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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones PT 1  CSPAN  October 11, 2019 1:27pm-2:14pm EDT

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ambassador susan rice talks about her life and career. she is interviewed by robin wright. author and columnist for the new yorker. >> what are you worried about in the 2020 election? >> it has not stopped. this has been constant. they were very actively involved in 2016, as you saw. hacking and stealing e-mails from the dnc. they tried to infiltrate our electorate system. they put out false information. they were very active on social media trying to pit americans against each other. whether it is racer immigration. our guns and what have you. our whole thing is to discredit our democracy.
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>> watch afterwards. c-span two. >> one of the themes to emerge from that rally, that of joe biden and his son hunter. here is part of what the president said. >> where is hunter? i want to see hunter. you know nothing about anything, frankly. hunter, you are are a loser. why did you get $1.5 billion? your father was never considered smart. never considered a good senator. he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss barack obama's.
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>> thank you. it isa" true. it is true. they are always saying the same thing. hunter biden and his father. it is not unsubstantiated you
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crooked son of a gun. [cheering] even the smart guys on wall street, and i know all all of them, they are smart. they've never seen anything like that one before. i called them. does that ever happen? >> y never happens. guy walks and no experience, nothing. flies in on air force do with his father, the president. charlie gives his son 1.5 billion. how would you like to have joe biden takeover negotiations right right now with china. i don't think so. i don't think so. anmeanwhile, biden allowed china
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to rip off america for eight years as vice president and barack obama let him rob us blind and we are not doing that anymore. those daysof are over. >> just a portion from last nights rally. you can go to our website other themes came up. we will show you those through the course of the morning. independence. call fromin the lines if you wat to make your comment. joining us through out the to give us insight is john. >> good morning. a few stats on last nights rally in minnesota. 102 minutes that president trump took place at the target center in minneapolis. a center that holds some 20,000 people. the president appearing in the state he has not won and republicans have not one since
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1972. 1972 when republican richard nixon won that state. forty-eight other states voting for richard nixon in that election. president trump declared last night that he would take the north star state and show viewers his campaign visit tracker. this is from fox news. tracking the president's visits around the state. their red map here shows itpresident trump's visit on ths screen. minnesota certainly on his list of states there. north carolinaco and florida, yu can compare the visits by president trump around the occountry by those by democrats. this is the democratic campaign. behind a d state like iowa, neighbor to the south, some 40 visits by visits by john delaney. amy 35 visits to iowa.
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new hampshire as well. early primary state there with plenty of visits. minnesota certainly on the list of candidates. amy having the most appearances in the state. the senator from minnesota. someda reaction in minneapolis last night. first the man that president trump was talking about in that clip. joe biden saying he spent his night at the human rights campaign for him. fundamental respect that every human being returns. talking about lgbt q issues. showing how little respect for anyone else that you have. america is so much stronger than your weakness. amy with her tweets about the president last night. donald trump is bringing his hateful rhetoric to my home state of florida. join me in signing a petition to make clear we will beat him in
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minnesota and all over the heartland. live tweeting during the president's comments last night. the president just attacked somali americans that is rally. immigrants and refugees have helped make our state a wonderful place to live and work. far more than this president has done. stop using immigrants and refugees as ponds. pushing back on the president last night and throughout the days leading up to the president's visit giving him attention as well on his own twitter page. right before the rally started saying it's from hate day in the city of minneapolis. talking about his proclamation that he put out yesterday. according to that proclamation, the hate day in minneapolis. built on and propelled by a commitment to inclusion. the people will not be mated
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that was the mayor of minneapolis yesterday. we will see you for more reaction with the presidents rally from last night in minnesota. >> big sandy in tennessee. good morning. you are up first. >> good morning. good morning. i have a question i want to ask. when trump ran for president. before he got elected, he said he did not file taxes on seven or $900 million. which filed a grub seat multiple times. i heard yesterday on tv that he raised 132 million or 232 million in the third quarter for his reelection. can that money be applied to his
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bankruptcy. >> don't know the answer to that when it comes to the reelection, what did you think of the rally last night? >> i thought it sucked. >> you know, i don't know what to think of him. >> let's go to marissa in montana. >> good morning. thank you so much. i am so grateful for you. you guys do and endowed -- invaluable service. left, left, right, black, white, macaque, republican. please, america, open america, open your eyes. c-span had another very interesting story. why are you not headlining that.
