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tv   Jared Kushner Matt Schlapp Address Conservative Political Action...  CSPAN  March 2, 2020 11:51am-12:12pm EST

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>> it is my honor torepresent each and every one of you . . god bless you and god bless the united states of america.
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[applause] >> all right, thank you cpac. i'm sorry the agenda is so lackluster this year. we're going to hold until later in the program. how about mike pompeo? doing okay? more importantly, how about my mom? she doing okay? jared, it's going to come as a complete surprise to you that cpac is a bit of a family affair, you know somethingabout this ? >> that's why we had a hard time getting a quorum in the
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white house is because everyone is coming to cpac. >> you could have had a cabinet meeting here and cut out the middleman . it was that we had john senior backstage, laura trump , laura brad were on the stage a few minutes ago. did you guys enjoy hearing from brad pascal? there was a genesis moment in the trump for president effort. you were there at the beginning of all this. i think everybody would love to know what it was like at the beginning when donald trumpsaid i think i'm going to do this . >> that was one of the more interesting parts of my relationships , i have to say for the whole family this has been an incredible journey we were living our lives, doing the different adventures we chosen and at the time donald trump, now president trump
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ran for office it really was an opportunity for us to learn a lot about the country, meet a lot of people that to see what wasn't being done and wanting to fight for the things that he felt stronglyabout , and throughout the campaign every day, all the attacks it strengthened his resolve to keep fighting and to win and the same thing happened in washington. >> i think that's a fair statement. >> so you're in the development business in new york city. >> your father-in-law decides he's going to run for president, you're probably hoping you would be in the bleacher seats to root him on . instead you get right inthe middle of it . was that your decision or his decision? >> he was attacking from the
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day he started and the whole family , he ran a family business and he's a person who shares his thoughts, his ideas and wants results all the time so he asked us all to get involved, it was myself, don junior, eric and ivanka. we were key on a lot of the issues, we were doing our businesses but we were out fighting for him and helping him and the more we had a chance to get involved in areas, we were able to help him run a unique ship . one of the things between his campaign and the last campaign is the last campaign he was making it up as he went along and one thing the president has done in washington is he didn't want to do it the way it had been done because it had been done that way before. >> that's a good thing. >> i would say a lot of the consultants and people that say this is the way you have to do it, my president says
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i'm not paying you for these things and he got rid of them, he figured out pragmatic ways to run a campaign and i think the way the president ran the last campaign is changing the way campaigns are going to be run forever. data-driven, metric driven, not letting consultants get rich off of it and the way we were fighting for the people as opposed to a way to preserve power. >> but there's a huge change between a campaignthat comes down the escalator, i remember my first television interview was about donald trump's racism. they had the talking points, they were sending those out as fast as they could about how they weregoing to take this guy down .you don't have an infrastructure now , he's obviously, how is it different? >> the way there's no drama, there's high confidence,
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everything is efficiently run. i think that exemplary of how president trump would run his second term in office, just like he was figuring out how to run a campaign in the beginning and he made a lot more key decisions than wrong decisions about what we've done this time because everything we've tripled down on, everything that didn't work we swept away but one thing i love about working with president trump was as a candidate but also as a president is that he's not afraid to fail, he's not afraid to try new things or take on challenges because they'retoo hard and that's what you need from a leader . [applause] >> i see this all the time in washington where even when i got here people said you're taking on too many things and i said come in here, we've got a lot of things to take out so then the president, he's not afraid to take on challenges, most politicians say if you try to do that and you fail to get criticized for failure but the president said i'm not going to pretend like things are salt when they're not salt and if something is a problem that
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needs to be addressed i'm going to geteverything i have tried to end and aim for incredible goals and i think that's what we want from the president . >> so let's switch to the policy agenda. the president made more clear promises in 2016. he really outlined that every conceivable area, certainly that matters toconservatives but just americans in general what he would do . the most pressing thing is i think it's strange that he intended to do them. i don't think he was telling us that cpac what we wanted to hear, i think he planned on doing them. it's novel and appreciated and on the policyagenda , the economy. just rolling, jobs which is what i look at. i look at our people happy, is consumer confidence up and you people have good jobs and can we keep this rolling? >> there's definitely potential, the president ideology is this and what i find every day is if you're dogmatic about things one way or the other, i feel like we
