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tv   Washington Journal Steve Israel  CSPAN  October 15, 2019 7:23pm-7:55pm EDT

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>> "washington journal" continues. host: joining us is >> the congresswoman from new york the head of the political chair for democrats 2011 through 2015, congressman what do you think of the political vulnerabilities of the impeachment inquiry for democrats quick. >> of course it depends on the district that they represent in the same holds true for republicans but step back to stipulate that impeachment is one of the most serious and sobering votes any member of congress can vote on. you would hope political issues are excluded but it should come to no surprise that every member of congress
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and the senate will, as part of the decision-making process , analyze how it will affect them politically. so if you are a democrat in one of the 30 districts that elected a democrat but also elected president trump than that equation is more complicated everywhere you go people just cannot wait to cast a vote on impeachment it is easier if you are one of three republicans in the house who represent districts of hillary clinton it is more difficult. at the end of the day members of congress will make the decision based on evidence and what they believe is best for the country but also based on calculations in the analysis they apply to the next election noan question. >> we heard the speaker say when holding a soul vote in
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the house she has responded by saying she is not required to number one, that number two they are nervous about that. >> again it depends on the district. i talk to former colleagues on both sides almost every day. i think i get the unvarnished truth because i'm not there, i have no agenda i can talk to them about their thought process and there is a lot of anxiety. there are republicans who believe that impeachment is completely unwarranted but are legitimately concerned on the betweende of the vote that and the election word comes out the whistleblower emerges. and that looks bad for go there are democrats that
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represent districts that trump won handily they worry about voting against impeachment will hurt their - - are their primary or than they lose crossover republicans. sols there are different levels of anxiety defending the district you represent. looking at the district there's a district in minnesota currently represented by peterson trump won that by 30 points if you were in that district you might have some concerns about the vote. in new york staten island and new york city trump on that by ten points and in new mexico the congresswoman ten points and in may at ten-point lead for the president for democrats it is a tough political vote but you hope
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they put politics on hold because of the gravity of the vote like this. >> should and the speaker of the house be concerned about complaints from the republicans that she has not held a soul vote in the house and number two that republicans complain about the depositions and the process. how do you respond to those complaints quick. >> i was with congressman adam schiff as he addressed an audience poking - - speaking very specifically about that issue. first of all at the closed door depositions, republicans have absolute equal time. they attend the hearings, they asked questions they look at the evidence that is a justce one party shutting the door and not allowing the other due process. secondly it is an investigation and we all know with any investigation you
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don't want to publicize what ese witness says because then another can square the story. so you want to fairly and t adequately get information to those other information to receive this is how grand juries operate and then a vote with the grand jury it's a similar process not the same analogy but a similar process. >> let's get to calls republican line.bu >>caller: i am really concerned the claim of biden intimidating the russian president with the prosecutors from his son is a concern. we know what intimidation is and that should be the focus
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f of this investigation and also chef why don't you say anything that he is making-- up during the hearing? all those lies he was making up. >> you say the lies that he made up i thank you are referring to the one instance where he paraphrased the recording or the transcript of the recording and he paraphrased what president trump said. he acknowledged she was paraphrasing you call that a made up lie but clearly that was the conversation that was memorialized in that memo. so that will rile up emotions and if i you are a hard left democrat to understand why the president is not impeached by
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now you know you cannot understand why the democrats are not getting away with it. with the constitution of the united states of america to give oversight responsibility that is exhausted by republicans and that should not be lessened because of the majority and trump is building a case for obstruction. he tweets and goes on television to cooperate with this investigation to say i have nothing to hide so let's move o on. >> what about hunter biden and should his father done more to stop him from serving quick.
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>> he did this interview last night on abc and he owned it. he said he made a misjudgment. that is a family that has gone through torment has lost members of their family tragically and bow died recently and i learned after 16 years in congress that human nature and family relationships are a big deal so maybe the vice president should have said by the way i'm concerned about you serving on this board i thank you should get off but what he did say i hope you know what you're doing but there was never ever a conversation about ukraine or that company so was it a political lack of judgment? may be was it ethical and the
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conspiracy theories have been debunked by the wall street journal b those despite rudy giuliani have been equivocal he debunked. >> but politically as this inquiry and the ukraine story stays in the headline day after day is the former vice president vulnerable when his sons and took $80000 a month derving on this board. >> i think president trump believes that joe biden is vulnerable there is no question president trump in the campaign in t my view has concluded that joe biden is the biggest threat and a general election primary. i'm sorry in the general election so they have to dig up whatever dirt they could either to disqualify biden i
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am told by margaret might by my republican friends that this allegation was a focus of october 2020 not 2019 but because of this whistleblower with concerns of the phone call now even john bolton a liberalon democrat had concerns the issue blew up so now as part of the narrative that serves donald trump pretty well he can talk about joe cbiden instead of his issues then he owns the narrative. >> democratic collar go ahead. >>caller: i want to ask about the connection of putin and donald trump they are fans
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of each other but the connection between the two i don't have proof but putin is one of the richest men in the world and he's worth $2 billion i don't see how he can make that kind of money being the president of a country that has a - - an economy no bigger than california i think there's something crooked going on ehere trump on this side of the ocean i really believe there is a connection with deutsche bank and maybe some money-laundering for go i cannot prove it but that's a feeling i've always had because they're such big plans.