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why do we have to see the trump entities spewing his lies and hatred? please, do not hang up on me. please, america, can you not see it's a puppet. everything for the russian president. his wife is his handler. it is so obvious. i have another comment. please do not interact with your people that call in. i like it way better when they ntare allowed to make comments. that distorts their view somehow i just like to hear what they say without any kind of comment. >> i apologize. to your previous one about his wife being his handler, why do you think that? >> it is obvious. she obviously has some intelligence. he does not. >> we will leave
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it there. that was a cnn event. this was an event that we took in. that rally, all through the 100+ minutes, you can go to our website, if you want to. we will show you portions. marilyn and middle river. danny is up next. high. >> thank you for taking the call thank you for your show. it is always very informative. i love your back and forth. >> regardless whether you wrote it for him, whether you like him as a person, whether you like his interaction and policies, we really have to listen to what he
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is saying. he lies habitually now. it is sickening. how dare you say something about ejoe biden's son having a job ad saying he is not qualified when three of your five children are working at the white house and are qualified to do anything. >> you are saying hunter biden should not come up for conversation at all during this process? >> at all. how can his name be brought upka when beavis and butthead are in the white house right now. >> allen is next in ohio. eastside ohio. go ahead. >> good morning. i called as an independent. i just want to introduce myself as somebody that is basically socially liberal.
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my interest is always in housing for the poor. i love president trump. i can't't get enough of the guy. d i love the rallies. most of my friends are on the democratic side. we love each other. we will not hate each other over politics. you cannot blame president trump you have to put the blame on people like me. my name is alan and i take the blame for it. martin luther king's niece, she, she loves the guy. i would like to see what the reason is. there must be something wrong. >> what do you love about the rallies? what do you get from the rallies when you watch them? >> we have never seen a president go off quite like that he is my best friend. hathis song is so senator. i love it. we know it is all sales talk. it is important. i love it. most of the stuff that i hear is
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really -- i hate to use the typical word the swamp, but it is true. the way washington has evolved over the years, there was was not any one individual fault, but it's a mechanism that cannot be broken down. only these obnoxious people like trump can break it down. i will vote for him again. blame it like alan. it is people like me. >> that is alan. independent calling from ohio. jerry in detroit michigan. you are up next. >> good morning. greetings yet again. listening to the president last night when he takes swings. first that joe biden and then at barack obama, showing the lack of maturity that he has. also the blind hatred of those two from that predominantly
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white and undoubtably racist audience. there is no doubt about that. when i listen to him slam barack obama, from the moment he first laid eyes on barack obama, the green eyed monster has been eating away at donald trump. he is extremely jealous of barack obama. >> because why? >> because, i think, barack obama is probablydm still more admired than he is. i think that speaks volumes about the level of racial hatred in his predominantly white audiences and in some of the white republicans calling on c-span this morning. they want desperately to not
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only erase barack obama's, but basically erase him from the very pages of history. >> that is jerry calling on our lines for democrats. >> want to keep viewers up-to-date on capitol hill. congress away this week on recess. the impeachment inquiry continuing. including today we are expected to see another hearing behind closed doors. jeff bennett from nbc reporting that marie, the u.s. ambassador to ukraine is set to be disposed today at 10:00 p.m. eastern. sources say they expect her to show up for spite a white house bow valley not to cooperate. she would have to quit the state department before appearing. fox news previewing this
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appearance today or perhaps not if she does not show. looking into how the trump miadministration has viewed the former ambassador. painting as a rogue state department employee her ouster in may came a midge rudy giuliani. those efforts, of course, triggering the triggering the impeachment inquiry. going on to note the use yesterday on the ukrainian front and the former ambassador involvement there. prosecutors unsealed an indictment alleging two donors were engaged in lobbying efforts in the u.s. on behalf of a ukrainian politician.
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soviet board defendant. citizens who have efforts to pursue their investigation of joe biden. when it came through ukraine. we are watching for that today. other views this morning on other upcoming parts of this inquiry andnd more interviews taking place. the u.s. ambassador to get european union expected to testify next wednesday before the house committee investigating ukraine. despite being blocked earlier this week from appearing in a closed-door deposition. that is according to for congressional forces in the reporting by ask yes. just to keep you updated. lawyers from the officer whose whistleblower complaint helped indict asking congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing rather than person. their requests reflects concerns about whether the whistleblower
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could testify without revealing his identity and fear that doing so would lead to jeopardizing that person safety. that from the wall street journal this morning. we will keep you updated. >> to facebook pages available if you want to post. supporter being real. he has never put a country above his personal interests. joe from new york saying the sad thing about the rally last night, your people standing. susan off of facebook saying it's only mechanism to bring these to the public. you can text us. post on our twitter feed.
