbreaking steps and to give them the confidence to doco so. but again we were fortunate in congress as she shares her
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story for the suffragettes that we mark the centennial of the house passing in the 19th amendment. and an author in her own right cokie said that day it is important to celebrate the stories because it's important to know them for the next generation to know them. and then to tell us my own t xt generation has taken on the task. deleting by the power of her example and by her encouragement she gave countless young women. coming closer to the founding a deal it was in her dna.
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and you have the privilege but to learn from her in congress and learn from her with barbara's passing in the capital i have the privilege to speak at her funeral service. so know, your power but what he get she wants she gets it here i am. [laughter] but then for a better america it with that great spirit of generosity and goodness that she gave to all. but always remember cokie and always remember the 21st of
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september as we say goodbye to her. thank you steve for sharing cokie with us. in her own words she said, i never would've had the confidence to do what i did without stephen's encouragement and support. none of it would have been worth it without him. and also with the entire family as they mourn their loss and are praying for you at this time to be truly blessed with her life and legacy. thankfe you.
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>> on behalf of the full family thank you for coming we have been truly ratified and overwhelmed by the expressions of love and support we have
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received. she filled the hall, didn't she. in the summer of 1962 i met a derl named cokie at a student political meeting. i firmly believe she was wearing charcoal gray bermuda shorts at that moment. for the last 57 years she has corrected me of this and many other points. because she has never owned a pair of charcoal gray bermuda shorts. but over the years on
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countless occasions cokie corrected all of us to inspire us and taught us and to console us. fiercely and forever i knew immediately i had met an extraordinary person but i was a guy. it took me four years to finally propose and as she would always joke or half joke i did it by saying oh all right cokie. [laughter]
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and former students would quote that back to me. frequent piece of advice i always give them to you mary is the most important decision you will ever make. nothing else is even close. fortunately for us even though we were very young but those coming in from young women to help fight cokie as they navigate their way through thena journalism business. and to call herself a proud member of cokielf army because what made me adore her so much
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to use her power to empower others. she fought her way up the ladder and then kept reaching back down to help others at. they don't do it with the style and grace and good humor that cokie did. one reason she felt so strongly aboutbo helping others graduating from wellesley to move back home to the house that we have lived in for the e last 42 years. that one year later she was hosting her own interview show on the nbc station and that ladder of opportunity in journalism was close to her anotherr women. here is a person who wrote six, six national best-selling
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books and after we are married and moved to new york she was told repeatedly we do not hire women to be writers. she often told the story and then one day she decided to a fancy store but she could not manage so she put on a coat over her nightgown. and that she realized to her horror that the husband of the couple that had given us the present was also on the same line. [laughter] also realizing since he was a guy he had noed clue. [laughter]
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but then to call his wife to ask her question and said guess who i met? of course the wife knew what cokie was doing and demanded to talk to her. they agreed through laughter what is the odds of the city of 8 million people. and after the press club the guy works at the new york times with the governor rockefeller inauguration at the townhouse. and said come with me so she did. [laughter] and everybody kept offering to take her coat. [laughter] of course she was still wearing her nightgown. she kept replying i'm always
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hot. and after the ceremony she was invited out to lunch but she politely declined and fled back to the apartment. our first baby two years later she had produced children tv shows but could not do that in europe so she hit on the idea to broadcast o work as a part-time reporter but then to say she was ready to go to work shortly there after to topple the government in cyprus and every foreign correspondent including me in the number one reporter flew to the island and two days
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later they invaded cyprus and teen i got an urgent message from cbs to report the story. she was on crutches at the time and friends you were visiting at the time waving her crotch to say the turks have invaded i must go file. [laughter] that was the first day as a reporter. two days later the military government collapsed in greece it was the biggest area of the world. and then the airports were closed. cokie managed to get a radio report out to cbs and then they called her mother and asked for her picture.
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she said we are running her radio piece as the lead on the news tonight and we want to show her photo while the audio was playing. and then filing continuously through the next week and when i got out of cyprus and returned home, i found i was married to a veteran correspondent. [laughter] and yet returning to washington a few years later she wanted to stay abroad and knew we would never leave and that is what happened. i walk into the washington bureau of my first day back and introduce myself to a young woman with national public radio and i said what's
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that? and pr had been on the air five years but we had give in europe four of them. of the perfect place for my wife to work she cries herself to sleep every night. and even as a supreme court reporter to say get cokie resume really just a few blocks from where we are sitting right now. immediately to push the resume through the system as a part-time reporter and that's the first time i saw the old girls networks at work women doing for each other what men have always done. and when they realized what a
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huge talent they had and cokie has been a critical link in the old girls network ever since. even as she climbs a letter of success she reaches behind her to help others so the highest priorityty and the deepest joy is always clear. it was her family. she loves being a mother in to be particularly pleased to pay that budget director of the state of north carolina equally gratified writing a marvelous book of ideas of christmas giving. [laughter] about the suffragist movement and becoming an expert in
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politics. she also loved being a grandmother taking endless pride when those favorite things was to sing them to sleep and when they got older she would take them on trips and going to greece last summer and when asked to moderate with barbara bush and kennebunkport. just months before he died. cokie was a true democrat. i emphasize small d democrat. and a true christian she touched everyone she met especially those who were not famous or wealthy or influential. during the last days of her life she was hasp one - -ri hospitalized when i pull up
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valet all immigrants are not very fluent in english would say to me, we are praying for miss cokie. she became friendly with one of her nurses and absolutely insisted that i rummage through her recipe box at home to find a recipe for cornbread she wanted them to have. the author of the recipe by the way named big lou, at that man is serving a life e sentence. [laughter] in louisiana prison i believe 'for murder. [laughter] showed cokie photos oo
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children on her phone. faced -- face lit up with that incandescent smile. she exclaimed, "what beautiful children." and the two of them just embraced. that moment captures the cokie i will remember most, caring about someone else, helping him feel good about themselves, opening
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arms and and her making the world around brighte. what a beautiful smile. a beautiful spirit. what a beautiful life.
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and the event in boston where he was joined by his family. [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause]


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