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tv   DHS Secretary Mc Aleenan at Migration Policy Event  CSPAN  October 7, 2019 3:25pm-3:47pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> coming up after this break the rule of different branches of the u.s. government in dealing with migration and asylum seekers. live coverage continuing your c-span2. this morning i can homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan was prevented from speaking at this event after protesters repeatedly interrupted essene reports they stay with long black cloth subgraph with writing the red stand with immigrants and hate is not normal. we will show that to you right now. >> today you hear again voices from across the spectrum and from different vantage points. you won't agree with all of them that at the time adjustment every aspect of immigration has become so polarized we believe
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firmly it's important as ever to directly from key stakeholders of what's animating the thoughts and actions to question them and have a thoughtful and informed dialogue. so again welcome and will look for to a a full day of engaging and provocative discussions. let me not reproduce this year's keynote speaker. acting sect of homeland security kevin mcaleenan. secretary mcaleenan became acting secretary in april at them of 240,000 person agency, department that's responsible for everything from airport and cybersecurity to emergency response to the sufficient of trade and travel prevention of terrorism and much, much more. more important for purposes today dhs responsible for many of those crucial aspects of immigration. to think about agencies you citizenship and immigration services come just cousins afforded protection and u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. before becoming acting secretary mr. macklin held a number of roles and use customs and border protection including serving as commission, deputy commissioner and direct of one of cbp's
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largest field commands. he received a presidential rank award in 2015, the nation's highest civil service award of the decade before that he received the service to america medal for spearheading efforts to develop an deponent a post-9/11 comprehensive antiterrorist strategy in the border security context. heals a law degree from chicago. just about everyone in america knows immigration is about as contentious complex in polarized subject as it is today. dhs and by extension the accident asked mac -- acting secretary is an extension of that. the signing of cooperation grins with exquisite american countries for reshaping the immigration system and the refugee policy. all subjects will discuss at length today and a diverse array of panels. but for now i know you're all eager to hear from secretary mcaleenan and important to be able as the secretary questions during the question and answers that will follow this marks. with that i'll turn over to you and doris meissner will be
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chairing the question and answer period. secretary mcaleenan. [applause] [shouting] [chanting] >> sitdown. [shouting] >> sit down. [chanting] >> okay. [chanting]
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>> please, that's enough now. thank you very much. we hear you this is a forum where we respect free speech. we respect your right to protest, but with respect to the audience wants to the speaker, let's say the rest of it for the q&a period. thank you. thank you very much. please be seated. we would like to the speaker now. please be seated. [shouting] >> please, please, folks. please, folks. this is enough. [shouting] >> please be seated so we can
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hear the speaker and engage in a dialogue. please be seated. [applause] mr. michelini and. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for the kind introduction. [shouting] >> please be seated. [shouting] guys, that's enough. [shouting] that is enough. [shouting] please be seated or take -- take
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the protest outside. we hear you. we hear you. [shouting] >> this audience is here to engage in a dialogue and listen to the speaker. please -- [shouting] it's time -- it's time, it's time to finish this. you're robbing the rest of this audience of an opportunity to engage in a dialogue that is it important that on the university campus. [applause] please, please -- [inaudible] >> until we hear, we're not in the conversation so let's stop the one-way street. let's listen to the speaker and then let's have an exchange. thank you very much.
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let's try again. >> okay. i want to thank the migration policy institute, georgetown university law center, the catholic immigration network for the opportunity to join me today. [shouting] >> could you please have some respect for this audience who came here to listen to the speaker? [shouting] >> one more time. [shouting] >> and in fighting back let's have an opportunity to engage with people that are making the decisions. please allow this speaker to make his remarks, and this
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audience who has come here for this purpose to hear and engage. please. you may stay standing, but please stop shouting. [applause] >> thanks, doors. we will give it one more shot. as a career in law enforcement dedicated my career to protecting the right to free speech and all the values we hold dear in america, from all threats. so we will go ahead and try one more time, but otherwise i'm going to go back to work and keep trying to secure this country. [shouting] >> i appreciate it. [shouting]
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>> colleagues, you're invoking democracy. democracy requires dialogue. it requires listening. it requires a two way st. the secretary has agreed to take questions and answers. we are robbing time on the period of questions and answers. we can engage with the public. please listen to his remarks and have a chance to question including people who disagree with them may question him. [inaudible] >> okay. last time. lots to cover today. there's some very serious issues we can talk about in candor in a real dialogue or we can continue to shout. what is going to start with is i'd like to take our dialogue this morning about the politics in the dailies nasi, talk about judges and effort we face for the past year but also given that this is primarily an audience of immigration lawyers, advocates and law students come to also talk about some of the fundamental issues we face with the current legal framework and its ability to address
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large-scale immigration flows -- [shouting] >> okay, thank you. [shouting] [applause] [inaudible] >> bloomberg news reporter jennifer jacobs reports that acting secretary mcaleenan then emailed his speech to the press after protesters shouted him down with this statement, the first amendment guarantees all americans the right to free speech and assembly. unfortunately that right was robbed from and who were scheduled to speak and attend today's event at georgetown. and now we are back like a likea georgetown university law school this afternoon or more panels on
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u.s. migration policy and immigration law. any adnexa panel discussion on the role of different branches of the u.s. government in dealing with migration and asylum speakers. live coverage here on c-span2. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> while we wait for more discussion on migration policy here at georgetown law center, here's a look at more live coverage on the c-span network. coming up this afternoon at 4:4a director david petraeus taunts at cyber threats, , strategy, no and other topics. at 445 eastern on c-span today. coming up this evening canadian party leaders take part in a two-hour debate in québec and of the october 21 federal election. live coverage starts today at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can see all of these events online at online at listen with the free c-span radio app.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible] -- if you could take your seats so that we can start as close to time as possible. thank you again for sticking out the last session, as was the in these conferences, we keep the best for the last, and that's true for the audience also. my name is muzaffar chishti, i,i work for in the other directors office. you have our bios of all our distinguished speakers and i will not waste any time to repeat it. none of them need an introduction, but they come from three very important perspective on this debate.


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