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let's go to cassie and oklahoma. >> i'm a registered democrat. i no longer support them because of the lack of sovereignty that they are advocating. last night speech. they are lovely people. their homeland back many, many years ago, redivided by the british. the kurds had a home. they have not been our allies. even though they certainly need helpnd. the point trump was making was that they were helping them defend their area that they lived in.
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the kurdish people need to be reassigned a homeland. british subdividedri the countrs and took their homeland away. i think that it was after world war i. we need to learn our history on that so we clearly understand what he meant. >> i want to w show you what the president said last night. turkey and syria coming up in the president's speech. >> in the case of turkey and syria and the kurds, we dissented 1000 troops to military conflict with turkey. [inaudible] know. you don't want to dory that. we could hit turkey very hard financially. we could mediate a deal between turkey and the kurds. let's mediate a deal. they've been fighting each other for hundreds of years.
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we were artificially put there in this case by president obama. we did our job. i will tell you another we have to be treated fairly. we are not treated fairly by other nations. we captured many many isis fighters. most of them came from europe. they came from all over these countries. imy called them myself in many cases. take your fighters. they said we don't want them, you take them. we did do a big favor. citizens of germany.or citizens of france. citizens of these variousnt countries in europe. take your fighters. we don't want them, sir. we don't want them. we do them a great favor and they won't take the fighters. we are doing some things that are pretty amazing. every once in a while, you have to change course and do what you have to do.on the united states has spent $8
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trillion in the middle east. we have lost thousands of brave soldiers and tens of thousands of terribly wounded people. great people. their lives will never be the same. these wars produce only chaos and bloodshed all of the blood and treasure we sacrifice made the middle east, it is less safe. it is less stable. it is less secure. the single greatest mistake, our country made, in its history, was going into the quicksand of the middle east. we spent $8 trillion in lost thousands of lives. by the way, the other side, we can can talk about that, lost millions of lives. what did we do? we will pull them out. weng are pulling people out.
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trying to make good deals. bring our soldiers back home. we may need them for something else and they will be ready. >> backing off of twitter. did the president leave about leaving kurds to die. arrested trying to flee the country. funniest best president in years. talk about telling it like it is. saying a lot about what we are thinking and knowing. did not seem to stop any crowds from showing up. lisa harrison. fair game. our president was amazing last night. doesn't joe biden criticizing trump at a much smaller rally, one would think they are both running for president.d facebook available. you can post on our twitter feed stephanie in brooklyn new york. good morning. >> good morning.
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>> i am calling because i was so disappointed about that rally last night. such an embarrassment. not even a road model. men, our young ladies. he has just a disgrace. >> what about the rally disappointed you the most? >> there was nothing positive about it. this president has so much hate in him. he is such a mean man. he has no efficacy for anyone else or anything else. he puts his self above anybody else. he is a narcissist. he does not care for us at all. he cares for his families pockets. he is not doing nothing for us
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but robbing the country. him and his rich friends along with his friends giuliani. along withn the republican party because they are taking money from international countries. we must put a stop to it. >> we will leave it there. if you would not mind turning down your television just to cut back on the feedback, we appreciate it. hello. >> good morning. i just have a couple words to say about our president. and the speech he made. he is a comedian. he is the tv show house.
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it is dangerous because he is the president. people like to hear the fact that he is not politically correct. >> he directly mentioned euro biden. >> he called his son a loser. he did not call directly joe biden anything. trump is unable and insecure and cowardly enough to do with it. the second thing is, trump is a-determia-determi ner christian
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hean proclaims he has a christi. he believes in jesus christ. jesus, they tried to kill jesus, but he was too pure and to holy. >> this is the whole thing everyone is trying to get out. saying lies and being so incompetent. all of this stuff. >> let's go to darlene and tennessee. >> i'm glad to see you. i watched it this morning before you came on. he has just a motivational antagonistic person. this must be a campaign to get him reelected. i did not hear anything he was going to do with this country. or climate change.
