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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cardin on Capital Gazette Shooting Anniversary  CSPAN  June 26, 2020 7:09am-7:22am EDT

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economic meltdown, police brutality, and unstable president, it is time for us to truly focus on what we value as a society and fundamentally transform our national priorities. cutting the military budget by 10%, investing in human needs, is a modest way to begin the process, with that i yield the floor. >> maryland senator ben cardin paid tribute to those killed on the anniversary of the capital gazette shooting in annapolis, maryland, five employees of the newspaper were killed by a gunman on june 20 eighth 2018.
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>> the senator from maryland. >> this sunday will mark a grim anniversary, 38-year-old man holding a longtime grudge against the capital gazette, reporting about him make good on the threats. went to the newspaper's office headed to the newsroom and deliberately shot and killed five employees of this community newspaper, the local paper of record, one of the oldest continuously published newspapers in the united states, traces its roots back to the maryland gazette which began publishing in 1727, the capital which was founded, the senseless loss of life to remain so personal to so many people in annapolis and around the state, you need to
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understand the capital gazette was as much a part of the fabric of an apple us as the state department covers better than anyone in the business. today it still carries out that mission better than anyone else, covering gun violence that continues to plague this country and reduce gun violence and public safety. i want to think a moment to mourn those we lost to thank the first responders who appeared on 60 seconds after the 911 call. down the street from the capital gazette offices when the shooting started, the location and fast response definitely saved lives. according to the police chief, within two minutes the police department, the in annapolis
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police department and sheriff's office rushed into the office, into the newsroom and apprehended the gunman. state and federal law enforcement personnel, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives and other agencies quickly arrived to support local officials in efforts to clear the building and investigate the scene. i think every one of those law-enforcement officers who did their job to contribute to the emergency response and i want to acknowledge the victims. gerald fishman, 61, editor, 25 years of service with the capital gazette, well-known at the newspaper and throughout the country for his brilliant mind, most often he was the voice that came through in the editorial pages of the capital gazette, the capital gazette
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editor describes fishman as someone who's life was committed by telling ardent truths. they brought compassion and humor to community focused reporting. rob was a coach and mentor to many. according to the baltimore sun, columnist susan reamer, so happy working with young journalists he wanted to create a newsroom where everyone was growing. john mcnamara was a skilled sports fan who combined these passions in his 24 year career, at the capital gazette. could write, could edit, pages, just the jack of all trades and fantastic person.
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rebecca smith, age 34, newly hired sales assistant known for compassion, kindness, described her as the absolute most beautiful person with the biggest heart and called her death a great loss. wendy winters, age 65, built her career, public program relations professional and journalist, well-known for her profound reporting on the achievements of people within the community. she was a proud navy mom and navy daughter. wendy saved lives during the attack, she confronted and distracted the gunman, and as the newspaper noted, wendy died protecting her friends but also in defense of her newsroom from a murderous assault. wendy died protecting freedom of the press. my heartfelt condolences and
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prayers, the surviving staff members deserve our continued prayers and praise for resilience and dedication to their mission as journalists during and after the attack continued to report by tweet, sharing information to those outside, documenting information as they would any other crime scene, despite grief, shock, anger and morning, the sister publication the baltimore sun, capital gazette, wanted to lend a hand to fellow journalists, put out a paper the next morning and every day since. the editorial page blanked that after the shooting but for these few words. today we -- this page is intentionally left blank to commemorate the victims of
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thursday's shooting at our office. staff promised on saturday the page would return to a steady purpose of offering readers informed opinions about the world around them as they make the better citizens and they carried that out. our constitution that establishes rule of law in this country grants certain rights and responsibilities, freedom of the press central to the first amendment to the constitution has often been under attack, figuratively speaking since our nation's founding. today those attacks have become more frequent and are not just figurative anymore. they are physical, these attacks are spurred on by dangerous rhetoric, created open season on the media for doing its job. investigating stories that need to be investigated in bringing needy transparencies to halls of power in annapolis, washington dc or anywhere in this country.
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in 2018 after the shooting at the capital gazette the united states was for the first time given a list of the most of the countries for journalists. in an annual report without borders, donald trump's rhetoric calling the media a stain on america, the enemy of the american people, certainly has been harmful. i said this before and will keep saying it, the president's language is dangerous, has gone beyond the pale and needs to stop it. donald trump didn't create the problem and exploits it. recalling, terrorist and national security threats who must be vigilant in standing up to these empty accusations.
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physical attacks on media have grown so troubling the committee to protect journalists and independent nonprofits started a us freedom package to show the scope of the problem. in 2020 there have been 107 journalists attacked, 36 arrested. in the united states. instead of attacking a free press we need to be honoring it. i introduced a bill, 1969 to establish the fallen journalist memorial fund, i'm pleased the natural resources committee voted favorably by voice vote. affected input from stakeholders including national park service, the legislation is bipartisan, noncontroversial and did not propose additional cost to taxpayers, it is a fitting tribute for all journalists who died in the line of duty into the nation's
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commitment to a free press. my hope is we can all agree a building - building a new memorial to honor the fallen victims is appropriate and should be done, should be passed. as walter cronkite remarks, freedom of press is not just democracy, it is democracy. i would suggest the absence of a quorum. >> during summer months reach out to elected officials with the congressional directory, to stay in touch with members of congress, federal agencies and state governments, order your copy online, here's a look at live coverage friday on c-span, the house is back at 9 am eastern to consider a bill from dc delegates eleanor holmes norton that would make washington dc
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the 50 first state. on c-span2 at 10 am eastern the select subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis, a hearing with comptroller general and head of the government accountable the office to discuss the agency's recommendations on the federal response to the pandemic and later in the day, and cdc director doctor robert redfield speak to the conference of mayors at 1:00 pm eastern. >> what do you think we can do with that? >> with police reform, protesting the coronavirus continuing to affect the country watch our live unfiltered coverage of the government response with briefings from the white house, congress, governors and mayors from across the country updating the situation and from
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the campaign 2020 trail join the conversation every day on live call in program washington journal, we missed any live coverage watch anytime on demand on or listen on the go with the free c-span radio apps. >> the senate health committee holds a hearing to discuss lessons learned from the coronavirus response and future pandemic preparedness efforts. the committee explores how federal programs would be helpful for state government in future pandemic that a possible second wave of the coronavirus. this is 2 hours and 40 minutes.


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