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tv   Miranda Devine Laptop from Hell  CSPAN  May 31, 2022 11:07pm-11:54pm EDT

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season one focuses on the presidency of lyndon johnson. you will hear about the 1964 civil rights act, the 1964 presidential campaign, the gulf of tonkin incident, the march on selma and the war in vietnam. not everyone knew they were being recorded. >> certainly johnson's secretaries new because they were tasked with transcribing many of the conversations. in fact they were the ones who made sure that the conversations were taped as johnson with the signal to them through an open door between his office and others. >> you will also hear some blunt talk. >> i want a report of the number of people assigned to kennedy the day he died and the number assigned to me now and if mine are not less i want them less quick. if i can't ever go to the bathroom, i want to go. i promise i won't go anywhere. i will stay behind these black
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gates. >> welcomed the independent women's forum. thank you all for coming out tonight to hear laptop from hell her importance about sex, drugs, money and power. or maybe it's corruption and treason. we decided to have this event because forr a book that delves into some pretty critical information about who owns the biden family, we thought it wasn't getting the coverage it deserved. fox has given it a lot of play and so have a couple of other conservative outlets but most have been silent and the mainstream media more silent still. last week with regards to her own spy scandal, hillary clinton
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explains the theory behind this behavior. if no one touches a story except fox and "the new york post," it's possible to claim the story is false, but fox knows its viewers are stupid enough to believe it. somesa viewers are stupid, but i wouldn't say that it's fox. [laughter] tonight's event is being recorded by c-span slightly undermining our complaint that them mainstream media has ignord this critical book. but we will take it. before i introduce the speakers, i want to know to the independent women's forum is now almost 30-years-old. we started as a group of women coming out of the first biden administration and we are unhappy with the way conservative women are being portrayed in the media and just all-aroundvi we were unhappy wih where the viewpoints and if she was recovered. this hit home during the clarence thomas supreme court showdownal and early iteration f
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the believe all women. back then there was only phyllis schlafly which had single-handedly defeated of thee equal rights amendment but they didn't seem so effective in the battles in the '90s. on any tv report you would have liberals and power suits making their points and then a very pretty slightly fussy woman andi address would make the conservative case and it would be un- relatable. it intended to be an organization that reflected the real lives of and concerns of. from economy to child care childcare policyto the regulatoe revolution. under the leadership it's growing like wildfire in the last decade we added to the the independent women's voice
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political action arm and just this year the independent indept network the cyber networking operation that would build grassroots across the country plus we now have a legal center that by the first rate conservatives and it's a little better funded. >> while raising five lovely children all of whom are brilliant and have excellent manners. these days making the case against the fairfax county schools and math policies. we are thrilled to have the columnist maranda devine here tonight. when hunter biden's laptop emerged i took a look at it and though i'm notot especially squeamish came to some i just couldn't watch. [laughter] so i cannot imagine recording
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and explaining what was on those laptops was pleasant. but as they like to say, nevertheless, she persisted. [laughter] and kudos to "the new york post" for backing this important work, which the rival media claims was russian propaganda.t finally, it is all very well that a rich and slightly decadent country pays foreign labor to pick our fruit and clean our homes but it's a very different thing altogether when american journalists simply will not do the job of reporting so we need to import australian columnists. [laughter] h punkers laptop appeared in public. no one had toea dig it up. when it appeared we should have seen a watergate between them competing to break the news but the news was devastating about
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the democratic party's candidate so no one said a word. so we are doubly grateful for the bravery and her hard work. at this point in her career, she's a the queen of all tablois across the sphere. [laughter] she's dominated coverage here and previously in australia and england. weh are grateful she went throuh the records of the president's son. hunter biden is one sick puppy and history will not look kindly on the way he and his father sold the nation to its enemies. but thanks to maranda, we will have a record. without further ado, maranda devine and terry lucas. [applause] >> thank you so much for the introduction and thank you everybody for being here. we haven't had an in person mevent like this for a while ad i'm so thrilled so many folks came out and are getting ready