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giuliana had been trite caught trying to flee the country. >> you heard the president speak earlier about issues concerning turkey and syria with a follow-up. >> plenty of news on that front. >> comes to withdrawing troops from northeastern syria. joe biden with a new post on the website medium yesterday. fis is what it read in part. donald trump sold out the syrian democratic sources. he betrayed a key local ally in the fight against terrorism.
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he betrayed our groups who sacrifice along them. he betrayed our word as a nation among our allies, around the world. security commitment. green lighting a turkish incursion setting conditions for isis to regrow. formed by vice president joe biden. here are a few more posts throughout the day yesterday. president trump continuing to get pushback fromio members of s own party, in particular particular. marco rubio saying syria has nothing to do with endless war sending thousands of turkey in the united states agreed to border security zones. the kurds removed. the u.s. agreed to remove our small contingent groups from the border. turkey invaded. here are two tweets from mario
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diaz from florida. republican congressman i strongly support. onch of i the foreign policy, im concerned about the decision to withdraw from syria. the kurds have been instrumental partners in the region. loyal allies to the u.s. for decades. i hope this will not further destabilize the region or embolden enemies such as ironic and isis. >> lloyd smucker of pennsylvania instrumental in our fight against isis and syria. we should not be turning our backs on them. president trump should immediately reverse his decision senator rand paul of kentucky saying if we can save one american soldier from losing their life or limb in another senseless middle eastern war, it is worthwhile. the blood loss of the neoconservatives knows no balance. >> topic of this program today for the remaining two and a half
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hours. 8001 for republicans. democrats and independents. boca raton florida next. jenny, hello. >> good morning. i just want to say one thing about the rally last night that i found disturbing. trump cannot be eloquent or articulate. he has to always go to foul language. for example, saying saying that joe biden was kissing a rock obama [bleep]. my 10-year-old son is watching it. he now thinks he can go around saying that. i just do not think that is cool. as a president you need to be held to a higher standard tiered >> that is jenny in florida. vethat is off twitter. highlight some of the same things. >> the opposite of what i taught my children to be. the president doesn't hate.
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he hates what he did to this country. has this current president the right to be mad. obama what he does to him in the u.s. hello. >> good morning. i just wanted to say what one woman said about all he did was antagonize. they did not look antagonize to me. they have to start giving trump a chance. and set a fight with him the whole way. i have never in my life seen anyone criticized as bad as this president has been. >> what do you get from watching the rally personally? >> i listen to what is being said.
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i don't listen to everything that is said. he is a politician. >> not what i heard last night, no. i did not hear any. >> okay. maryland. we will go to jay in florida. how it was going. it is a rally. not just meant for the whole entire united states. it is meant for those people that are in that auditorium. it is designed for that.
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that is why he goes to each state and has a rally in each state. it is nitpicking. what i did here was something that the democrats were pushing for years and years and years in the 60s. get out of vietnam. we will not get anywhere. then all of a sudden, you did not hear a word about it except for let's cut the budget. we do not need all this stuff. i was there in the 70s. seventy-eight and 79. we've been there since then. were not going anywhere. these people will never understand what's going on. these people will always fight against each other. why are we wasting our human treasures for people that don't care. anything about what we do. why are the kurds still in syria? why don't they leave?
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everybody wants to push back and forth and claim it is trump's fault. this man does not have enough power in him to control the entire world. i don't know what they are thinking. >> i walked by the television. i saw his face and his demeanor. everything that i am not. i am a christian. he is not. i do not think that he is qualified to be our president. i would like him gone today. >> did you listen to anything that he said. >> yes. i did. i just think that it is all garbage. there are children that are listening. he ise too negative to be a god leader. >> okay. that is marjory in illinois. we will hear next from larry.
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larry in indiana. >> you are on. go ahead. >> okay. i am a a republican. i support president trump in every way. telling the truth and tell it the way that it is. president obama and biden, they just jerk the people around. they did not tell them about the healthth care. what it was really going to do to them. in 1972 when the war was going on, kissinger, quietly went to i china in 1972. the headline was nixon acknowledged living as communists. >> and then, biden was overheard on the microphone saying the f
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word. and then he was in his room with a russian guy and he was saying, we can do better. >> how does this all relate back to the rally last night? >> i am not sure. i'm just trying to give you a little background.. the rally, energize your rally. this is for that area. to energize to go vote republican. democrats are nothing but, all they want to do is impeach. go from one subject to the other. get one thingot done they go somewhere else. i support. >> okay. this is a viewer that goes by the handle thoughtful processes.