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>> first of all i love hot springs and i serve there with your former member of congress in 2000 he was a good member of congress on your question one of the concerns that every american should have is the policies of the trump administration and the behavior of the trump administration wittingly empowered vladimir putin so in 2016 donald trump won the electoral college vote hillary clinton won the popular vote but vladimir putin won the election now take a look at what's happening russia has now established a bold footprint in syria which it never had with assaults on liberal democracies across
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europe the russians are advancing militarily in the north and in the arctic they are penetrating disrupting our elections penetrated social media so the end result is that democracies and democratic movements seems to be weaker than it was in 2016 for go that is what impeachment is about not the investigations of the role of deutsche bank but to arrive at one judgment of have the interest of the united states of america been damaged by the conduct or activities of a president. >> independent line you are
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nex next. >> thank you for taking my call. a stunned chairman schiff gave a parody for the beginning of impeachment that just stuns me my wife has worked for the mentally disabled 35 years she makes 50000 a year. >> your wife deserves to be paid far more than she is being paid i understand how that parity would irk you that is that chairman schiff acknowledged was based on the real record of the call and now it has become a distraction but this process both democrats and republicans have responsibility for this
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over the past severalou years when you have a process like this that is highly partisan one side has to go on offense so they will level every charge even the choice of breakfast cereal and to be fair when the republicans were investigating president obama with multiple and redundant hearings on benghazi democrats tried to discredit republicans now they try to discredit chairman schiff we learned last night many republicans in these private h interviews with witnesses complained about the leaks but he said last night they don't sit for the entire hearing but they run out and
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give interviews to the media. i think both sides would be well advised to be deliberate and methodical and sober and to have a partisan environmentty we should defuse those to the best of our ability. >> of this is a distraction of all the house will vote quick. >> there's nothing that requires a houseboat it simply says the congress shall have power to impeach president for high crimes and misdemeanors there will be a vote but make nono mistake. but to reach the judgment
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there are t articles of impeachment that should be presented that is in the house of representatives every member would be required to cast a vote either for or against impeachment and if that prevails it goes to the senate for every member will make a judgment there will be a vote of those committees make a determination and that yet o has not been made. >> good morning. i would really like to know the truth i watch soap operas and the wholehi thing begins to look like a soapin opera so when
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mister adam schiff god up to read the letter i told you eight times i will not tell you again i will call you why did they grab the letter and readbe it? the next thing i want to say talk about joe biden and his son leaking fake information about president trump and i said adam schiff is getting money from ukraine. >> you watch that on russia iaday quick. >> yes channel 280. if you want to know the truth i can actually laugh about it.
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>> russia television of course is an apparatus of the government of o russia. it is a mechanism supported by the russian government so i'm always happy to come on .-span. you will not find me on rt. >>caller: so the immature move which is all about money to go into turkey or syria our allies have lost 11000 souls.
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the idea that he is done 1 million amateur moves with the whole business with the ukrainian is only one of thousands that could be taken from office. >> now we will move on collar from new york. >>caller: and to go through impeachment i don't understand the whistleblower is necessary.e trump comes out no more than on the mueller investigation
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to say ukraine and want you to do me a favor but then talk habout hunter biden but what about evil trump or little donald? what about that connection with her shoes in china. and so talks about the debt is overblown nobody talks about the money was spent on his golf trips every weekend he goes on his golf trip and what about helsinki and to believe putin over our information or syria but people in syria that kurds are getting slaughtered what more do you need?
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he tells you himself why he should not be president of the united states. what more do youde need? >> first of all it seems the whistleblower is less critical now that we have a memorialized summary of the call. er don't know if there are actual recordings. and then might have been saidd but the fact of the matter is and when the president of the united states has withheld funds and then to say to the leader of that country do us a favor.
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so that speaks volumes. and the prior color one - - caller that was cut off with respect to the presidents decision to abandon the kurds. i served on the armed services committee and on the subcommittee to bipartisan committees. i have traveled around the world that protect our interest and allies. i don't care if you are republican or democrat foreign-policy national security has certain values and priorities. we don't abandon our allies. and in the fight against asis or those soldiers with a call
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between the president of the united states and president heard a wine and that is what happened and then impulsively said listen get out of northern syria and was advised not to do that that the decisions are catastrophic. that the members of isis are on the loose our friends that no longerru trust us and those who believe that that putin is a better bet as i read it because the united states keeps its word. so that is the most catastrophic impact with respect to foreign policy and national security. lindsey graham and nancy
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pelosi guess what cracks they are probably what and both have condemned. >> if you feel russia influenced the 2016 election then why didn't they affect the 2018 congressional elections to allow democrats to take control of the house? did they take the year off waiting 2020? and then the allies and president obama i believe with ukraine and missile-defense was a betrayal of that? >> so the party disrupted or
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influenced the 2016 election. with the federal bureau of investigation. and those that protect our security every day that unanimously if not unanimously judgment that have a very sophisticated pervasive intel operation as to why they didn't do it in 2018 harder to affect 435 congressional districts. >>. >> everything that trump does
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not understand why the democratss in congress but actually he could be a russia spy. because they could not. and they were having a problem with us supporting ukraine with them taking criteria or syria. >> we have your point i just want to end by asking what you are looking for as we get closer to the november elections and congressional races. what are you looking to see the democrats possibly taking the senate do you think that's possible?
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>> that is close to home for me but here's what i'm looking out. about around so those that were represented by the republicans and with that democratic representative but also elected donald trump so that's the universe of battleground districts with seven states and 25 counties they will determine who the next president is everything else is just commentary spirit thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you
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in addition to requiring candidates to release tax returns and passing voter id laws the majority of americans also favor making election day a national holiday. and alphabetizing the way the balance names are on the ballot in those convicted of
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felonies to vote after they serve sentences. look deeper into the numbers at >> from that unique perspective. with that process of pelosi and had him shiver running. and of whistleblower that has been reported so the question i keep coming back to white we know who this individual


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