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tv   U.S. Senate Whistleblower Protection Resolution  CSPAN  November 6, 2019 6:37pm-7:06pm EST

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response. if you miss any of our life coverage, good or impeachment inquiry page cspan.or for video on demand. a vented tally from the associated press showing where each house democrat stands on the impeachment inquiry against president trump. all the impeachment inquiry on a webpage as c-span .or .org/impeachment. it is your fast and easy way to watch cspan2 his unfiltered coverage anytime. >> earlier the democratic attempt to bring up restating the senate support for whistleblower protections. with luck by senator rand paul. the side of a campaign rally for president trump in kentucky, senator vocals with the name of the whistleblower started the impeachment inquiry. he made public. >> on july the 30th, 1778,
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continental congress, passed unanimously the following f resolution. resolve that it is the duty of all persons in the service of the united states to give the earliest information to congress or brother proper authority of any misconduct frauds or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of the states. that is in a continental congress before our nation was even formed. the duty of citizens to protect the american people from those in government who might conduct misconduct fraud or misdemeanors from the earliest days of our republic. our government has acknowledged that by vital role that whistle will pull his plate. in good governance and rooting out corruption and self dealings. two nights ago appallingly, as
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political rallies, president trump and member of this t chamber, the junior senator from kentucky publicly and explicitly urged the press to disclose the identity of the federal whistleblower his complaint triggered an impeachment inquiry into the house of representatives. a few days later the same junior senator threatened to reveal the identity of the whistleblower himself. i cannot stress enough how wrong and dangerous, dangerous, these efforts are.wh the united states as a nation of laws. whistleblower laws have existed since the founding of our republic to protect patriotic americans who come forward and set up our constitution. we don't get to determine when these laws apply and when these don't. we don't get to decide if the
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law applies if you like it or weather you don't. these are laws. no person and no person, is above the law. this whistleblower whose complaint was being with the incredible americans by a trump appointee is protected by these statutes. there is no legal doubt about sithat. every single member of this body, everything went, should stay on up and see this is wrong to disclose his or her identity. that is what my colleagues senator, les will ask us to do in a moment. before she does, i want to thank my colleagues on the brother side of the a aisle who have spoken in defense of whistleblower protections. some of my republican colleagues who it's been their careers defending whistleblowers. we need them today. we need these republican colleagues who should be here, standing up for the protection
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of whistleblowers. and the threats we have seen over the last few days are so egregious, they demand bipartisan outrage from and end of this chamber to the brother weather you admit democrat a democrat or republican or an independent. liberal or conservative. what is happening here is another erosion of the values of this republic. this for political expediency. exposing whistleblowers identity, would endanger the health and safety of them and their families. would also be a chilling message to future patriots that they do their duty to report wrongdoing. at the risk of us exposure and retaliation and retribution. when we see it single brother republican to stay on up in favor of this today. we should.
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listened a message today that the senate reaffirms our nation his long-standing tradition of defending whistleblowers. i urge every single member of the senate to support it and recognize somebody has been valiant in this fight to protect the duty and trying by the continental congress and the constitution. my good friend the senator from hawaii. >> mr. president, if you are for the federal government, you are for the people you have a duty by law to come forward to report misconduct and fraud in misdemeanors and brother crimes going on in government. this duty has been on the books says 1778. ) because people working in government are in a pretty good
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position to see when something has brought right in the workplace. we want to government that is doing right by us. it's not easy for whistleblowers to come forward and to report wrongdoing and government. that is what we have laws that protect the whistleblower from intended intimidation and discrimination and retaliation and a laws that protect their identity. so on august 12th, a whistleblower and we don't know weather it was a man or a woman, so for ease of reference all refer to the whistleblower as she. she came forward, as the law required to file a complaint with the inspector general ofnc the intelligence community and the complaint alleged that the president was quote using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 u.s. election. ".