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those in attendance, american citizens don't seem to know or care about real policy. they expect no more than an hour of him ripping on meaningful nonsense., it was a great speech by the president. keeps packing in the crowds. taking his message to the people. endless war in the middle east. michigan isig up next. we will be hundred hear from l kevin. >> i was just, i did not actually get to see the rally last night. i've been to one in michigan. i tell you what. he can energize people to no end you have a president here who is fighting the media. fighting the democrats. fighting some republicans. the guy has been under attack his whole presidency. even before that. the president is going to be mad. would you get mad if you were attacked for the last three years? i mean, really. >> tom is next.
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hi. >> good morning to you. donald trump needs to be impeached. yes, he does. he has a crook, he is a is a liar, he's a cheat. the whole ball of wax. let's look at things from a common viewpoint. everyone in his administration, since he's been president has either been arrested, fired by him, thrown in prison or being prosecuted as we speak. we have to take into consideration who is a leader. if the people in this administration are guilty, who was guilty? the only time the man buys is when he opens his mouth. >> what did you think about the themes from last nights rally then? >> i think it was crazy. he has all these people believing we will do this, we will do that. we love god. the united states. going all the way back to trump
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tower. the contractors when he had it built, he said i don't want it. you need to to pay them. trump towers was purchased before. they were checked into things that donald trump has done. not a leader. his family was rich. when you have money, you you have everything you need the way you want it. >> from florida. republican line. hello. >> yes. i want to remind these people about calling trump a liar and a thief and everything. this guy wants to become president. he don't need it. he has a lot of money. he can be enjoying his money. having a good life. not taking the aggravation on
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all of this hate that he is getting from these democratic people. ignorant people. people from the left that have done a lot of harm to this country for many years. hillary clinton. doing a lot of wrongdoing. these other ones that his son was doing and getting a lot of money for that country. with no excuse why he was 'etting so much money. they don't persecute them. they don't do nothing to him. they have not had this guy become, do his job as a president for the year that he
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is being elected. >> okay. i will leave you there. if you won it mind again for people calling in, turn down your television set. that helps. keeps the conversation flowing smoothly. on more from the rally, what was going on outside the target center, here is john. >> concentrating a lot on what was happening inside. there was a protest that took place outside the target center yesterday in minneapolis. this is the headline. peaceful chance to fire and an impasse with police. i just want to take you through mid tojo late afternoon and evening. into a series of video tweets. this first from chris sheridan. this is around 3:30 p.m. local time in minnesota showing some of the police, getting into position yesterday. the bicycle cops showing up. fast-forward a couple of hours to 5:19 p.m.
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this is aaron blake. filming one confrontation between a group of protesters and trump supporters there outside the target center. that scene d escalated eventually. skip ahead to after the rally last night. this from w cco cbs miami showing a group of protesters outside the target center earning a pile of make america great again hats. take a look at that video. i just want to read one paragraph from the star tribune area. some outside began walking cars of attendees trying to leave. calling the drivers racist and throwing plastic bottles and carpet on trans traffic cones at their vehicles. trump supporters flipped them.
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eleven pm thursday according to the local sheriff's office. that was the themes outside the target center yesterday. we will look to see if there is further news about arrests later into the night last night. >> and other event scheduled to take place. this will take place in louisiana. stay close to t our website for that event. >> just over half of americans are confident that the 2020 per election will be opened and fair. a significant part of the gap on the question. 58% of americans think when foreign governments are along the system. only 41% of republicans share in
2:13 pm
that concern. interfering with elections. protecting the elections. federal efforts. only 16% of democrats and just over a quarter of independence agreed. you can find all the results including whether americans think presidential candidates should be required to release their tax returns and whether citizen should be required to show an id to vote at president trump goes back on the campaign trail tonight holding a rally in lake charles louisiana. we will have live coverage at eight eastern on c-span. listen live on the free c-span radio app.
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here on c-span two, we are featuring book tv programs showcasing what is available every week and on c-span two. tonight we show you some of our in-depth guest. taking fewer questions and talking about his book including the conservative revolution. goldwater and just right. a life in pursuit of liberty. next, naomi klein klein talks about consumerism, free market capitalism and market change. taking questions on her book no logo. the shop doctrine and on fire. the burning case for a green new deal. author of the human blood. watch tonight at eight pm eastern on c-span two. ♪ the house will be in order. c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress. the white house. the supreme court and public


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