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to kind of resume a normal life. about to feel anything but normal width of the news out of ukraine and i felt like this was a perfect time with all the crazy news about what's going on overseas to have this conversation because so much of thisor is about foreign affairs and really how america has been mishandling somer of our responsibilities. but the first thing when i started reading the book as i enjoyed so much. it was almost overwhelming because it was such an avalanche of scandals and each tidbit was worthy of the congressionalo s investigation. i was hoping youou could kind of set the stage a little bit about what it was like to be on the receiving end and what you went through to kind of untangle the information that was in this laptop that fell into your hands. >> thanks, carrie. i think untangling is the perfect word because he
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edvideotaped everything. so you have to go through thatof layer and i think that got a lot of publicity for the nature of it. i mentioned in one story about one photograph where he balances m&ms on his penis and that got moren i try to balance in the book that sort of give or take of that material on the laptop and far more important than that is the material that takes a while
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to dig down and find and that's the e-mails, the text messages, the sort of little trail of breadcrumbs that lead you to an absolutely gob smacking shocking revelation. but the laptop alone is not enough. it's one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. mait is buttressed by materials from one of hunter biden's business partners, a real american patriot and veteran, a hero. he came forward before the election saying how new york post story that we published threeti weeks before the electin was being buried and he came forth to corroborate it and he handed over the material he had on his devices to the fbi. that material was corroborated a lot of what was on the laptop butt it also augmented with for
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instance whatsapp messages where hunter and his partners were a lot more free t and easy about what they said and then the other piece of the puzzle is excellent work done by two republican senators who were introduced as kremlin operatives. that's the democrats go to as theyth regard or pretend that their opponent is a russian propagandist. chuck grassley and ron johnson conducted a terrific and exhaustive investigation into what aspect of the c corruptiono do with ukraine and the corrupt company -- burisma that was paying him money to sit on the board. >> of the money that was coming towardss the influence, you are
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reaching a new audience and i'm excited to c-span is covering yothis. if you had to give one example that you thought this was going to kind of encapsulate the corruption and why americans should be kind of appalled at the idea of what was going on in terms of the money coming in that was obviously corruption and unethical behavior. >> the moment that had me away from the laptop and to just shake my head and think i can't believe i'm seeing this and it was only possible with mixing those up and that was the biggest deal to hunter biden and his uncle had w done so far. they were joint venture partners but it wasn't just an energy company. this was the capitalist of the
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belt and rode an initiative that is the imperialist push into the rest of the world and the biggest deal they were going to do was with russia and vladimir putin had been pushed into a corner by european sanctions on russia after the downing of that malaysian airlines flight. he then was forced by an expansionist leader and decided he was going to buy a big chunk of the russian state-owned energy company so this was a marriage of china and russia, disastrous for america now happening again but it didn't happen becausese president trump
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came into office and he had assigned the attorney general to disrupt the sort of business invasion of america and so very quickly, the business partner was arrested at jfk. the boss disappeared in china and that deal suddenly fell apart and china had to pay russia i think $2 million in compensation so that was a close call. that was this crackhead son of joe biden couldn't tie his shoelaces or conduct his personal life in any normal fashion. he was out of it most of the time, he had a raging crack addiction and sex, porn, prostitute addiction. his personal life he was fighting with everyone.
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this guy and his bumbling uncle jim, joe biden's brother were right in the heart of the biggest deal, this geopolitical landmine that was going to be so detrimental to america's's national security they were right in the heart of it and joint venture partners and were going to benefit enormously and on top of that, joe biden was the 10% partner. that was the 10% for the big guy deal and joe biden was going to when he finished being vice president, hunter biden had already made up a nameplate in dc in a building called i think the swedish house. they had an office and on the door was going to be joe biden, hunter biden, the belt and wrote initiative thend american versin and that was future vice
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president, former vice president and it just fell apart because of donald trump but now we ares back at square one again. >> it's interesting because obviously i was thinking about how interesting it is that rarity where you have your source is the president's son you have him in his own words essentially the correspondence and everyone e-mailing him, the videos, just an amazing amount of access for people that usually try to keep the media at bay as much as it's a story about hunter biden, i would love for you to talk a little bit about joe biden's role in this because there was i found a very interesting the exchanges that they had on a personal level and then how much, how completely ridiculous it is for the president to have said he didn't know about this. so many times he was there with