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the inspector general also as required, determines that the complaint was credible andmp involved in urgent concern. and the house, on learning of the slower his complaint, began to ask questions. what is the house investigations uncover. that the whistleblowers complaint was right. the tailor, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, tim morrison, top russia and eastern you're up expert on the national security council. and others have collaborated erwhistleblowers complaint about the president. and just yesterday, u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sutherland, confirmed that securities assistant forec ukraine was dependent on the catering government launching an investigation into the president's political opponents let's face it, was what donald
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trump did was wrong. it is wrong for the president of the united states to shake down the ukrainian president to get dirt on his political rivals. in return, for almost 400 million in u.s. military aid to help ukraine fight russia. growing evidence of donald trump his wrongdoing, what happens, is the president and his minions haven't checked the whistleblower. suggesting that she was fine and guilty of treason. donald trump has threatened the whistleblower with the consequences. b-uppercase-letter c-uppercase-letter. offender safety at risk with comments such as i do not know why a person that he frauds the american public should be protected. and guess what, he wasn't talking about himself. donald trump right wing allies
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have been quick to echo and amplify the president's attacks. in the whistleblowers own attorney, ward acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire, that the president's brent are compromising her personal safety. just last sunday donald trump said there have been stories written about a certain individual mail and they see he is the whistleblower. emmett his hand, you guys not to release the information. and house minority leader kevin mccarthy, also insisted that the whistleblower should come before the committeeee. he needs to answered the questions. i'll speak in a trump campaign rally might collect from kentucky who is joined me on the course today. demanded that the may print the name of the whistleblower. and representative jim jordan one of donald trump his pierces sllies dismiss the whistleblower as bias and called her, her
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identity to made public. when his attacks on the whistleblower, donald trump is made clear, that he will use the full power of his officeo to bully and intimidate and threaten anyone who dares to stay on up to him or speak out can you imagine what a young careerte afford service officer might do, as a senior present tells the world that whistleblowers are spies who defraud our government. do you say c that person would risk destroying her career and suffering the wrath of donald trump and his pierces allies and supporters are reporting the president's misconduct. about a career employee of the department of defense. receives military aid is being held up. to pressure a foreign government to help the president of the united states when every election. do you say that defense
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department employee would risk being accused of being trying our country and acting as a spy. lastly clear here. the real purpose of these attacks, is to scare anyone else who may be thinking of coming forward to stay silent. we see the president time and time again, to a tweet, enemies, as rallies, openly attacking anyone who questions or disagrees with him. chilling effect of what the president is doing cannot be overstated. it is totally on because our whistleblower laws. these are not normal times. in normal times we would be protecting whistleblowers. those with this resolution does. the resolution and presenting affirms that congress expects
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public servants to report misconduct, with corresponding duty to protect their identities and safeguard them from retaliation from threats whistleblower has done her duty and now we need to do hours. mr. president as this legislative session, i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of four oh eight, introduced earlier today that the resolution be agreed to in the preamble be agreed to, and the motions to reconsider be considered late upon the table with no intervening action debate. >> is theth reduction. is there an objection. >> reserving the right to object, i support whistleblowers and do say they have a role to
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play in keeping people accountable. they should be prosecuted for the willingness to speak but what we have seen over the last two years is that we have a system that we should continue to refine. whenever snowden exposed the breadth of unconstitutional government spying, everything you can do, can be seen and stored by the government, that went out cause and that went out an individualized order in secret and in defiance of the fourth amendment and not one finger was raised by those voices were so proud now. to bend the whistle defend the whistleblowers. not one person stood up for stoning. monday in congress defended him. they want to bring himke to tri. they talked about hanging him from the closest tree and about executing him. people called into question his motives. hillary clinton implied that edward snowden was a foreign spy. chuck schumer, now who has o outraged and thus defensive of the vault whistle lowers statute
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lifted not one finger for edward stoning. in fact he called him a coward. so really i say that the outrage we see here in selective outrage and and is t because they are intent on overturning the election of the people. their intent on removing trump from office no matter what and they will use whatever means he can to do it. interestingly though, despite all of these people calling edward snowden a traitor, congress ended up abolishing the program that he exposed. congress knew they did then something illegal. that by collecting all of your metadata and all of your phone call data, that went out the permission of thet judge, they pviolated the fourth amendment. they knew that he had probably become the greatest whistleblower of all time. and yet where are the voices defending edward snowden now. not one of these people who say outrage over this whistleblower president trump and the
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impeachment, not one of them will stay on up for edward snowden, they would still put them in jail for life if they could. in the end we did and collection because edward snowden bravely came forward and said that the government was lying to us. james clapper, now the president trump pater, came before the senate and he lied directly to senator wyden and he said we are not collecting your data. yet where is it bestowing all of this is these great defenders of the whistleblower statute are. not a word for edward snowden. he said himself that he didn't have adequate protection to bring in his flames internally because it was act government contractor not an employee and not subject to the whistleblower statute. subsequently congress fixed that and now contractors in the intelligence community can make whistleblower flames. i agree with that. there are also now protections for some brother contractors.
