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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden in Los Angeles  CSPAN  March 4, 2020 9:33pm-9:44pm EST

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2020 democratic presidential candidate joe biden delivered remarks in los angeles today after the super tuesday. the former vice president thanked supporters for help on the campaign and discussed upcoming primary contests.
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this is going to be very short and i just want to come down and begin by thanking everybody to be here. thank you for your unending support. i want to thank everyone. we had a great night last night and tremendous support from all across the nation with victories in texas, virginia, north carolina, arkansas, tennessee, oklahoma i it'll be a while befe the final results in california, but those of you who've been knocked down and counted out, this is your campaign.
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we are going to bring together all americans. we showed that last night regardless of your race, gende, disability, ethnicity, democrats, republicans, independents of every stripe. i really mean that. this is what we have to do to win we welcome all of those that want to join us to build a movement and we needed that movement to beat donald trump and to build a future we all know is possible. the campaign has generated so much enthusiasm across the nation and this idea that we didn't have a movement. look at results and who is showing up. this campaign and the people behind me are bringing out people that have not participated and it is way up
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and proves to me positive progressive vision we have been providing for the nation is designating all over the country to make sure health care is affordable and accessible to every one, to make sure every child gets a quality education regardless of the zip code and take on the nra and gun manufacturing which i promise you i will do and not only to protect social security is calling for some time increasing benefits for those in need after they lost a spouse or have essentially run out of their coverage. take on the existential threat of climate change. it is the existential threat and
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creating 10 million good paying jobs that is just going to happen and those people who may be displaced by the process are the ones that are going to get the jobs. and what they are able to accomplish into the work we did to rescue the auto industry. we are just getting ready and getting the economy up and running again in a big way and we are about to rebuild the middle class in a way we should be building it now.
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first we have to defeat donald trump. we have to keep nancy pelosi as a speaker in order to do that and we have to also win back the senate and that is how this vision that i have for the future how i want to be able to make it a reality. what we cannot let happen in the next few weeks is what this primary turn into a campaign of negative attacks. it doesn't do anything to help the candidates or the campaign we have to keep our eye on the ball and it's to reclaim the soul of the country.
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to embrace demagogues and embrace dictators all around the world at the same time our alliances are weakened without any question every alliance we've had has been weakened. if we give this man another four years in the white house forever and fundamentally change the character of the nation that's why from the moment i entered this race i did say we are in a battle for the soul of the nation and we are. idaho, north dakota, washington state, and they are going to take this fight all across america to rebuild the middle class and give people an opportunity that has been denied and the next president i said many times has to be able to hear on the first day that they are sworn in and they are going
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to face a divided nation and world of disarray we will make it clear between now and election day and we have a significant opportunity. as i said in the beginning the character is on the ballot. i'm looking forward to it and again i want to thank you all. i'm not going to take any questions. i'm sure you have thousands of them and he will have the chance to ask as we go along.
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what would be the advantages to having a multiparty democracy? >> democracy always involved conflicts. the consensus top of political issues but the challenges we need to have some system by which we can agree that some set of rules are fair and procedures are there and we can abide by those outcomes.
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we are going to ban. >> vote for the person you think will make the best president of the united states. this is your campaign. >> democratic


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