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his son. >> you are spot on. the reason for the book and the reason thatno it's important ist about hunter biden, he is a 52-year-old supposedly reformed dru' addict. that's his personal life, who cares. that's often what people attack me and say why are you delving into ruining his privacy and so on. it's not about hunter biden, it's about joe biden. joe biden is at the top of the family business. heng is the product they are selling and he's intimately involved, he isec directing it. he's introducing hunter to the important people at the top of the russian or the chinese are orthe ukrainian or the romanianr the kazakhstan he hierarchy that's going to give him the money because in china for instance when hunter biden got off air force one in 2013 with his father, it was obvious what
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was happening hunter biden in china and the corrupt countries you don't give the money to the top official, you give it to their children or their family member and in china the sons and daughters of the privilege areal called prince lengths of the lie journalists on air force to for that trip saul nothing peculiar about his middle-age son coming along and being introduced to all the higher-ups for joe biden to be shaking the hands of hunter biden's new business partner who tipped him into this enormous deal that he was given a 10% stake for nothing and ended up in 2019 it had a $2.5 billion worth. the other thing is from the laptop we know joe bidenll financially benefited
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personally. we don't have a lot. it's very damning and there were shared bank accounts and bank accounts.nt there was a monthly phone bill just a couple hundred dollars. air conditioning being replaced inin a cottage on the grounds. a few thousand a year or a few thousand there only came to light because they are notorious for not paying their bills because it's supposed to be an
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honor. some of them were pressing to gett their bills paid and there were three or $4,000 so they weret may be nine months old and it came to the furthest. that's how it arrived. but i'm sure there's a lot of other money that the fbi and u.s. attorney in delaware would have access to with these suspicious activity reports and the banks and then people are appearing in the grand jury in delaware so if someone wants to pull those threads, there's so much to discover about the president andea his family. >> we found the wheels of justice turned very slowly especially when there's a democratic politician under
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investigation. on that investigation collecting testimony in delaware there's so much here that seems criminal. in terms of those investigations or what the potential is will there be any justice or consequences for that? >> it's like the durham investigation. there are very few leaks and there's another one going on into his uncle jim. the tax evasion we know they are looking at that because hunter biden told us himself after thet election that supposedly they are looking at money laundering
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and some sort of foreign agent registrationn stuff so, i mean, if they want to, there are multiple crimes that you could find on a laptop. so, what we know so far is in may, 2019, just a few weeks after joe biden announced to the u.s. attorney delaware subpoenaed j.p. morgan chase bank for the bank transactions to deal with hunter biden, jim tnbiden and the business partne. specifically for anything to deal with the bank of china. now i know from the laptop and from the material a lot of that sloshed through tens of billions of dollars, so they are getting that. one of the names on one of the suspicious activity reports from j.p. morgan chase that i've
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seen is a woman called zoe and i don't know if you would call her annex girlfriend about a woman who spent a long time with hunter in hollywood when he went on one of his month-long crack benders after he got a big payout from china so she was there in a lot of photographss and videos. as he always had with women in his life they had a rocky relationship but she is named on one of those suspicious activity reports because quite a lot of money had gone into her banking account and she testified before the grand jury and apparently talked about his wild spending sprees because 2018 in particular he was staying and had his drug addiction was incredible. prostitutes several times a day and he had drug dealers parading
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through the hotel room who were stealing everything inside and he was cooking crack and kept having his laptops on the phone and his wallet stolen and it was a very expensive several months. >> i feel it was early in the book when you talk about how he loses and $8,000 jacket at aer strip club and throughout this there's such a tremendous lack of responsibility in particular with a lot of folks here knowing the idea like classified materials or this idea of not being somebody that should be open to blackmail. we heard this a lot with president trump and the whole russia -- trying to push that he might be being blackmailed and my goodness having read the booa now and being aware of some of
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what's out there and knowing all the other things out there with information on him, is there a thought that he might be under, that his father may be compromised by any of the other information out there by foreign leaders? >> that's the $64,000 question and its particular today when russia is invading ukraine and americans are concerned about falling into a european war. we have a president whose family has been paid money from russian oligarchs at the right hand of vladimir putin not just money but one transaction with 3.5 million that went to the bank account of one of hunter's business partners in america and the money he was getting from ukraine and another russia aligned oligarch was in charge of thatow company.