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we should extend and expand the protection and we should make this protection retroactive. to counter people like snowden said that bill i will introduce today will expand the whistleblower act and will be made retroactive so edward snowden can welcome home to live in his own country. all he did was exposed to his government was not obeying the constitution. and if the fake outrage here is really towards whistleblowing, why don't we make it retroactive and defend the most famous whistleblower of all times. that is what my bill would do. while snowden his disclosures were in defense of the fourth amendment, the sixth amendment guarantees an individual the right to face their accuser. yet the house of representatives has been conducting a secret impeachment inquiry based on secret flames made by secret whistleblower. my bill would make clear that this sixth amendment has brought superseded by statute.
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and that the president should be afforded the same rights that we all should. need to understand the nature of the allegations brought against him and to face their accuser. this is in the sixth amendment. and that for all the caterwauling about whistleblower statute, there is ahe highlightf the land and it is the constitution and is the bill of rights and the sixth amendment says that if you are accused of a crime, you get to face your accuser. in fact, as a resolution last week placed by the members of the republican caucus that condemns the process going on in the house and it condemns it because it says specifically in the resolution signed by 50 republicans, that the president should get to face his accusers and then he should have counsel and calling witnesses and no understand the basis of the charges against him. here's the thing, but whistleblower should be called because they are making accusations against the president. that is the sixth amendment. my outdoor way with the sixth
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amendment because were talking about impeachment or the present. but that whistleblowers also in material witness. the whistleblower in material witness because he was for joe biden, he worked for joe biden when joe biden and hunter fire died i didn't work involved in corruption in the ukraine. this person worked on the ukraine desk and traveled the ukraine. this person was involved with aid. so when joe biden says we're going to denied aid to ukraine unless you hire a prosecutor that is looking into my son's company, that is paying hundred buyer did $50000 a month, don't you say we have the right to call these people don't you say that joe biden can up here. don't you say hunter biden should up here. and absolutely the whistleblower should up here because he is in accuser, but also because he's in a material witness to the conflict of interest scandal that involves hunter biden andoe joe biden. fifty republican senators signed onto a resolution that s says te president shouldmy get to face s
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iq or sit accusers. my bill the whistleblower active 2019, would make that clear. that the sixth amendment has brought superseded by statute and that the president should be afforded the right to understand the nature of the allegations brought against him and is the present, should get to face his accusers. so mr. president, as in regislative set session, i ask that she modify her request so that they immediately go to then whistleblower act of 219. f2978 is introduced earlier today. i ask further that the bill be considered read the third time in passed in the motion to consider be considered made an item on the table. >> does the senator so modify her request. >> bearing my right to object. my colleagues bill was just dropped, on my lap literally. just now.
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i certainly have not had a chance to read through the bill but i have to see that the last paragraph of this bill, which by the way i say it's called the whistleblower protection act. not just whistleblower act. whistleblower protection act anyway the last section, as it caught my eye and let me read it to you. section five, injuring the sixth amendment protection from congress to be read from the the case of criminal proceedings, prosecutions, and impeachment arising from the disclosures of the whistleblowers accused and have the right to confront hisat or her accuser in such proceeding in that right has brought superseded by the whistleblowers protections. parent says suddenly, the sixth amendment right for a defendant to confront the accuser is beinp applied to impeachment proceedings. never been done before. and by doing this, the good
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senator from kentucky, in my view, totally undermines the whistleblower protection. so to call this bill, the whistleblower protection act of 2019, is in my view, laughable. and by the way, in this particular instance, we don't need the whistleblowers testimony. the whistleblowers complaint, but the substance of her complaint has been collaborated numerous times. so all this is, is the defendant send the message out there that all you people work with the federal government, if you see some kind of wrongdoing are misty going on, who come forward because expect, no protection. expect the president to come after you. expect the president's minions to come after you. what is the point of having whistleblower statute. this is the duty and it imposes
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a duty on federal employees t to come forward. and at the same time as we impose this duty, we have the good senators resolution staying yes no forward but were going to act you. subject you y to threats, intimidation, retaliation, and this whistleblowers on attorney has said, and her safety is in question. so you say the sixth amendment tie this to impeachment proceedings, i am just flabbergasted. so mr. speaker, i object. >> objections hard. is there an objection too the original request. >> i'm reserving the right to object.
