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tv   U.S. Senate Mc Connell on Barrett Nomination  CSPAN  October 2, 2020 1:45am-2:01am EDT

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confirmation hearings to the supreme court began october 12th senate leader mcconnell and chuck schumer spoke on the floor thursday about the nomination. >> at this time last week the nation did not know who presidentat trump would be nominating to the supreme court. but amazingly we did no the far left would deploy against whoever it was. we have been telling the country 45 years that every supreme court for vacancy under a republican president and one - - john paul stevens , david souter they said he
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wanted to her vulnerable people. john roberts was out to gethn health insurance. wouldn't you know the president barely finished saying judge amy coney barrett's name before the same old attacks began rolling in. there were 77 -year-old former vice president and 69 -year-old democratic leader tried to inform american women that the 48 -year-old working mom wants to hold back her own rights as a woman democrats have tried to fearmonger around a four -year-old academic paper to reinforce one unfair penalty and obama care which congress by the way has already eliminated three years ago. as an aside if the american people are interested to
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protect americans with pre-existing conditions, they can simply look up the vote just last night every single democrat voted against legislation from senator tillis to submit protections for those vulnerable americans. democrats voted to block conditions for existing conditions like hundreds of millions of dollars for coronavirus release just like they voted to block police efthreform. and among the other things they told americans they support they block bipartisan progress. here is another made up attack democrats are demanding that she commit in advance this is
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a new standard nobody has ever suggested justices should sit onhe the sidelines is a president who nominated them left office. justice ginsburg and justice by were confirmed during clinton's first term and president obama's first term justice kagan and justice sotomayor your they all went to participate in election related proceedings while the president who nominated them was on the ballot. and justice breyer and ginsburg participated actively and in clinton versus jones connectedo to president clinton's eventual impeachment they act to get him even more involved. this is a a sideshow she will
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have a lifetime appointment. nobody suggesting she lacks any bit of the integrity everybody trusted justice ginsburg and justice breyer and kagan and sotomayor and countless others to exercise. in fact that is exactly what they go out of their way to applied. judge. has no obligation to make any of the bizarre pre- judgments of the democratic colleagues are demanding. like i said much of the script has been entirely predictable. i will tell you one thing i did not predict, i honestly did not expect the democratic leader to come to the senate floor to say the concerns
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about any religious discrimination are manufactured hystericsed. did not expect that. i do not expect we will hear the leader of the democratic conference on the senate floor to say america's freedom of religion is and imaginary "tissue. and then to claim the fellow democrats would never make an issue out of a nominee for personal religious beliefs and great offense that it would even be suggested the whole country knows three years ago and the judiciary committee was considering this very nominee senate democrats did exactly that that the senator from california literallyou implied in front of the entire country that judge barrett was too catholic to be a judge. here is the quotation, the dog
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within you she said and that is of concern. the senior senator from illinois do you consider yourself to be the orthodox catholico told her you would be a catholic judge no one imagined these exchanges but they happened. on video. before the entire nation. multiple sitting centers on - - senators said that judge barrett's religious views created doubt about her fitness to serve. outside the senate it was not
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imaginary when one faith group that judge barrett and a family participate in came under cyberattack a few days ago. the membership director was reportedly hacked just as judge barrett emerged as a front runner. nobody had to imagine the ominous articles from the ap, reuters, "washington post" and politico to imply there wasle something questionable of our faith practice. but to send a contributing editor to snoop around church buildings to report what a youth group that written on the whiteboard.
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no. americans don't have to imagine this elite disdain all they have to do is read it. it's not just this one nominee. nobody imagine when the junior senator from vermont accused a different nominee of the trade and islam hopeful be a because - - islam will be a because they said to get it right which islam gets wrong. when the junior senator cast aspersions on yet another nominee for lying to the knightsf of columbus. and another democrat implied he should quit the mainstream catholic group if they wanted to hold public office so quick knights of columbus to hold public office?
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in america? people called this out are hysterical frankly. just yesterday 24 hours after this world they would not make an issue the junior senator from hawaii tried to see her faith is irrelevant but immediately proceeded to question whether closely held views can be separated from the ability to make objective and fair decisions. no one should be deceived by the family fail euphemism. this is exactly religious discrimination has taken in
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america for decades. people will say they just like it altogether, think going back the most common accusation has been something a little more subtle. that people of deep faith were certain faith are incapable to be fair or objective. that they are incapable of doing certain jobs well. is such americans are torn between divided loyalties and not to be trusted.
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here is what the left is trying to say. we have no problems in judge barrett's faith in the abstract sense which is think it disqualifies her from this promotion. madden president that is the definition of discrimination. about a century ago political cartoons which of the the catholic church as an octopus wrapping its tentacles around the institution of american government. i think believe those displays are long gone. and the core attitude clearly is not. americans of faith are not imagining the increasingly hostile climate the left of
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spent literally years solving. because many prominent liberal faces are democratsid themselves and identified as catholic you don't get a free pass just to call yourself catholic. with and the country belongs to the same church as judge barrett. one fifth of our country. ten and tens of millions all of them must be free to live their faith in different ways without being hard from public service. these kinds of aspersions do not become anymore acceptable
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if the call is coming from inside the house. sadly, none of these problems are imaginary. the american people's concerns are not manufactured. the little sisters of the poor did not wake up thinking it would be good fun if the obama biden administration first them to violate their own conscience. these nuns did not manufacture their lengthy legal battle for the benefit. it was the left that went on offense. churches all across america did not go looking and then to suggest if they actual practice traditional teaching
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so the parts of the elite american in the left have about and then to see their fellow citizens it will take more than victim blaming because they got out of bed. they could start this week they could start today. credents and qualifications, and they could stop gawking at deeply religious americans like they have encountered extraterrestrial life or bought a ticket for a of great importance to america, the nomination of judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court has thrust the issue of health care


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