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he was a former energy minister of the government who was paying hunter biden this million dollars a year payment and joe biden was warned about that several times by some sort of state department officials and ignored that. 1 of them held him on air force eone on the way to ukraine, they came to his office and so there's just been no accountability here and there's so many people who know so much and at the very least i think that the american people should know as much about joe biden and his family business dealings in ukraine and russia and china as do vladimir putin and the reason they don't know is because the american media, the establishment, the prestige media, "the new york times," the "washington post" andnd so on,
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they blocked it and you had people like john brennan and other former security and intelligence operatives who then gave the fig leaf to joe biden that this was russian disinformation so the american people were kept in the dark before the election and with due diligence they were not able to do on one of the candidates. >> i'm going to open up for questions w and as we get the first question i want to ask you to talk a little bit more about that because as much a scandal as there is on the laptop and in the book about the biden's i feel like the scandal was the media. it's almost more alarming it's not just one family and some corrupt kind of upper class. this is supposed to be and this kindnd of goes to the heart of what journalism is and isn't and it's amazing to think of the
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consequences you talk about that a little bit in the book that this really was an attempt of theco election outcome and you wonder who's pulling the strings. i wonder if you have any kind of perspective on "the new york post" and from others that you have interacted with and if they were surprised if the extent of the media blackout and just how people tried to keep the silence. >> i think trump changed everything. journalists at both organizations that i mentioned decided to drop a free agent aspect of the journalistic ethics because the means justify the ends. they had to get rid of donald trump it didn't matter who joe biden was. he could have been the devilev incarnation and they would have ensured he one or they would do whatever they could. and i guess i wasn't really
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surprised that because there was competition obviously and we had the laptop and so ignoring it was kind of a normal competitive instinct though they try to find their own copies but no, but actually surprised me was facebook and twitter and how brazen they were at displaying their power. "the new york post" is the fourth largest newspaper in the country, the oldest newspaper in the country and they took it upon themselves a couple hours after after the story was published to censor it. twitter blocked "the new york post" account until a few days before the election and a little while after that, they deep platform to the sitting platform. these are unaccountable corporate global who are more
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powerful than the leader of the free world. the disgusting thing for me is facebook and twitter did that on different pretexts. twitter said we violated the material policies and they admitted afterwards that it was a mistake. jack dorsey said it was a mistake and facebook stopped us because they were going to do a fact check. they never did the fact check and i i know they didn't because the way you would fact check this e-mail is you would go to the other recipients of the e-mail and i know they haven't because i've talked to those c people and they've never been contacted by facebook so it was just a lie and it was done for partisan purposes to make sure that donald trump didn't win the election and that is terrifying and we know that it made a
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material difference to the d outcome because there was a poll done by the research center and they found that they had no idea about the scandal or the laptop or anything and 10% of them if they had known would have changed their vote and this is decided by 45,000 votes and a handful of states so that could have made a difference. >> unbelievable. i want toto get to some audience members. somebody have another question? raise your hand and we can bring you the microphone. >> congratulations on your book. it is a feat of journalism and well done. the fbi had the laptop first. care they still looking at it d could something come out of that and why i do you think they held onto it for so long without any
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coming to the public with any of the materials in it? >> there's two answers they are lazy and incompetent or they are corrupt. they've had it for a long time and let's hope with the u.s. attorney in delaware is doing is based on the material in the laptop. i'm still willing to have faith in the justice system to do the right thing.t it may be slow but we are seeing with the report that good things are happening and i think that isha all we can expect is that e truth is displayed and unfortunately i think the media is falling down on its part of the bargain but let's hope the justice system if it's slow that
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ultimately people are held accountable and then of course if the republicans win back the house and the senate some of them have said that they will be holding proper inquiries and have the subpoena power and so on to testify about what they know about this corrupt influence peddlingpe alternatio. but they are not the only people that have done this. joe biden is a master of it in washington he's been doing it for decades from delaware but there are people on both sides of the aisle who have profited from selling their influence and i think washington is a very corrupt town dare i say and i'm not sure if people have really come to grips with that. >> more questions from the audience.
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>> okay. please.t. >> thank you for being here tonight. iry read your book. r it's wonderful. you are a good writer. i'm a slow reader and i read your book in like two hours. so,y thank you. it's disturbing. he was a heavy drug user and as many of you know it does affect the teeth. can you comment on not? >> it's one of the most arresting photos i can'tnk remember the exact number i think it's like $80,000 that he spent on a dentist called the smiles on 57th street in midtown new york and it's a sort of before and after photo and it's a photo of him smiling with these awful, yellow hollowed down teeth and then afterwards
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if you notice now he's always flashing his pearly whites just like joe biden he had his teeth fixed and hair plugs and botox and all the things. hunter learned from his dad teeth are extremely important. [laughter] >> on aal personal note if anyoe wants to have their hair done i suggest on wisconsin avenue [inaudible] they were hairdressers for jill. she pays them, doesn't tip and his son will no longer go to the white house because there is no tip involved. so if you go to him on wisconsin avenue he hates the bidens and he willst tell you all about it while you are having your hair
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done. my question is about the new missus hunter biden a south african [inaudible] how is that relationships proceeding and i'm also curious about the baby's mama she has been testifying i understand. >> yes it was a former stripper called london roberts who was working at an establishment not far from here, gentlemen's club, yes and hunter was nothing but a gentleman when he was there so anyway, she became pregnant and headhunters fourth child and though he denied it was his child and in his memoir beautiful things -- [laughter] he claims he can't even
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remember. he never remembers meeting her but that isn't true because the laptop shows he knew her very well for a long time. he used to smuggle her into his office building with a swedish house through the back fire door and a over months and when he ws challenged byy the building managers that were concerned about security issues, he wrote a very long thousand word sort of rant at them and thought he was very clever and said this woman gave her entire, she was a basketball coach to his daughter and also to his daughter's friend, so dropping the obama name and so he knew her extremely well and she was actually on his payroll at one point. so she had to sue him for paternity and the dna proved it was his child.