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i'm disappointed in any senator would come the floor by the bill of rights laughable. the sixth amendment is an iimportant part of our constitution and the right to face your accusers is in credibly important. it's disappointing that in these bipartisan times, the national u.s. senator would come to the floor and see that it is laughable that we would apply the bill of rights to the present. i'm very disappointed. that is come to this but i hope americans will see and troy to look at this with a more fair-minded and see absolutely the president deserves the same protections at that the rest of us deserve. i object. to objection is hard. >> senator from hawaii. >> i say the senator from kentucky should listen. because i certainly did not find sixth amendment laughable. i found his resolution calling it the whistleblower protection act which is back, undermines whistleblower protection. i find that appalling and laughable. and with that, i once again
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object to his request. >> objection is heard. >> mr. president hyannis consent to speak about the morning business. >> that went out objection. it's mynk thanki you mr. presid, on the first briefly recognize this afternoon the brave public iservants whose testified in te house in recent weeks, in defense of national security and the rule of law in our democratic institutions and most recently, lieutenant colonel alexander goodman. despite the colonel's two decades of military service, and a purple heart, for his sacrifice to our country interact, his character has faced brutal attacks from cable news, and from some current and former members of congress. these comments about him, are reprehensible attacks with no basis in facts and verbal abuse
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of lieutenant colonel goodman, not only disrespects his integrity in his service, but undermines our institutions and ultimately makes our nation less safe. and lesses safe. so questioning the character and the loyalty or patriot it to some of lieutenant colonel lindeman, is an attack on all veterans and also an attack on our military. former u.s. ambassador, michael mcfall, and washington post column but just last week. they will coordinate, part of the column. quote such mere tactics are revolting and un-american. lindeman has served our country with honor distinction, both on and off of the ballot field. he is the patriot. as you would expect from someone with his outstanding resume. and the idea of inman might have
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dual loyalties with another nation is preposterous. inman was born in the totalitarian and soviet union. not the ukraine quote. his family which is jewish blood religious persecution has brought soviet or ukrainian or cute or ukrainian. he is simply an american. using birthplaces are hyphenated adjectives to disparage, fellow americans is always wrong and it is especially so in the case of lieutenant colonel lindeman. unquote. from the distinguished ambassador. mr. present when i reflect upon the tenant colonel lindeman country, and his integrity, i reminded of one of the lines we could use monday, for one of the lines from american the beautiful.
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oh beautiful for patriot dream, that sees beyond the years. that is what he was doing when he testified, just like that what he was doing when he was surfing our nation and iraq. and when he was wounded in iraq. and when he is done as a member of our national security team as part of the work is done in this administration. same beyond the years. part of the dream of a patriot is thinking about what your actions and that the impact of your actions on future generations. so we need to make sure that we are very clear about where we stay on on his character, and his commitment to the country and on his courage in coming forward. cspan his washington journal live everyday with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, the impeachment inquiry and next week's first public hearing will discuss it with casey burkett, senior fellow with the institute
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his governance project. in heritage foundation deputy director was joined with friends of the earth president, eric to talk about the u.s. effort to leave the climate agreement. what she spends washington journal live at seven eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. >> watches c-span network life next week as the house intelligence committee also first public impeachment hearing. the committee led by chairman adam shaft, will hear from three state department officials. starting wednesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern cspan2 three acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine, william taylor and deputy assistant secretary george kent will testify. then on friday, at 10:00 a.m. eastern cspan2, former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, you run a visual up here before the committee. follow the impeachment


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