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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Impeachment Syria  CSPAN  October 15, 2019 9:31pm-9:42pm EDT

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it's going to be affected by the fact i still have t had to pay y student loans. >> who taught the agenda over in the house of representatives .-full-stop i had many of us on
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the "washington post" headlines that would literally publish on inauguration day back in 2017 here is what it said. the campaign to impeach president trump has begun and sure enough, house democrats have been at it ever since. one house democrat called the presidency illegitimate before it had even begun. one of speaker pelosi's committee chairs whom she has tasked with leading this process years ago promised she would find a way to impeach the president. now it's finally crumbled and allowed the caucus to dictate the houses options. i don't think many of us were expecting to witness a clinic in termsrm of fairness or due process. but even by their all-purpose and standards, they've already found new ways to lower the bar.
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googling american voters and mollify in an election. it's with the utmost fairness and transparency it must be held to the exact standards and yet, house democrats wasted no time throwing fairness and precedence to the wind. already, they've denied the republican counterparts certain minority rights while =al a powr republicans provided the democrats during the clinton impeachment. already, they've made clear president trump's counsel will not be allowed to participate in the hearings and cross-examine
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witnesses. all important parts of republicans provided to president clinton. already one house chairman has already been called publicly mischaracterizing the handlingdl of the whistleblower inquiry on which this whole investigation centers. so, for all of the public hyperventilating over the institutional norms that we have heard from house democrats in the recent years, it appears there is no intention of letting the norms of basic due process standard in the way as they seek to cancel out the presidency. in the meantime in the senate we will keep our focus on the work that we need to come complete for the american people and in the coming days, we will confirm another slate of nominees for starters later this afternoon we will advance the nomination of
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the president's choice to be secretary of the air t force. and speaking of our armed forces, congress can waste no more time in getting the appropriations process back on track delivering the funding that servicemembers need. the president and speaker of the house produced an agreement in the process and the white house and the congressional leadership funding targets for defense ande nondefense. last month or democratic colleagues went back onti the dl and urgent resources for the operations of the pentagon were withheld we need to put the political games aside when he did get the funding process back
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on track for the entire federal government and they need to stop slow walking the landmark trademark and trade agreement. the entire continent is just waiting on speaker pelosi to stop blocking this win for the united states and stop blocking these new jobs. i don't care how much they may dislike the president. they should've thrown hundred 76,000 new american jobs on all of these runs i hope sincerely that democratic colleagues are able to separate this vital difference.
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one final matter and in the recent days yes it hosts millions of refugees and has a legitimate security concern about the situation in syria but the escalations in thehe kurdish part is tha herseth helped themt terrorism is completely and totally unacceptable. the violence needs to end. they've said publicly alongside u.s. forces in the fight against isis. they put isis on its heels and registered its physical caliphate for the nonexistence. but it's leaving the door wide-open for the resurgencwides
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dangerous force and a new iteration of the islamic state. it is all the way from tehran. this is where our enemies were. and advancing u.s. interests around the world doesn't think ias an evil empire or the worlds policeman.
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for the responsibility and freedom of others. alongside of a coalition partners that the u.s. forces have live limited account crisis coalition, that is what we must continue to do. we must continue to provide support to local forces that carried the lion's share of the responsibility tome their homeld and this must continue to include our allies and partners and the imperfect ones who sometimes behave rationally and dangerously as they have recently.
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the senate spoke clearly and said we must ensure we have set the conditions for a defeat of y e terrorists before in the withdraw. regrettably many of the democratic senators running for president. i have those aspiring commanders in chief or asked to explain how they reconciled with the administration today with their votes just a few months ago. maybee they will even be asked n the debate stage this very evening. i'm heartened to hear they will begin immediate talks with turkey.
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i would expect they listen carefully it would be a tragedy for both and the common fight against isis and the traditional adversaries like iran and russia. this would be bad for u.s. interests, but it would be terrible for turkey and i look forward to discussing with members on both sides and the administration how the u.s. can stand with our partners and provide strong principled and consistent global leadership.