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work with people who are ideologues and we had more pragmatists in the administration but the president is trying to solve problems and what i find is if you bring in a better idea is willing to change his mind and i think that this strength, not a weakness that he is a creative thinker and he's been able to see results and if you look at america's economy, the reason i'm bullish about where were going to be a long-term as we have a very good unemployment rate right now. we the regulated a lot of the country, the country's overregulated, before the president was put in office the previous year, the company spent 6 million man-hours complying with regulations. we had three years in a row for an decrease in the cost of regulations the president lowered personal taxes for the middle income and he's loweredcorporate taxes . you don't hear that from the campaign, the president says you know how to spend your money better than the government and he's very focused on making sure consumers see it rent a
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president unleashed american energy, a lot of that was constrained but the fact that we have an abundance of energy -- >> the president does not want to ban fracking? >> natural gas is cleaner than the energy that is replacing and if you look at the gasprices , their lower and president trumps energy policy and with these higher gas prices, if you put yourself in a position where now we're a net exporter of energy and allows us to be more safe as a country as well. >> ..
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these are all deals that will bring back jobs to america and make our country much stronger for the long-term. i heard politicians talk about but it don't think i can see a politician who'd been able to figure how to put deals like this president was able to do. >> amen. so on the usmca deal which even eventually speaker pelosi had to let the voter card in the house of representatives and wildly popular around the country, i will tell you also the person i thought was smart told me you can't renegotiate -- nice idea, trump people but you are going to be able to renegotiate nafta. it is what it is, it's too tough to get a pass. how are you going to get canada there? how are you going to start with mexico? >> it took a lot of -- i give ambassador lighthizer a lot of credit for his leadership and the president for setting the stage route we can do it but
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what we'll do is create a deal that got over 89 votes in the senate, a bipartisan deal. president trump's trade policy of the different than previous trade policies. he believes a lot of the globalization that has occurred has had benefits. the benefits have been distributed but the cost have been concentrated and that's led to a lot of our factories leaving, hollowed out communities. what the the president as thats bring back the manufacturing jobs to the country. we're seeing with the virus but this really shows the four tenets of what the president was pushing early on with we need a strong domestic manufacturing base, we should be making stuff in america. it's very important and the second one is you need to control your borders so you know who's moving in at the country make sure you're doing it in a way the table to keep their citizens safe who are american citizens. >> jarod, this may come as complete surprise which are not allowed to go to the store so much of the ticket.
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sounds to me like that's how you're saying that's how we should run the country. >> the president -- look, the president as a very strong point of view and a no, this group because about the border security issue. i can tell you that as of today we are at 130 miles on the wall that's been built by the end of the we are on track to have over 400 miles into the construction which you should know -- [applause] the hard part in construction is really making sure you have the plans, acquire the land, have the funding come all the design but we basically finished most of the contracting and were seen five miles a week and we hope and about two will be over seve. we're seeing it go. what's happened is as the wall has gone up in areas it frees up the border agents to be able to do more of the job on drug interdictions which it got tremendously. border crossings have gone down and i would say the president
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and mark morgan, the team and homeland security is doing a great job now in securing the border. it's going to get better and better as the wall continues go up. i always joke with the president that i said only donald trump to make the notion of a wall something that is controversial. it's very unique talent. >> i've learned from him it ths a wall and a wheel and their like the greatest inventions ever. you cannot get them. >> he hasn't made the wheel controversial yet but i would imagine if he starts companion on the will the democrats will be allergic to wheels and they'll try to ban wheels from america. >> impeached the wheel. >> this is a different business than what we were in before but once you figure out, you can make it work. >> i thought he's going to make the wheel controversial with the whole indianapolis 500 thing. he was risking it. let's face it, what the goal is everybody who supports donald trump is to get him four more