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but in his book and his little biography he talks about being the father of three girls but doesn't mention the fourth child so london roberts i suppose is a little bit miffed, so she did appear at the grand jury last tuesday and testified for several hours. and hunter has been a little bia silent lately.wh i don't know if you noticed but he was at the white house a lot and infected so much in the early months that joe had built for him, his son, his 2-year-old little boy, a swing set on the grounds of the white house that you can see when he's walking back from marine one to his office. and we know hunter is basically no kidding is number one or
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closest most trusted advisor because hunter biden is actually very intelligent. i didn't believe this but i was told by one of hunter's many therapistsd -- [laughter] and when i really was fair about it and read his e-mails, he is quite a good writer, he is intelligent to so he's always wanted to be an artist or offer. he's both of those now but also he had political ambitions and he told his first wife kathleen, who i think was a very nice person and badly misled that after the funeral of hise brother, when he had given a eulogy that everyone praised, he said to her in the car on the way back everyone said to me you should gohe into politics and se looked at him and he said are
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you kidding. you've just been thrown out of the navy for cocaine use. no. so anyway, he writes about that saying she didn't understand him. i think that he is concerned at the moment because the grand jury is starting to accelerate and bring people in from his personal life and ask questions and the other problem for him is his best friend who had been at yale a colleague of his is going to be sentenced on monday i think i mentioned in the southern district of new york for serious criminal fraud of one of the poorest indian tribes in america and one of hisd
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codefendants was jailed for 30 years and another for months so the prosecutors asked for 30 months for devon archer and the lawyers have said that's too much ofar a hardship for him soe will see on monday. the judge is ronnie abrams who o is an obama appointee and also the wife of one of the mueller investigators. she's been very kind previously she overturned the originalen conviction that was reinstated in the court of appeal. he went to the supreme court and lost and is now back before her. she also allowed him when he was out on bail to travel to 24 different countries so he went on holidays and he also went to china and kazakhstan and ukraine and russia doing business at the three places he and hunter had been doing business.
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i can't remember the name exactly. thesa new missus hunter he was introduced by somebody he met m around the pool and they fell madly in love that night. [laughter] and they were married within weeks. she's south african. i've heard of that. i don't know. i think she's quite a sensible. she did things like took away his phone, his devices, kind of cleaned him up. if we believe it, he's cleaned up y thanks to her and she's now the mother of his cute little s'2-year-old boy so let's hope r his and her sake he is clean but i think you will be having some sleepless nights at the moment.
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>> one last question. >> this is a very difficult question but right after laptop came out i first saw you on fox news, i've seen some videos of i believe it was alternative news. can we confirm this? >> the videos i've seen and heard of those. they do not exist on the laptop. i believe that there is been doctored images and photoshopped images that have been put around and i believe from, and i don't know why but some of them have appeared on chinese sites and whether it's somebody
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deliberately trying to muddy the waters to discredit the laptop or somebody -- i don't know. all i know is i did look at it, it doesn't exist and i think the problem with concentrating on, this alleged which so many people do of course is that if there t was pedophilia that is e worst crime of all. anything else on the laptop would just pale in significance so of course i would have concentrated on that but there's no evidence on it and in fact i've seen much more of hunter biden's sex life than i would like to have seen. [laughter] everything i've seen is he's aet heterosexual who likes women of his own age. the prostitutes were in their 20s. and there's no evidence he has any particular sexual
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preferences. >> that may be an appropriate place to end the conversation. but i want to thank everybody and as we wrap up i want to mention everybody should grab a copy of on the champion women profile that we did, charlotte hayes we profile women on the miranda so please take a look at that and i also want to mention lisa didnt a great job talking about the forum and kind of our history and i want to encourage you to come and check it out but also independent women's network because we would love for everybody here to sign up. we are trying to connect people around the country so we can start making a difference. we aren the women's group we welcomee' male members. i want everybody to get involved
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to take back the communities and country so thank you very much. [applause] be up-to-date in the latest in publishing with booktv podcasts about books with current nonfiction book releases plus bestseller lists and industry news and trends through insider interviews you can find on c-span our free mobile lab or wherever you get your podcasts.
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