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years, right? [applause] but the second term of republican presidents are usually disastrous, right? campaigns are so exhausting and it seems like they get over the finish line and once they get to the second term if also part in italy. i the few to forgive nothing else with donald trump that's been unconventional you guys are ready for it, the policy challenges. what else could they throw at you? >> this president is different. is energy is unlimited. we're all trying to keep up with them all the time. look, he had a great life turkey gave it up speed is over two and half hours. he didn't have to take a bathroom break. he stood up there the whole time. >> i would think again he ran for president because he generally wanted to see provençal. he solve a lot of problems so far but he's getting better and better at the job and the team
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ran is getting better and better. the goal he will have the second term is do twice as much as a first term, not to do less. and what i would say is that now the president really is surrounded by a phenomenal group of people. you just heard from secretary pompeo. he's got an amazing cabinet, amazing staff. everyone knows what the job is what is running like a ceo or he's basically saying we have great people were running different goals but we agree on what we want to accomplish and given latitude on how to get there. i think this campaign what i'm seeing now out in the field, brad spoke earlier, is that the energy for this pressure is greater than seven been. most presidents come in, have a honeymoon and in reality of washington kick in. this president came in was under siege from day one. never had honeymoon period one thing i admire a lot of things but he didn't adapt to
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washington. he's forcing washington to adapt to him. [applause] and -- [applause] >> i think they would like you to keep doing that. >> no, but it's really too. i saw the temptations early and all the fight and everything but the president stuck to his northstar and get all the things he promised he said i'm going to get them done and that he didn't promise and because his tried to win political points. he was doing what he thought was right and were as i say a lot of politicians follow the polls. he brings the polls into position and he changed the polls. what i see with just his numbers when the president was elected that favorability on the average was 37.5% on election day. now it's up to 46%. what of 46%.
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what we've seen is constantly the more the president has been attacked, the more people realize what he's fighting for nbc he's been resolved. the above he's fighting for them. when they see washington fighting against him, most people don't like wash did say like he against washington. it's grown and grown and grown. what's exciting is the three rules of politics are tell people what you're going to do, do it and then tell them you did. the campaign is really about telling people what he's done. i don't think the country has full appreciation for the full extent of all the successes and policy wins. also what is going to do in the sector. it's going to be an exciting next couple of months to get the opportunity to do that. >> i agree. the thing i hear, we are on the road a lot at the thing i hear from who don't necessarily own maga hat, traceable politics, the more americans feel optimistic and pictures about what's happening, i think more
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americans are open to the president's agenda. what you hear over and over again is i don't think we're getting the right story. the real story is hurting magnificent. you can tell because american people feel more confident. you have a lot to do with that. obviously you either being loyal to the president. we appreciate everything you are doing. i want to end this conversation with some real, a real favorite that i need, which is i have this interview come up -- [inaudible] >> she's back home. she's heckerling jarret. this will start going very, very badly. a favor i need is on anything this person who's really smart and her name is ivanka. how do you -- is not going to go okay? >> it's not easy. i'll tell you. but have to say again just
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ivanka and her brothers and father everything they -- they really are an amazing family and what they do is they're doing all this with so much art. a lump in the given up a lot to do this which i admire but they're doing it because they really love this country and the believe in this country. what we see now is the potential of this country what we can accomplish what people to keep getting reforms done we want to get done and we need more, is that the potential for this country -- the work ivanka has done in workforce, and government i find you only get credit when you solve a problem come when people would know about it when your business what you try to do is solve problems before the start and then what you try to do is make different decisions to create opportunities in the future. the work ivanka has been or domestically by investing in workforce and getting the private sector to provide solutions to help people get better jobs and to a part of our country will be competitive for the long-term and also suffer less from the fact we are going through a major industrial revolution and things are
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changing. the work just dennis the menace and i couldn't be prouder of her. >> cpac, are we honored to have jared kushner here with us? [applause] >> thank you very much and thank you to all of you. [applause] ♪ a note ♪ ♪ >> coming up from the conservative political action conference acting widest chief of staff mick mulvaney on the administrations handling of the coronavirus and president trump's 2021 budget request.


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